Backyards With Above Ground Pools

How Long Do The Above Ground Pools Last

10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

You do have to know the durability of what you are investing in, to know if it is worth the price. Well, lets see how long you can use your above ground pool.

Usually, an above ground pool can last for about 10 to 25 years before the structures will start getting damaged. But as for the above ground pool liners, by the time they clock 8 to 15 years, they might get damaged and need replacement.

In summary, if you can maintain the above ground pool very well, you may likely have to use it longer than the estimated years. Asides, in-ground pools last for about 20 years and above, depending on the type. Therefore, the longevity of the above ground pool is fair.

Big Rounded Above Ground Pool

This big rounded pol would fit perfectly in a big backyard, no matter the setting. If you have a big backyard and do not know what to put, you should consider building this rounded pool instead. The good news is that you do not need to call and pay for pool builders.

You can install this pool on your own while installing the accessories as you like . And if you feel like swimming surrounded by nature and flowers, you can make it happen.

How To Build An Above Ground Pool On A Budget

Its easy to build an above ground pool on a budget and make it look good. Consider the following ideas.

  • Use pallets, a thick tarp, and rounded wooden sheets
  • Concrete can get used for a stable above-ground pool foundation
  • Buy an easy setup or tailor-make your pool
  • Use straw and plastic
  • After I sifted through the best above-ground pool guides and looked at ideas for affordable above-ground pools, what I found was amazing.

    Homesteaders can get surprisingly creative when faced with keeping within budget limitations. The above-ground pools that I found with the best quality and are most affordable are what I will be sharing.

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    Corner Pool With Terraced Steps

    This is one of my favorite above ground pool designs. The wood deck functions as both stairs and seating. Really, its a very clever and attractive way to wrap the pool. Siding wraps the retaining wall around two sides of the pool, but it could also have stone, brick or nearly any other decorative treatment.

    At only 8×18 ft. in size, this pool is also a great space saver, and could be tucked most anywhere. Something like this is especially useful for narrow urban backyards, or for when you want to preserve space in the backyard for other activities.

    Intex Prism Frame Pool Set With Filter Pump Ladder Ground Cloth & Pool Cover

    Start looking for quality and professionalism in your inground pool ...
    • Size: 20 diameter, 52 deep

    So this is one of the bigger round pools featured in our Best Above Ground Pools 2022 list here, and its yet again a great choice if youre looking to order an above ground pool for your backyard this year!

    Intex has a number of top rated pools on this list, of various frame styles. This is the Prism frame, which is basically the same as the metal frames, but with a different style of clip holding the frame pieces together, and with the special band wrapping tightly around the pool. It is considered one of the best quality frames, but you do pay for the difference. The walls are a super thick, puncture resistant 3-ply material its fantastic already, but Intex also includes an additional ground cloth as additional protection.

    Whats Included: This set includes the pool/frame, a ladder, pump, filter, pool cover , ground cloth, and an instructional DVD .

    The Pump: The pump is a very good quality pump, with hydro aeration technology incorporated into the cartridge filter pump. This provides improved water circulation and filtration, better water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface. Its a 110-120V cartridge filter pump that has a pump flow rate of 2,500 gallons/hour. You can set it to run every 2-12 hours with the auto-timer, and it takes Type B cartridges.

    This exact pool is available in a range of sizes and depths. Take a closer look to see what options there are that fit your backyard and budget!

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    Problems Associated With Above Ground Pools

    Some of the major cons that come with above ground pools include:

    • They are less durable as compared to the standard pools. They last approximately ten years less.
    • They are usually shallow and less deep
    • They do not look as great as the standard pools.
    • The pool materials and side walls could get easily damaged.

    Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

    One way to make your above ground pool area stunning is to craft a multilevel decking design. A terraced deck provides several levels and might be necessary if your yard is hilly. One level could be a sun deck, away from the splash zone. Another level could be for grilling out and dining.

    The different levels of your pool deck could consist of different materials. For example, your ground level could consist of concrete, pea gravel, or paver stones. Your upper levels could be wood or a composite deck material that looks like wood. You can also use stone or brick masonry to build a wall around your above ground pool. Using the same type of material for the decking gives the illusion of an inground pool.

    While some multilevel swimming pool decks have functional purposes for each level, this isnt required. Many homeowners choose multilevel decking simply because it opens up more design possibilities. Experiment with different above ground pool design ideas until you find a multilevel combination that works for you.

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    Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set With Filter Pump & Saltwater System

    • Size: 32 L x 16 W x 52 deep

    This is one BIG above ground pool perfect for big groups, families who want to do some real swimming, play some volleyball games, and more! It takes over 14,000 gallons of water meaning itll take a LONG time to fill and drain!

