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Swing Sets – Commercial Grade Playground Equipment (2019)

Youre a believer in the phrase go big or go home. While some families prefer a nice, small swing set to play on, you like huge backyard playgrounds big and exciting enough to even put the local park to shame! These are the five places we recommend you start looking for huge backyard playground:

Backyard Swing Sets & Backyard Playsets


Treehouse wooden swing sets are the most customizable backyard swing sets available. They are constructed with the highest quality materials and designs, and come standard with our limited lifetime warranty. Treehouse play sets are made for parents and children to play together. Treehouse play structures can be combined to create multi-level forts for children of all ages.


Peak backyard playsets are modular in design and come standard with our most popular features like rock walls and tire swivel swings. Peak swing sets are premium quality and covered by our limited lifetime warranty. Peak forts are made for parents and children to play together on the largest play systems we make! Peak structures a perfect for the tallest Loft with large tube slides and giant swings!


Outlook swing sets are high quality, modular play systems designed for children of all ages. Outlook backyard playsets can be custom designed with a single fort or multiple play areas. The all new hybrid style Outlook has both a lower playhouse and a tire swivel swing, which is a Backyard Adventures exclusive design. Outlook swing sets are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.


hybrid/bridged structures

space savers

Diy Or Pay To Install

Still with me? Were almost finished.

Are you handy and ready to construct this baby yourself, or will you have it professionally installed? Most kits are pre-drilled and come with everything you need, so its completely up to you.

The most important part is the safety of the kids, so keep that in mind if you take on this project yourself.

Heres what you need to do

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What Are The Types Of Playground

Popular types of playgrounds include:

  • Traditional playgrounds with stand-alone play structures like swing sets, monkey bars, and jungle gyms
  • Themed playgrounds, featuring outdoor equipment for kids that might look like a jungle or a pirate ship, which can encourage imaginative play
  • Nature playgrounds, focusing on elements like rock-climbing walls, balancing logs, and features of the existing terrain
  • Inclusive playgrounds, which incorporate accessible equipment for children of all abilities, including those who use wheelchairs
  • Fitness playgrounds designed to encourage kids to exercise

Metal And Wooden Swing Sets Playsets And Range Of Swing Accessories


The amazing range of kids traditional Swing sets kinds of playground equipment is not only fun for children but also helps with physical development during play. Children will develop strength in their upper body and core while improving balance, flexibility, and coordination. The basic structure of swings are made of different durable materials, there are many more similarities between these popular swing set styles than differences. Both wooden and metal swing set quality play equipment come in a variety of designs, with small and larger frames including Toddler swing sets, nest swing also known as webbed swing playset, double swing and adjustable swings or slide of toddlers in a variety of colors. These are a terrific choice and can be a great investment for your family’s yard space and the perfect backyard playground.

Backyard Discovery domestic playground equipment with swings provides a range of backyard play systems that are perfect for Australian backyards with larger play spaces, includes everything your children might want to play, as well as clubhouse options. The backyard playset is large enough to accommodate multiple children at the same time. We are confident you will be pleased with the Backyard Discovery awesome play centres swing set products.

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Tips For Playground Maintenance

Keep the following in mind, to maintain a safe and fun backyard play space:

1. Inspect protective surfacing and maintain proper area and depth.

2. Replace or repair any hardware that is loose, worn, or protruding.

3. Maintain equipment footings, and remedy any potential tripping hazards.

4. Keep the area free of debris, toys, and litter.

5. Be sure that the childrens area is free of natural obstacles, like branches, weeds, rocks, and tree roots.

6. Keep metal components free of rust and chipped paint.

7. Remove wood splinters if possible. If wood is cracked or decayed, the structure may be unsafe. Stop use and contact the manufacturer.

8. Inspect for deterioration and corrosion on structural components that connect to the ground. Stop use if found, and contact the manufacturer.

9. There should never be any missing or damaged equipment components, such as handholds, guardrails, and swing seats. Repair or replace as needed.

So far, so good. Now you know:

  • How to dedicate an area of the yard for safe fun
  • What to look for when you select a system
  • What to expect in terms of maintenance

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If You Choose Professional Installation:

1. Select the location for installation, and be ready to show the pro exactly where you would like your equipment to be constructed. They will usually charge by the hour, so you can save some time by doing a little of the prep work yourself.

2. Mark off a level location, and clear away all debris. If you feel up to the task, you can even mark off the area required for your set using twine and stakes, bearing in mind the necessary safety clearances.

