Basketball Hoop For Pool Deck

Types Of Pool Basketball Hoops To Consider

Pool Side Baskettball Installation

There are three main types of swimming pool basketball hoops.

  • Floating Hoop
  • Floating Hoop

    If youre planning to buy for the kids, or you need a pool type that suits all kinds of skills , a floating hoop is an ideal choice. These hoops are designed to float on the water surface so kids can easily score a slam dunk.They require no particular installation setup, or even their cost would not keep you in any budget management trouble. Furthermore, if you plan to upgrade your basketball system after some time, this floating pool will still bring hours of fun and enjoyment for children and grown-ups.

    • Inflatable basketball hoops: These pools are made from vinyl material, able to float on the water surface and inflate to a hoop shape. Inflatable basketball hoops come at 1/4th the price of the fancier ones and are a lot more durable. You can select them as a birthday gift and the kids have a blast with them.
    • Rigid floating hoops: These hoops hold the net above the water surface through a rounded lightweight PVC pipe. The floating hoop lacks a backboard when we compare it with the typical hoop type. This feature is a plus point for the players because players can shoot the ball from any angle.

    Poolside hoops

    A poolside hoop looks like a regular full-size basketball goal with a weighted base that keeps the backboard and net in the air. The base fixes on the deck while the net and backboard remain over the water.

    Poolmaster Nba Pro Rebounder

    Are you a fan of the NBA? Then you cant miss this Poolmaster Pro rebounder-style poolside basketball hoop. Its emblazoned with your favorite basketball team logo front and center on the backboard!

    You can select from the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns, San Antonio Spurs, and the Toronto Raptors.

    The all-weather hoop with a hard-bodied backboard measures 34 inches by 25.5 inches. Weigh the base with sand or water to keep it from tipping so you can play competitive basketball like what you see in the NBA!

    Adjustable Pool Basketball Hoop For Salt Water Pools

    Quality workmanship and a cutting edge design make the QuikFire Pool Basketball Hoop by SwimShape the preferred poolside basketball hoop option for home swimming pools.

    The QuikFire Pool Basketball Hoop features the highly rated Lifetime® Black Fusion backboard and rim combo. This includes a 44 x 30 inch acrylic backboard and a Slam-It® rim. The 18-inch regulation size rim utilizes double-compression springs to offer spring-back action and the backboard includes a strong, high-impact polyethylene frame and fade-resistant graphics.

    The QuikFire Pool Basketball Hoop can be purchased separately, or in combination with the QuikSpike Volleyball Set or Pool-Up Bar.

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    Size Of Hoop And Balls

    Pool Basketball Hoops come in all shapes and sizes. The GoSports Splash Hoop PRO for example is a little smaller than your regular basketball hoop and comes with smaller and softer balls that are easy to palm and emphasize fun.

    If you want to take your basketball games a little more serious there are also regular-size hoops where you can use any standard basketball and work on your shooting technique while enjoying the water.

    Gosports Splash Hoop Pro

    View Price

    Bolstered by the weighted base , you can rest assured that this basketball hoop isnt going anywhere.

    The construction of the backboard and hoop are sure to impress, as GoSports uses tough, resistant materials. The rim is 14 inches, and the backboard is 31 inches by 23 inches.

    GoSports includes a ball pump and two inflatable water basketballs in addition to the hoop. The kids will be ready to slam dunk and be the most popular children on the block when they have everyone over for a fun pool party!

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    Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Basketball Hoop Set

    The biggest and the only hoop toy I looked at that comes with TWO BALLS!

    Lets repeat: this is big! It blows up large to a height of 45-inch tall by 36-inch wide. Get your motorized pump out if you have one.Just under $40 it should last you at least a summer.

    The hoop doesnt tip over and the ports on the side allow younger players to join in the fun. Different score numbers above the port are a great feature to invent other games for older kids.

    Made of strong vinyl its also a great pool float and will withstand pretty rough play from older kids. It comes with two grippy water basketballs. Highly recommended. 7 years and up.

    Start having amazing pool fun now! Check out the

    More ideas & more options for best pool basketball hoops

    If you havent quite found your perfect poolside basketball hoop here, have a look at our checklist to take with you to make sure you consider all important points before committing to buy.

    And dont forget to have a look at these epic pool dunk videos here.

    Got comments or questions about pool basketball hoops?

    Ive made sure I covered pool basketball hoops for different ages and requirements. Let me know if you have any more questions or recommendations!

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    Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set

    With its bright, attractive colors and vinyl construction, the Wave Runner Swoosh 360 pool basketball hoop set is the perfect pool accessory for hours of fun in the water with the whole family.

    The diameter of this inflatable is 36 inches, and the height is 35 inches. Wave Runner uses heavy-gauge vinyl so that even if the kiddos play rough, the inflatable basketball hoop wont pop.

