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Vuly Max Swing Set

Theres a certain joy that comes with playing in the outdoor playground that is well equipped with accessories. A playground set usually includes a slide, seesaw, swing sets, monkey bars, trampolines, sandbox and more. If theres one thing kiddos cant get enough of is the swing sets and playsets. From the metal swing set in the backyard to the wooden swing set at the clubhouse, toddlers love a little adventure on them for endless hours. A durable swing set can make playtime more fun and picnics more exciting. There is also plenty of room for outdoor play with playhouses, climbing sets and swing-n-slide. High-quality playground equipment is designed to be weather-resistant and is built for heavy-duty activities. Outdoor playsets come in a plethora of themes and colors so the little ones are more than happy to swap their time on the smartphones to outdoor play. Playing outdoor can positively impact your kiddo to develop motor skills and social skills. Throw on a couple of picnic tables around and it can a fun-filled family activity. Backyard swing, swing sets, trapeze bars, rock walls, climbers, belt swings can be anything from easy-to-maintain to fully maintenance-free.

Size Of The Swing Set

You should also consider how big or small the swing set is before you make a purchase.

Consider choosing a product with enough room for at least two people to play on it simultaneously.

This will allow both adults and children alike to have fun outdoors without feeling crowded! However, if youre buying this as an adult, we also advise going for a slightly smaller model, so you dont have to spend too much time assembling it.

Do not forget that youll also need some extra space around the swing set so people can move about freely without disrupting others who are playing or resting on their swings!

The Adventure World Play Sets Quality & Safety Guarantee

Quality is the foundation of every single piece of equipment we build at Adventure World Play Sets, whether its for children or for adults. This ensures that the swing set your kids will enjoy for years and years stays safe the whole time. How much confidence do we have in our swing sets for adults and kids alike? We offer no-hassle warranties so you can shop with confidence. Not only are our sets guaranteed to outlast the competition, they also dont require any heavy-duty maintenance on your part.

Learn more about the maintenance that a wooden play set will require.

Start Building the Perfect Swing Set for Adults & Kids

Swing sets for adults and kids are one of the best ways to bring the whole family together centered on the timeless joy of swinging. When you build with Adventure World Play Sets, every piece of your set will be custom-built just for you. From the towers and slides theyll adore to the swings for adults youll enjoy, its all up to you.

The first step to bringing home your custom set complete with adult playground equipment is finding your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer. We sell our sets nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. Simply enter your zip code and start the conversation with your dedicated dealer!

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Giantex Patio Glider Stable Steel Frame For Outdoor Backyard

Glider swings are probably an underrated type. But they can provide a nice way to avail from both the steadiness and comfort of a chair and also the fun of a swing. This model is among the few offered on the market. The frame of this particular model is done with heavy duty steel that powder coated with premium materials to stand better the challenge of time and weather. The bench seat material is comfortable textilene fabric.

This glider can have two people comfortably and the curved backrest is taught on purpose for better ergonomy. The main difference between a glider and a proper swing is the motion. The traditional swings have a way wider range of motion than gliders, which makes them safer to some extent. You basically swing peacefully back and forth and if you dont wish to move anymore, you can simply stop the swinging motion that is led by your feet and come back to a more restful position.

Dimensions: 41.5X28.X37

Weight: 23.5 lbs

Best Backyard Swings For Adults Reviews 2021

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Metal Swing Set

Are backyard swings for adults the next big thing ?

Whether you have a big garden or a small backyard, its natural to want the most out of it. The outdoor space is a big component of your house. Its an extension of your living space. As such, if you give importance to your interiors, you would also give it to your outdoors.

Did you think thoroughly about how to maximise the space inside your house and how to make it as cosy and warm as possible ? Evaluating very carefully every single piece of furniture and decoration and how to place them? Its an important process when trying to make a household out of a house. Youd put your heart and mind into it to achieve that heartwarming result you always wished for and dreamt of.

For your outdoor living space, its the same principle. People invest a lot on the inside and tend to overlook their front porches, patios and backyards. It can be because of a lack of time, budget or simply inspiration. But investing time, effort and passion into making your outdoors cozy and comfortable will really make you want to enjoy them more. Its a win-win situation. Now youre going to extend the livable space from indoors to outdoors and will be able to make the most out of it.

There are different ways to make your backyard cozier, more stylish and more comfortable. In this article, we will focus on backyard swings for adults.

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Best Swing Set For Toddlers

The littlest occupants at your house will squeal with delight when they get a load of the Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set .

Appropriately sized for toddlers , watch little ones gain confidence as they make their way up the easy-climb steps and down the gently sloping slide. Theres a basketball hoop and an elephants nose ring toss game, too. The brightly colored swing set, made of non-toxic HDPE plastic, is lightweight enough to shuttle from the playroom to the lawn and back.

