Backyard Memorial Memorial Garden Ideas

Bell Chime Trellis Garden Stake

How to create a memorial garden in your backyard

You may wish to add a Zen element to your memorial garden. Choose a garden nook where you like to sit enjoying your memories of your loved one. A bell chime trellis is a perfect addition, especially if you plant a trailing vine to climb the trellis. A few good flowering plant choices include, clematis, morning glory, jewel of Africa nasturtium, or black-eyed Susan vine are all great choices.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas For A Cat

In order to help pet parents come up with pet memorial garden ideas for a cat, we have created the following pet memorial guide.

With these pet memorial garden ideas, pet parents can create unique pet memorials that will provide them emotional comfort as they mourn their beloved pets passing.

If you knew your cat was going to be gone soon and you wanted to do something special to honor him/her, what would it be?

This is a question that pet parents often find themselves asking after receiving a diagnosis of a critical illness or terminal disease from a veterinarian. In other cases, pet owners might want to give their pet every opportunity possible in the case of an accident victim being brought into the veterinary clinic where they work. Pet memorial ideas for the garden. No matter what the reason pet parents are looking into pet memorial garden ideas for their pet, we hope that this article helps you with your search.


As pet parents start thinking about planning pet memorials, they might consider a pet urn. Pet urns and other pet remembrances serve as a makeshift resting place for your pets remains until you can purchase or create an actual cat headstone or grave marker. Pet memorial ideas for the garden. There are many pet urn options available, so pet parents should take the time to look through them and purchase one that best suits both their financial situation and personal tastes before making such an important decision.

How Can Creating A Memorial Garden Help With Grief

According to Cruse Bereavement Care, there is no one way to deal with grief. However, trying not to suppress your feelings and talking about your memories and feeling with a close friend, relative or therapist can help.

A memorial garden can provide a peaceful, quiet sanctuary for you to retreat to while you work through your emotions. It will also provide a beautiful space to visit time and time again when you wish to reflect and remember your loved one.

  • Bright and beautiful Cyclamen

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What To Include In A Memorial Garden

2. Water and water features

Watching and listening to the gentle flow of water encourages relaxation and promotes a calming effect. Which is why choosing a space near a stream or adding a pond or water feature to your memorial garden will create a tranquil, peaceful remembrance area. Water will also attract native wildlife, including birds and butterflies, which in turn will help to breathe life and beauty to the garden for years to come.

Water creates a uniquely distinctive energy, adding movement and breathing life into any outside space. The ambiance created by gently bubbling fountains, and the vitality created by stronger sounding larger centrepiece fountains can also help to reduce noise pollution in urban and noisy neighbourhoods.

Self-contained fountains are ideal for placing in a memorial garden. By far the easiest water features to install, self-contained fountains require little or no excavation work and more often than not do not need to be installed by a specialist. They will however invariably need to be connected to a main electricity supply, so considering this in advance is a good idea. Self-contained fountains work well in smaller areas such as courtyards and on patios. Easy to install and maintain, self-contained fountains require little space and are ideal for anyone considering purchasing their first water feature.

  • Haddonstone Curved 52 inch Corner Bench Seat

3. Seating

How To Make A Memorial Garden

Inspiration Memorial Garden Ideas Photographcreate A Memori
  • Select your space – Decide whether you want a private or publicly accessible location are you forming a memorial garden to give yourself a quiet, private space to reflect, or do you want to create an area for others to visit and commemorate? Will the space be indoors or outdoors?
  • Plan out your garden area what size space do you have to work with? If youre new to gardening, youll need to research what plants will grow in your region, what soil type you have, the amount of sunlight required, and how much soil preparation you will need.
  • Form a plan decide on a budget, features to include, edging, and accessories. You can add lanterns, lights, a bench, wind chimes, garden stones, bird feeders, and other fun elements. If youre not interested in actually planting a garden, you can use garden sculptures and stones instead.
  • Acquire materials purchase your tools, plants, dirt, mulch, rocks, edging, and any other items needed to create your design.
  • Invite family members and friends to help! If youre creating an outdoor memorial garden designed for visitors, see if others would enjoy helping you. The process itself can be part of a larger memorial service
  • Plant Wildflowers & Forget

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    Beautiful and bright, wildflowers and forget-me-nots are the perfect florals for memorial gardens. From the moment you plant them, they will symbolize the love and light you felt for the person who has passed. In addition, these flowers attract butterflies which are not only beautiful, but theyre symbolic of hope, growth and transendence. If you like the idea of growing these colorful blooms, consider planting seed paper memorial favors. Created with eco-friendly materials, these products can be planted in a pot or garden to commemerate the life of a loved one who has passed. Since the act of planting the paper and growing flowers takes time, they symbolize the healing process and how although grief is a journey, the other side will be beautiful and strong.

