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Black And Decker 18v Battery Wont Charge

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TheBlack and decker 18v battery provides a power supply to the cordless tool, enabling it to function normally. Also, it stores power that keeps the tool functioning in power issues such as power blackout and power surge. Sometimes, the black and decker 18v battery may fail to charge due to many reasons.

For instance, the battery may fail to charge due to a damaged charger, dead battery, among others. However, it is easy to inspect and detect the cause that affects the battery charging system. The information below pinpoints the main reasons why black and decker batteries wont charge and the possible ways of troubleshooting the problems.

Blown Out Battery Charger

A blown charger is a common reason that results in the battery not charging. Sometimes, the black and decker battery may fail to charge due to a faulty charger or a blown-out charger. Once the tool charger is damaged, power flowing from the power source to the battery fails to take place thus the battery fails to respond to the charging system.

Also, broken battery charger wires affect the flow of power from the power source to the battery. First, inspect the condition of the charger cables. Carefully examine the wiring process and see if the terminals match correctly. If the wires are loose or disconnected, use a recommended tool such as awire stripper to tighten them.

To detect the condition of the charger, try using a well-functioning charger that suits the battery charging system. If the battery begins charging, then the possibility of the charger blowing out is high. On the other hand, if it fails to charge the battery, consider inspecting other elements such as the battery itself, wires, and power supply source.

Battery Failing To Charge With Flashing Red Light On

Batteries sense the existence of too much heat or too much cold. Some batteries fail to function when they are too hot or too cold. To troubleshoot such problems, disconnect the device from the power source. Remove the battery and let it sit for a couple of minutes until it completely cools down if it is hot. Reinstall the battery and test if it is charging correctly.

If the battery is too cold, consider increasing the rooms temperature with a thermostat and leave the battery for some time to heat for approximately forty to fifty minutes. Try charging the battery, and if the problem persists, consider replacing the battery with a new

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What Customers Say About Black And Decker Battery 18v

Customers are happy with the overall performance of the companyâs rechargeable battery pack.

The first thing they love is how easy it is to attach and detach the battery. Also, the battery can hold the charge like no other alternative third-party 18V packs.

One can get it for under 40 bucks from anywhere which is a good bargain considering the specs and robust build quality.

Some users are using it for more than two years, and they are happy with its consistent performance.

Secondly, you will love the sleek design and lightweight construction of the pack. As a result, the battery doesnât make the tool bulky or too heavy.

In real life, Li-ion batteries like this one perform way better than traditional nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

What Are Some Of The Best Black And Decker 18v Battery Replacements


It is always better to buy the original battery replacement from the manufacturer .

But other companies make compatible 18V rechargeable batteries. Here, I have listed some to save your time on research.

The list includes 3 different types of rechargeable batteries. One has the battery chemistry of NiCad, one has Ni-MH, and the last one has Lithium-ion.

  • Biswaye offers the most affordable NiCad 18V rechargeable batteries.
  • ORHFS and Enermall offer affordable Ni-MH 18V rechargeable batteries.
  • ORHFS also has a very popular Li-ion battery model for Black and Decker tools.
  • Knowing the basic difference between these cells will help you decide which one to buy.

    First of all, professionals working in tough weather conditions should choose Ni-Cd or NiCad batteries because of their robust build quality and performance.

    They also offer more cycle life than the other two on the list. Whether it is too cold or too hot, you will get reliable power from NiCad cells.

    For temperature tolerance, affordable pricing, and deep discharging ability, NiCad has huge popularity.

    Secondly, Ni-MH batteries are right in the middle with some benefits from both sides. But it is heavier than the other two.

    If the âmemory effectâ problem of NiCad batteries is a deal-breaker for you, you will love Ni-MH cells. They have a higher capacity too but less than Li-ion.

