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What Is The Best Rated Self Propelled Lawn Mower

â Top 5 Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mowers in 2022

I’m sorry if I’ve confused you. My sympathies go out to you! Even yet, it is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of best rated self propelled lawn mower is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the best rated self propelled lawn mower listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Types Of Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

Rear-Wheel Drive Mowers

Rear-Wheel Drive mowers achieve better traction, making them ideal for irregular lawns. It makes them better for bagging too since the added weight from the grass build-up from within the bag will add to that superior traction. Conversely, when the bag is empty youll have to do a little pushing.

These are also ideal for mowing in straight lines and your cuts will be more even and precise thanks to their superior traction. As a caveat, rear-wheel-drive mowers are less maneuverable and you might have to disengage the drive when turning.

Front-Wheel Drive Mowers

Front-Wheel Drive mowers are best for flat and regular lawns and can easily change direction by pushing down on the handle to tip the mower on its rear wheels.

The average homeowner can comfortably settle for these provided that all the wheels can firmly touch the ground. This means they are a no-go for hilly or irregular terrains. For more of a hilly situation, look into these awesome lawn mowers for hills.

FWDs arent that great for inclines, though. Its because of all the weight being focused at the front.

All-Wheel Drive Mowers

All-Wheel Drive mowers are more balanced and achieve much greater traction than rear-wheelers but handle just like them and they cost more.

Those are the basics. But if youve got a hankering for more about mower drive layouts, check out this really informative video:

Cordless Riding Zero Turn Mowers

Recently both Ryobi and Ego have released cordless zero turn mowers. These are large ride-on mowers that have the capability of cutting two or more acres. Ryobi has a number of models available and Ego has one, but looking at the largest and most capable, they come with a price tag between $4000 and $7000.

The Ego ZT4204L 42-inch Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower uses the same style of battery that is in all of their lawn equipment. The mower comes with four 10.0 Ah batteries, but the machine has ports for six, so there is some scalability, especially if you have additional Ego batteries from other tools. The mower also acts as a charger and, according to Ego, once plugged in, can fill all of the batteries in only two hours. Just using the four included batteries, the Ego can cut about 2 acres.

Ego followed the 42-inch zero turn with a larger ZT5207L 52-inch Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower, which can cut up to 4 acres, according to the company.

The Ryobi RY48140 Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower has a single internal battery, which can power the mower to cut up to 3½-acres. Like the larger Ego, it has a 54-inch cut and amenities like the USB port and cup holders. The downside of this model is that charging is an overnight process, so you would want to make sure it could handle your lawn in a single mow. They have two 42-inch models as well.

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How Did We Choose These Electric Mowers

We chose both push and rider lawn mowers to suit a variety of different yard sizes and terrains. We also chose different sized cutting decks to allow you to maximize your efficiency and take full advantage of each model’s run time.

We avoided electric mowers that require an extension cord, since they can be a hassle to set up — and you run the risk of running over the electrical cable, which can cause injuries and even death.

Top 9 Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower For 2022

5 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Electric Start Reviews

Are you tired of dragging down the manual or gas-powered lawnmower? Well, why take the hassle when you can get done with the job easily with the best electric lawn mower? Just keep eye on our best self-propelled electric lawn mower reviews and read on. You will get all your answers full of satisfaction.

Self-propelled electric lawn mowers are super-efficient and budget-friendly. You know!

Considering the ever-rising price of gasoline, this will surely be the better option in the long run. In this article, we have come up with the best self propelled electric start lawn mowers to make lawn mowing easy as a breeze for you.

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Best Toro Electric Battery

Toros first-generation Flex Force 60V lawn mowers were excellent, though not quite able to compete with the best of the best. A new generation of 60V Max Super Recycler 21-inch self-propelled mowers is on its way with a sleek black color scheme and the promise of serious upgrades. The two models coming in March 2022 focus on high airflow, excellent power, a Flex Handle suspension system, and a durable build. Along with all that improvement comes a steeper price tag, though.

Price: $649.99 bare, $749.99 with 7.5Ah battery and charger

The Most Powerful Electric Lawn Mower Isnt Necessarily The Best

You should consider how large your yard is and how often you intend to mow it. If your lawn is 1/3 acre or bigger, youâll want to spring for a high-performance model with a high-voltage battery, wide cutting path and multiple height settings. If you have a smaller yard or donât need to mow very often, you can probably get away with one that has less power.