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    The Main Theme Of Pet Memorial Ideas For The Garden

    Many people like to include a memorial stone, bench, or other types of garden structure. Such as a birdbath in their yard as a way to honor and remember deceased pets. Many people make pet memorial ideas for the garden. The following pet memorial ideas for the garden will give you all sorts of helpful tips. And advice about how to go about doing just that:

    If Possible Make It Private

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    Because your memorial garden will be a peaceful place for you to retreat to, youll want to choose an area thats quiet and private. Since the garden will be in the comfort of your home and backyard, youll feel good knowing that you have a private place to visit instead of having to travel to a gravestone whenever you want to feel close to your loved one.

    Eternal Light American Cross

    Small memorial garden ideas

    An American cross with an eternal light from solar power is a good option for someone who was in the military or served in some other patriotic way. Your loved one may have been a true patriot who you can honor with this American cross placed in a sunny prominent area of your memorial garden. You may decide to set a flagpole in your garden near the cross to honor your patriot even further.

    Create A Picture Memorial

    Creating a pet memorial can help you find comfort and express your grief. A pet memorial is a way to honor the memory of your pet it does not replace burying or cremating your pet, but rather serves as another way to remember all that your beloved pet meant to you.

    If you have decided not to bury your pet in the backyard or at a pet cemetery but would still like a pet urn, there are several ways for creating a ceramic urn pet memorial. One option is to have a custom piece made. A custom ceramic pet memorial offers many unique advantages over pre-made items: It is as beautiful as any other hand-crafted item as well as being pet specific. Custom pet urns are usually no more expensive than pet urns that you would find at pet supply stores or pet memorial sites like Because pet heavens gate offers the widest selection of handmade ceramic pet memorial designs available, you will find it to be your one-stop site for all of your pet cremation urn needs including your option to get a personalized ceramic pet urn made.

    Last thing

    Pet heavens gates offer several unique benefits that set them apart from other online pet cremation urn resources: All our handcrafted pet memorials are entirely customizable we strongly believe in personalizing every piece by making every effort to bring special attention and care to each project, regardless of pet memorial size, pet urn price or pet cremation urn style.


    Create a memory time capsule

    Honor Fallen Loved Ones In Your Small Space This Memorial Day Weekend

    While Memorial Day marks the start of gardening season, its also a time to honor and reflect on the memories with our fallen loved ones. Gardens are an ideal place to create solitude and plant in memory of those we cherish. No need to stress over finding a large space, heres a few ideas on how to create a memory garden in a small space.

    Before digging in, choose a spot and assess the lighting and overall landscape. Providing your plant with the best tools to thrive is important, and choosing nutrient rich soil is key. Choose an above-ground planter and use well-draining soil to ensure your plant is good to go. You can place these on your porch, patio, deck, or balcony. Dont feel pressured to plant multiple plants a single tree or specimen plant will do. Its the thought that counts!

    Placing objects that represent your loved one is a great way to elevate your memorial garden. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

    -Incorporate mineral crystals that encourage mindfulness

    -Add a stepping-stone or plaque with a favorite quote or scripture

    -Choose a small figurine such as angels or birds, including eagles for veterans

    -Place a chair or bench in your memorial space to meditate, reflect, or rest

    -Get artsy with popsicle sticks to place in the soil, add a special note or name on them

    Whatever you choose to design, make it meaningful and take your time. Happy Memorial Day!

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    Pet Memorial Ideas: Recycling Pet Ashes Into Plants

    Ashes have been used for a long time by many cultures, even before pet cremation was available, so its no surprise pet ashes are being used for planting now too. If youd like to try these pet memorial ideas yourself then read on.

    You could consider many different plants for this pet memorial idea but the most common plants people have been choosing recently are trees. Something tall seems appropriate a fitting tribute to a large pet think pine, willow, or even pet memorial ideas with fruit trees like apple and peach.

    Ornamental plants are also very popular pet memorial ideas for ashes that include flowers, like the pet memorial idea using hydrangea which would be ideal for pet ashes of a pet who was particularly fond of playing in the garden.

    You could also consider something unique like a pet memorial idea like planting an herb garden with parsley or basil to flavor your cooking! There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing what pet ashes can be used to grow.

    Ideas For A Memorial Garden

    Pin by Stephen Bond on Garden Tour

    A memorial garden can as simple as a single tree, or as elaborate as beds of perennial and annual flowers, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. Some people include a fountain or pond to add the soothing sounds of water, along with a bench to sit and meditate. You may want to install a plaque or marker engraved with your loved ones name, dates of life or military service, and a meaningful quote.

