Backyard Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

What Should I Look For In A Fire Pit

How to Make a Fire Pit Seating Area: Backyard Makeover – Thrift Diving

Fire pits range from stone circles on the ground to innovative engineering and thoughtful designs.

Modern fire pits should have strategically placed vents, air holes, and tubes to help make starting a fire easier than ever, while at the same time channeling away excess smoke.

Modern fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, too, ranging from small, portable, wood-burning models, up to massive propane-powered structures permanently installed on a patio.

No matter which size or model you choose, it’s likely to become the centerpiece of your outdoor space anytime a fire is lit. It also provides plenty of heat and light, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors even during the colder times of the year.

Some fire pits even make excellent grills, allowing you to cook entire meals over a flame. But most important of all, they’re a safe way to enjoy a bonfire in your backyard, without fear of the fire getting out of control.

Choose Sleek And Modern For A Contemporary Backyard

Consider the shape of your fire pit and how it might work with the rest of your backyard furniture. There are plenty of squares and rectangles in this modern outdoor space which naturally guides you to choose similar. We love the use of symmetry note the graphite gray design sits exactly in front of the doors.

Embrace The Scenic View

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your backyard, why not embrace it? You would definitely be happy to be left alone in this setup free to take in the sights and sounds of nature. Consider setting up your fire pit at an outer edge facing trees, woods, or a body of water for an additional fun element without much effort. The fire pit does all the work for you with its soothing, crackling flames and gorgeous surroundings!

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What Is A Fire Pit

A fire pit is technically a pit in the ground in which you can safely build a fire. The pit is typically lined with rocks, metal or brick.

However, these days, the meaning of fire pit has expanded to include above-ground container-like structures that can contain fire such as fire bowls and fire pit tables.

This article takes the expanded meaning which means we explain and showcase fire pits in the ground as well as above.

Types Of Fire Pits You Can Buy

55 Awesome Backyard Fire Pit Ideas For Comfortable Relax (12 ...

Youll be surprised to know that there are different types of fire pits available in the market. Here I will be sharing some of those so that you can buy the right one for your home backyard.

Biofuel Firepits

Biofuel fire pits like the ECOSMART BASE 30 are a great choice if you are looking for a fire pit using clean and eco-friendly fuel. These fire pits are powered by ethanol, which is much less harmful to the environment than propane or wood.

Wood Fire Pits

Woodfire pits simply use wood to make a fire. There is nothing like the smell of burning wood mixing in with the scent of a barbecue while you and your friends hang around the fireplace. The Patriot Fire Bowl is an excellent choice if you are looking for something like that.

Propane Fire Pits

Dont want to bother with preparing and burning wood or the expense of biofuel? Then propane is your next best option. There are plenty of good fire pits in this market! One I would recommend is the Sierra Square Fire Pit.

Portable Firepits

Portable fire pits are great, especially for adventurers. If you love travelling and are always on the go, carrying a tiny but mighty little Trailblazer might do it for your outdoor needs! This fire pit weighs next to nothing, and can you can carry about in a bag. Have a peek at this fire pit by clicking the highlighted link.

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West Elm Round Fire Pit Table

Best For Small Space

West Elm’s Round Fire Pit Table feels luxuriously cozy and contemporary. The oversized fire bowl is crafted from a glass-fiber-reinforced concrete frame with a steel and brass burning area filled with lava rocks. An easy push-button ignition allows for easy on/off of the clean, smoke-free flame. For added protection, it’s finished with a weather-resistant seal. Flank the fire pit with oversized patio chairs and an end table or two for the ultimate outdoor lounge area.

Create A Sunken Fire Pit

A sunken design works when you dont want your fire pit always on show.

This Chelsea Flower Show garden, designed by Adam Frost , features a below-ground-level fire that could be covered up when not in use. You could even swap in a solar-powered water feature or standalone sculpture if you wanted to give this area of the garden a new look.

Think about matching your hard landscaping materials, so that the firepit area and surrounding walls share similar tones, adding to the conceal-reveal surprise.

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Sol 72 Outdoor Addisyn Cast Stone Propane Fire Pit

Best Stone Design Fire Pit

Not looking to spend a few grand on a new fire pit? There are plenty of affordable options that offer all the style and functionality you could ask for. This Addisyn Cast-Stone Propane Fire Pit from Sol 72 Outdoor is crafted from fiberglass-reinforced magnesia oxide cast to look just like natural stonework. Connect a 20-lb LP tank to the 5-foot cord, and you’re ready to enjoy a clean-burning, adjustable flame at the push of a button.

