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Who Should Buy The Black & Decker 16v Lithium Handheld Vacuum

Black Decker 2in1 Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum

The Black & Decker 16V Lithium is a well-designed handheld vacuum built to handle a variety of messes on all indoor floor surfaces.

Strong suction helps this vacuum lift up dirt and debris while using a cyclonic cleaning method to avoid this same dirt and debris from going into the filter.

Easy to maintain and easy to use, this Black & Decker could be a good option for those seeking out a new handheld vacuum.

I would recommend the Black & Decker 16V Lithium if youre looking for the following features in a handheld vacuum.

  • Want a lighter unit At a total weight of 2.6 pounds, this Black & Decker handheld vacuum is lightweight and portable for a vast majority of users.
  • Want strong suction power The Black & Decker handheld vacuum proved how strong its suction power was throughout our cleaning tests. Even on a high pile carpet, this vacuum cleaner was able to remove at least 91% of debris spread across the carpet. This is an impressive number for such a small unit.
  • Dont need extra accessories There are no extra accessories included with the purchase of this Black & Decker handheld. Two tools do come attached to the vacuum, but they are not huge difference makers with regard to how the vacuum cleans.
  • Want to save a few bucks Priced relatively low, the Black & Decker 16V Lithium handheld offers a very good value. For the price you pay, youll receive a well above average performer.

For more information on the Black & Decker 16V Lithium handheld visit here.


Q: Where Can I Buy This Product

A: You can find the Black and Decker Cordless Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon It is also available from other retailers such as Walmart, as well as a range of other stores. It is important to remember that if you choose to buy it from one of these shops, you will need to check for any special discounts or deals that are available on that particular model.

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Black+decker Dustbuster Advancedclean Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum has on-board tools and a charging indicator to help keep cleanups under control. The rotating nozzle of the this Vacuum directs the cleaning power where it is needed most and the flexible neck delivers a 57-inch cleaning radius for hard-to-reach areas. A filter clean reminder helps users know when to clean or replace the filter. A DirtFinder sensor alerts users of especially dirty areas and allows them to target problem areas.

it has a removable, washable filter. This filter can be hand washed or machine washed. Including a charging indicator and automatic shutoff, this vacuum cleaner is safe to use cars , house and cars . with a crevice tool, a dusting brush and an upholstery tool to complete cleanups in every room of the house or car.


  • May not be powerful enough for large cars.
  • May not be able to handle thick carpets.

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Black+decker Dustbuster 20v Max Powerconnect Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The BLACK+DECKER attractively designed dust buster is a handy little vacuum that can be used to clean a variety of places around the car. It can suck up dirt, lint, and hair from carpets, upholstery, drapes and more plus its lightweight so you can use it to clean hard surfaces such as tabletops and kitchen counters too.

The vacuum has an 18.5 long cord that you can use to clean around your car

, as its not a handheld unit so it cant be used close to furniture without tripping over furniture or beds. This also means you dont have to constantly look for the power adapter, which is great because it allows you to work around your car hassle free.

The BCHV001C1 is powered by a 20-volt MAX lithium ion battery, which provides up to 1/2 gallon of suction. Its lithium battery is rechargeable via the included AC adapter and charges quickly in around an hour. This means you can clean up the mess no matter what time of the day or night it is. The vacuum comes with a few attachments that can be used to clean different surfaces including car interiors or exteriors with hard to reach places like corners around cabinets, stairs and so on.


  • May not be powerful enough for large cars
  • Can be difficult to empty

How To Choose A Handheld Vacuum

Shop BLACK &  DECKER Flex Mini Canister Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum ...

If youve ever let dust and dirt build up because it was too much of a hassle to pull out a bulky vacuum, or just find it overkill to turn to a full-size machine to take care of a relatively small spill, youll probably benefit from a handheld vacuum.

Handheld vacuums are the smaller, cordless siblings of larger upright vacuums and cordless stick vacuums. Handhelds are more portable and maneuverable than their bigger cousins they can easily get inside kitchen drawers and cabinets, up on shelving or underneath car seats and since theyre small and cordless, they are much more convenient to use in a pinch.

Its important to keep in mind that a handheld vacuum is going to be less powerful than a canister or stick vac though, and their compact canisters mean youll need to empty them much more frequently. Along with limited run times usually only 10-20 minutes that means they are impractical for use in large spaces or long cleaning jobs.

A handheld vacuum is part of an overall vacuuming strategy, not a be-all end-all solution. Rather, when it comes to keeping your house clean, its a great complement to a full-size model, in the same way a toaster oven complements a full-size convection oven. This way youll have your handheld unit handy for small spills, car cleaning and quick upholstery jobs, a robot vacuum or cordless stick vacuum for daily maintenance and the full-size upright vacuum or canister vacuum for bigger jobs and weekly house cleaning.

