Bird Feeder Pole For Deck

Urban Deco Deck Bird Feeder Pole

Do it yourself, easy to use pivoting bird feeder system for deck.

If you like to watch birds like hummingbirds, woodpeckers, or other seed-lover birds on your deck, you cannot attract them in a single feeder. For this, you need to hang multiple feeders in your deck. Here comes the Urban Deco Deck Bird Feeder Pole to make this task too easy.

The deck mount bird feeder pool is capable of holding around five feeders, which is enough for watching large flocks of birds at a time. Plus, the top part of the pool can work as a perch but for only one bird.

The adjustable hand knob makes the installation process far easier. You can easily tighten and loosen the pool for easy installation and removal without the help of any tools. Plus, the clamp is large enough to allow you to attach it to almost any deck railing.

Like the More Birds Deck Hook, you can also use the feeder for multipurpose. Plus, its two arms make it so easy to arrange bird feeders. But, the arms are lightweight, which might cause problems when trying to attach heavyweight feeders.

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Understanding The Different Types Of Bird Feeder Poles On The Market

You may have noticed how many different designs and features are available in the bird feeder pole options I went through above.

The key differences are:

  • How the pole is secured into the ground
  • How many bird feeders the pole can support at once
  • How the bird feeders are attached to the top of the pole
  • The general style and appearance of the pole

Most bird feeder poles feature a central rod secured to the ground by stakes or a heavy base. A shepherds hook-style pole will have one or two rounded hooks on either side. They may be placed directly across from each other, but more often, one is slightly higher than the other.

On the other hand, a four-armed feeder will have four different extensions from the center of the pole. This allows you to hang four feeders to accommodate a variety of birds.

A standard bird feeder pole holds just one feeder at the top this is often a steady bird feeder with a perch for both small and large birds.

There are many differences in the aesthetic design of bird feeder poles. They may be wood, PVC material, or sturdy metal. Sometimes they are ornate and decorative, whereas other times, they are utilitarian and plain.

You can find bird feeder poles in tons of different colors and designs. Whatever your tastes are, there is always something that will work for you!

What Is A Bird Feeder Pole

While bird feeders are popular, the correct bird feeder pole might just save the day. While options on where to hang bird feeders are endless, using a bird feeder pole to hang specific bird feeders is a great idea. Unlike hanging them on roof or trees, installing your own bird feeder will give you control on which part of your yard do you want the birds to go. As a suggestion, installing them within vision, near the veranda or a large window, will give you the chance to watch the birds in action without necessarily getting out of the house.

There are many types of poles. Some requires a simple insertion to the ground while some requires a more complicated assembly procedure. Whichever you choose, you can always work things out the way you want it.

As a rule of the thumb, go for bird feeder poles that are weather resistant, squirrel proof, sturdy and easy to assemble. A pole that is made of solid steel is more ideal. If you are still unsure, read through the different types of bird feeder poles.

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Erva Super Tall Decorative Quad Hanger

Bird feeder poles may not be the center of the birding activity but it sure is an important element of a bird garden. Certainly, you would want to look at aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture at your garden including the places to hang those expensive bird feeders.

If you intend to make pretty garden bird hangers, then Ervas decorative quad hanger is perfect for the job. It requires a giant, literally to reach the end of the pole, which makes it impossible for even the strongest raccoon jumper to reach.

I personally recommend this product, not only because of its height but because it is possibly the best there is for high-flying birds. Bigger birds love this pole more than any other. Also, if you have been having trouble with cats and squirrel, there is no way they can climb this extra tall hangers. They have no choice but to wait for birdseed droppings, if theres any of the ground.

  • Not practical for short people as refilling seeds is difficult
  • A bit more expensive than other products

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bird Feeder Pole

â 17 The Best Bird Feeder Pole (Complete with Pictures)

Most probably, the most important factor to consider when buying bird feeder pole is on how it affects the birds ability to see and use the feeder. There is no point buying an expensive feeder, mounting it on a similarly expensive pole and the birds not finding it. Normally, if birds do not find the location safe or the feeder comfortable enough for feeding, or that it is inconvenient, then they wont be able to come back for another round of feeding.

There are few factors to consider before opening your wallet for the steel rod that will form part of your yard, even if its a fact that it is never going to be the star of the bird feeding show.

Factor #1: Is it squirrel proof?

Yes, you should never allow that pesky squirrel to come and take everything. Expert birders know that a squirrel battle is the hardest to beat. Like the Hydra, one gets defeated and two more appears. These annoying beast can literally ruin your bird feeding hobby and your mood specifically. Considering this problem, it is time to buy a bird feeder pole that will protect the bird feeder from them. Squirrel proof bird feeder poles are now available in the market. Theres not many but there are good ones too, and some come in reasonable prices. Check out GrayBunny and Squirrel Stopper for the best ones.

Factor #2: Is it sturdy enough?

Factor #3: The Design

Factor 4: How many can it hold?

Factor #5: How much does it cost?

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Gray Bunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

With the Gray Bunny bird feeder post, you dont have to worry about the birds ever running out of food.