Contemporary Colored Fire Pit

10 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

This contemporary fire pit will add a pop of color to any space by trading in the traditional stones on the surface of the pit for brightly colored alternatives. The hammered copper designs on the pit and its cover are interesting to look at and would look great in any backyard or outdoor setting.

The pit is supported on copper legs, allowing you to move it around as needed without worrying about installation or damage to the surface its on. It would look great on a deck area or balcony area that has enough ventilation to air out the smoke.

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Backyard Fire Pit Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

by kyleneloucks

Theres something about sitting around a backyard fire pit that seems to officially signal the start of summer. Longer nights and warmer weather means that you can extend the amount of time you spend outdoors well into the evening hours. Outdoor living spaces maximize the function of your home by providing an additional area for dining, lounging, and entertaining. Adding a fire feature can help elevate your yard into a comfortable space that is useable long into the fall months . Ranging from large extravagant centerpiece designs to contemporary sleek options, there is a wide variety of fireplaces, tables and stone structures to suit your space and decor style. We rounded up our favorites and broke them down into an easy-to-follow guide to help you narrow down the setup and style that works best for you.

Firepits You Can Build Yourself

Round or square, stone or concrete blocks, no matter what your style there is a tutorial on this list that you are sure to love. There is even a tutorial on how to make a tabletop firepit to keep you warm and toasty when you do not have much outdoor space. Many of these DIY firepits are also budget friendly so anyone can add some warmth to their yard! If you love repurposing old objects, there are even some DIY firepit designs on this list for you. Who knew you could create a firepit out of an old washing machine drum or a wheel? If you do not want to do a lot of building, try one of the inground firepits. Read on for shopping lists and tutorials for all 27 awesome DIY firepit ideas.

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Turn Fire Into Art With A Sculptural Fire Pit

For a truly upscale update to your backyard patio or deck, why not make a real statement with a sculptural fire pit that stands alone as a work of art? After all, water fountains arent the only type of art that work well in a garden! Artisanal fire pits like this Vesuvius Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit will wow anyone that steps foot in your backyard with its unique triangular design. Theres also this stunning Manta Ray Artisan Steel Fire Pit thats hand-designed to appear like a real manta ray gliding through the ocean. Make your fire feature stand out by choosing one that looks like a sculpture in a museum for added outdoor sophistication.As you contemplate your outdoor patio with fire pit ideas, make sure to consider all of the different factors involved in a fire feature from size and aesthetics down to heat and smoke amounts. Here are several of the main things to keep in mind as you make your choice.

Diy Backyard Fire Pit Ideas To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

31 Inspiring Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Youâve decided your outdoor space needs some sprucing up â what better way to add style and warmth than with a backyard fire pit!

From timeless pavers to modern fire pit tables, there are plenty of options out there for do-it-yourself fire pits, which can make choosing just one difficult. But donât stress! Weâve compiled a list of our favorites to make your project a little easier.

Learn what a backyard fire pit can bring to your outdoor space and choose the perfect DIY option for your family by following our guide below.

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Design Backyard Lighting Around A Fire Pit

Backyard lighting ideas really ought to be designed hand-in-hand with your fire pit’s position,’ says Homes & Gardens‘ Editor in Chief. ‘The fire pit will, of course, contribute to the general glow of outdoor lighting, but by surrounding the seating space that faces it with soft, higher level lighting, you will create a focal point in a night-time garden that can’t be beaten.’

Williams Sonoma Sullivan Fire Table

Best For Large Outdoor Space

Wow all your house guests with this Sullivan Fire Table from Williams Sonoma! Connected to a 20-lb propane tank, the rectangular fire pit offers a burn time of 8.5 hours on high and 26 hours on low. It’s made from durable, powder-coated steel that’s weather-, UV-, and rust-resistant. The all-in-one kit comes with leveling feet, lava rock, a 10-foot hose and regulator, and a vinyl storage cover. It can even be converted to natural gas by a certified gas technician using an NG conversion kit.

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Red Barrel Studio Kimily Polyresin Gas Fire Pit

Best Round Fire Pit Base

The circular design of this Kimily Polyresin Gas Fire Pit from Red Barrel Studio creates a cozy, inviting environment. Its realistic faux stone and lava rocks create an ambient backdrop for clean, green-burning flames. The sturdy construction can withstand harsh weather conditions for year-round use. Cozy up in the winter with hot cocoa, stargaze in spring, roast s’mores in the summer, and warm up around a cozy fall fire. To keep your fireplace looking its best between uses, cover it with the PVC cover included.

Diy Round Firepit With Back

DIY Fire Pit: How to Build a Fire Pit | The Home Depot

If you dont want just a regular firepit and want something that can be the center of attention, try building a teardrop-shaped fire pit. You may need to pay a little attention to the blocks and their placement if you want to achieve the right shape. Be sure to check the measurements of the blocks and their placement before you set them in stone.