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    Use Of Incorrect Battery

    Most people tend to interchange the cordless tool battery, especially when the battery fails to charge. Sometimes, a faulty battery that does not suit the cordless tool may fail to charge and function normally. If the black and decker 18v battery fails to charge, check the model of the battery if it suits your tool.

    If the issue is due to the use of the wrong battery, consider purchasing the battery recommended by the manufacturer. Also, when interchanging batteries, ensure you have a complete understanding of the type of battery that suits your tool. Finally, if the problem persists, check the terminal connection of the battery and the tool. Ensure positive and negative terminals of the battery correctly match the terminals of the cordless device.

    Are Black & Decker Any Good

    Researching power tools will tell you how popular and reputed the brand Black and Decker is. And, yes, it is a very good company.

    The company was merged with Stanley in 2010. The quality of their power tools is the ambassador of the company.

    DIYers, homeowners, and professionals like Black & Decker tools. Reliable performance, affordability, and durability are the main reasons behind such fame.

    It is a 100-year old company. So, there is no doubt about their craftsmanship.

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    Damaged Cordless Tool Charging Port

    Acordless tool charging port is essential in that it allows battery charging to take place. Sometimes, dirt and dust may accumulate in the charging port preventing power transfer from the power source to the battery.

    Further, a distorted charging port can also hinder the batterys transfer to the battery during the charging process. Also, charging port corrosion weakens the connection between the battery and the power source, thus preventing power transfer to the battery. However, the damaged charging port is fixable as long as you follow the recommended steps.

    If there is an accumulation of dirt and dust in the charging port, consider using a vacuum cleaner to suck all dust from the port. Also, consider contacting skilled personnel to help you remove dust and dirt from the charging port using an appropriate tool.

    Wrong Battery Charger Indicator Light

    Black & Decker Battery

    Some electrical devices detect charging issues and display an indicator light notifying you that the battery is not charging. But, the battery might be charging with the indicator light on. First, inspect the device if it is charging. If the problem persists, consider replacing the battery but, if you know how to troubleshoot the indicator light, attempt fixing the indicator by using the recommended steps.

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    Black & Decker 18v Power Connect Battery System

    The Black & Decker 18v Power Connect battery platform constitutes a popular range of power tools for tackling DIY tasks around the home and garden. All batteries and chargers are interchangeable with all the tools in the range, many of which can be bought as body only machines – meaning you can save needless expenditure on additional batteries and chargers if you purchase additional tools for your tool kit. Black & Decker 18v Lithium tools are also compatible with batteries from the more powerful 54v DualVolt range .With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Black & Decker are one of the most established and widely known power tool manufacturers in the world today. As a result, they are able to offer tried & tested products at competitive prices, along with a countrywide network of service & repair agents and a 2 year warranty on all power tools in the range.

    Use Of The Wrong Charger

    Chargers differ from each other depending on the type of tool. Using a wrong charger that does not suit your tools battery automatically prevents energy transfer from the power source to the battery. Such issues are easy to fix and do not require complex procedures.

    The only possible solution to fixing the wrong charger problem is using the correct charger that suits your tool. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using the faulty charger.

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    Damaged Power Supply Source

    People tend to forget to check the condition of power sources such as switches. Sometimes, the battery failing to charge is a result of a damaged or distorted power source. First, inspect the status of the switch and attempt to change the charging ports. If other power supply sources charge the battery, consider contacting a skilled electrician to help you fix or replace the switch.

    Further, it is advisable to avoid touching electricity power supply sources with bare hands.

    Introduction: Cheap Black & Decker 18volt Battery

    Powerextra 18V 5000mAh HPB18

    So if you’re like me with several aging batteries for you cordless drill and to cheap to pay the full price for a replacementThen check this out. I have several Black & Decker 18 volt batteries, part #244760-00, that were at least 5 years old and only 1 good one. I decided to try and find a cheaper alternative to the 35-45 dollar new battery price. I just happened to be at Harbor Freight one day and noticed there line of 18 volt cordless power tools. The battery they use is Drill Master part # 67029, and is only 10 dollars. I decided to just buy one, since it was cheap and took it home to do a comparison with a B & D battery. They batteries are very similar in size and the way it is wired.