Similarly to other bird feeder poles showcased in our selection, this one, too, comes with adjustable hangers.

This heavy duty bird feeder pole includes a set of twin top hooks that are effective in attracting smaller bird species, such as titmice or finches, especially since you can hang a nyjer, hopper, or tube feeder on them.

You dont have to worry about this unit coming with an iron hanger that could rust after a while. Unlike other models, this one takes the cake when it comes to durability as it is crafted from steel. Therefore, its a remarkably heavy duty bird feeding station.

  • The mesh tray can be used for peanuts, dried fruit, or mealworms, for bigger, ground birds
  • Includes a plastic bowl that you can use as a bird bath
  • Can be utilized for hanging plants, ornaments, and other accessories

What we didnt like

  • It has only two prongs at the bottom
  • The top hooks cant hold heavy feeders

Size: 91 inches tall, 22 inches wide Feeder spots: 4 feeder hooks, 1 mesh tray, 1 plastic bird bath Animal proof: No, but squirrel-baffle compatible Best for whom: Birdwatchers who get a variety of bird species in their gardens from ground birds to smaller ones like finches

Pest And Squirrel Proof

Pest proof feeder poles come in a variety of sizes. For larger pests, such as raccoons or deer, it may be necessary to install a heavy duty feeder pole that features some sort of deterrent that prevents these critters from getting into your feeders. For squirrels, typically a baffle feature will stop these clever creatures from scurrying up the pole to reach your birdseed.

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How Far Away From The House Should The Bird Feeder Pole Be Placed

There are two key things to keep in mind: safety and visibility.

Predators may be less likely to come up close to your house to snatch a bird, but placing the feeders up next to the house could lead to birds smashing against your glass windows and injuring themselvesor even dying.

There is a sweet spot for placing feeders near windows, though. If the feeder is very close to the window, birds departing your feeder wont be able to obtain much speed. If they hit the window, they wont be flying very fast when it happens! A feeder that is within 3 feet of your window is safer than one that is 5 or 6 feet away.

That said, if you want to create a bit more space, 10 feet away from your home seems to be a good general rule.

Dont forget to account for the unique circumstances of where you live. For example, if you are in an area where there are predators like bears, youll need to place your feeder poles at a safe distance from your home. But youll also want to place them where you can easily bring them in every night to help reduce bear activity at your feeders.

What Is The Frost Line

How to Deck Mount Your Bird Feeders

The frost line is the deepest depth at which the moisture present in the soil is expected to freeze. Once the bottom of your footings is buried below the frost line, the residual heat in the ground below the footing will ensure the soil below the footing will not freeze in the winter.

The depth you are required to set your frost footings will vary from region to region across the country. If you live in a warm climate, like South Florida, where frost rarely ever occurs, you may be allowed to place your footings on grade, but in very cold regions, like Minnesota and Canada, you will need to dig down 96 inches or more. Always check with your local building inspector to see what is required in your area. Furthermore, you must install footings at least 12 below unsettled soil. If you are building into the side of a steep hill or beside a retaining wall you will have to maintain the minimum distance to grade not only vertically but also laterally. In order to achieve a suitable lateral barrier, you may need to dig your foundation much deeper than on a flat surface.

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My Final Recommendation: Mr Ironstone Bird Feeder Poles And Hangers For Outside

Taking into consideration the wide range of options and customizations available, I really like the Mr. Ironstone design.

Its affordable, sturdy, and attractive in its overall design. Plus, the fact that you get two feeder poles with your purchase is really great, because now you can hang more feeders and attract more birds. Youll prevent competitiveness, and youll also have fewer birds waiting their turn out of sight.

The extra strong pole and five-prong base are my two favorite features about this model. Whether youre looking to buy your first feeder pole or youre ready to add more to your existing bird feeding system, check out the specifications for the Mr. Ironstone to see how it will fit into your yard!

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Tough and weather resistant, our brushed stainless-steel feeders will complement any garden. Raise the lid and tilt the hanger, to enable quick and easy filling and re-filling. They feature a quick release base which is removed. Hangers Hinges Hooks Jig & Fixture Parts Kitchen Hardware Knobs … Youll find suet feeders favored by clinging birds, and plenty of options for perching birds such as tube-style feeders, seed saucers, hummingbird and oriole feeders. We also offer a good- quality songbird seed mix in your choice of small bird. Arrives by Tue, Aug 30 Buy BirdFeeder Hanging Classic Tube Hanging Feeders with Feeding Ports Premium Hard Plastic with Steel Hanger at

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Squirrel Stopper Sequoia Squirrel Proof Pole System

Looking for an excellent squirrel proof bird feeder pole system?

If thats so, you should consider this 4 hook bird feeder pole as it comes with all the right features.

It includes an auger for an easy installation process and it has several different hanging stations.

The most important benefit offered by this freestanding bird feeder pole is its middle section, where a universal baffle is located.

The squirrel proof bird feeder on a pole will make it possible just for the birds to have a snack and avoid allowing other critters to steal their food.