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Easy Diy Stone Fire Pit Tutorial:

The outdoor get highly started with the summers and thus making your outdoor spaces completely functional. Here is how you can boost up the fun and functionality of your backyard or patio more with the addition of a fire pit there to plan more outdoor hangouts there. Grab the details of the idea here thecraftyninja

Match To Your Patio’s Aesthetics

Looking at the colors and style of the best garden furniture you have before picking out your fire pit is a must.

Here the chunky and contemporary gray finish of this fire pit matches up so well with the paved patio, letting it stand out in an open and spacious backyard. We like the fiberglass-reinforced concrete here as it has a contemporary, minimalist look that will fit right on an urban patio idea.

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Make A Tabletop Fire Pit

Create a beautiful and friendly mini-firepit for your small patio table. This mini firepit is enough to warm your place around the table. Additionally, you can also enjoy roasting marshmallows on this firepit. Use a shape, Crete, to make the bowl or structure of the fire pit. Fill the molded pit with lava rocks and cover it up with a copper cage to get a place for setting the fire. Now, cover up the cage with glass crystals. Enjoy creating or sitting around this good-looking mini fire pit. dunnlumber

The One Hour Fire Pit

57 Awesome Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (28)

This fire pit is another circular one. It is built from stone and would fit into most any backyard setting. Plus, it appears it would have ample room for plenty of friends and family to gather around it.

But what makes this fire pit so great is that it is simple to construct. The author of the post claims it can be built in an hour. Any project that takes that little amount of time has to be pretty easy to build. And you end up with a great gathering spot to boot.

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Foundry Select Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

Best Sleek Design

You can enjoy a cozy fire any time you’d like with this Outdoor Propane Fire Pit from Foundry Select. The sleek square frame is made from powder-coated iron with a realistic wood grain pattern. A built-in tank holder hides your propane tank, saving space on small patios. Toss the cover included over the pit in-between uses to keep it looking its best.

Separate Spaces Fireplace Ideas

If you love entertaining and often have large gatherings at your home, creating separate spaces is a good way to maintain some intimacy between guests. The patio in this picture, for example, is very large and open, but there are small defined spaces around the fire and under the large arbor. This allows your friends and family to really connect with each other. Note the small basket next to the chair on the right holding extra pillows and blankets. Even though the fire can be warming, youll always have a few guests that are still cold. Thinking of their comfort is a small way to show your hospitality.

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Easy Diy Fire Pit With Stacked Stone

This easy DIY wood burning fire pit is made of stacked flagstone, fire brick interiors, and pea gravel which filled the bottom. A 6 to 12 inch deep gravel layer can provide sufficient drainage for most DIY fire pits.

The secret to this beautiful DIY dry stack stone fire pit is to take the time to select the right shapes and stack the stone in a natural looking pattern without the need for mortar between the joints.

Inset With Concrete Handprints

77 Fire Pit Ideas (includes Outdoor Decor)

A fire pit can be whatever you want it to be. So, why not add a personal touch to your fire pit? At the bottom, you can have something like a childs hand imprint to mark the point in time when it was created. The concrete will hold up to the fire, ensuring that those memories are kept safe throughout the years. You can look back fondly on what was created that day.

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How Do You Put Out A Fire In A Fire Pit

If you’re using a fire pit that burns actual wood, you’ll want to make sure you effectively extinguish the blaze before leaving it. To do so, douse the flame with water and stir the ashes with a poker or stick. You should see the coals start to cool off. If they’re still lit , pour more water over them. Don’t leave the pit until it’s entirely cooled off.

For propane fire pits, many just require you to turn off the propane and they’ll completely turn off. Check the owner’s manual for proper operation as some may differ from others.

You’ll always want to have some sort of emergency extinguisher nearby should any fire get out of control, too. This could be anything from a bucket of water set somewhere close, a nearby hose turned on and ready to use, or even a fire extinguisher. If a fire becomes unruly, call 911 immediately.

Try A Tabletop Fire Pit

Stay cozy and linger around the table after dinner with a tabletop fire bowl insert it’s one of our favorite backyard fire pit ideas, keeping the warmth contained and elegant.

For the smartest option, choose a fire pit table that coordinates with complementary chairs. Offering fireside control at the flick of a switch, the gas-fired pit is a less messy option to logs or coals, and the flames are contained within a sleek glass bowl.

‘Relax, dine, entertain, and enjoy every time of day outside with an outdoor room full of indoor style,’ says Dani Taylor, creative and product director at Cox & Cox .

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