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Buyer Guide Before Selecting A Black And Decker Cordless Vacuum

A black and decker cordless vacuum cleaning system is a kind of large, light, powerful and flexible type vacuum cleaner which uses small power by charging the battery fully.

this vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning of furniture, floors, carpets, stairs and all other surfaces. it is easy to use and portable with high performance.

it is definitely worth buying! because there are so many benefits of a black and decker cordless vacuum.

Black+decker 20v Max Handheld Vacuum

This cordless vacuum is an excellent, lightweight and powerful tool for quick clean-ups. Familiarity with a handheld vac is most certainly the best way to go. The battery life of this product is almost as long as its runtime, lasting approximately 20 minutes on a full charge. The suction power feels strong enough to do an effective job, though you may need to extend the range from time to time by charging it up in advance.

This black+decker cordless vacuum has the capability to get deep into those narrow, hard-to-reach spaces for a quick spot clean. It makes cleaning your car easy and convenient by being very easy to handle and maneuver, fitting nicely into tight areas. The vacuum also has a switch up front where you can select between bare floor use or normal vacuuming.

Other than that, its a great product for someone looking for an affordable, lightweight vacuum that is capable of doing any basic household job.

Overall Value: Excellent. it is a lightweight cordless vacuum that is capable of clean-up in one location and then store it away with its built in cord storage. With a runtime of up to 20 minutes on a full charge .


  • Cant stand on its own
  • Small dustbin

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How To Buy The Best Black And Decker Vacuum Cleaners: 2022 Guide

Buying the Best Black And Decker Vacuum Cleaners can be challenging, especially if you are not sure what to look for. The type of product, price, brand, and quality all make a difference as well.

This article will guide you through some tips on buying the Best Black And Decker Vacuum Cleaners in 2022 for your needs.

Best Black And Decker Cordless Vacuum

Black Decker 2in1 Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum

For our busy lifes, the Black and Decker Cordless Vacuum is the perfect solution For every clean performance. This powerful vacuum can handle all kinds of messes, and is small and light enough to be easily carried around the car. Plus, it comes with a detachable hand vac for those quick clean-ups.

The Black and Decker Cordless Vacuum is ideal for busy professional persons who need a powerful, yet lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum. This versatile vacuum can handle all kinds of messes, and comes with a detachable hand vac for those quick clean-ups. Plus, its small and light enough to be easily carried around the car.

Why spend your time lugging a heavy vacuum around the car when you can have the Black and Decker Cordless Vacuum? This powerful, yet lightweight vacuum is perfect for busy life who need a quick and easy way to clean up. With its detachable hand vac, its perfect for those quick clean-ups. Plus, its small and light enough to be easily carried around the car.

Looking for an easy and convenient way to clean your car? Look no further than the Black and Decker Cordless Vacuum. This powerful vacuum can handle all kinds of messes, and comes with a detachable hand vac for those quick clean-ups. Plus, its small and light enough to be easily carried around the house also around the car.

  • Q: Where can I buy this product?
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    The Perfect Solution For Your Car Cleaning

    Anyone who has ever had to vacuum their car will know how important maintaining and cleaning your car is. If youre spending all that time driving to work, and then leaping out of the car in a rush each day, youre bound to leave dirt and dust everywhere. it also is a cordless vacuum with several tools, which will make light work of cleaning up any mess you may have left in your car. It is small, lightweight and easy to move around, helping you to clean in places that are otherwise difficult to reach.

    There are two ways of using this product: the first is running the vacuum cleaner on its own without needing to connect it to a power socket, which means that you can use it for all sorts of cleaning jobs also have around the car.

    The second is to plug the vacuum cleaner into a power outlet, and this allows you to use the hand-vacuum, and also a crevice nozzle which is perfect for cleaning inside cupboards and drawers.

    You might like also:

    Black+decker Powerseries Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    The BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J is a powerful vacuum cleaner and hand vac for quick pick ups with no cord. Featuring a lightweight design, the Black and Decker vacuum sucks up dirt with power by using 13 amps of suction power that provides multi surface cleaning without cords to hold you back. it comes with a variety of accessories so that you can get the job done without much effort. Whether it is cleaning up your car or keeping the car stairs clean, the Black and Decker vacuum is able to handle all of your daily messes.

    Plus, it comes with an attached Dusting Brush for easier clean ups, such as car body, furniture, computers, door frames etc.