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    Black & Decker Style 18v Nicad Rechargeable Battery Rebuild Kit


    Every Black and Decker style rechargeable battery system from a 36 V weedwacker/trimmer combo to a basic 7.2V Firestorm drill wears out. If not obsolete or impossible to get you can save time and money by replacing the worn cells. Watch our video for details and ordering instructions.

    Each 18V NiCad Rechargeable Battery Repair Kit includes the following:

    • 6 pairs and 3 single high-drain, premium quality batteries
    • 2 pieces of non-conductive fish paper
    • 2 type 201 solid nickel wire-and-terminal connectors
    • 10 type 201 solid nickel ring connectors
    • 1 type 201 solid nickel extended ring connector for mast connections
    • 1 T-10 tamper-proof Torx wrench
    • 1 set of illustrated instructions

    Reasons Why Black And Decker Batteries Wont Charge With Possible Solutions

    Just like other battery models, the black and decker 28v battery requires some elements to function normally. The elements include a well-functioning charger, power source, battery, and wiring cables. If any of these elements fail to work, the battery refuses to charge. There are several reasons why your black and decker 18v battery fails to respond to the charging system. The information below describes the main reasons your battery wont charge with possible solutions.

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    V Black And Decker Battery

    Black and Decker is known for manufacturing various equipment all across the world. From smaller electric stuff, such as cells and batteries, to the larger appliances, the company is giving people a lot of thingsto buy. But here in this article, we have focused on the 18v black and decker battery The one that you might have used with your cordless drill.

    These batteries have a good size as they are to be used for drilling tasks which require some power to be done appropriately. Here, we will guide about these batteries and why you must choose one.

    Variations In 18v Battery By Black And Decker

    Black and Decker HPB18 Battery Rebuild for $15

    There are certain variations in the chemical formula of Black and Decker batteries which are available in the 18v. These differ in their chemical composition but as a whole, they are the batteries with 18v capacity. These variations have been described below. Choose the one that suits your needs and meets the requirements of your electric equipment.

    • 18v Slide Battery
    • 18v Lithium Battery
    • 18v Ni-Cd Battery

    These variations are found on the basis of the power sources of the batteries and their chemical composition used in the battery. However, some out of these batteries are also upgradable to different sources e.g. single source to lithium source. You also need to be sure about whether you require a rechargeable battery or a non-rechargeable battery because both options are available at the Black and Decker.

    So you need to mention what you require for yourself. The Black and Decker batteries are usually supported with the warranty too.

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    Is It Possible To Rebuild Black And Decker 18v Batteries

    When the rechargeable battery pack canât run the tool long enough, what do you do with it? Do you through it away and buy a new one?

    The answer is probably yes. But do you know that it is possible to rebuild the pack which costs less than a new one?

    After some deep research, I have found a NiCad rechargeable rebuild battery kit that is compatible with Black and Decker.

    Doing some research, you can find battery packs with higher capacity than the existing ones.

    Watch this video to see how one can rebuild a Black and Decker battery pack.

    The Quality Of Black And Decker

    Black and decker is known to manufacture the batteries and appliances and they have been doing it now for decades. The company is working days and nights in order to make the products better and better. The appliances and batteries they are manufacturing are of great quality.

    No matter whether you are going to use the black and decker 18V battery or any other product, you will always find that they are of quality. The company delivers what is promised to you. If they state that the battery is going to be of 18V, it will be of 18V. It is not like writing 18V outside and delivering a 12V inside.

    Not only the company manufactures quality battery pieces but also provide the batteries that will last for long. The lasting time also matters on your use and the way you are treating the batteries. If handled with care, the batteries may work up to several years depending on the type of work and things you are doing with the help of the battery.

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