Black And Decker Cordless Vacum

Bad Contacts To Minivac

Black Decker 2in1 Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum

Make sure the metal pads and pins between the minivac and the stick are touching properly. A brush with no water may be used to clean the contacts in order to remove corrosion. If there is a good connection but the switch on the stick portion does not do anything, the switch or internal wiring if the stick portion may be broken.

Another Good Handheld Vacuum

If you want a vacuum with a replaceable battery: The Ryobi 7131 uses the same rechargeable batteries as other Ryobi power tools, so its a good option for people who already own a Ryobi cordless tool, want a vacuum with a replaceable battery, or are looking for a more shop-vac-style machine. In our tests, it cleaned as well as our picks. The downsides: Its bulkier than other models we tested and one of the loudest, and the controls are stiff. If those arent problems for you, this Ryobi vac could be a good option. We didnt test the Ryobi P714K because its a shop vac, and our testing was not designed to evaluate shop vacuums. We may tackle that category someday.

Broken Switch On The Stick

If the switch is not working, try cleaning the area around it and the switch itself with electrical contact cleaner. A replacement of the switch may be needed. A temporary solution is to turn on the minivac with its own switch but use it within the stick portion, this way the vacuum is still being used with only a little loss in function.

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Clean Smarter Not Harder

SMARTECHBATTERYSENSEAUTOSENSE + FILTERSENSE features help you clean smarter, not harder.

  • BATTERYSENSE shows you how much battery remains, so you know how much longer you can clean before you need to recharge.
  • FILTERSENSE alerts you when it’s time to clean the filter so you continue to get maximum performance.
  • AUTOSENSE helps you power through your cleaning by automatically adjusting suction from bare floors to thick carpet.
  • POWERBOOST gives you added power with the push of a button.

Buying Guide For Best Black+decker Handheld Vacuums

Black &  Decker Dustbuster Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum PD1200

When it comes to cleaning small messes around the house or in your car, a handheld vacuum is usually the most convenient tool for the job. Not all handheld vacuums are created equal, though, so if you want an effective, reliable model, investing in a BLACK+DECKER handheld vacuum is your best bet.

BLACK+DECKER handheld vacuums are compact vacuums that are lightweight enough to be easily carried from room to room. They dont offer the same suction power as full-size vacuums, but they are ideal for cleaning up small spills or messes. A BLACK+DECKER handheld vacuum can also work well if you need to clean pet hair off furniture or other small areas in your home.

BLACK+DECKER offers a wide array of handheld vacuums, so selecting the right model for your needs is key. That means choosing between cordless and corded models, deciding whether you need a wet/dry option, and figuring out what other features will be the most effective for your cleaning needs.

With our handy shopping guide, youll have all the facts you need to select the best BLACK+DECKER handheld vacuum for your house. Weve even included specific product recommendations to make shopping as easy as possible.

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Connection To Minivac Faulty

If you use the switch on the stick and the vacuum does not turn on, the switch or the connection to the minivac is faulty. Confirm the device charges through the stick portion, if it can there may be a problem with the switch or brush itself. If the vacuum cannot charge, look at the minivac wont connect troubleshooting

Performance: Effective And Powerful

This handy tool is undoubtedly powerful. In our experience, it effortlessly sucked up particles of all sizes, including dirt, pet hair, cereal, stray kibble, and kicked-out kitty litter. With its angled nozzle, it easily fits in and under small places, plus two additional attachmentsa crevice tool and a brush toolmake it even more versatile.

We found that the dustbuster was especially effective in cleaning hard surfaces. We used it under our kitchen cabinets, on the hardwood stairs that lead up to our first floor, and in the car after a sandy beach trip with our Shar-Pei/Golden Retriever mix. While it didnt do a perfect job on the latter, it did suck up a good amount of sand, and it easily outperformed other handheld vacuums weve owned. We found the brush attachment particularly useful in this application as it loosened the grains from the floors and upholstered seats so they were sucked up easier. The crevice tool also came in handy when cleaning between seat cushions and under the seat. That said, it wasnt quite long enough to reach the narrow spot between the seat and door, so we would prefer a longer crevice tool or just an additional one thats suited to harder-to-reach spots.