3. With your installer, participate an inventory of all parts and their condition, and contact the manufacturer immediately if there are missing or damaged parts.

4. Supervise installation, including leveling, tightening, and adding of accessories and canopy.

5. Thoroughly inspect all aspects of your product before signing off on the installation and permitting the installer to leave.

6. Frame the play area as desired and fill with soft-landing mulch of your choice. Depending on who you hire to install, this service may be included.

7. Set up appointments for regular maintenance if this is offered.

Ill leave you here with some final advice, and then youll be ready to make the best decision!

Huge Swing Sets That Youll Love

Backyard Playground | Pergola and Hammocks | PAID CASH

A jumbo-sized playset provides the most ways for your children to play and ensures that everyone is included! However, finding truly huge swing sets for your backyard can be tough. At Adventure World Play Sets, huge backyard playgrounds are one of our specialties.

In todays blog, were highlighting our most popular models of large sets and explaining what makes them unique. At Adventure World Play Sets, we build a wide range of swing sets and playsets that range from the modest to the massive! Keep reading to see our most popular huge swing set models that we build across the country and find the one thats right for your family! In todays blog, were highlighting our most popular models of large sets and explaining what makes them unique.

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Kids Backyard Playgrounds Set: A Safe Place To Grow

While everyone loves a good challenge, having to avoid rough edges and exposed elements of a backyard playset shouldnt be one of those challenges. At Adventure World Play Sets, we believe that safety should always come first we dont cut corners, we cover them! All of our pieces and materials are kid-safe. Building a custom backyard playground with an Adventure World Play Set playset, is one of the safest outdoor spaces for your child to grow and explore. Get a custom swing set & playset started, today!

Playground Safety Of Toys

Safety factors and a child’s developmental stage determine the age range levels for toys. Make sure the child is playing with toys that have age appropriate features. Follow the instructions and warning statement on packaging and user manuals and ensure there is plenty of space for the width and height of equipment clearance for swings and backyard play structures. Provide careful supervision to prevent injuries to the equipment user, only allow one child per seat. You can also landscape design your home adventure playground with soft landings for safety, using rubber mulch, soft-landing mulch, wood chips or rubber tile surface materials to create the ideal backyard space for kids.

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Kinds Of Playground Climbing Frame Structures And Monkey Bars Wood And Metal

There are different types of climbing equipment for climbers that you can buy at Kids Mega Mart to use at home. They are made of plastic, wood, durable steel and aluminium and provide various climbing features.

The main purpose of building a climbing frame structure is to teach your aussie children the fundamental movement skills of climbing, balancing and sliding. They also promote fitness and build a child’s confidence to climb.

The wide variety of Outdoor Climbing Frames backyard play equipment activity pieces for sale includes powder-coated steel Dome Climber, Monkey Bars, Amazon Monkey Bar with handles, rope and mini rock climbing wall equipment for kids are suitable for various ages from Toddler Kids to School-Age Children and cater for different outdoor activity levels.

Have Hours Of Fun With Cubby House Playground Equipment

Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set

Playing outside is fun and having a cubby house childrens playhouse is an essential part of having a kid-friendly safe space in their cottage garden. A Kids outdoor cubby house can be used as an attractive and child-friendly play spaces for outdoor activities and a hide-out area for children to relax. The range of playground equipment can be used for classic game and to have lots of fun with play activities for children in your Aussie backyard.

An affordable option is the Teddy cubby house or Keezi Wooden Cubby House with a wood roof is a quality wooden product. The childrens playhouse are durable Toddler Toy for your family Backyard Environment and have adorable features with sturdy construction for peace of mind. If you’re looking for good quality affordable wooden toys for children then you might be interested in the Keezi Cubby playhouse.

A variety of cottage playhouse Cubby House wooden play equipment also includes climbing equipment, Rock Wall ladder with hand and foot grips, Climbing Ladder kit, Wavy Slides, Tube Slides, rope ladder, belt swing seat, steering wheel attachments, use chalk pieces to draw on the chalkboard easel, upper fort area, built-in picnic table and wooden sandbox cool features and outdoor play ideas.

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Useful Tips For Playset Installation

1. Always buy products for children from reputable manufacturers who adhere to high standards for quality and safety, and warranty their work.

2. When selecting a modular system, investigate how components are fastened together. Wood should be smoothly sanded and bolted it should not be glued, nor should there be laminated layers.

3. Hardware should be recessed, not sticking .

4. Look for models that have met the highly respected safety standards of an organization such as the American Society for Testing Materials .

5. Consider professional installation and a maintenance contract to ensure expert installation and upkeep. The life of your system depends upon both.