    This is Intex biggest pool an excellent value for the price tag. Its meant to be a salt-water pool, and comes with a salt-water sand pump filtration kit. You will still need to buy both the pool salt and the sand for this, and customers note that your best bet is to hit up Walmart or Home Depot for the best deals. Salt water systems do not require chlorine though, as the salt acts as the cleaning agent.

    Whats Included: Other than the sand and salt though, youll have everything you need with this set to have a fantastic pool in your backyard! It comes with the pool/frame, salt-water pump, sand filtration system, ladder, ground cloth, debris cover, volleyball set, and a set-up and maintenance instructional DVD.

    Although the manufacturers manual says that you should drain it every year, multiple customers say they drain it just past the inlet before the winter, empty the filters and pump, and have no issues with it again in the Spring when they clean it all out and get it ready for the new season.

    You can expect approximately 5 years from this pool its not a forever pool, but for the price its a pretty good deal!

    Merge Your Above Ground Pool With A Sleek Deck

    Leveling Backyard for Above Ground Pool Part 2.

    Provide an easy access point to your pool

    A pool deck is super practical, whether you’re opting for an inground pool or above ground. This is particularly the case if you go for non-slip composite .

    If you’re going for an above ground design, we love the idea of integrating it with raised decking as seen here. It really helps to blend the pool into the backyard, while providing an easy access point. And, of course, it also means you’ll have a sturdy base to put your best sun loungers for a post-swim nap.

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    Modernize The Classic Lozenge Shape

    Traditional above-ground pool kits tend to be oval or round, often made with beige resin walls reinforced with bulky steel. And while these standard shapes and materials still reign , theres plenty of room to elevate the classics.

    Above, a wooden swimming pool takes on the familiar oval shape with a natural twist. Designed by New Yorks Crestwood Pools , the wooden pool borrows its aesthetic from historic farm silos and water towers, while the material offers an organic look that doesnt stick out like a sore thumb. And, for those with a green thumb, there are plenty of landscaping trends and modern garden ideas that can help integrate your raised pool with the rest of your yard.

    Build An Above Ground Plunge Pool

    A variation on building a pool with pallet wood would be to build a plunge pool above ground. You would take the same plans as a regular pool, but make it rectangular and build a deck with steps leading up to it.

    The craftsmanship really shows in this renovated pool. Most plunge pools start at a depth of five feet, but you can customizethis to suit your needs.

    via Stature Constructions

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    Above Ground Pool Landscaping + Patio Ideas

    Top 36 Diy Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget #poollandscape

    Dont want to build a deck for your above ground pool? Want a more natural, organic look in your backyard? Instead of opting for a deck, consider enhancing the area around your above ground pool with a patio or . Above ground pool patios and landscaping differ from decks in that they are ground-level with all walls of the pool exposed. Here are the five main types of above ground pool patios:

  • Gravels and Rocks
  • Concrete and Pavers
  • What is the best thing to put around an above ground pool? Lets analyze each option to determine which one is right for your outdoor living space.

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    Bestway Deluxe Splash Frame Kids Swimming Pool

    • Company: Bestway
    • Size: 118 L x 79 W x 26 Deep

    First off, this is a KIDS pool, so if youre looking for something deep enough to really swim in, you may want to pass by this review and head to the next. If you are LOOKING for a kids pool though, STOP HERE and check this one out!

    The Bestway Deluxe Splash pool is a fantastic addition to a small backyard or a large backyard in which you dont want to have a pool take up all of the space. Its not huge, but its definitely large enough for some serious water play! Think a few HUGE steps up from the classic round kiddie pool, if you wish. Parents and older kids can even enjoy this one with their littles without feeling silly!

    This pool takes about 30-40 minutes to set up, and then just add water! It takes 871 gallons of water to fill it .

    Whats Included and Whats Not: You get basically just the pool and the frame with this purchase. Note that youll want to buy a small pump along with this pool to keep the bottom clean, but you dont have to have it running all the time, just when you notice its dirty. Apparently sand filters work great for this pool size! There ARE connectors for filters/pumps , and a drainage hole. It also does not come with a ladder but according to reviewers, your smallest kids likely wont need more than just a step stool.

    This is a fantastic Kids Pool if thats what youre looking for, check this one out! We dont think youll be disappointed!

    Work Your Above Ground Pool Into A Tropical Scheme

    Out of The Shadows garden, at Chelsea Flower Show 2022, designed by Kate Gould

    You can still apply stunning pool landscaping ideas around an above ground pool. Take this beautiful design, for instance, created by Kate Gould .

    The above ground swim spa a type of pool that includes a water current setting for swimming against is a fabulous feature for any smaller plot. And, cladded in metallic discs and surrounded by decking, it doesn’t dominate the space. Nearby Corten steel planters and coppery seating and a fire pit reinforce the warm-toned color scheme and ensure the space ties together well. And overhead, the pergola offers a spot of respite from the midday sun.

