15 Ft Patio Umbrella With Base And Lights

Ft Patio Market Umbrella With Base And Solar Light

Wonlink 15ft Patio Umbrella with LED lights

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With More Shade: 15ft double-sided patio umbrella provides extra-large shade for your family and friends, which is ideal for both residential and commercial locationsEasy to Use: With an easy crank lift for smooth opening and closing. Umbrella Base is included and can also be used with a table or side patio furniture set36 LED Lights: 1.9″ steel rod and 12 steel ribs, 3 LED lights per rib, absorb solar energy during the day, turn on the switch at night to provide lighting, no need to plug in, so no matter the day or night, you can enjoy time outdoors all day. The light switch is on the rib for easy control.100% Polyester Canopy: Casa Inc double-sided outdoor umbrellas canopy are made of 100% polyester fabric that can be water-resistant, breathable, long-lasting, fade-resistant, UV protective, and easy to cleanDurable Frame Design: Powder-coated steel poles and 12 rust-proof steel ribs enhance this large umbrella’s durability. Pole diameter: 1.9″Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 8 Feet With a high-quality package in transit and a 1-year warranty against manufacture defects 2-YEAR WARRANTY: If there’s an issue with the product, please contact our service team via email. Satisfactory solutions are promised.Note: Please do not try to use the outdoor umbrella, when it is windy and rainy.

Product Specifications:

Our Pick: Article Paima Umbrella Base

May be out of stock

*At the time of publishing, the price was $99.

The simple, unassuming 55-pound Article Paima Umbrella Base is our top umbrella stand pick. Costing about $80on the lower end for this type of basethe Paima made us sweat the least when maneuvering. It felt smooth under our hands and was relatively easy to move, thanks to the generous gaps tucked below its base. And after about a year of testing through some serious winds and baking heat, it remained in good condition and kept our umbrella upright. The base should work with an umbrella with a pole diameter of 1½ inches, a standard size.

The compact, 19-inch-diameter base is a solid, cast piece of fine-textured black concrete whose bullnose curves remind us of a Boston Cream doughnut. The black concrete disc looks clean and simple once assembled and is resistant to marks and scratches. Initial set-up was straightforward and took less than two minutes, and we barely needed the accompanying illustrated instruction sheet. It was easy to take out of the box and maneuver it around our outdoor space. The two umbrellas we tested on this base both felt snug and secure, thanks to the plastic washer and screw cap that hold the pole in place. We appreciated the grippiness of the ridged screw cap, and it still felt sturdy after we removed and reinserted the umbrella several times.

Who Should Get This

If you need some shade to make outdoor dining or lounging more comfortable, a patio umbrella is likely the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to go. Each of the 9-foot-diameter market umbrellas we review here can do double duty, as a table shade and as a standalone umbrella to shield a couple of lounge chairs or a play area. Landscape designer Maggie Lobl told us she often urges her clients to consider the humble umbrella over more expensive and less adaptable pergolas or shade trellises. She said umbrellas are just really flexible. You can add a pop of color, and they look really nice.

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The Best Outdoor Planter Ideas To Style Your Patio

Give your outdoor shrubs an added level of dimension by planting them in decorative pots and planters. Planters assist in setting the style for your patio. Whether you decide to replicate your homes interior decor on your deck or differentiate the outdoor space with a distinct style, you can use outdoor planters to amplify the look.

Upgrade Pick: Abba Patio Steel Market Patio Umbrella Base

15 Ft Solar LED Patio Double

*At the time of publishing, the price was $200.

For those who prefer a super-minimalist, ground-hugging base, the Abba Patio Round Steel Market Patio Umbrella Base is by far the sleekest one we tested. But it is also the most expensive for its weight, just 55 pounds . The base is an ultra-thin and flat solid steel disc that measures 27.5 inches in diameter, wider than most bases we tested. After about a year of using this base through the powerful Santa Ana winds in Los Angeles, our tester says its been really stable, even in really windy conditions.

