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Turn Up The Texture With Tile

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Take cues from the pros at Living Garden Landscape Design and wrap the sides of your above-ground pool deck in a custom tile motif. This contemporary deck is inviting with a caramel wood platform and stair treads juxtaposed against the ivory zigzag tile. Put the same fresh technique to work in your backyard with accent tile in a contrasting color to your deck stain. And, yes, bonus points are up for grabs if you install a succulent border garden like this beauty around your deck.

Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

One way to make your above ground pool area stunning is to craft a multilevel decking design. A terraced deck provides several levels and might be necessary if your yard is hilly. One level could be a sun deck, away from the splash zone. Another level could be for grilling out and dining.

The different levels of your pool deck could consist of different materials. For example, your ground level could consist of concrete, pea gravel, or paver stones. Your upper levels could be wood or a composite deck material that looks like wood. You can also use stone or brick masonry to build a wall around your above ground pool. Using the same type of material for the decking gives the illusion of an inground pool.

While some multilevel swimming pool decks have functional purposes for each level, this isnt required. Many homeowners choose multilevel decking simply because it opens up more design possibilities. Experiment with different above ground pool design ideas until you find a multilevel combination that works for you.

Establish Safety Procedures Around Deck Usage

Before you open the deck up to all of your family and friends, make sure that you have a good safety plan in place. The deck is going to be your new entrance to the water. To ensure that you keep safety in mind, your pool will need a lock and a gate. You will want to ensure that you have covered the procedures as to when the pool is closed and when it is open.

It is wise to get a pool alarm even if you have a lock on your pool gate. Additionally, make sure that you explain things like running on the deck and jumping from the deck into the pool. These things should be avoided to prevent further injury. Decks generally encourage people to jump in the pool, but most above ground pools are not deep enough to accommodate a person jumping in.

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Guideline On Building An Above

  • First, youll need to measure the size of the pool, just in case you forget. Keep in mind that you should get the accurate size of the diameter or length x height . The measurement of the width is also needed.
  • Second, using this data record of the pool size, determine the size of the deck you want to build. Remember, the deck shouldnt be attached to the perimeter of the pool. Make a gap around 1-2 inches between the edge of the pool and the deck.
  • Third, go to the nearest local building department and consult with the expert, visualize your plan, and after all sets, you will buy the needed materials.
  • Fourth, lay your deck plan using some stakes planted to the ground, and then connect them using a string.
  • In choosing the material, remember to choose an anti-slip material for the surface. You dont want your kids to slip and fall. A rubber-based or wood material would be perfect, but if you prefer an aluminum or a tile, make sure you choose the one that has a textured surface.
  • Remember, there is a building code in each area. The building code in one state may be different than in other states due to the ground and environment condition. Always ask your local expert regarding the building code in your area. This will keep your building safe and durable.

For the more comprehensive step-by-step guide in building an above-ground pool with deck, read this article by WikiHow: Building A Deck

Where To Buy Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

Above Ground Pool Deck And Patio Ideas

There are many options for building your designed around an above-ground swimming pool: Traditional Timber Decking, PVC Decking, or Composite Decking are all viable options for creating an outdoor above ground pool with deck, all three options are available from Cladco, via our website or our friendly sales team on 01837 659901.

Swimming Pool Decks are often wet, causing the surface of the Boards to be slippery, which could pose a health and safety risk if you have children running around on a potentially dangerous outdoor garden feature.

Adding a wood-effect Deck to your house doesn’t just create an additional area for relaxing and socialising, but having a wood style feature around an expanse of water is an excellent way of bringing an aspect of the natural world into your backyard, creating a budget spa-like area in your own home.

If you want to add a low-cost, effective above-ground pool with Deck to your home, then there are a few materials that may be suitable for the Deck of ground and above-ground swimming pool.

Cladco Composite Decking

Cladco Composite Decking Boards are high-quality low-maintenance made from 60% recycled FSC accredited wood fibres and 40% recycled plastic. Cladco Composite Decking Boards can be installed at any level or shape. Cladco Composite Decking Boards are available in a range of eight colours in either original or woodgrain, helping you achieve your desired design and look.

Cladco Premium PVC Decking

Timber Decking

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Elegant Pool With City View

The elegant hint of the above ground pool is really worth building. It can be the best choice, moreover when you have an adorable view. It can be the best spot to watch sunsets with the people you love.

