Backyard Basketball Court No Concrete

Backyard Basketball Court With No Concrete

BASKETBALL COURT in your BACKYARD | DIY Backyard Basketball Court

But if you are looking for a less expensive solution, many also use asphalt pad, which is cheaper and easier to install. This works well as long as you dont have any tree roots that grow under the court or else theyll push it up later on as they grow. And to prolong the asphalt pad, its best if no cars use the area, which can cause lots of wear and tear on it. This option is also softer for kids when they fall, while still providing a great bounce for the ball when dribbling on the court.

A third option is a compacted stone foundation, which is the cheapest, but also requires the most work and labor initially and later on since youll have to re-compact the area in the future. But really, its still the best option when you want to remove the court later on or if your backyard has limited access. A local landscaper can help you get this done if you cant find enough information online to do it yourself.

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You can also use this method with court tiles to cover the area. But with this option, youll want to be sure to use some landscape fabric over the base so that weeds wont come up and show through the court tiles.These tiles are an extra cost, but they offer more cushion and shock absorption than the other options. It also looks more professional, comes in a variety of vibrant and last colors, Make sure to choose one that has a good drainage design for when it rains and is durable for tough wear.

How Do You Make A Homemade Basketball Court

How to Build Your Own Backyard Basketball Court

  • Purchase the Hoop & Sports Court Surface Tiles. The in-ground Hoop anchor kit should be installed during the concrete pour, so ensure youve ordered your Hoop in time to arrive before you schedule the concrete.
  • Level the Ground.
  • Pour a 100mm Concrete Slab.
  • Install the Hoop.
  • Basketball Court With Metal Fence

    Here is a metal fence court that integrates with tennis. No need to choose since players can play whichever they want at the time. If you want to play basketball, the net will be easy to remove. Therefore, you can have more space available.

    Kids who like to stay active will love this kind of court. Tones of light blue borders and the bright blue court give more spirit to play.

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    Install The Court Tiles

    There are many different plastic court tiles on the market. After selling & installing court tiles for about a decade, we have realized that 99% of the tiles on the market DONT WORK with crushed-rock sub base courts. The reason? They are too light weight and not thick enough.

    The *only* tile in the industry that truly performs like a proper basketball court is from Ultra Base Systems the Ultra Base Court Tile. These tiles are 1.25 thick! Much thicker than any other tile in the industry. UBS designs substructure replacement tiles, so they understand how to build a tile that is structurally sound.

    After You Level The Base

    Cost For Backyard Basketball Court
  • Once the base is leveled and compacted to grade, cover the base with a landscape fabric. Landscape fabric is usually in rolls 4 to 6 wide . It can be found at Home Depot in garden department in rolls 4 x 50 for about 10-12 cents a sq ft. Larger wholesale landscape or material outlets may have it in larger widths. The material should be laid lengthwise and stapled inside of form on ends and sides. It is placed along the lowest grade, then overlapped slightly. Place on top lengthwise as you add rows so water runs off on top of the fabric when it drains. The fabric serves as a weed and moisture barrier. It also keeps the base material from piercing the surface or the surface from embedding into the base. It is important to do a good job of squaring up your court measurements and lay your forms to a string line grade. If the court is not square, unsightly trimming may have to be done at the end. Getting the base properly compacted by doing it in 1 lifts will help insure a more level plane and solid base for your surface. The measurement of the surface should be calculated based on the dimensions of the product and accounts for expansion and contraction. Contact the company for exact court dimensions for your forming.
  • As you lay a couple of rows of fabric you can begin laying your court surface to avoid the wind blowing your fabric out of place.
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    Ideas For A Backyard Concrete Basketball Court

    Because of their longevity and sturdiness, concrete and asphalt are the most commonly utilized materials for patio construction.

    As a result, you may use them to construct a sturdy backyard basketball court that allows the ball to bounce nicely.

    A concrete basketball court, on the other hand, can be dangerous. The rough surface can cause pain in your legs and ankles. All, asphalt has the same disadvantages as concrete. It can rip your shoes, ball, and skin.

    Consider surfacing the concrete with a synthetic basketball court, which will be easier on your legs and knees. It will additionally enhance the appearance of your backyard.

    Resurface And Mark For Optimal Performance

    Once the concrete has dried, add a surface such as the rubber or polymer tiles mentioned above. Consider how much use your court will get, your weather conditions, and the give of the floor itself to find the best product for your court.

    If the surface doesnt already come pre-marked, use a court stencil to create accurate markings.

    There you have it: a DIY backyard basketball court to be enjoyed by family, friends, and neighbors for years and years to come. In no time at all, youll be working on those alley-oops!

