Backyard Landscape Ideas With Above Ground Pool

Different Type Of Pool

50 Creative Above Ground Pool Ideas

There are 6 types of pools to consider when planning to add one to your yard. Above-ground pools, in-ground pools, infinity pools, lap pools, swim spas, and hot tub spa combos are all choices youve looked at. Youve narrowed down your choice to an above-ground pool, or maybe you have an existing pool that is above ground that you want to add landscaping elements to.

Choosing an above-ground style for your backyard pool is a good idea if you are looking for affordability, speedy installation , and easy maintenance. Next, youll want to design the perimeter of the pool.

What is the shape youre looking for? When it comes to different shapes for your above-ground swimming pool, the choices are round, oval, or rectangular shape. The purpose of your pool will help when deciding on the shape. Rectangular pools are best if you plan to do laps, seeing as the shape allows you to swim in a straight line. Lounging and recreational use of your swimming pool will open you up to either a rectangular or rounded shape.

Youll want easy access to your above-ground pool. How you get in and out is another question youll need to answer.

Build A Privacy Fence

If you want to enjoy your time by the pool, you may want to invest in a privacy fence. Of course, you dont necessarily need to put up a wooden or stone fence. Trees and large shrubs will give you shade and provide an element of privacy around your pool area: just choose trees that wont drop a lot of leaves, because you dont want your entire yard and pool filled with fallen leaves.

Consider adding one or two of these privacy plants to your space.

  • boxwood are a popular choice because of the ease of caring for them
  • evergreen trees like cypress

Go All Out With Hardscaping

If cost isnt a concern, you can partially sink an above ground pool into the earth. Its a particularly striking option for sloped properties, allowing you to add drama with an infinity edge, or enhance your landscape by extending a patio around the pool to create an almost cantilevered overlook.

Although it isnt cheap, hardscaping areas around your pool can also embed the pools edges into the landscapecomplete with a stone patio or even space for a pool house.

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Outdoor Furniture Around Pool

Adding enough space to include a seating area around your above-ground pool is a great idea and something you may not have considered at first. This is the best way to keep those swimmers and non-swimmers together. Make sure you choose a material that will last when left out in the sun and can handle getting wet, after all the pool area is once space sure to get plenty of attention from those climbing in and out of the pool.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

10 Stylish Above Ground Pool Landscape Ideas 2020

Building a deck around your aboveground pool can help it blend with the rest of the yard.

If youve always dreamed of having a backyard pool but arent ready for the expense or commitment of an inground style, an aboveground pool is an ideal alternative. Integrating an aboveground pool into your backyards layout is no small task, though. Choosing the right landscaping features and design is key if you want the pool to blend with the rest of the yard.

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Add Greenery Around Your Pool

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Strategically placed greenery and planters can take your above ground pool from boring to tropical in an instant. Whether youre working with a built-in deck or your pool stands alone, adding planters or landscaping the perimeter of your pool will make it look much more permanent and sophisticated.

Try A Stock Tank Pool

The hottest trend for above-ground pools happens to be one of the smallest: stock tank pools are certainly some of the cheapest, quickest, and most customizable options on the market. While theyre popular as DIY projects, a bevy of small-scale companies has cropped up to help expedite the installation.

A stock tank is a water trough manufactured for livestock to use for drinking purposes, but we have converted them into a chic pool by adding a filtration system just like your typical aboveground pool, says Jovana Johnson, who recently founded Stock Tanks of SoCal with her sister, Janice Luna. They provide a more chic and trendy look to style a backyard rather than those traditional big blue aboveground pools.

These are fun-size tanks – whether round or rectangular, they can be as small as two feet in diameter. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to be too preoccupied with how to clean a pool. However, they can easily be scaled up. Our customers love our 10ft tanks, adds Luna. However, those with smaller backyards love that we provide many sizes varying from 6ft 9ft .

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Can I Install An Above Ground Pool On My Own

If the terrain of your home is even-leveled, yes, you can install it DIY. There will be a few diggings to make it more stable, though. If you intend to make it more high-end looking such as encasing it with wood or concrete, or if you want to add decks, you would need a contractor for that. But if time is not of the essence, perhaps, you can still do it DIY.

Create A Minimalist Mediterranean Pool Landscape Design

26 Creative and Easy Above Ground Pool Decking and Landscaping Ideas

Vast, open spaces allow for limitless creativity. This project brings a Grecian vibe to the backyard with a Mediterranean-influenced pool landscape design thats both expansive and minimal.