Other than being frustrating to grasp and lift the disc before the neck is attached, the Abba Patio base is intuitive and simple to put together. It comes with a hefty 6½-inch-long hex key for securing the neck to the base from the bases underside, and the umbrella pole inserts directly into the shaft of the neck and secures with two screw knobs, like our top pick. The hex key gave an extra bit of leverage that made us feel confident in the sturdiness of the connection. And the double screw knobs were the nicest ones we encountered in testing, made of sturdy, smooth plastic and generous in size for good leverage, making it both faster and more pleasant to screw the umbrella pole snugly in place.

The base will work with an umbrella with a pole diameter between 1 and 1½ inches.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Although you can order the Treasure Garden Market Aluminum umbrella in near-infinite styles, ordering certain options may involve a delay of several weeks, and stock has been in and out for certain styles.

Southern California in-store experts Bawsel and Hoodless both said that even though a Treasure Garden umbrella is likely to last a decade, some fading of the fabric is occasionally noticeable after about five years. Sunbrella manager Allen Gant III explained that red umbrellas, due to inherent qualities of the dyes, can be more susceptible to fading than other colors, particularly in places with notably harsh year-round sun.

Two of our testers have reported that the push-tilt button on their umbrellas broke during use. One tester told us, We rarely use the button, and Im not even sure how it broke, but now the umbrella wont stay upright. Fortunately, it occurred within the one-year warranty, and she will receive a replacement umbrella. Another tester believes the button broke because I accidentally knocked it over pretty hard while cleaning it one day. Our tester admits this was a user error on her part and hasnt looked into fixing it yet since she rarely uses the feature.

The umbrella does not come with an umbrella cover. You can add one on to your order, but it will cost you an extra $42.

Protect Yourself From The Sun’s Bright Rays With A Patio Umbrella

Backyards that are open to the sun’s strongest rays need the protection of a patio umbrella. At some point throughout the day, most spaces need a little shade. Patio umbrellas can be simple or elaborate. Like a rain umbrella, basic patio umbrellas have a straight pole and a crank to raise and lower the cover. More elaborate umbrellas include a tilt mechanism so you can change the angle of the cover. Both need a heavy base to keep the umbrella pole upright.

An offset patio umbrella places the support pole off to the side. These include a support footing to prevent the umbrella from tipping. Offset patio umbrellas are ideal for shading seating areas without obstructing your view. You can tilt and rotate them as the sun moves. Patio umbrellas are available in a wide range of sizes. They can be enormous or small enough to set on a deck chair for shading a single person. Look for the ideal size and shape to keep your family safe from the sun.

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Our Pick: Treasure Garden Market Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella

*At the time of publishing, the price was $219.

The 9-foot Treasure Garden Market Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella offers the Sunbrella fabric our experts recommended. The umbrellas eight-spoke construction also makes it more durable than competitors that have only six spokes. Its crank lift and push-button tilt worked smoothly in our tests, and the Treasure Garden simply stood more elegantly than any other umbrella we used, both open and closed.

Many umbrellas meet untimely deaths from ripped, shredded, or unpleasantly faded fabrics. The relative superiority of this Treasure Garden umbrellas richly colored and thickly textured Sunbrella fabric was evident as soon as we had our five umbrellas set up side by side in a California backyard. Pinched between fingers, the fabric felt thicker and coarser than the thinner, smoother fabrics of the other umbrellas. Unlike the Costco umbrellas wrinkly appearancethat model was one of two others we tested made with Sunbrella-brand fabricthe Treasure Garden umbrella appeared pleasingly taut when open. Multiple interviews, as well as our own experience, supported our expectation that Treasure Garden models hold up well for years. This has been true for our testers under extreme sun and wind in Southern California, the High Sierra in California, Colorado, and in coastal New England. One umbrella will see its sixth seasonon two coastsand so far has no color fading, rusting, or other issues.