Buying A Vuly Swing Set

With a range of swing set accessories to customise your playset, you can view our full range online or visit our showroom in Brisbane. You can make use of our handy swing set builder to build your own playset or cubby house, and see how the final product will look. We give you the flexibility to browse and shop 24/7 wherever and whenever you like.

If you live around Brisbane, take a trip to our showroom where you and the kids can enjoy all our accessories available and try out some of our other famous outdoor play equipment. Ride around on our new kid’s bike, monkey around on our climbing frames, and bounce to your heart’s content on our iconic trampolines.

We also have authorised resellers around Australia. Find your nearest swing set reseller here.


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Why Trust Verywell Family

Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. Shes also the mom of an 11-year-old son, 8-year-old son, and 4-year old daughter. When Maya made the move from Brooklyn, NY, to New Jersey, her house already had a swing set from the previous owners. On the first day living there, her city-kid son asked where all the kids were and was not impressed that he had to play by himself. Now her three kids use their swing set almost everyday, all year long.

  • THE BEST SWING SETS OF 2022. Reviewed.

  • The 9 Best Swing Sets of 2022 for Your Backyard. The Spruce.

  • Adult Playground Equipment Options To Include In Your Set

    Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Swing Set

    More than ever before, adult swings are becoming a popular option to include when designing a backyard play set. Not only does swinging right alongside your kids make the perfect opportunity for family time, but its an amazing way to unwind after a hectic day.

    Here are the 4 adult playground equipment options offered by Adventure World Play Sets:

  • Adult Love Seat One of our most popular adult swings, this two-person seat makes for a perfect place to sit and talk. While the kids enjoy all the high-energy fun of their play set, parents love swinging gently right alongside them. This sturdy loveseat swing is designed to be strong enough for two adults, and like all of our swings, its built to last for years to come. Plus, your kids will love hanging out on the love seat too!
  • Explore even more of our popular swing set attachments.
  • Covered Loveseat Swing While our other swings for adults are built as part of the main play set, the Covered Loveseat Swing is a little different. Get some shade under the vinyl roof and watch the kids play, all while enjoying the relaxing motion of swinging. Similar to the Adult Love Seat, this piece of adult playground equipment can support 2 adults and is built to the same unparalleled quality as everything with the Adventure World Play Sets name.
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    Material Used In Construction

    The other thing you need to pay close attention to while choosing swing sets for adults is the material used in construction.

    We recommend choosing a swing set made of durable metals or wood to increase its lifespan and prevent it from rusting over time. Wooden swings are very popular with most people because they make excellent outdoor furniture, too!

    These are usually weatherproofed before being sent out for sales and will provide years of outdoor entertainment with minimal maintenance. Plus, theyre also very easy to replace if any part gets damaged due to rough use or heavy winds during a storm!

    We recommend choosing a swing set made of durable metals or wood to increase its lifespan and prevent it from rusting over time.

    On the other hand, metal swing sets are recommended for those who prefer an ultra-stable product that wont wobble or tip over even when you play on it with your kids.

    These swings usually accommodate more than one person at a time and will be able to withstand the weight of even huge adults!

    However, youll need a professional with some experience in metal welding to assemble the metal swing set because its not as easy to put together as wooden swing sets are.

    Children’s Outside Slide Swing And Gym Equipment

    Many parents and daycare owners are interested in purchasing a swing set for kids to play on. Thankfully, there are plenty of outdoor play sets that are designed for a range of ages and offer several options in terms of materials and toys on the play set. With a knowledge of their options, parents and child care providers can make a purchase that will meet the needs of kids for several years.

    What kinds of toys can come on a gym set?

    Commonly chosen features for a gym set include a slide and swing, but sets can also come with a climbing area, deck platform, glider, and tire swing, to name a few.

    What kinds of equipment are available for climbing?

    Children’s outside gym equipment can come with monkey bars, rock-climbing walls, and many other styles of jungle gym equipment.

    What materials is a swing set made with?

    Outdoor play sets are made with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. The frames are generally made with either wood or metal. If you are interested in a wooden frame, the most commonly available types are cedar, redwood, and pine. Slides made of metal are still available, but plastic slides are becoming more popular. Most gym sets are also made with plastic toys.

    What should you consider when choosing a swing set?Are there swings and slides designed for toddlers?How do you know where to put a swing set?What materials should be on the ground underneath the set?

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    Creating The Strongest And Safest Swing Set

    Vuly Play’s 360 Pro swing sets are the strongest and safest outdoor play equipment in the world from the stable frame to the long-lasting swings.