You only need to install the pergola, then grow some vines. Put some chairs on the deck along with the table where you can have an elegant coffee time inexpensively.

Add some elegant hint by installing some lamps on the edge of the steps and pillars of the pergola.

Cost Of Above Ground Pool With Deck Installed

Adding a deck around your above ground pool can give your pool area a more put-together look and make your pool look like a more permanent feature. Decks can also make pool entry and exit easier while providing easier cleanroom access. The average cost of above ground pool with a deck installed is $2,500 to $11,200, depending upon the size and height of the pool. Building a deck around an above ground pool costs $15 to $30 per square foot, depending upon the design and materials used. The deck alone can range from $2,800 to more than $10,000 installed, or buy a small deck system/kit thats easy to put up as a DIY project for $800 to $3,000.

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Should You Hire A Professional Deck Builder Or Diy

The first, and biggest, decision you have to make is whether you want to try your hand at building an above-ground pool deck yourself, or if it makes more sense to hire a contractor. Consider your construction skill level, the amount of time you have to complete the project, and your budget. No matter which route you choose, there are plenty of tutorials and resources online, such as our . You can also easily find a contractor near you.

Patio Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Part 3 Above Ground Pool Deck Construction

A patio is a concrete or paved slab that rests on the ground. You can add a patio area around the base of your above ground swimming pool. Concrete will last longer than wood and it looks more interesting than having only wood in your pool area. By definition, a patio can also be wood or composite decking, if it sits directly on the ground.

You must build up the deck or the ground around an above ground pool if you want the appearance of an inground pools patio. Or, you can take the semi inground pool approach and create a multilevel pool surround. The lowest level can be your poured concrete slabs, while the upper levels are wood.

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Cost Of Building A Deck Around Your Pool

Theres no one-size-fits-all approach to building your above-ground pool deck. There are a variety of factors to consider that will affect the price tag of the final project, both regarding your property and the style and size of the deck you decide to build. For instance, the slope of your yard and surrounding landscaping will play a factor in construction.

Then of course, theres style. How big is your deck? Are you going to build-up a privacy wallsay with wood lattice?on one or many sides? Are you going to add built-in benches or maybe an area for a grill? All these decisions add to the price tag .

Pick Privacy Screens That Double As Art

Pro tip: Work smarter, not harder, while designing your outdoor oasis. Graphic laser-cut privacy screens double as outdoor artwork and provide a striking backdrop for this corner plunge pool. Create a similar statement-making display in your backyard by swapping traditional wood deck railing for a set of laser-cut metal panels in unique, contemporary patterns.

Shop Our Favorites: The Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas for Every Space

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Side Decks For Above Ground Pools

Side decks are smaller than full-surround decks and fit to one side rather than surrounding the perimeter. Side decks are fantastic options when space or budget is a concern, or when youd like to have room for a small seating area to watch over the kids. Wood is a popular choice for a high-end look, but PVC, aluminum and composite are other excellent weather-resistant options.

Get inspired with these amazing above ground pool side deck ideas:

Wide Entrance Pool Deck


Some people want a pool deck that simply acts as an entry point to their pool others are looking for more of a statement. If you are looking for a statement, this wide entrance pool deck will be a great choice to consider. You will be able to enter the pool in several different locations. The wide entrance pool deck is also a great choice for those that have a partially inground pool. Since you dont have to use quite as much space to get the steps to go that high, you should have plenty of room for this wider entrance on one side of the pool.

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Patio To Pool Transition

If you want a seamless design, incorporating the above ground pool in your patio is a good idea. You no longer must add a separate seating out there because you already have the patio seating.

All you must really install is the above ground pool itself. You can cut through the patio deck to seamlessly incorporate the pool. It can look like this.

Cost Of Above Ground Pool With Deck How Much Are They Really

This is the year youll finally grant the kids wish and buy them a swimming pool. You figured you might as well kill two birds with one stone and get an above-ground pool with a deck, but how much will this cost you?

Above-ground pools with a deck cost anywhere from $2,500 to $11,200, including installation fees. The decks cost is between $15 and $30 a square foot. A DIY deck kit can cost up to $4,000, making it far more economical.

You probably have more questions about above-ground pools with decks, and well answer them all in this article. Keep reading to learn more about how big your pool deck should be and the benefits of having a pool deck.