It effortlessly sucked up particles of all sizes, including dirt, pet hair, cereal, stray kibble, and kicked-out kitty litter.

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Belt/brush Not Functioning Properly

Make sure the vacuum is turned off before troubleshooting. Check that there is no material clogging the vacuum or the brush and belt assembly. Follow our brush or belt replacement guides in order to remove and clear debris from the vacuum. If either the belt or brush seem worn down or broken, follow the replacement guide.

Black+decker Powerseries Extreme Pet 20v Max* Cordless Stick Vacuum

Can You Replace the Batteries in a Black Decker Lithium Dustbuster Vacuum Cleaner?

Equipped with a 3x cleaning system, the POWERSERIES Extreme Pet 20V MAX* Cordless Stick Vacuum features an angled floorhead that can be used on multiple surfaces, v-shaped bristles that pick up all different types of debris, and an anti-tangle brush bar for stubborn pet hair. Offering added versatility, it converts to a handheld vacuum with a flip up brush for accessing hard-to-reach spaces.

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Charger Not Working Properly

Please ensure the vac is turned off. First check if the charger is plugged in properly into the wall outlet and no breakers are tripped. Make sure the charger wire is undamaged and properly connected completely into the vacuum. If the charging light still does not turn on, request a warranty charger replacement or order a replacement charger

What About Mini Handheld Vacs

Mini handheld vacuums have recently emerged as a new category. Theyre smaller than all of our current picksmost are about the size of a wine bottleand not nearly as powerful. Theyre good for midsized debris such as crumbs or coffee grounds, but they cant easily pick up finer particles like dust or flour, and bigger debris like Cheerios fills up the small dust bin too quickly. Theyre really effective only on hard surfaces. The major benefit of these machines is that theyre easy to store on a countertop or in a bathroom or other places with limited space. Weve found them especially convenient for quickly cleaning up crumbs on a coffee table. But our picks can do the same thing, they just take up a little bit more space.

Despite their being easy to store, we dont recommend any of these models because our picks are better performers, similarly priced, and more versatile. Our top pick, the Black+Decker Max Lithium Pivot BDH2000PL, also doesnt take up much space when its folded up and charging.

The Shark WandVac had better suction and was easier to charge than the mini Bissell and Eufy, but we still didnt find it worth recommending. Unlike the other mini handhelds, it could hold larger debris, but it also struggled to pick up flour. The WandVac is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and the drop-in charging dock is convenient, but overall this vacuum is not as versatile as a full-size handheld vacuum and cant pick up as much debris.

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Quick Clean Cordless Hand Vacuum

Ultra-compact for quick pick-ups, this convenient cordless vacuum gives you the strong suction you need in a light and portable design. The translucent dirt bowl twists open for easy emptying. And both the bowl and filter are washable, so you can keep your handy vacuum clean and ready for the next pick-up.

  • Lithium battery technology delivers strong suction, long battery life and cordless convenience
  • A compact, lightweight design makes this vacuum easy and comfortable to use
  • Dust bowl twists open for quick and easy emptying
  • The translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to monitor the dirt level inside
  • Washable bowl and filter enable thorough cleaning for optimal performance

Additional Features And Benefits Of The Black+decker Powerseries Extreme Pet 20v Max* Cordless Stick Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum (Slate Blue), HLVA315J62 ...

Powerful Debris Pickup

V-shaped bristles collect all types of debris for an extremely thorough clean.

Multi-Surface Clean-up

From carpet to hardwood, the versatile angled floorhead cleans a variety of surfaces.

