Decks With Built In Benches

Freestanding Deck Bench Ideas

How to Build Space-Saving Deck Benches for a Small Deck

A built-in deck bench might not always be possible with your existing structure. As a design commitment, opting for a built-in approach to seating is somewhat inflexible in the long-term. However, a freestanding deck bench can do nearly all of the same things, and provides the flexibility to match with a variety of related outdoor deck furniture ideas.

Look Through Deck Built In Bench Pictures In Different Colors

Houzz has millions of beautiful photos from the worlds top designers, giving you the best design ideas for your dream remodel or simple room refresh. Now it can also be used monday through friday. If you looked at the different components after they were built, i just had four small rectangles that were various lengths and widths.

Or A Private Retreat Area

You can get quite creative and use benches in a variety of settings to create a real warm inviting space.

Just look how the thoughtful addition of this privacy rail with seating wrapping around it and this spa.

Each of these examples are of permanent fixtures.

They are fastened to the decking so you have to think carefully about where you want them go.

Get your creative mind going and start thinking how benches can enhance your deck! If you would like to learn how you can make these yourself, .

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Integrated Deck Bench & Planter

Ideal for blending in with outdoor decor, the integrated deck bench planter can let you combine nature directly into your deck design. Whether you’re looking to add brightly colored and aromatic flowers, lay vines to extend the garden aesthetic, or set up some shade plants, you’re only as limited as your imagination and soil availability.

Planter Boxes On A Corner Deck Bench

Deck Benches With Backs

This deck bench design is highly stylish and appealing. This bench is remarkable due to a number of factors. Its form is one of them.

This built-in furniture has a distinctive geometric form. Furthermore, the multiple-tone deck and bench treatments are beautiful and appealing. Furthermore, the planter containers are packed with lovely flowering plants to add to the beauty.

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But There Are Several Benefits To Built

  • Cheaper in the long run As fun as updates are, you need to be ready to absorb the expense of repair and replacement.
  • Retain more spaceChairs, tables, and sofas all eat up the square footage of a deck or patio.
  • Options There are only so many configurations you can create to accommodate a crowd.
  • Dont have to store it over winter If you live in a climate where the seasons change drastically, are you prepared to store furniture during wet or colder months?
  • More seating if you build bench seating along the perimeter of a deck or even just along one entire side, thats a lot of seating much more than youd get from buying patio furniture.

So, how about built-in seating options?

You can past the aesthetics of built-in seating by investing in craftsmanship as you design and build your deck or patio, and craftsmanship never goes out of style. As we dig into examples of some of your options below, youll see wood and stone designs that you can rest assured will stand the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically.

Bench With Planter Box

While built-in deck benches with storage are highly popular, you can also consider adding a built-in planter box to the back or sides of the seating as well. If you are a gardener at heart, a built-in garden box is a great way to grow flowers or herbs every year. At the very least, you can always have color and nature on the deck.

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How Do You Choose The Type Of Built

Generally itll boil down to what kind of deck or patio you have. If your patio is stone, you may want to invest in stone seating . Likewise, if a wood patio, its pretty easy to incorporate built-in wood seating.

As for shape and size, it really boils down to your deck/patio.

TIP: Even if you opt for built-in seating, leave enough space for regular patio furniture. You probably will want a dining set because it aint fun sitting in a row on a bench eating dinner.


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Concrete Brick & Stone Deck Benches

Redwood deck with built-in benches and bar

Even wood that’s been protected with stain will gradually wear down through weatherization. Using stone, brick, or concrete effectively solves that problem. One concern with concrete, brick, or stone benches is that they may way considerably more than a wooden built-in bench. With these types of benches, it’s important to be certain that your selections are appropriate for the structural strength of your deck.

Unique Ideas For Patio Settings

See how this outdoor urban patio with concrete flowerbed walls is transformed into a peaceful space nestled among the plants.

The warmth of wood contrasts beautifully against a more industrial fee of plain and cold concrete.

We’ll show you exactly how we built this bench not only to look like it was growing out of the concrete wall but how to last with all the rain.

It’s unique design details made this completely removable and able to shed water and virtually eliminate the threat of rot. The entire bench sits off the concrete wall allowing airflow and drainage.

And look at what happens when you add a pair of planters.

This bland space comes alive.

Well designed and placed seating alternatives bench transform an empty, unused area of a deck into something much more!