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Width Of The Mower Deck

The width of the strip that can be cut by a lawn mower is measured. According to Hill, the size of your grass will help you choose the right cutting width for your lawn mower:

  • The recommended mowing width for a smaller lawn, often less than one-fourth of an acre, is between 28 and 35 millimeters

  • The recommended cutting width for a medium-sized lawn of half an acre to one acre is between 35 and 40 millimeters

  • The recommended cutting width for a bigger lawn of one acre or more is 40 cm and above

Why Buy An Electric Lawn Mower

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2021 (Budget & Self Propelled)

The best electric lawn mower for you should get your lawn cut on one charge. No matter which model that is, they all share some common characteristics. There are no gas emissions and no gas engine to maintain. You still need to clean it off when youre done, but the maintenance is much easier and takes less time.

Theyre also quieter. The early bird gets the worm and if you want to start mowing at 7:00 on Saturday morning, your neighbors can probably sleep through it. More of a night owl? Many battery-powered mowers have headlights, and youre unlikely to disturb your neighbors Lord of the Rings marathon at 10:00 PM.

Those are some of the more obvious reasons, but one of our favorites is the ability to put the battery in and mow. Theres no cranking, no choke, and no fuel cut-off valve. As long as you have enough batteries to get the entire lawn cut, its an easier system to work with than gas.

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How Much Battery Life Do You Need

It goes without saying that larger lots require more time to mow, and you probably want to cover as much ground as possible in one go.

Lots that are flat and small have the best chance of getting the job done on a single battery. If your area is 1/3 acre or larger, a mower with dual battery ports is a good idea.

Even though the size of your mowing area is the primary factor here, mowing conditions also play a part.

Even a powerful battery wont reach its max run time under difficult conditions. Like we mentioned above, tall or dense grass and hills all demand greater power from your battery, shortening your overall run time.

Alternative: Lawn Boy Electric Start Lawn Mower

  • Size: 21 inches

Lawn Boy has created an electric start mower thatâs affordable for most and with an easy pull start that feels nothing like any mower youâve used in the past.

With a 149cc Kohler motor powering it along and an OHV engine, you have some of the most trusted names in the industry, but with the modern touches of an electric start and a self propelling body to make light work of the job.

The best thing about this mower is its ease of use, and this is backed up by a guarantee from Lawn Boy that itâll stay this way for three years.

People were thrilled that it only took one pull to get going, compared to a standard push mower that can spend ages to even turn on. This, coupled with the self propelling motor, makes it one of the easiest to operate.

On the downside though, itâs not the best designed mower in some parts, with people commenting on the plastic trims that make it feel a little flimsy.

Although this mower is covered by a warranty, for the price youâd hope that more of it was made of steel and metal, otherwise it might not feel durable enough to stand the test of time.

The Lawn Boy Electric Start Lawn Mower comes with a two-point height of cut system that lets you choose how long or short you want your grass, and allows you to adjust it with ease. The wheel height is seven inches and the cutting deck is 21 inches in width, made out of durable and long-lasting steel.

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Makita Xml03pt1 Lawn Mower Kit

Makita has been a big player in the power tools world and their expertise brings them to my list. This is actually a kit that includes four 18V LXT Li-Ion 5.0Ah batteries in addition to the mower itself and its got a single lever height adjustment system for added convenience when quick switching.


  • Bag can hold up to 1.7 bushels of grass.


  • Needs two battery packs.


While it can initially cost more to get battery packs and some spares, the XML03PT1 delivers power that rivals a gas mower in the same class, but with the added benefit that comes with being electric powered . Ive got a lot of faith in Makitas cordless prowess and Im glad it carries over to their mowers.

Best Echo Electric Battery

5 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Electric Start Reviews

ECHO is phasing out its 58V battery lineup in favor of a completely new 56V eForce line and that includes a new mower . We havent had a chance to test it out, but it is a 21-inch self-propelled model and looks like it will come in 2 x 2.5Ah and 2 x 5.0Ah battery configurations.

Price: $399.00 bare

For all the reasons we mentioned above and more, the Select Cut XP is EGOs best electric lawn mower.

Price: $549.00 bare, $799.00 with a 10.0Ah battery and rapid charger

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Snapper Xd Max Cordless Electric 19 Lawn Mower

Veteran lawn-mower maker Snapper makes the green scene with the steely, 82-volt Snapper XD Max electric mower. It features a push-button start, and seven adjustable cutting heights. And, yes, it literally boasts a mowing deck made of steel.

This cordless Snapper XD Max is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 82-volt, lithium-ion, rechargeable battery that’s capable of delivering up to 45 minutes of lawn-taming action on a full charge.

On Amazon, the package is rated four-plus stars on the strength of more than 1,000 user reviews.