Stone poolside pillars and an elevated, mixed vegetation landscape add character to this otherwise bare concept. We included a colorful combination of exotic evergreen trees, low-lying shrubs and ornamental grasses, and dense green ground covers.

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Be Flexible Around Your Above Ground Pool Plant In Containers Pots Or Planters

Similar to the raised garden bed idea above, however you can make things more mobile by using containers, pots or planters.

As with the raised beds, this is an ideal approach in many ways, as you can maintain a gravel base and place your planters on top. Just be sure to not overwater the plants in the containers, or that the ground beneath them is graded to allow water to flow away from the pool.

I like this idea conceptually because it allows you to quickly add height to cover the pool wall without requiring footings like you would for a raised garden bed. Like the raised beds, it keeps plant roots within the container, preventing any encroachment from roots under the pool lining.

Finally you can move them around if needed store them somewhere protected during winter, or perhaps alternate how you want the pool to look. Perhaps you choose different styles or looks and move your pots around to suit your mood or season. Or to suit the particular plants growing conditions.

Above Ground Pool Ideas:

Are you ready to get sunbathing this summer? Lets take a look:

Who said you cant bring the party poolside? For example put in a swim-up bar and youll instantly feel like youre in Hawaii!

Not only does this example feature a raised deck, it also has beautiful greenery surrounding the pool!

Here, you can see a modern round Doughboy pool. Doughboy is a popular and well-known manufacturer for above ground pools.

Who said an above ground pool needed to be boring? Here, they used a mural wall as a privacy screen.

Opt for a rectangular above ground pool! Additionally, you can even add in pool lights as they did here.

Check out the tile for added texture! And do you see the outdoor lighting they put in?

Amp up your pool design with a wooden patio! Additionally, make sure to choose a deck material that wont hurt your feet when walking to the pool barefoot!

Create a custom concrete water feature its an affordable option that still looks high-end!

This may not look like an above ground pool but it is! The pool area is built with a surrounding deck and fence with high walls for extra seclusion.

This pool features a multi-level deck complete with a deck railing! For instance this is a great idea if you have younger kids and need to make accessibility to the pool limited.

Enclose your above ground pool with fencing and an arbor-covered gate. Additionally add some outdoor pendant lighting into your landscape design!

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Wood Deck Ideas For Above Ground Pools

Wood decking is the most popular material for above ground pool deck ideas. These structures can be nearly any kind of deck suitable for sunbathing, playing, and lounging. A wooden deck around an above ground pool is no different from other freestanding wood deck ideas. It simply accommodates the shape of the pool wall.

Your above ground pool deck may completely encircle your pool, or stand along only one side. While a partial wood pool deck may not be as visually stunning as a full deck, It is more affordable. A simple square pool deck design can be adjacent to your above ground swimming pool instead of wrapping around it.

Wood deck pool surround ideas can transform an above ground swimming pool into one that feels more like an inground pool. When built properly and enhanced with landscaping, it can be hard to tell an inground pool from an above ground one. Purchase a pool kit with a liner that looks like mosaic tile for an even more convincing inground pool appearance.

Place Your Pool Among The Trees

Awesome above ground pool ideas (67)

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A lot of people assume the placement of their above ground pool absolutely needs to be as close to the patio door as possiblebut if you have an area in the backyard thats lined with trees, you might want to consider placing your pool there instead. Not only will it provide natural shade, itll feel like an intimate outdoor escape.

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Above Ground Pool Ideas

Image source: Aqua Star On Ground Pools

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Build a deck around your pool because not only it looks great but an above ground pool with deck is also a lot of fun. Some of the above ground pool deck ideas can be really cool such as adding a multi-level deck for the pool or a slide for some excitement. You can also add a wooden bridge or deck that blends with the above ground pool landscape of plants and flowers.

If you can afford to spend a little more money and have a big backyard, then, you can build a luxury deck with a lounge and gazebo for the pool. With some more work on the above ground pool landscaping, the final output would be an inspiration.

How To Plan For Landscaping Your Inground Pool

When thinking about inground pool landscaping ideas, you also want to consider these four essential factors related to your situation. Answering these questions can help you plan and decide which landscaping ideas are right for your inground pool.

