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Both Cub Cadet andJohn Deere have become recognizable brands within the lawn care community. While Cub Cadet is popular, there is perhaps no more popular brand on the marketplace than John Deere is.

The latter is featured on t-shirts and hats worn casually by those who may not even own a lawnmower. They both have a historically positive reputation for producing durable, quality lawn care equipment. Both companies have offerings that are rated among some of the very best for riding mowers out there.

When Would You Need A Riding Mower

While the answer is fairly obvious for those with huge properties, there may be some still using a push mower to get the job done. That is because there are circumstances where a riding mower becomes overkill and much more difficult to manage.

The simple fact is that most small- to medium-sized yards dont require a riding mower. A push mower is more than capable of getting the job done and will do so in a reasonable amount of time. For anything above medium-sized lawns, a riding mower is undoubtedly the best option available.

Overview Of Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet planted themselves as a trusted name in the lawn-care game all the way back in 1960. Their headquarters are located in one of Americas corn hotbeds, and the largest supplier of NASA astronauts, Ohio.

MTD Products is Cub Cadets parent company, and have been since 1981 when their original parents, International Harvesters, folded.

Initially, they promoted their products as being field-honed by boys acknowledged by many as the worlds worst destructive force! That means that the company was trying to promote themselves as a brand that can stand the test of time. And it looks like they have done so quite well.

This upcoming section of our Cub Cadet review will glance over some of the companys highlights before we take a look at a few of their amazing products:

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Understanding Lawn Mower Basics

Cub Cadet 42

Step 1 – Connect the battery cables on your Cub Cadet lawn mower

Remove the red battery terminal cover from the red terminal and attach the red cable to the positive terminal. Next, remove the black battery terminal cover from the black terminal and attach the black cable to the negative terminal. Once both cables are attached, place the red cap on the positive terminal. Do not allow the wrench the come in contact with any metal.

Step 2 – Check the oil on your riding lawn mower before each use

Check your engine’s oil level with the dip stick before every use since too little or too much oil can damage your engine. You should also examine the oil quality every so often to know when it will need to be changed.

Step 3 – Fill the fuel tank

Using gasoline mixed with a stabilizer like STA-BIL, to extend the shelf-life of the gas, fill the fuel tank before each use so you don’t run out while mowing. If you do run out, wait until the engine cools before adding fresh fuel.

Step 4 – Know lawn mower basics before starting your riding lawn mower

To start the mower, be sure you are seated back in the seat. If you are too far forward, the mower may not start. Engage the parking brake. Check to be sure the PTO lever is in the off position and activate the choke.

Step 5 – Start your riding lawn mower

Turn the key to the start position. Once the mower has started, release the key and allow it to return to the on position.

Step 6 – Operate your mower with our lawn mower help tips

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Cub Cadet Promotions & Discounts

Cub Cadet is kind enough to offer a financing option on most of their products. As the costs are different for each item, youll need to check the individual product page to find out their payment plan.

The big story here is how many promotions the brand offers. These include:

  • A $500rebate for current first responders, equine club members, and current and former military personnel. Note that this rebate is only available on certain Cub Cadet Pro products.
  • National Association of Landscape Professionals members can receive a 15%discount on their purchase
  • Landscapers can hop on the Fleet Discount Program and earn a 20% discount

What Is Cub Cadets Shipping Policy

We should begin this Cub Cadet review segment by mentioning that orders placed outside the continental United States should call 1-800-782-2700.

For all orders to the US, delivery can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. Its also worth mentioning that Cub Cadet offers expedited shipping at a higher cost.

Here are the shipping costs for orders of various prices:

  • $0.01 to $14.99 cost $5 for shipping
  • $15 to $29.99 cost $8 for shipping
  • $30 to $44.99 cost $9 for shipping
  • Any orders over $45 receive free shipping.
  • Cub Cadet also offers Less Than Truckload delivery for bigger orders. These orders take 5 to 7 business days to arrive, and their associated costs are collected below:

  • Below $500 costs $29 for LTL delivery
  • $500 to $999.99 costs $69 for LTL delivery
  • $1,000 to $1,999.99 costs $99 for LTL delivery
  • Orders over $2000 cost $119 for LTL delivery
  • This all refers to United States orders. Any international orders are subject to their own delivery options and fees depending on the location.