Maximize Suction Power

Hand Vac with 4ft Hose Stick, with Detachable Hand Vac Stick, with Detachable Hand Vac Stick, with Detachable Hand Vac Stick, Detachable Canister with 4ft Hose
Designed for Pet Hair
Crevice Tool, Flip up Brush, Pet Brush Crevice Tool, Brush Crevice Tool, Flip up Brush Crevice Tool, Flip up Brush, Pet Accessory 3 in 1 Accessory Tool, Pet Crevice Tool, Pet Brush
Replacement Filter

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Powerseries Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The POWERSERIES Extreme 20V MAX* Cordless Stick Vacuum features the 3X Cleaning System: 1) Floorhead angle is designed to clean up multiple surfaces, from hard floors, to area rugs, and carpets 2) The v-shaped bristle pattern is designed to pick up messes of various sizes, including dust, crumbs, and hair 3) The patented anti-tangle brush bar is designed to minimize hair wrap and maximize suction power. The front-facing dustbin gives quick access when emptying, and allows the vacuum to lay flat for hard-to-reach areas. The built-in twist to clean filter provides up to twice the suction power. 3-speed control lets you select the right power for clean up on hard surfaces, area rugs, or powerful pick up on carpet. The POWERSERIES Extreme stick vacuum delivers up to 55 minutes of run time**. Detach the removable 20V MAX* battery to charge separately from the vacuum, or leave in your vacuum to charge while it self stands or when placed on its wall mount.

Powerseries+ 20v Max* Cordless Stick Vacuum Kit

Tackle some of your household’s challenging messes with the POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX* Cordless Stick Vacuum. This adaptable vacuum packs up to 25% more pickup on carpet** and up to 44 minutes of runtime for large spills and messes. Based on the type of floor youre cleaning, the sophisticated POWERSERIES+ vacuum will change suction power with AUTOSENSE technology while its cyclonic filtration system helps to keep the filter fresh. Hair, fur, and debris are no match for the POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX* Cordless Stick Vacuum thanks to the anti-tangle brush bar and LED floorhead lights that spotlight your cleaning area. Easily convert this vacuum to a handheld device with a crevice tool to clean stairs and furniture, lie it flat while cleaning to vacuum under couches and beds, and conveniently store when all tasks are complete with this vacuum’s self-standing capability. Battery and charger included.

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Powerseries+ Cordless Stick Vacuum

Clean up the big messes and keep your home tidy with the POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX* Cordless Stick Vacuum. Made for large spills, you can do more cleaning with up to 25% more pickup on carpet** and up to 44 minutes of runtime. Depending on the type of floor, the high-tech POWERSERIES+ vacuum automatically adapts its suction power with AUTOSENSE technology while its cyclonic filtration system helps to keep the filter clean for pro-level performance. Hair, fur, and debris are typically hard to pick up, but the anti-tangle brush bar and integrated LED floorhead lights make vacuuming easy. Use the crevice tool and quickly transform it into a handheld vacuum to clean stairs and furniture, lie it flat to vacuum clean under beds and couches, and store when all work is done with this vacuums convenient, self-standing capability.

Design: Modern And Intuitive

Black & Decker 16V Lithium Cordless Hand Vac CHV1410L Review

While aesthetics may not be your number one priority when it comes to purchasing a dustbuster, BLACK+DECKERs handheld vacuum is an attractive appliance. Sleek and modern-looking, it has a blue, white, and dark gray color scheme along with a transparent dust cup where you can see how much debris has been picked up. All this is to say that if youre stuck mounting it in a high traffic area , it shouldnt be too much of an eyesore.

Operating and emptying this dustbuster is a breeze. It arrives fully assembled youll just need to charge it before your first use. The vacuum has two switches: one which turns it on and off, and one which releases the front nozzle so you can empty it into the trash. Luckily, the 31.8-ounce dust cup is pretty spacious, so youll fit in a few uses before you need to stop and empty it. Additionally, the filter can be removed and washed in warm, soapy water. If you find it needs a little TLC after extended use, you can scrub the filter with an old toothbrush to dislodge caked-on dust. You can also purchase replacement filters for roughly $13 for a pack of four.