  • Privacy: How much privacy do you want your pool to have? Do you mind if people walking or driving by get a glimpse of your activities, or would you prefer to have a barrier between your family and the outside world? Do you live in a rural area where a fence is not needed or might impact the flow of the land?
  • Safety: What are the biggest safety concerns for your inground pool? Do you have young children or pets that play unsupervised near the pool? Are there safety hazards like slippery surfaces and steps that might impact children and older adults? Where are the sources of power and nearby power lines?
  • Environment: What is the climate of your area? Do frequent storms often blow debris into your yard? What plants grow best in your region? Is there a risk of wildlife or swarms of insects coming into your yard?
  • Utility: How will you use your inground pool? Do you need space for children or pets to run around and play? Do you want to use it for exercise or relaxation? Will there be large gatherings around the pool, or is it mainly for family use?
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    Moon Garden Plants Around Pool

    Who doesnt love a peaceful nighttime swim? If youre a late-night swimmer, make sure to consider plants that will show even in the dark. Choosing plants that are white, yellow, or pale will help to reflect the moon. To get this look, plan flowers like the moonflower or foamflower. Make sure to take advantage of flowers that only bloom at night. Evening primrose, Casa Blanca lilies, four oclock, and tuberose are night-blooming flowers youll love. Some plants even smell stronger at night. Casa Blanca Lilies, Evening Primrose, 4 oclock, not only bloom at night they smell stronger at night too. Gardenias, heliotropes, hellebores, and jasmine also have a stronger scent at night.

    Above Ground Pool Ideas To Help You Cool Off All Summer Long

    What are the Best and Most Unique Above Ground Pool Landscape Ideas?

    These fun and easy above ground pool ideas will transform your backyard into a summertime oasis

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    Above-ground pools are a highly practical solution for cooling off in the backyard. Unlike their in-ground swimming pool counterpart, above-ground options are typically a budget backyard idea, much easier to install, and can be disassembled if youre a renter or are considering selling your place.

    That being said, the typical above-ground pool isnt exactly as aesthetically pleasing as a heavily landscaped built-in swimming hole. But thats not to say that an above-ground pool has to ruin the carefully curated backyard aesthetic that you have going. In fact, its quite the opposite.

    Below, weve pulled together a handful of really cute and functional above ground pool ideas that will take your yard to the next level in terms of style. These Instagram-worthy design ideas not only look great, but most of them are very easy and affordable to DIY if youre ready to put in a little work and get creative.

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    Build Your Above Ground Pool Into A Deck

    @nicspics36 ‘s DIY build is a brilliant addition to her backyard

    are well worth considering when it comes to choosing how to surround these features. And this setup is a great example of a compact, stylish design done on a budget.

    Nicole Jimenez and her boyfriend, Casey Green, bought an 8-foot tank about an hour from their home in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and rented a U-Haul open trailer that they hitched to their pickup truck. Having read online about pitting and rust, Casey cut drain and input holes in the tank, then draped the vinyl liner in the pool and partially filled it with water to smooth out wrinkles. A ratchet strap was fitted inside to anchor the liner. Once everything was smooth and tight, they cut holes in the liner where the drain and inlet fittings go.

    The do-it-yourselfers built and framed the raised deck close to the diameter of the tank. ‘If we were doing this project now, we’d go with composite decking and not worry about staining, sealing, and maintaining the wood,’ says Casey. ‘The prices are about the same when you factor in time spent on deck maintenance and longevity.’ They also used a hidden decking screw system for a clean, smooth look.

    Get Started With Your Pool Landscaping Project

    Pool landscaping projects take many different shapes depending on the property and home. They can range from quaint, jungle-like oases to large, elaborate pools meant for swimming. Pool landscape installations can also be particularly detail-oriented, often involving a collaborative effort between homeowners, hardscape contractors, and landscape architects. Alternatively, they can also be modest nooks that provide Zen-like simplicity and minimalist, natural features.

    Compared to traditional backyard landscaping projects, pools involve greater use of hardscapes and stone elements. Pool decks and hardscapes will typically include materials like travertine, flagstone, exposed aggregate, brick, tile, and various forms of stone. In turn, the use of plants and organic features often calls for added consideration about what species to plant, design arrangements and sequences, and ongoing maintenance once the project is complete.

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    Retaining Walls For Above Ground Pools In Steep Backyards

    No doubt one of the Upstate NY landscaping challenges some homeowners face is deciding what to do with a steep backyard hill. To us, this presents the perfect opportunity to kick off our list of above ground landscaping ideas! When youre thinking of landscape design for backyard hill challenges, its important to take into consideration soil runoff, the grade of your hill, and how youd like to use your backyard. If youve got an above ground pool, that hill can turn from your worst enemy to part of a landscaping showpiece with the right backyard makeover ideas.

    Placing your above ground pool close to the base of the hill, consider elements like tiered landscaping, retainer walls, hardscaping opportunities to create stairways, and more that all highlight your pool! Landscaping ideas for steep backyard hills can give your space the professional, polished look youve always wanted.