While the item is clearly a contender for the title of the best bird feeder pole, you can use its hangers for other things such as wind chimes or flower pots.

  • Sturdy steel construction guarantees durability
  • Can be pushed into the ground with ease
  • Deters squirrels and raccoons thanks to its baffle
  • This bird pole can hold decorative items, too, not just bird baths and bird food bowls
  • Maintains its stability even in strong wind
  • The hangers can be used for hummingbird feeders as theyre located at the top
  • Very tall, but reachable by the birds

What we didnt like

  • The bottom of the pole for bird feeder purposes needs to go at least 2 feet into the ground
  • The installation instructions could be better

Size: 90 inches tall, 16 inches wide Feeder spots: 4 feeder hooks Animal proof: Yes Best for whom: Birdwatchers who want to make sure that their bird food gets eaten only by the birds, not by the squirrels

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The hanger arms work great on 4 x 4 post or wall to mount birdfeeders and hanging plants. $ 29.95 Bird Pole Twist On Arms Bird Pole Twist-On Arms add two 11 inch twist-on birdfeederhanger arms to your 1″ dia. birdfeeder poles. Place the hanger arms anywhere you like with a wrap and twist. $ 18.95 Cardinal BirdFeeder Hook.

Psstwe found the 7 best bird feeder poles. 2. Baffle the Squirrels. Squirrels are amazing climbers, even on metal poles. Buy a squirrel baffle and attach it to the pole to prevent them from climbing up from below. Check out the top-rated bird feeder squirrel baffles. 3.

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Rustic White Sunflower Bird Bath or Bird Feeder. £21.00. £16.80. Made to Order. Items 1 to 30 of 59 total. 1. 2. View as:. 22.75″ Handmade Glazed Ceramic Mayorca Birdbath Blue – Alfresco Home LLC. Alfresco Home LLC. 4. $99.99. Free standard shipping. Not in stores. Add for shipping. Dartwood Solar Bird Bath and Water Fountain with 4 Different Nozzle Heads for Bird Baths and Small Ponds. Dartwood. Shepherd-Hooks Adjustable For BirdFeeder Lantern Plant-Hook Garden-Stake – 36 Inch 21 Inch 2 Pack Plant Stand Hanger For Outdoor Flower Basket, Bird Feeder Hanger Weddings Décor by Tucker Murphy Pet. $37.99 Free shipping.

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How Tall Should A Bird Feeder Pole Be

Bird feeder poles can be anywhere between 2 feet and 9 feet tall. Some may have a small 1/2 inch diameter, others may be as large as 3 inches. The feeder pole you choose really depends on you and where you plan to place it.

Typically, a bird feeder should be between 5-6 feet from the ground. This allows the birds to feast safely, without having to worry about predators lurking from below such as cats. Its also convenient because bird feeders at that height are easy to refill.

However, some birds prefer to eat at lower or higher levels. Its certainly not uncommon to see birds on the ground, such as sparrows, picking through the grass to find discarded seeds or unsuspecting insects. The same is true of birds who prefer food sources that may be higher up.

Woodpeckers tend to prefer suet feeders that are higher up and within the familiar reaches of a tree. So it might be interesting for birdwatchers to place feeders at varying levels to see which heights the birds prefer.

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Lupfung Premium Bird Feeding Station

The Lupfung bird feeding pole has no outstanding features, but it has a really attractive feature: a lovely 10 metal bird motif that sits at the top of the pole, above the shepherds hooks.

It would look beautiful in any garden, especially if there are bright yellows, light greens, and pinks behind it. That way, the contrast between the metal bird cut-out and the flowers would create a beautiful image, even from twenty or more feet away. You can choose the hummingbird drinking from a flower Im featuring here or a dove.

This set comes with two feeder hooks, a metal central rod, and a four-prong base.


  • The bird decoration on the top adds a unique flair and stylish design to this traditional shepherds hook feeder pole.
  • The four-prong base is pretty sturdy.


  • It comes with fewer accessories.
  • Without any squirrel protection included, you may need to buy a separate baffle to protect the bird seed.

Birds Choice Topper Bird Feeder Pole Set

How I Designed â? a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Birds Choice is a good choice. That is one of the things I am certain about.

So far, birds choice manufactures products that are truly amazing and practical for the birds bird feeders, seeds and poles too!

Squirrels are pests all birders want to get rid off completely. Not only do they destroy the feeders but they also eat all of the seeds leaving nothing to the actual recipients, the birds. Good thing the 2 arm topper product of Birds Choice can solve that problem.

While it may not be the best product in the category, this 2-arm bird feeder allows anyone to enjoy watching the birds in action , while keeping the squirrels at bay. It is sometimes funny to see them trying to get into the feeder but the squirrel baffle just does not allow it.

I recommend this heavy duty bird feeder pole for three reasons: it has an effective squirrel baffle, has complete kit to hang two feeders and it is priced lower than poles in the same category.

Its two hooks allows a more balanced feeding station, perhaps a feeder and a bird bath or if you want to see more colorful birds, then two different feeders to attract other varieties.

  • Only have two hooks

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