    Okay, so technically this accessory doesnt have a hoop, but rather, two inflatable holes for throwing a basketball. The lower hoop is perfect for younger kids who are still sharpening their sports prowess.

    Older kids who want more of a challenge can try throwing the included inflatable basketball through the taller of the two hoops.

    Wave Runner even adds water skipping ball for more fun in the pool. Plus, you get an inflation needle in the box for quickly adding air to the inflatable. Youll be ready to play in no time!

    Play Platoon Basketball Hoop

    How to Install a Basketball Hoop Anchor- Part 1 – Mega Slam Hoops® Basketball System

    The Play Platoon basketball hoop will provide oodles of fun. Designed for kids of all ages, the hoop includes a weighted base that you fill with water. Then place the hoop on your pool deck and it wont lean.

    The kid-friendly white and red plastic is sure to hold up to roughhousing. The nylon net is perfect for shooting inflatable basketballs, of which two are included.

    The rim measures a spacious 12 inches while the backboard is 20 inches by 13.7 inches.

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    Swimshape Quikfire Pool Basketball Hoop


    • Lifetime® 44 x 30 Shatterproof Acrylic Backboard with 18 Slam-It® Spring Back Rim.
    • Adjustable Height: From the lowest at 42 from the deck to rim and at the highest 57.5 from the deck to the rim. The offset between the backboard and the anchor point comes in at 18.
    • Salt Water Strong: Coating process provides excellent corrosion protection against salt water pools. Knobs and other hardware are made of marine grade stainless steel.
    • Removable: Both the In-Deck and On-Deck can be removed from the deck for storage without leaving a trip hazard.
    • Made in the USA with a 3-Year Limited Warranty.

    What To Look For When Buying A Pool Basketball Hoop

    To buy the right pool basketball hoop, several things like pool size, choice of hoop type, and ages of players that will use that equipment need careful assessment. All these technical factors will determine how durable your goal will be, how much budget you need, and many more.In this step-by-step buying guide, well help you in the preliminary planning phases of selecting the goal that meets your needs and eventually purchasing the right pool basketball hoop. Maybe you have some design or brand names in your mind for your purchase, but it is essential to know the following factors to make a safe purchase.

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    Best Pool Basketball Goals For The Year 202: Top Rated Reviews

    When I was young, I used to play in the swimming pool with toy-like floating hoops. So when I grew up, I searched for the hoops that could fulfill my childhood needs and can line up with professional play. I researched a lot and found some hoops that are good as a toy for all ages, and some are portable hoops suitable for pro play and can be placed on the deck quickly.The most top-rated pool basket hoop of different brands are available at different prices. I found Life Time 1306 fully capable of fulfilling my pool and on-ground basketball play needs. All others which were rated as excellent by reviewers, professionals and researchers are mentioned below:

    Best Swimming Pool Basketball Goal


    If you want to enjoy the aquatic games then you should go for this basketball hoop. This is one of the best basketball hoops with height adjustment.

    This giant swim lime basketball hoop is the largest about 46 inches tall and 36 inches wide. It is an oversized water basketball and provides much-oversized fun than other poolside basketball hoops.

    • Quite expensive

    Floating Pool Basketball Hoops

    Deck Shoot Clear

    Floating hoops are exactly as the name suggests, basketball hoops that float in your pool. These rings can be inflatable or made of plastic and come in small and large sizes.

    The cost of floating pool basketball hoops starts at $10 for an inflatable version and goes up to about $100.


    • Not as stable as fixed hoops
    • Can fall over in choppy water
    • Dont stay in the one place

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    Best Deck Mounted Basketball Hoop

    Dunnrite Clear Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

    The only way to avoid the basketball hoop becoming a rusting eyesore is to go for a stainless steel model. The Clear Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop by Dunnrite is a very elegant, sharp-looking, and lasting solution.

    Good, lasting quality comes at a price. At $499 its the most expensive hoop. I think its well worth it because it is clearly designed for a harsh pool environment.

    If you have already a sleeve in your deck or can get a concrete cutting company to drill a hole for the post you wont need the hassle of filling a plastic base with water or sand.But whats more, the clear inch thick clear backboard and curved stainless steel post look minimalistic, stylish and will do so for years to come as there is nothing that can rust.Dunnrite offers two hoop sizes. The is a little smaller in diameter allowing younger players to have fun with the smaller ball whereas the Regulation hoop is standard basketball size. Both sets come with color-matched blue and white water basketball.

    If you want to get really serious you could even check out some proper pool basketball rules here.