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Above Ground Pool Construction

The average homeowner will pay between $750 to $3,000 for above ground pool construction. The price can fluctuate based on the swimming pools size and shape. A simple round 12-foot pool, for instance, costs around $500 to construct, whereas the larger, more custom oval pool may cost as much as $3000 to build.

Freestanding Pool Deck Ideas

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

A freestanding option means that the pool deck is close to the pool and surrounded by a path. This type of pool deck may also be called a floating deck because it is not attached to anything else.

This tends to be a popular and common choice for an above ground pool. They are easier to build and more cost effective. This type of deck is durable and long lasting which helps to increase the popularity of this type of deck.

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Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

In some cases, or in some areas, building an inground pool is just not possible. However, even the smallest pools can cause issues if conditions arent right. Poor soil quality, a high water table, terrain issues, building and zoning restrictions any of these can prevent building a swimming pool in the ground. In other cases, a homeowner may not want to spend $20,000 or more on a backyard oasis, and above ground pools are generally a more affordable option. But what about when it comes to an above ground pool deck?

Above ground pools may be slightly less attractive than an inground pool, but they dont have to be! With some creative planning, grading, and decking, above ground pools with decks can be truly stunning and inviting, and cost half as much to build as one of our inground pool kits.

Heres a look at some above ground pool designs that are out of the ordinary, and definitely uniquely awesome.

Pros Of Above Ground Pools

a). Safer

This will highly depend on your setup. However, above-ground pools are safer, especially if you have small kids and pets. This is because it is more difficult for them to climb up the pool. A fence around your pool will make things even better and safer for your pets and kids if you have a deck around your pool.

In addition, above-ground pools are only 48-52 inches deep. This is shallower hence minimal chances of drowning. The surrounding handles used to reinforce them also prevent slippage.

b) Cheaper

The cost of inground pools and above-ground pools is incomparable. The difference in the two prices is tens of thousands of dollars.

For an above-ground pool, you do not need a lot of materials or labor as they are not fixed fixtures at home. Such pools are also non-taxable and don’t require building permits.

c) Easy to Install

Unlike inground pools, which require a lot of digging, leveling, insulating and professional work, an above-ground pool needs assembling only.

Installing this pool does not impact the landscape you can disassemble it when winter comes. If you rent, you can take it with you when you relocate. It comes with a lot of conveniences.

d) Low Maintenance

Above ground, pools are elevated this makes it hard for insects and other debris to drop in. Besides this, you can easily install a pool cover over it. Pools can get damaged at any time however, with above-ground pools, patching up is less costly in case of damage.

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Round Above Ground Pool With Deck Ideas

The round pool can be a good hack to deal with a small area of the backyard. It can be an elegant hint in your backyard with a soothing and refreshing vibe.

Consider the above ground pool with deck to liven up your yard. Put some chairs on the deck where you can catch sunset together with people you love.

It can also be the best place where you can feel the fresh air that will help you more relax.

Basic Steps And Landing

16+ New Backyard Above Ground Pool Decks

Last on our list is just a very basic plan to help you build some steps and a landing. If you are finding that having a ladder to get in and of the pool is just not your style, then a basic set of steps with a landing can do the trick to fix your pool entryway. This deck plan could work for an entrance to a home, or it can be modified to be an entrance to a pool as well.

This is a lower-priced option to build, and you can make it as nice as you would like it by adding decorative railing, etc. Even though this exact plan does not talk about a locking gate at the top of the steps, dont forget to add one. Sometimes a locking gate is not enough when it comes to pool safety. Look into pool alarms if you are concerned about young children entering the pool without your supervision.

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How Long Does It Take To Install An Above Ground Pool

On average, your above-ground pool can be installed and ready to go in 1 to 3 days depending upon the size of the pool and the condition of your yard. This process involves digging an 18-inch deep electrical trench, electrical work, building the pool, installing the liner, skimmer, and pump. Expect additional time and expense if you are installing a perimeter fence or a deck system.

Will An Above Ground Pool Affect My Insurance

Talk with your insurance provider to be sure you comply with your policy and are covered for any issues that might arise associated with owning a pool. Typically, you will need to install protective fencing for a pool to be covered on insurance. However, in most cases guests are covered for any injuries that may occur while in the pool.

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