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    Lawn & Garden Tractors

    Built in America since 61 and backed by the industrys strongest warranty, Cub Cadet® lawn and garden tractors all come standard with the strongest cutting systems for mowing performance, refined ergonomics designed around you and an array of attachments and accessories for year-round versatility and utility.

    Cub Cadet Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    The XT Series | Riding Lawn Mowers | Cub Cadet

    This section of our Cub Cadet review will set forth down a path forged by honesty, integrity, and goodwill. At least, thats what we found when researching what the brands customers thought about their products.

    It wasnt difficult to find happy consumers on the Cub Cadet website. This review caught our eye by highlighting the Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30Hs good handling and turning radius in small spaces:

    Just finished my first mow. My backyard is rather tight in places. I have about 5 between my fence and my landscaping. This mower worked beautifully turning around in that small space. The cut is perfect.

    Another 5/5 star reviewer loved all the features and the compact size of the Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H:I would definitely recommend this mower to anyone looking for a compact riding mower. The hydro drive and being able to mow in reverse is what finalized the sale for me.

    This satisfied customer liked how little noise the Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E produced. Super quiet and mows for a long time before requiring a charge. I live on a hill and this works great. Does require more weight if the grass is wet.

    Peace and quiet sounds awfully comfy, doesnt it? Speaking of comfort, many reviewers loved the comfort and the smooth-as-butter handling found in most Cub Cadet mowers.

    Lets top off the Cub Cadet website reviews with one last tidbit that mentions the brands great design:

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    Check Your Cub Cadet Fuel System For Leaks

    Check over your fuel system to make sure all hoses are securely connected and there are no signs of fuel leaks. Leaks can develop when there are punctures or cracks in the fuel lines, components are not sealing correctly or plastics are degrading. For all areas to inspect for fuel leaks on your Cub Cadet riding mower, check out this article.

    How To Service A Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower: Step

    To protect your investment, keep your Cub Cadet riding mower operating at its best by regularly servicing it. Skipping regular maintenance of your mower can cause damage to your engine, fuel and electrical system. Many significant problems can be caught early and prevented by regularly servicing and checking your mower.

    A full service on a Cub Cadet riding mower includes an engine oil and filter change checking the fuel system for leaks inspecting components for wear or damage scraping the mower deck sharpening mower blades replacing filters and lubricating the mower.

    I have put together a complete list of Cub Cadet items and steps required to service your mower.

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    Where To Buy Cub Cadet

    This Cub Cadet review has assembled a reputable list of places where you can purchase Cub Cadet goods. They include

    • The Cub Cadet website,
    • Retail stores like Rona, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co., etc.
    • Using the websites store locator tool to find a more convenient retail location

    The brands parent company, MTD Products, owns Cub Cadet.

    Check Pulleys And Belts

    Cub Cadet RZT

    Now that your mower deck top is clean, make sure the pulleys and belts are in good condition. First, look at your belt. If it appears worn with a glazed shiny appearance or it is cracked, stretched or shredded, you must replace your Cub Cadet deck belt. Need help installing your belt? Check out this guide on replacing a Cub Cadet belt.

    Check your pulleys by slowly rotating them by hand. They should rotate smoothly. Replace your pulleys if you feel any resistance or hear noise coming from the bearing as you rotate the pulley. If your pulley happens to be rusty, clean the rust off the pulleys or replace them if they are very rusty.

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    All About Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers

    Mowing the lawn is an important household chore. A neatly kept lawn discourages pests, prevents damage, and provides a positive image for the home. You can find a wide variety of new and used Cub Cadet riding lawn mowers on eBay to help make this job a bit easier.

    What kinds of tractors and mowers does Cub Cadet make?