    The Black and Decker vacuum gives the flexibility to work on the toughest messes. The vacuum features a lithium ion battery that provides 30 minutes of run time for all your pick up jobs before automatically shutting off. The HEPA filter traps allergens, such as pet dander and dust mite debris, inside so youre not going to be breathing in any dirt or allergens from your home or car.

    The vacuum cleaner also comes with an onboard crevice tool that allows you to reach into tight spaces and narrow gaps in furniture and appliances.


    • may not be suitable for large areas.
    • may need to be emptied frequently.

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    Another Good Handheld Vacuum

    If you want a vacuum with a replaceable battery: The Ryobi 7131 uses the same rechargeable batteries as other Ryobi power tools, so its a good option for people who already own a Ryobi cordless tool, want a vacuum with a replaceable battery, or are looking for a more shop-vac-style machine. In our tests, it cleaned as well as our picks. The downsides: Its bulkier than other models we tested and one of the loudest, and the controls are stiff. If those arent problems for you, this Ryobi vac could be a good option. We didnt test the Ryobi P714K because its a shop vac, and our testing was not designed to evaluate shop vacuums. We may tackle that category someday.

    Black+decker Dusbuster Handheld Vacuum

    Black &  Decker Flex Vac Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Half Price on Amazon ...

    The BLACK+DECKER Dusbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, Gray is a handy tool for quick cleanup jobs. This vacuum is good for quick pick-ups and spills in the kitchen, living room, or garage. The handheld vacuum has an 11-oz capacity and a 2-position retractable crevice tool at the front of the nozzle.

    The power switch has two positions: on/off with on being the lower position. The flex hose is four feet long, which means you can use it on countertops, in between the seats in your car, around the yard . The power switch has a lock-off feature so that you can put the vacuum down without having to worry about running over it and turning it on.

    BLACK+DECKER is solidly built and dependable. The Black & Decker 14AH6HE L14 Battery maintains its charge much better than other brands. Sometimes you will run out of power, but its easy to get more power by just recharging the battery in the charger that comes with it. The AirVac Plus can store up to 3 minutes of clean air to use when there isnt a sink or bathtub nearby.


    • Cant stand upright on its own
    • Not ideal for large cars

    Other Handheld Vacuums We Tested

    $49.98 at

    The compact size of this vacuum makes it ideal for light-duty work, and since it charges over USB, it is perfect for keeping in your car full time . For its small size, the vacuum is powerful it was easily able to suck up Cheerios, a task some of the larger units sometimes struggled with, and contained them in the canister without any falling out. We were impressed with the number of attachments that came with the Wyze Handheld although the extension hose felt a bit cheap as well as the handy storage bag that they can be stored in. The main drawback to the Wyze is the fact that you had to press the power button down for a couple seconds to turn it on and the same to power it off which was just a bit inconvenient.

    $129.99 at

    The Shark Wandvac has a modern, sleek look, and enough attachments to be useful for a range of jobs.The 16.5-inch length also allows you to reach the ground without bending over too much, although the Wandvac is large enough that it does make it difficult to reach into tight or awkward areas. The nozzle head was able to form a nice tight seal on the floor, making it really useful for sucking up flour and other soft debris from between tile cracks. The main drawback to this vacuum was its relatively small 2.56-ounce canister, which filled up quickly and was a bit inconvenient to dump out cleanly.

    $159.99 at

    $49.99 at

    $50.68 at

    $139.99 at Target

    $41.19 at

    $54.99 at

    $99 at

    $99.99 at

    What About Mini Handheld Vacs

    Mini handheld vacuums have recently emerged as a new category. Theyre smaller than all of our current picksmost are about the size of a wine bottleand not nearly as powerful. Theyre good for midsized debris such as crumbs or coffee grounds, but they cant easily pick up finer particles like dust or flour, and bigger debris like Cheerios fills up the small dust bin too quickly. Theyre really effective only on hard surfaces. The major benefit of these machines is that theyre easy to store on a countertop or in a bathroom or other places with limited space. Weve found them especially convenient for quickly cleaning up crumbs on a coffee table. But our picks can do the same thing, they just take up a little bit more space.

    Despite their being easy to store, we dont recommend any of these models because our picks are better performers, similarly priced, and more versatile. Our top pick, the Black+Decker Max Lithium Pivot BDH2000PL, also doesnt take up much space when its folded up and charging.

    The Shark WandVac had better suction and was easier to charge than the mini Bissell and Eufy, but we still didnt find it worth recommending. Unlike the other mini handhelds, it could hold larger debris, but it also struggled to pick up flour. The WandVac is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and the drop-in charging dock is convenient, but overall this vacuum is not as versatile as a full-size handheld vacuum and cant pick up as much debris.