    Find out

    Looking for a different design? Click on the image to see MORE deck mounted basketball goals:

    Swimshape Quikfire Pool Basketball Hoop Features:

    • Lifetime® 44 x 30 Shatterproof Backboard: High-impact polyethylene frame with polycarbonate surface and fade-resistant graphics.
    • Slam-It® Rim with Spring Back Action: 18-inch regulation size rim utilizes double-compression springs to offer spring-back action.
    • Adjustable Height: QuikAdjust knob makes it easy to raise or lower the height of the rim. From the lowest at 42 from the deck to rim and at the highest 57.5 from the deck to the rim. The offset between the backboard and the anchor point comes in at 18.
    • Salt Water Strong: Thermoplastic powder coating process provides excellent corrosion protection against salt water pools. Knobs and other hardware are made of marine grade stainless steel.
    • Basketball not Included.
    • Removable: Both the In-Deck and On-Deck models can be removed from the deck for storage without leaving a trip hazard.
    • Made in the USA: The QuikFire Pool Basketball Hoop is manufactured in the USA.
    • Warranty: Includes a 3-Year Limited Warranty!

    Online Since 1998 – For Over 25 Years Pool Warehouse Has Been Helping Customers Just Like You!

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    Aboveground Pool Basketball Hoops

    For those with an aboveground pool without a deck, you may have thought your only option was a floating basketball hoop.

    Aboveground pool owners, rejoice! These basketball hoops are compatible with your pool so you can entertain the kids when theyre tired of playing with water rings or water balloons.

    These smaller basketball hoops are the right height for aboveground pool basketball. They sit next to your pool and are constructed of plastic and metal.


    • Not easily moved

    Poolside Outdoor Deck Top Selling Swimming Pool Basketball Backboard Adjustable Height Regulation Rim Net

    New Basketball Hoop For The Pool! |
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Unit features compact 200 lb water filled base
    • Heavy duty 2 3/8″ aluminum post
    • Tough reinforced 29″ x 43″ poly backboard
    • Regulation size color matched ball
    • Adjustable height up to 49″ with 20″ overhang
    • This item: Poolside Outdoor Deck Top Selling Swimming Pool Basketball Backboard Adjustable Height Regulation Rim Net- Summertime Sports Competition Family Fun- Powder Coated Weather Resistant Portable Durable$544.00Only 1 left in stock – order soon.Ships from and sold by La Bella Figura.Get it
    • Sold by Botabee and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it as soon as Thursday, Aug 11

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    Top Inground Basketball Hoop For Pool

    • Adjustable for the perfect height
    • Super-tough holds heavy water to stay put. Includes quality basketball
    • Shatterproof 44 backboard for years of fun!
    • UV-protected & rust-resistant pole. Pro-glass look
    • Sturdy & easy to move base
    • Great-looking clear & tough acrylic backboard
    • 24 overhang design
    • Durable all-weather materials lasts for years
    • Weighted base uses water or sand to stay put
    • 14 hoop. Includes basketball
    • Adjustable height: 40, 54, & 74
    • Hard all-weather backboard
    • Fast, easy inflation. Ball bounce-back feature
    • Great for the beach, too!
    • Budget price for anyones wallter

    Fun Knuckles Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set

    View Price

    The collegiate orange and blue inflatable hoop have a print on the base that reads Hoop Shark complete with a shark fin for the A.

    Sizable bore valves make it easy to inflate the Fun Knuckles pool basketball hoop set. When the time comes to deflate the hoop at the end of the swimming season, the same bore valves make for fast deflation.

    The quality materials and geometry in this hoops design lend it great durability, and a colorful, printed basketball included with your purchase is a great value for the money.

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    Do Pool Basketball Hoops Use A Standard Size Ball

    Some poolside basketball rings do use a standard size basketball. However, its more common for pool basketball hoops, especially floating rings, to use a smaller ball. Some of the balls are made from lighter lower quality vinyl or plastic, whereas others resemble the quality of a proper basketball.

    Great Poolside Basketball Hoops

    Stainless Steel Pool Basketball Set Splash &  Shoot

    Here are three hoops for kids and family fun. The kind you can plonk on the deck and start shooting. I did make sure I only included models that are secure enough to not be pulled into the pool.

    Heres what I found for under $200.

    Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Inground Pools

    The Rebounder has been around forever. it does have its flaws but still provides good play value, the rebound is good. The base is fairly small making it easy to place it anywhere you want on the edge of the pool.

    Very easy to assemble and, once filled with water it sits right on the edge of the pool. The height cannot be adjusted. Unfortunately, even though the rim is stainless steel and the base plastic there is a rust issue.

    Its best if you could paint or spray everything with a clear coat.

    This doesnt come with stainless steel bolts, so Id recommend exchanging all the hardware with suitably durable bolts and washers before assembly.

    VERDICT: Great, sturdy play value. Ideally, add stainless steel bolts and spray with a clear coat FOR LASTING VALUE.

    Recommended for Ages 8+.

    Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Height Adjustable Pool Basketball Hoop

    The board is identical to the model mentioned above. On this one, the height of the hoop is adjustable to 40, 54, and 74 from the ground. Changing the height is not a straightforward affair because the PVC pipes have to be changed.

    The additional cost to replace hard-wear with stainless steel bolts and washers.

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