    Cub Cadet branded riding lawn mowers can be found in a variety of styles that are built to serve different needs. Here are the most common types of riding lawn mowers offered by the company:

    • Zero turn mowers: These mowers are meant to be used when cutting large properties. Zero turn mowers have a zero-radius turning ability, which is designed for getting in close to corners and hard-to-reach spots. These mowers also have engines with up to 23 horsepower.
    • Standard tractor-style mower: This model has front engines that can reach up to 22.5 horsepower, such as Cub Cadets Enduro model. It is also designed to work with a wide array of attachments for other jobs.
    • Rear-engine mowers: Typically, these mowers have low horsepower and a small cutting radius but feature smoother handling and greater traction. They are manufactured with smaller yards, yards with obstacles, or property with small inclines in mind.

    What size deck do you need?

    What else can tractors do?

    • Snow blowers or plows
    • Leaf sweepers or bagging systems
    • Canopies or shades

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    Who Is Cub Cadet For

    Cub Cadet CC 30 H review, tips and issues | Riding mower

    This Cub Cadet review deems that the brand is best suited for anyone who falls into one or more of these categories:

    • People with small lawns
    • People who want more control and comfort from their lawnmower
    • People who are tired of having to push their mower

    If you have a decent patch of grass, chances are youll find something that catches your eye with Cub Cadet.

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    Prepare Mower For Maintenance

    Park your mower on a flat level surface. Lay cardboard or newspaper on the ground to collect to protect the surface from oil drips. Allow your Cub Cadet for run for a few minutes to warm up your engine oil. Warm oil flows better than cold oil for draining. Shut off mower.

    Before working on your Cub Cadet riding mower, you must take the following safety precautions to prevent the mower from starting and moving while you are working on it:

    • Set your parking brake.
    • Remove your ignition key. I like to place it in my pocket or hide it if there are other people in the area just to be safe.
    • Disconnect the spark plug wires.
    • Take caution when working around your engine as it may still be hot.

    Were The Northlands Premier Cub Cadet Partner

    We also supply shipping on most Cub Cadet products including mowers, baggers, blades and attachments order conveniently through our online store and choose your preferred shipping method.

    For those looking for repair, maintenance and upkeep, visit one of our 10 stores in Minnesota or Wisconsin and enjoy access to a group of certified Cub Cadet mechanics. We provide service for the products we sell, and enjoy helping customers find the right equipment for their upcoming job.

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    Types Of Riding Mowers

    Lawn Tractors

    Looking like the stereotypical riding lawn mower, a lawn and garden tractor is the best compromise between performance and cost. Much smaller than zero-turn counterparts, theyre easy to store in a garage or a shed and have plenty of power and maneuverability for small to medium sized yard, all without breaking a sweat like you would with a push mower or walk-behind mower.

    Garden Tractors

    Garden tractors look very similar to a lawn tractor or traditional riding lawn mower, however they are usually a bit larger due to their more powerful engines and transmissions. This added power allows for more utility work and ground-engaging jobs, such as use with plows and other attachments. The added weight of a garden tractor also makes it better on hills, but it will have less maneuverability than a lawn tractor.

    Zero-turn riding lawn mowers

    Gas mowers vs. Electric mowers

    No matter whether you decide on a tractor riding lawn mower or a zero-turn mower, either can be purchased in either gas or electric. Our electric mowers have a cutting time of 1 hour or more, making this the ideal choice for small to medium sized yards. If youre environmentally conscious, or live in a city with noise ordinances, place your trust in one of our electric riding lawn mowers. With no spark plugs, fuel, or oil changes, electric mowers require less maintenance than their gas counterparts.

    Scrape The Deck & Check Your Mower Blades

    Cub Cadet CC 30 H Small Riding Lawn Mower

    Gain access to the bottom of your Cub Cadet mower deck.

    • Check the bearings in your spindle housings for damage by grabbing a hold of each blade and rocking it up and down. When you feel movement or hearing a knocking noise, remove your spindle housing and check for damage. Replace any bad bearings or replace the whole cutter housing assembly.
    • Remove and sharpen your mower blades, replace if necessary. To find out more about when you need to replace or sharpen your blades read this guide on changing and sharpening your mower blades. Install your new or sharpened mower blades.
    • Scrape your mower deck to remove grass clippings and dirt using a or metal brush. A clogged mower deck will affect your cut quality and cause additional strain on your Cub Cadets engine. The moisture in the debris can also prematurely corrode your mower deck.

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