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    The Easiest Way To Build A Professional Diy Basketball Court

    So what does that mean? So it means you, as an end-user now, can do two things. One, you can do it yourself, or you can contact one of our dealers, or you can maybe call on someone that youve got familiarity with you. It could be your landscaper or somebody whos already done your brick area for your pavers in your yard. Essentially, what youre doing now is youre preparing the subgrade to a level of flatness and stability and drain that only you can decide if youre there. Well help you, but youre the ones there. Were not. Were going to give you a panel system that you can then install following our procedures, that allow you to have a court that could be used for soccer, for basketball, for volleyball, for dodge ball, for rollerblading. And were going to show you how to do it yourself.

    Polypropylene Basketball Surfaces For Outdoor Courts

    The Best Way To Build a DIY Basketball Court in 2020

    Outdoor polypropylene modular sports tiles aim to mimic the ball bounce and shock absorbing qualities of spring-loaded gym flooring. The tiles can be used in all weather conditions making polymeric floors a great solution for outdoor games areas. The growing interest in short form half court basketball in outdoor settings has seen a huge surge in court tile offerings.

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    Bold Tones Of Basketball Court

    Bright red and green colors give bold shades to this basketball court. Asphalt with a protective acrylic layer is the material to create that surface. Then, the color painting will mark each area.

    The backyard is large enough to create a full-size court. It features two hoops as well as an official court. Its green area also functions as a tennis court.

    Golf And Basketball Setup

    Cant decide on whether you prefer a basketball court or golf setup? Why not have both? Easily create the best of both worlds by making a mini space for each. If you just like to play minimal golf, you can easily create a smaller golfing space right next to a larger basketball court. It would seem that the basketball court would need to take precedence over the golf court since youd need more room for basketball.

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    Court Flooring Options For An Outdoor Basketball Court

    We have all seen outdoor basketball courts made of concrete or asphalt. These materials are some of the most common for home-court construction, but they are far from the only options. The type of surface you select will affect the safety, performance and even aesthetics, maintenance and lifespan of your court.

    Review what materials you can use for an outdoor basketball court:

    With Or Without Concrete


    When it comes to backyard basketball courts, you can either choose to use a premade court floor made of rubber sports tiles or a plastic polymer mix over a concrete slab or without a slab. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your court and want a strong, solid, long-lasting product, concrete is essential.

    Your best bet is to call a local concrete company that can come out and do all the heavy lifting. Most of the time, theyll even install the hoops for you!

    If you want to do it yourself, consider renting a concrete mixer to cut down on the backbreaking work of mixing concrete yourself. Keep in mind that youll also be responsible for creating a wooden frame and laying all the rebar to support the slab. Its a big project, so recruit some able-bodied friends to help out.

    Collect the following materials and tools to complete your backyard basketball court project:

    • Twine or stakes to mark your court

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    Backyard Basketball Court Ideas To Build Mesmerizing Sport Areas

    Homeowners might spend a fortune designing backyard basketball court ideas, but some DIY and low-cost options have similar functions. Various ways to build a basketball court, small or big, can be just as fun.

    Indeed, some homeowners prefer grass instead of asphalt or concrete courts. In terms of hoops for backyard courts, various choices are available. Those are depending on the amount of passion you have for this game.

    These are some recommended procedures for designing a dreamy basketball court from start to finish. Firstly, choose the ideal size and location. Next, purchase hoops, surface tiles, or textured mats. Then, level the ground to create a foundation. Finally, you can install the hoops and surfaces.

    Moreover, by incorporating all elements, homeowners can design a safe place to do sport. If necessary, accessorize the court with fencing or netting, customized artwork, and any other outdoor furniture.

    Now, it is your turn to build a court as desired. We have collected many awesome backyard basketball court ideas. Grab these inspirations of planning basketball court designs for yourguidance.

    Backyard Basketball Court Tile Advantage

    • Water Drains Through the Mesh Design.
    • Color Combinations to Represent Your Team.
    • Proudly Made in the USA.
    • ModuTile interlocking basketball court tiles are perforated tiles that are durable enough to support the demands of the most serious athletes and look fantastic in the process.
    • They are perfect for outdoor use because they have UV-protection for direct sun exposure and can withstand wet weather conditions.
    • Basketball court tiles are easy to install, easy to clean and slip-resistant.

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    Free Flex Court Athletics Buyers Guide

    That weird tingling you feel in your fingers this time of year is the urge to get your hands on a basketball or tennis racquet and head out to your backyard sports court.

    Once the snow melts, theres nothing stopping you! Or is there?

    How much work you need to do before hitting the court this spring depends on what kind of surface you have.

    Asphalt? Concrete? Flex Court? Which one is the best low maintenance sports surface for your home? Lets take a look at post-winter maintenance needs for your sports surface, typical lifespan and how different courts compare when you finally head out, happily inhaling spring air, to conquer the court.

    Long Lasting Line Markings

    How to build a backyard basketball court | Samuel Gates

    Line markings can be printed onto Verscaourt tiles, rather than painted, ensuring accuracy and longevity like never before. The print technology also allows for greater complexity in design and colours for custom and branded event courts such as this basketball court installation at Canary Wharf featuring artwork by Yinka Ilori.