OK, now you know what can be done.

A number of more detailed articles below discuss a variety of bench seating styles for different environments.

You will also see how to plan and build the type that will work best for your deck or patio.

How To Build A Built

The availability of good seating can transform a deck, and few options compare with built-in deck benches. Well-executed benches can provide a more welcoming space for entertaining guests, reinvent the aesthetic of your deck, or simply save space.

Built-in benches can allow you to get creative with the layout of other deck furniture. If youre handy with woodworking or adventurous and willing to try, learning how to build built-in deck seating can be a great project for DIY homeowners.

See More Ideas About Deck Seating Gardens And Deck Benches

Seating that is done the right way can make your deck much more inviting and useful for entertaining. Choosing built in deck benches crafted from timbertech ® capped polymer or capped composite decking means you bring the promise of better tech, better deck to a critical design element in your space. A built in bench will make an ordinary deck extraordinary!

Benches Made Of Mahogany

Deck with Built In Bench

This deck gives a traditional Arts and Crafts backdrop for a beautiful vista, with a concrete foundation laid with flagstone. Mahogany seats act as railings along the decks borders and provide comfortable seating for gatherings.

There are numerous ways to personalize your outdoor area, but have you considered installing deck benches to conserve space, add more seats, and modify the design without incurring additional costs?

There are so many various styles you can make and numerous ways you can arrange your furnishings, and its all quite affordable.

Since youre reading this, Im assuming youre a DIY aficionado or someone who is considering putting their fingers into the DIY realm. Since you cant go wrong with a deck bench, its the ideal first DIY project.

Its fairly simple to rectify and redo if a number is incorrect. This is the ideal time for everyone to let go and try something new!

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Seating Built Around A Hot Tub

Instead of sinking a hot tub below a raised deck, you can create raised seating around a hot-tub for an attractive effect, like this deck featured in HGTVs Amazing Deck Designs article.

This deck also highlights the organic shape of the mountains beyond with both the circular movement of its perimeter and the curve of the hot tub seating.

Tip: Consider adding a square pergola atop a rounded deck to add visual interest and contrast.

Looking for more tips, ideas and guidelines for your deck design? Check out our helpful !

Planter Boxes On A Deck Bench

A deck seat with planting boxes is quite popular. You may select from a variety of deck bench designs with planter boxes.

This basic backless deck seat is one of them. On either end, there is a planter box. Furthermore, the natural wood hue makes it appealing. If you dont stain it, the seat and the patio will become a lovely color.

Browse 172 Deck Built In Bench On Houzz Whether You Want Inspiration For Planning Deck Built In Bench Or Are Building Designer Deck Built In Bench From Scratch Houzz Has 172 Pictures From The Best Designers Decorators And Architects In The Country Including Bonny Weil General Contractor And Riggs Construction & Design

To enhance their good looks, use your denver carpentry skills and incorporate handsome planters for flowers into the design of the benches, whether as part of the seat back, the edges or an overhanging arbor. It looks great and makes the porch area perfect for comfortable dining. Design by john gidding from

Backless Benches For Dining

Custom deck benches with built in tables!

Previously, you may have seen that the majority of deck benches are situated along the decks line. This is not the case with this bench design.

An eating area has been created using the seats and a picnic table. This is a better setup for a bigger deck.

Furthermore, the strong black hue of these backless seats adds to their appeal. This varnish color contrasts nicely with the chocolate deck.

Benches Placed Into The Railing On The Deck

These seats are intended to be used in conjunction with the deck railing installation. They are constructed at the same time as the rail, and the final result must fulfill all local railing code standards.

A bench may be integrated into any railing system in a number of ways. One of these is to employ ready-made brackets that have been custom-made for the job.

Bench Railing And Deck Bench Plans

We built a hot tub deck recently and it turned out quite nicely. Like any good construction project, before we got started we needed a set of deck bench plans. The mountain laurel newel posts stick up above the handrails for a completely different look. Nestled in a woodsy spot, the posts and balusters also blend beautifully with the background. As youll see in the following pictures, natural elements bring to life our concept of an incredibly functional deck.

A deck is a great touch for the home as well as a way for the family to spend quality time together. It is respectable enough for the grownups to feel relaxed in, and at the same time cool enough for kids to hang out on, while pretending its a tree house. A deck is also a lovely retreat when you want to be alone with your thoughts, not to mention that it is a knock out idea for your home improvement additions.