Wide Range Trampolines And Trampoline Accessories Outdoor Play Equipment

Trampolines are perfect array of playground equipment for getting kids active and engaged. A range of trampoline brands, frame size, shapes and colours are available for all ages, both with and without ladder kit and basketball set feature with an inflatable ball.

When installing a trampoline, Safety Clearances are mandatory. You should not set up a Trampoline in close proximity to obstacles or near tree, tree roots or any other structures. Ensure there is a safe distance with ample space around the trampoline. Refer to the user manual or contact us for further information. Check the safety perimeter from any trees, houses or other structures, and ensure that the safety net is secured in case of a fall. Make sure you are safe, Make sure you have ample space to exercise, jump and play. It is important to choose a trampoline that fits the space available and ensure that it is sturdy and secure and is suitable for the maximum weight capacity.

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Safe & Durable Wooden Jungle Gyms

When it comes to wooden jungle gyms for kids, we know that safety is the first priority. That is why we trust Eastern Jungle Gym to be a supplier for our outdoor play equipment. The materials used to create their wooden jungle gyms are always of the highest quality, and safety checks are done regularly on all products by their innovative engineers. Not to mention, they sell wooden swing sets that are affordable for families just like yours. For a long-lasting wooden jungle gym that will grow with your kids, you cant beat the options we have here a Best in Backyards. Fill out an online form to learn more today!

Shop All Our Wooden Swing Sets for Sale Online Today!

There is nothing like watching your children enjoy the outdoors on a wooden swing set or outdoor playset. At Best in Backyards, we make it our business to provide affordable wooden swing sets for sale that are durable and customizable. Our wooden jungle gyms come in various styles and sizes to fit both large and small yards. Make your kids childhood one to remember with a wooden swing set from Best in Backyards! Order your swing set model online today to get started!

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Childrens Outdoor Playsets & Furniture

Summer Commercial Playground Sale 2022

Childrens outdoor playsets help to grow your kids imaginations and enable them to be outside and get fresh air while experiencing endless hours of fun and physical activity.KidKraft offers a great selection of kid-friendly equipment. Whether youre looking for outdoor playsets, outdoor playhouses, swing sets, playset accessories or kids chairs or table & chair sets, weve got you covered.

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Adventurous Activity Accessories Product

We also have a range of accessories equipment pieces for solid wood and metals swing that can be added to your kids swing sets to transform your classic playground sets into something fun and exciting for your children. Perfect Swing accessory products including basketball hoops, trapeze bar, climbing nets, nest swing, seat belt, rope ladders, monkey seat, glider and baby extra equipment depending on your family’s needs and choice for customised playgrounds.

Why Trust Verywell Family

Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. Shes also the mom of an 11-year-old son, 8-year-old son, and 4-year old daughter. When Maya made the move from Brooklyn, NY, to New Jersey, her house already had a swing set from the previous owners. On the first day living there, her city-kid son asked where all the kids were and was not impressed that he had to play by himself. Now her three kids use their swing set almost everyday, all year long.

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  • The 9 Best Swing Sets of 2022 for Your Backyard. The Spruce.

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    Create An Backyard Playsets With Us

    A custom backyard playset for sale is added entertainment, as well as a destination of endless possibilities for your childs imagination to explore. If youre looking for a beautiful, yet durable, custom playset, wed like to be the company that builds it for you. We know that your child will love their custom swing set and playground with all of the added accessories they love!

    Browse through our site for all the swing set and custom playground set accessories we stock, then enter your zip code to find the dealer nearest you. Adventure World Play Sets: Offering you a world of fun! Contact us today!

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    Get Started With Our 3d Design Center

    Backyard Discovery Pacific View Swing Set

    Parents with big imaginations and huge backyard playground ambitions find that our 3D design center is the perfect tool for them! We built this design software to put you in the drivers seat when imagining and virtually creating the playsets your kids will love! Our software allows you to place towers, set up swings, add slides, and connect it all together. Even better, once youre finished digitally designing your set, you can submit it to your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer for a quote.

    Find Your Dealer & Get Your Huge Swing Set Quote

    This huge swing set is going to be like NOTHING you or your kids have ever seen before! Count on it to provide the whole family countless hours of fun for years to come. Once youre ready to get started, our teams are here to help. The first step to bring home an Adventure World Play Set is to find your nearest dealer. We sell our sets nationwide through our dedicated dealer network so, simply enter your zip code at the top of this page to be paired with a dealer who can give you a price to build your dream set!

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