How We Tested The Patio Umbrellas

AmazonBasics – Oversize Outdoor Patio – Umbrella

On a scorching-hot sunshiny day in mid-May, we tested 28 patio umbrellas in The Spruces outdoor Lab in Des Moines, Iowa.

First, our testers assembled the umbrellas on tables we hauled outdoors, checking for ease of following the manufacturers directions and how quickly the umbrella went from uncrating to deployment. Next, we opened the umbrellas, judging how easy it was for an average person to accomplish, based on the products design. That gave us a good opportunity to assess each product on how easy it was to adjust, rotate or tilt, and whether that improved better shade or cover. Since many work-from-home folks elect to use their decks or patios as an outdoor office, we set up laptops and reported how well the umbrella shaded the area, so the screen could be seen.

Each tester then stepped away to consider their umbrellas sturdiness of materials, including the covering and frame, as well as its attractiveness. Finally, testers intentionally stained their umbrellas with artificial “bird doo” and reported how easy the goo cleaned up, and whether it could be machine-washed, if necessary.

The Spruce / Lara Antal

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Also Great: Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base

*At the time of publishing, the price was $176.

At a maximum of 125 pounds, the utilitarian Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base is far heavier than any other umbrella base we tested. While it is less convenient to set upit is the only one in our test group that you have to fill yourself, and requires screwing shut after fillingits four wheels allow you to reposition your umbrella more easily than many other bases.

The Shademobile is made of high-density polyethylene, which will most likely have more longevity than the plastic of less expensive bases. The Shademobile arrives empty, weighing just 22 pounds. Once you fill it with bricks and/or sand, it can weigh up to 125 pounds, making it an extremely stable choice for a standalone 9- or 10-foot umbrella. Though the company advises against using this base for cantilevered umbrellas, its stable for even 12- and 13-foot upright umbrellas, according to company head David Taylor, who argued that his base makes an upright umbrella more versatile than many cantilevered models. Its almost like the tail wagging the dog, he told us. The base is as important as the umbrella, because of the added functionality. Although this model could fit beneath many dining tables, because of its size, it doesnt make sense to buy this type of base if your umbrella stays over your tabletop.

Budget Pick: Sunnyglade 9 Patio Umbrella

The Sunnyglade 9 Patio Umbrella is a good budget option if you need something cheap that will do the job for a few summers. The fabric on this canopy is made from polyester, which will not be anywhere near as durable as Sunbrella fabrics. But in our dirt tests, we had to really massage the particles into the fabric to get them to set. This umbrella comes in a reusable plastic sheath, which you can store the umbrella in to extend its life. Most of the other umbrellas we tested came in a single-use plastic package. The manufacturer does not claim fade resistance, and we correctly expected that this red umbrella would eventually lose some of its color. One tester, who has been keeping the umbrella out under LAs glaring rays for about a year, said the color has faded. But she said this has diminished neither her enjoyment nor the umbrellas performance. Well keep an eye on long-term fading and durability as we continue testing.

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Sunnydaze 95 Ft Solar Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella

  • This product is not eligible for coupons. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohls Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards® on this product.

  • Enjoy shade during the day and gentle illumination in the evening with this outdoor, offset patio umbrella featuring solar LED lights on the inside of the umbrella canopy alongside the steel ribbing. Featuring a waterproof polyester umbrella canopy, this outdoor umbrella is designed to be strong enough to hold up against the elements year after year. The umbrella is held together by a durable steel base and pole that provide a sturdy frame for resistance to harsh wind. This outdoor patio accessory is easy to set up and adjust with the cantilever and crank. Please note, a heavy base is necessary to place on the cross base to keep this umbrella securely in place . Available in many colors, get the patio umbrella that best fits your outdoor aesthetic. Easily set up, enjoy the shade during sunny days, and have good conversations with friends all night long!