    ‘There should always be a harmonious balance between hard and soft landscaping in a garden,’ says Kate. Here, this tip is demonstrated with the plethora of tropical-style plants, which offset the scheme beautifully.

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    Review Of The Intex 12 Feet X 30 Inch In Metal Frame Pool Set With Filter Pump

    Intex is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to above ground pools, pool supplies, equipment, and accessories. The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is one of the preferred pool choices worldwide due to its stylish look and affordability, as well as the legacy of the manufacturer. This family pool comes in a strong circular steel frame which protects it from almost any damages. Most importantly it fits even one of the smallest backyards due to its compact size.

    The Intex Metal Frame pool is easy to maintain, and while it comes with a filter pump, it requires to take caution working with the pump. Salt water is also preferred to chemicals in the water system to prevent bacteria and algae.


    • Great for small and modest-sized yards


    • The pump that comes with the pool can fail to deliver the required amount of water. Its cartridge is easily damaged when mishandled.

    Steel Pro Frame Pool Set

    44 Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas
    • Company: Bestway
    • Size: 12 diameter, 30 high

    If the price on the first pool was a bit high, this one makes a much smaller dent in the wallet, but also has great reviews!

    About This Pool: The Steel Pro is a 12 round pool, good for smaller yards and for younger families as its only 30 high. Its also meant to be easy to assemble.

    The frame is made of heavy-duty, rust resistant metal wrapped in PVC. They hold up the 3-ply polyester walls, and a band wraps around the entire pool giving it even more support. Its very solid!

    The pool has a flow control drain valve that can attach to a garden hose for easy draining at the end of the season.

    Whats Included: This above ground pool comes with a 330 gallon filter pump and filter cartridge, a heavy duty repair patch, and a DVD detailing pool set up and maintenance.

    Pros: 1) Quality, sturdy product for a great price! 2) Simple to set up company also includes an instructional DVD, and 3) Perfect size for young families

    Cons: 1) Only 30 inches deep , 2)Some reviewers say the included pump isnt strong enough for this size pool. And 3) Youll need to purchase a ladder and cover separately, if desired.

    Overall: Overall, we like this pool its great value, a good size for those of us with smaller kids, and wont take up a huge part of your backyard.

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    Make A Statement With A Stone Pool Surround

    This Gothic stone surrounding, designed by Redwood Stone , takes this pool design up a level

    Want to make a statement with your above ground pool? This Gothic-style stone screen is a fabulous approach. And as well as adding serious style points, it will boost the privacy levels too.

    You could also introduce some climbing plants, with the help of a trellis, for a softer, leafier look. A scrambling rose or jasmine would definitely up the sense of romance.

    You can find more stylish ways to surround your pool in our pool fence ideas feature.

    Consider Above Ground Pool Prices

    It is usually easier and faster to purchase an above-ground swimming pool than to excavate the area necessary for installing one of these in-ground ones, however, getting three feet by eight feet rectangular vinyl pool with pump looks like it will cost around $380 today which is significantly more affordable than similar models made from Fiberglass or metal. In addition, because these pools are cheaper they also look less sophisticated so if you are willing to pay more you can get something which will look much better in your yard.

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    Fences For Your Above Ground Pool Designs

    Whenever you have a pool in your garden, fences become crucial. It will help you to keep your kids safe without adult supervision. When you have a fence youll know that whenever your kids are in the pool, they will be completely safe.

    There are different styles of fencing for your outdoor pool designs. Wrought iron will provide you with a very attractive fence with a French-style appeal.

    If you choose wrought iron, the raw or industrial style of your fence will match with your deck. This attractive combination will add beauty to your garden. If you do choose to install wrought iron fencing, you should know that it does look dusty very easily. However, with proper maintenance, it will remain clean and attractive for years to come.

    Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas With Railings

    How to Turn Any Space Into a Dream Craft Room

    Railings arent always required around an above ground pool, but in most cases, theyre a good idea. Besides providing a handrail on what could be a slippery surface, help protect your pool from unwanted visitors. If someone in your home is elderly or physically impaired, a handrail is essential for safety.

    You can get creative with above ground pool deck railings. They can coordinate with your backyard fence or take on a look all their own. Glass panels are an elegant railing choice that doesnt obstruct your view of the pool. Glass panels supported by metal railing posts are popular deck railings behind minimalist or contemporary homes.

    Any type of fencing combination can work well as decking railings. Use wooden posts with thin metal rods between them, or go for an all-wood traditional deck rail. Having rails around your pool deck also provides a place to hang your pool skimmer, hoses, or life preservers.

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