    It’s for families who always put safety first for their children, and for kids who want the ultimate in fun. 360’s premium design is built to last just like our Vuly trampolines and made to offer a unique play experience.

    We’ve spent countless hours engineering 360 Pros elegant design, ensuring it exceeds the competition in every aspect. Combined with a massive range of swing options and addons, the sophisticated 360 Pro frame provides the foundation of fun for the whole family for years to come.

    Upgrade and refine it as your tastes change 360 Pro allows you to create and recreate your own fun again and again .

    Like all of Vuly’s premier products, 360 Pro will outlast any other playset on the market. While many playsets are made from a combination of thin metal and plastic, Vuly cuts no corners, ensuring 360 Pro can stand up to the harsh Australian climate and provide fun beyond a birthday or Christmas. Compared to the frame components on other sets, 360s 70mm width and 2mm thickness is two-times as thick and 40% wider!

    Vuly also incorporates the comprehensive frame treatment process from its top trampolines 360 Pro can shrug off the decay that would claim inferior playsets.

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    Our Most Popular Swings For Adults

    Pin on Adult Playground

    The best things in life tend to be timeless. Those long childhood hours spent swinging on your backyard swing set you loved that then as much as your children do today. However, the fun of swinging doesnt have to be relegated to childhood there are plenty of swings for adults that can provide you hours of enjoyment alongside your kids.

    At Adventure World Play Sets, were primarily known for building vinyl play sets for children, however, we also build swings for adults that can allow them to swing right alongside their kids. Our pieces of adult playground equipment are designed to allow grownups to safely and comfortably enjoy all the fun of swinging. Discover our most popular adult swing set choices and start planning your play set today!

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    Modular Swing Sets Designed The Way You Want

    Theres no such thing as too much fun with our Vuly swing sets and playsets. Our customisable swing sets are designed to last and grow with your family. Swing sets have been an iconic Aussie staple in backyards for decades. Using the Hills Swing Set as inspiration, we have truly pushed limits with our award-winning kids swing set. With a thicker, more durable powder-coated steel frame than competitors, the Max swing set comes with dozens of fun add-ons and accessories to customise how you play.


    Absolutely love this Vuly Play swing! Acelya Klopp.

    camera_altAcelya Kropp

    Kasey’s favourite place to relax and unwind, our Vuly been the best thing for his ASD. It has pushed his boundaries and comforted him, all in one dynamic swing set.

    camera_altEmma Millers

    Kyra loves climbing up to her cubby house!


    Nothing beats twin time in the Vuly Hanging Cubby!

    camera_altDad, Sheldyn

    The only swing to rotate 360 degrees.


    Every swing set has 500,000 test swings

    Our goal is that every Vuly kid’s swing set becomes a backyard fixture for many years to come. This is why we go beyond the minimum with product testing.

    We ensure our swing sets are totally safe for children, allowing kids to play and have fun while you have total peace of mind.

    And with a long lasting warranty backed by Vuly, you can have full peace of mind with all our play equipment.

    What’s The Best Outdoor Playset

    Once you take into consideration the outdoor space available, determine your playset needs, be it a simple swing set or a deluxe playset with a tire swing, rock climbing wall, trapeze bar or a playhouse . Consider playset material, installation, price and shipping costs. Whatever you choose, Sam’s Club has the playset that’ll keep your kids active and happy!

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    Why Do Adults Need Swing Sets

    Have you ever been driving home from work and spotted kids playing at a playground and wished you could pull over to spend just a few minutes on the swings? Sadly, this dream is only that, a dream. As an adult, you cannot hijack a childs swing for your own purposes, and even if you could, it likely wouldnt support your weight.

    That said, just because we, as adults, cannot play in childrens playgrounds doesnt mean we cant have our own. Adults get all the same emotional, mental, and physical benefits from playing that kids do. Playgrounds are lovely places to:

    • Hold meetings and barbeques

    They just need to be adult-sized.

    In recent years, you may have seen an increase in exercise parks playgrounds with gym equipment made especially for adults.

    These parks are an excellent way for adults to get out and re-energize, but they usually lack some of the more fantastical elements of childrens playgrounds.

    Whether you are building a community playground for all ages or adding a little liveliness back into your backyard, an adult swing set is a perfect first step.

    The Best Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Increasing Flexibility And Endurance

    Vuly 360 Swing Set Keynote

    When it comes to physical fitness, not every exercise has to be about building muscle. Exercises designed to promote endurance and flexibility are also vital aspects of a well-rounded fitness program. Seniors especially will see great benefits from routine stretching, which will help to improve their range of motion while decreasing the pain they experience from post-workout sore muscles. The following are some effective exercise machines that promote flexibility and endurance for their users:

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