American Lawn Mower 50514

  • Doesnt perform well over large areas
  • Some users reported dull factory blades
  • Smaller, 14-inch cutting deck

This corded electric lawn mower may be small, but its got the power to make up for its small size. with a powerful 11-amp motor, this mower is perfect for small to medium sized yards that arent wet or overgrown. We especially liked the fact that the mower had a bunch of adjustability options in the handle and cutting height, giving you the flexibility you need to make mowing your lawn with this mower as comfortable as possible.

Despite its small size, the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 mower still features a 2-in-1 design with both rear discharge and mulching systems. Most smaller mowers dont include both, so we consider this a win. Be aware that some users have reported that the mower blades on this model have come to them dull from the factory, but we didnt experience any issues like this with ours. For one of the other thankless jobs around the home, chck out the best mouse trap.

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Are Battery Lawn Mowers Better Than Gas

It depends on the size of your lawn. A battery version is great for average-sized suburban yards but you can go further with an extra battery pack and eco-friendly when combined with another green tech such as solar power for charging. Id say battery mowers are considered perfect lawn mowers for small yards.

Gas is great for any sized lawn, provided you have gas reserves and its well-maintained.

Greenworks 48v 13: Best Electric Lawn Mower For Small Gardens

Best Self-Propelled Mowers for Your Yard | The Home Depot

The Greenworks 48V 20-inch lawn mower is for small garden owners. By using two 24 volt batteries as a power source, it is surprisingly quiet and easy to operate. The batteries let it start up quickly and means it has a relatively short assembly time, and are also usable as portable chargers. It also comes with a free drill that uses the same power source.

It can be stored vertically, taking up 70% less storage space than a regular mower of this size. This simple and lightweight design philosophy extends to the rest of the mower as well, with collapsible handles that help with both storage and pushing. Finally, a three year limited warranty that includes the batteries covers the product.

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Are Electric Lawn Mowers Any Good

The best things about an electric lawn mower are, its power and long durability. Also, As we said earlier, the electric lawn mower requires no gasoline to operate therefore, theres no continuous investment required for the fuel.

Furthermore, they are very low-maintenance which makes them super cost-efficient. With proper care and regular maintenance, most electric mowers last for an average of 8-10 years.

Is It Worth Buying An Electric Lawn Mower

That depends on the specific requirements of your yard, your personal budget and whether the potential benefits of owning an electric lawn mower outweigh the potential downsides. I would urge you to start by considering your needs and then taking a look at our article weighing the pros and cons of an electric mower.

We have a nice list of options here, but if the limitations of an electric mower don’t suit the needs of your yard, you’ll end up unhappy with your purchase.

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$599 At The Home Depot

Theres a lot to like about Ryobis self-propelled Smart Trek model. For one, it was the easiest model to put to use right out of the box. Simply pull the lever on the handle crossbar, raise the handle up and lock it into place, choosing from two height options. When youre done, one pull of the lever folds the handle back down and you can tilt it vertical to store it. Nothing to it. It also has some nice features: dual blades for better mulching LED headlights a seven-position height adjustment, from 1.5 to 4 inches bagging, mulching or side discharge options and a lifetime warranty on the 21-inch deck and a five-year warranty on the rest of the tool.

The Ryobi comes with two 40-volt batteries and a dual battery port with up to 70 minutes of total run time, so you can switch from one to the other if one runs out of juice while youre still mowing. This relies on a start key inserted near the batteries. To change batteries, the key must be turned so its arrows point to the one in use. That, along with the battery lid that doesnt stay up on its own, creates a lot of rigamarole. Once thats all set, to start the mower, you press a button and engage the levers. Conversely, just release the levers to stop it.

Best Budget: Greenworks 25022 12

The 8 Best Electric Lawn Mowers of 2020
  • Cord lock keeps plug connected

For those with smaller yards, the Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower is a great value. This budget-friendly model is corded, meaning youll have to navigate around an extension cord, but in our testing, we found it to be surprisingly powerful and extremely easy to operate. It has a 20-inch cutting deck that can be set to seven different heights, and it offers mulching, bagging, and side-discharge options for your grass clippings.

This mower needs to be plugged in with a 14-gauge 50-foot extension cord or a 12-gauge 100-foot extension cord, which isnt included with the purchase. The good news, however, is that youll have unlimited runtime as long as the mower is plugged in, and it has an integrated cord retention system that prevents it from coming unplugged if jostled. We found that the mower was lightweight enough to push around without much effort, and the included grass collection bag is easy to detach and empty.

Cutting Width: 20 inches | Weight: 56 pounds | Power Source: Corded | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25 acre

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk

“I appreciated having so many debris removal options and thought it was simple enough to shift settings, say from mulching to bagging, for different parts of the lawn. I didnt experience any issues with debris spilling in any of the modes.” Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

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