The one small feature we wish the gadget had was an indicator light. As is, theres no way to tell when the vacuum is fully charged or about to die. Otherwise, the design is intuitive.

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Brush Motor Is Not Working

If the connection to the minivac is secure, both the brush and the belt are working correctly, and the switch is working, the brush motor could be broken. If there is a humming or clicking sound when the belt and brush is removed, this is a clear sign of the brush motor being faulty. Follow our brush motor replace guide or avoid using the brush function to prevent further damage.

Battery Life: Could Be Better

BLACK+DECKERs dustbuster can run continuously for 12 to 15 minutes before losing steam. While this is plenty for small jobs like spilled cereal, it does pose a problem for bigger projects, like cleaning your entire SUV. We used it for the later and found that it conked out at exactly 12 minutes. While we would enjoy a longer battery life, we appreciate that its cordless and easy to charge with the included jack plug charger and wall mount.

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Extra Features: Two Attachments And A Handy Wall Mount

Adding to the BLACK+DECKERs versatility is two attachment tools that can be inserted right into the dustbusters nozzle. The crevice tool is ideal for getting into tight spaces, like under furniture, between seat cushions, and in ceiling corners. Then, the brush attachment can be used in sandy, dusty, or lint-covered places, like on upholstery or around bookshelves.

Another small but handy accessory is the accompanying wall mount which allows for easy access and space-saving storage. The dustbuster has a built-in lip that slides onto the mountjust make sure to secure it near an outlet so the vacuum can recharge between uses.

Competition: Lots Of Options To Choose From

Shop BLACK &  DECKER Flex Mini Canister Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum ...

Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum: While it appears to be a completely different product at first glance, Eurekas versatile vacuum converts from a lightweight stick vacuum to a handheld dustbuster device, plus it comes with a crevice cleaner attachment. For those looking for more versatility in their cleaning tooland an incredible value at around $30the Eureka is it. One caveat, though: this one is corded.

Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: This bestselling dustbuster not only performs classic functions, but it also comes with three additional attachments, including a crevice tool, a brush, and a rubber jar attachment that actually sucks up liquid. A wall mount and two additional washable filters are also included. At close to $60, this vacuum is significantly more expensive than the BLACK+DECKER, but it may be worth it for those looking for an upgraded hand vacuum.

A powerful dustbuster at an affordable price.

This BLACK+DECKER dustbuster upholds the brands reputation for quality. This powerful, cordless picker-upper makes cleaning messes a breeze, plus it wont break the bank.

  • Product Name Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum
  • Product Brand BLACK+DECKER
  • Product Dimensions 7.5 x 13.5 x 5.5 in.
  • Dustbowl Capacity 31.8 oz.
  • Battery Life 12 to 15 of continuous use
  • Charge Duration 10 hrs

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What About Plug

If youre worried about the limited run time of cordless handhelds or concerned about their often abbreviated lifespan, you might be wondering about plug-in models. Were sorry to say that after researching a variety of corded handhelds and testing a few, weve concluded that there arent any great options. We didnt find corded models to be better cleaners than our picks in our tests, and theres no guarantee theyll last longer. They just involve the extra step and inconvenience of unraveling the cord and plugging it in each time you use your hand vac.

We came close to recommending the Dustbuster-style Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip. Its inexpensive, it has a built-in crevice tool, and in our tests it cleaned as well as our top pick. Unfortunately, a concerning number of owner reviews indicate that this model overheats, and when we tested it, the back of the Dirt Devil became hot enough that we found the vacuum uncomfortable to use after 10 minutes. Most cordless models have a longer run time than that.

Some other review sites recommend the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1B, but in testing it, we didnt see anything special about it. Its bulky even though its smaller than our picks its also uncomfortable to handle and the loudest vacuum weve tested so far. The exhaust vents scatter the debris youre trying to pick up, and the filter isnt easy to replace after you take it out.