    Reviews For Sophia & William 15ft Patio Umbrella With Lights Extra Large Outdoor Double

    15 Ft Patio Double Sided Umbrella with 36 Solar Powered LED Lights ...
  • Rated 1 out of 5

    Kisha Landeros 17 September 2021

    AwfulThe pole is larger than noted in description. The base is HUGE and takes up all the space beneath the table. The fabric is thin and you can already see through the seams. It certainly will not last long! I read other reviews that said the lights dont work well or only lasted a couple times. I tried to return this and the company offered a $10 refund and suggested I keep, donate or sell the umbrella. This is in spite of their ad saying the item was returnable for 30 days. Awful customer service & awful product.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Dale Yule 12 September 2021

    Not for rainy weatherIf you buy this product, be sure to order seam sealer and fabric waterproofing at the same time. It is NOT water proof. At all. Other than that, its a nice umbrella.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    BEATRIZ M. 27 April 2022

    Great product!,I love my umbrella with lights, great customer service also, there were a cou[le of missing parts and they sent them to me very fast. Thank you!

  • Rated 2 out of 5

    Betty McCradic 4 October 2021

    Make sure you buy plenty of sandIt was ok for the money jus make sure u place it where you want it once n place with sand hard 2 move, also reviews says stain restaint it is not brought item last year already faded, not worth the price suggest cover

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    Ira Lacher is the Senior Editor for Garden, Outdoor and Home Improvement at The Spruce, and has written and edited articles about outdoor products for a number of publications over a number of years. For this article, he was on hand at The Lab in Des Moines, Iowa, where over 28 products underwent thorough testing. Emma Phelps, an Updates Writer for The Spruce, added one-month, long-term testing insights to this roundup, and reached out to Deborah Young, a textile expert, author, and instructor of textile science, for additional insight into the best umbrella canopy fabrics.

    Also Great: Hampton Bay 10 Ft Aluminum Auto

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $109.

    The Hampton Bay 10 ft. Aluminum Auto-Tilt Market Outdoor Patio Umbrella is a great option for about half the price of our top pick. The Hampton Bays canopy is made of Olefin, a durable and thick fabric thats more affordable than the popular Sunbrella fabric. Like our top pick, this umbrella has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum pole, but the ribs under the canopy are made of steel. Even in high-wind conditions on a balcony in San Francisco, the Hampton Bay opened up smoothly enough. It also comes standard with the easier-to-use crank-tilt mechanism for tilting the umbrella, which is a pricier additional feature in our top pick. The pole comes with a two-year limited warranty, which is the same as on our top pick. But the Hampton Bays Olefin fabric doesnt have the robust five-year warranty of Sunbrella fabric, which is the option we recommend in the Treasure Garden umbrella.

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    The original author of this guide, Kalee Thompson, lived for more than a decade in Los Angeles, where the near-constant sun fuels an equally constant quest for more and better shade. After moving into her home there in mid-2010, she went through three 9-foot backyard patio umbrellas, each purchased for less than $100. The first was never the same after an epic 2011 windstorm. Carelessly left up, that umbrella was lifted by the wind and converted into a dangerous projectile that stabbed into a neighbors hillside . The second and third umbrellas simply got shredded by some combination of temperamental Santa Ana winds and incessant UV damage, after a little more than two years of year-round use.

    Kalee examined the umbrella inventory at local stores, including Costco, Home Depot, IKEA, Orchard Supply Hardware, and Walmart, and systematically examined the much more extensive online offerings from the same, as well as from Amazon, Armstrong Garden Centers, Crate & Barrel, Design Within Reach, Lowes, Overstock, Restoration Hardware, Target, Wayfair, and West Elm. And she looked at the models from upscale umbrella suppliers Tuuci and Santa Barbara Designs the latter company makes gorgeous umbrellasincluding some that look like flamenco skirts or a shade for a popsicle cartthat are so expensive the prices go unlisted in the companys printed catalog.