    • If you have time to care for the garden year-round, think about how it will look as the seasons change, and use plants with staggered bloom times to keep the flowers coming. Tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs provide spring color, along with forsythias, crabapples, ornamental cherries, and dogwoods.
    • Roses, hydrangeas, lilies, impatiens, petunias, vinca, daisies and many other flowers blossom through the summer, while foliage plants like hostas and coleus can fill shady nooks.
    • Maples, mums, asters, Indian grass, ginkos, burning bush, and sedums add shades of bronze, gold, red, and purple to the autumn palette. For winter interest, try ornamental cabbages and pansies.
    • Grass makes a lush carpet for a memorial spot, but ground cover plants are easier to maintain. Stepping stones or pebbled paths can help avoid mowing and trimming.
    • When space and time are limited, an individual tree can become a tribute. Oak trees connote strength, and sycamores symbolize hope and protection, like the base of an upended sycamore preserved at Ground Zero in New York City.

    Memorial Garden Ideas For A Son Or Daughter

    Those who have lost a son or daughter describe it as being an incredibly painful experience. It feels like it goes against the natural order of life, and the grief may be hard to manage.

    If you lost a son or daughter, you may find it therapeutic to immerse yourself in the work of creating a beautiful garden. Here are some things you may consider placing in the space.

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    Metal Display Stand For Garden Stones And Memorials

    Memorial Garden Ideas For Son. Find individualized and unique outdoor gifts from wind chimes and benches to birdbaths and art poles as a tribute to their life. For winter interest try ornamental cabbages and pansies. A bird feeder or house.

    In Loving Memory Garden Stone. Other ideas for Memorial Gardens. Memorial Stepping Stone A Beautiful Soul.

    Solar Memorial Accent Bench. Add your own line of personalization to make this a gift as unique as the life it represents. Some artistic taste of the gardener will be helped them established an unforgettable memorial garden.

    I also purchased a 24 Americana Star Decor barn star for my home. 5122015 Here are the Memorial Garden Items I purchased from LTD. 242013 Plan a mix of both perennials and annuals to ensure season-long color.

    1212011 Some ideas you might want to try include. 5102017 Hi looking for some ideas for a plant me and my family can grow in the garden for my dad he was suddenly taken from us 3 weeks ago from sepsis we would love to make a memorable bit in the garden for him with the grandkids. Memorial Garden Stone Those We Love.

    Grass makes a lush carpet for a memorial spot but. Especially perfect for a memorial butterfly garden. A stone memorial candle holder.

    Still it might be costly to build a memorial from. Find this Pin and more on memorial garden by John Haupt. Maples mums asters Indian grass ginkos burning bush and sedums add shades of bronze gold red and purple to the autumn palette.

    Pin On Quick Saves

    Memorial Garden Ideas A Living Tribute To Your Lost One

    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~ From a headstone in Ireland

    A memorial garden lives on. Live plants, by their nature, can provide soothing comfort to you during your bereavement, while providing many years of pleasant improvement to your landscape. Lets look at some memorial garden ideas you can create in your back yard.

    The David Harber Armillary Sphere

    Small memorial garden ideas

    Designed by the world-renowned David Harber workshop and exclusive to Haddonstone, this elegant sundial would make the perfect addition to a memorial garden. Calibrated to tell solar time, the Armillary Sphere includes a sundial verse:

    Make time, save time while time lasts. All time is no time when time is past.

    Made from solid brass, the sphere features three rings depicting the equator, the meridian and a colour, with a cruciform stand on a circular base to support it. It can also be calibrated for any country and is designed for use with many of our cast stone sundials including the Adam Sundial Plinth and the Adam Pedestal.

    Garden Path Backyard Pet Memorial Garden Idea

    Every dog owner should be told that their canine companions can have lots of energy. As many dogs love sitting on the lawn and playing on it, a lot of them also enjoy playing in the yard.

    Perhaps your dog was one of those. It could be the inspiration that can also be an attractive lawn feature. Instead of limiting your garden to a single spot, think about putting in the possibility of a walkway.

    Plant some flowers along the path to increase the beauty. It is possible to create the path in a way that follows the standard route your dog would follow in the grass.

    A Quiet Place To Meditate

    Find a quiet place surrounded by beauty and add a small bench with a comfortable seat. A big rose bush or hydrangea plant is the perfect backdrop for this garden design. Great place to reminisce good old times and meditate on life. For an even better spot, place a memorial stone with some loving sentiments inscribed on it.