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    Can You Play Basketball On Grass

    You might have thought about placing tiles over your grass area or even skip a foundation altogether and just paint lines over the grass while putting poles for the hoops in the grass itself. In my opinion, this isnt a feasible idea since grass isnt dense enough for dribbling the basketball . Your kids just wont get the same bounce as a court made with concrete or another foundation as mentioned earlier. So honestly, this option just wont suffice for a proper backyard basketball court for your kids. They would be better off playing soccer on the grass rather than basketball.

    Should I Construct The Court Myself Or Hire A Professional

    Youll be using your outdoor basketball court for family time, recreational games and in some cases practice, so its important that your investment meets your design expectations. Having a professional team create your outdoor court ensures your installation is done correctly and its surface and components are responsive to competitive gameplay.

    Choose each component of your outdoor basketball court when you work with CBA Sports. We serve residents in Atlanta to help make backyard dreams a reality.

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    We Specialize In A Range Of Different Aesthetic Styles And Materials Both Outdoors Or Inside

    Imagine the convenience of owning your own backyard basketball court. Theres no need to drive your kids to the park or deal with gymnasium schedules, and now your kids can work on their jump shots and build confidence for this team sport every day. With help from New England Courts, you need only step outside! Were the industry leader in service and safety, and were available to help maintain and repair your court in the event of any damage.

    Building Basketball Court In Your Backyard

    Basketball Court Surfaces Melbourne

    First, youll need to decide if you want to make a full-sized court or a half-sized one, which will depend on how big your backyard is. Obviously, if its small, a half-sized one will suffice. To determine the size your backyard can fit, measure out the section youre willing to devote to the court.

    If you want an NBA and NCAA regulation court, its good to note that they are 94ft x 50ft, while high school ones are 85 ft. But your backyard might not have enough space to fit either of these, so just measure out the area you do have.

    Youll also need to purchase materials, such as the hoops, the court flooring materials and a court stencil kit to create the courts lines. Or if you dont want to paint your own lines, you can always opt to get tiles to cover the foundation, such as ModuTile ones, which is a basketball court flooring cover with painted lines and edge. This kind of surface is more comfortable on the knees and will help your court look more professional and appealing, making your kids want to pretend theyre pros while theyre playing in their backyard basketball court.

    Image linked from ModuTile/

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    Let Neave Install Your Flex Court Sports Surface And Everything After

    The professionals at Neave Sports are an authorized Flex Court dealer and can easily convert your asphalt or concrete court to a Flex Court sports surface.

    If youre starting from scratch, Neave Sports can handle your sports surface installation from start to finish, from securing proper building permits to preparing the terrain, installing the base surface and tiles. We can even provide the high-quality hoops, nets, and posts for your court.

    Dont forget lighting, so you can enjoy your court long after the sun goes down. Neave Lighting has experts who know the exacting needs of sports court lighting. And Neave Landscaping can provide just the right plants to make your sports court blend beautifully with your surrounding landscape. Neave Group is your one solution to a better way of life.

    If youre in the Hudson Valley, call us at 463-0592. If youre in Westchester County, call 271-7996 from Connecticut, dial 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and well contact you about setting up your free consultation.

    Benefits Of Basketball Court In Backyard

    Building a basketball court in your backyard allows you to spend time with your children, as you shoot hoops with them on your free time. And it doesnt matter if you have boys or girls since both can benefit from what basketball signifies. Of course, you can set up a basketball hoop and place it in your driveway or on the street in front of your house, but that poses many dangers.

    When its in the street or driveway, the ball can unexpectedly run into the street and then you have to worry about cars coming and possibly becoming a threat to your kids as they play basketball outside. When its in your backyard, the ball cant roll into traffic, and you dont have to constantly be out to watch them to keep them safe, making it easier to manage your kids when you have things to do inside the house. And since its just in your backyard, you dont have to worry about kids carrying all sorts of gear to the public basketball court, potentially losing them.

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    The Many Advantages Of Using Ultrabasesystems For Your Courts

    Our base panels drain very quickly vertically and horizontally. The planarity, meaning the levelness of each panel, thats a word, between each panel is perfect. It cant come out of alignment, so much so, we are now seeing major companies rollerskating on our panel and also using it for synthetic turf, for ice skating on a panel, on top of our panel. So thats how flat we are. So if you follow the instructions, you can create your own backyard court. You can do it yourself. Were going to pop up some photographs here and show you just some things that guys like you, homeowners like you have done in their own backyard.

    Were getting a lot of calls, probably one out of every three calls that weve received this last couple of months and inquiries from homeowners is about athletic courts. 24 x 24. 30 x 30. Nobodys going to try and go out there and build a full basketball court, although you could. But what can I fit in my backyard? Weve got a solution for you. Contact us. Well walk you through how to do it. And I think its going to be a great solution for you to bring play back into your own home, watch your kids in your backyard, and basically allow you to do it yourself.