Building a deck can be borne out of many reasons including decorative and home improvement objectives, recreational and leisure concerns, and even for health and wellness causes. Irrespective of the causes which bring about their construction, Decks are quite popular home décor choices, and for excellent reasons.

Building The Back Of The Bench

With the seat complete I moved on to the back of the bench. I wanted to create a little bit of a slant so I screwed a deck board down all the way around the back of the bench pressed tight against the deck posts with it laying down flat it was 5 1/2 from the back of the bench to the front of the board. Then I duplicated that board where the top of the back rest would land, screwing it to the deck posts all the way around above the benches. Then it was just a case of putting another two million 24 boards on, lining them up with the bottom seat boards.

With the majority of the outdoor bench complete I just needed to figure out what I wanted to do in the corner. Using a scrap piece of wood I created a support across the top of the corner and across the base. This gave me a place to put one more board. I considered doing something a lot more complicated in the corner but I didnt hate this both in looks and in functionality UPDATE: it has become my favorite spot to sit and read actually!

Deck Bench With Unstained Railing

Ask The Builder: Nothing beats built

This railing seat could be ideal for your deck. This benchs design concept is straightforward. It does, however, provide you with several functions.

Its big enough for both you and your friends to sit on. It also serves as a replacement for the deck railing. As a consequence, youve got a long, useful deck bench.

The untarnished rail deck bench is ideal for those who like a rustic and aged appearance from their deck and bench.

Most Divine Deck Benches With Backs Bench Seat Back Plans

You can install this piece first on the back of the bench by applying wood glue and then screwing it into place on the framing. If you love to sit on the benches with no backrest, then this storage bench will get ten out of ten from you. Lock the front leg to the back support by driving in 3 1/2â carriage bolts, making sure you align these components accurately. Oak is a nice looking hardwood, and cedar withstands the weather well.step 2, gather the tools for the job:

To stop the suffering, and add a fetching dining room seating option, we give you the dining table bench seat with back. Then back out the four screws at those points. Building the built ins with bench seat the side cabinets. For a plain bench with back, figure costs at $10 to $30 per lineal foot for materials. Sit on.

But in nearly all cases, the sizable area beneath the bench is transformed into ample storage space. Use 2Ã4 wood and 3/4â thick plywood to create the bench frame. Cut the footboard in half to use the halves as armrests. Find dining table bench seat with back. How to build a kitchen bench seat with storage.

Oak is a nice looking hardwood, and cedar withstands the weather well.step 2, gather the tools for the job: The next step of the project is to assemble the bench frame by fitting the stretcher. Many of use have back issues, and sitting on a seat with no backing is a problem. Basically, youâll screw a level frame of 2x4s.

How To Make A Bench Around Your Deck Railing

At Mountain Laurel Handrail, we have been doing outdoor and indoor home improvements for more than a decade now, and though the majority of our work consists of railings for various uses and in different applications, we do dabble, from time to time, in non-rail projects, such as our line of unique Laurel furniture, for instance. This project provided another opportunity to step out of our comfort zone a little, and explore our passions in another direction.

The project here was unique, in that part of it was something we had done lots of time previously, and at the same time, the other substantial part presented new and exciting creative challenges.

This project was the recent building of a hot tub deck, with extra seating space, in an outdoor location and it turned out really well, if I may say so. Every fresh job, as a matter of course, comes with its own particular requirements, and it was quite interesting trying to predict the direction the hot tub deck would lead us in. Naturally, the homeowner also had certain defined thoughts and concepts about the way she wanted the final deck to look. It was necessary to look at all these in the light of practical design and construction parameters, and determine quickly what would work, and what would need some modification.

Freestanding Deck Bench With Storage

Though built-in storage is more common with built-in deck benches, these designs also work great for freestanding decks. Freestanding deck bench ideas come in many varieties: some have seats that lift up, while others have drawers that slide-out from the bottom of the bench. But in nearly all cases, the sizable area beneath the bench is transformed into ample storage space.

Attach Legs Blocking And Seat Rails

Wood Deck with Built-In Bench in Glenview, IL

An 8 bench will require a third set of legs near the center, so use a miter saw to cut your 4x4s into three sets of legs. For a freestanding bench, keep the length of the legs even. Some of the most comfortable built-in deck benches create a gentle slope in the seating area by making the rear legs 1 shorter than the front legs. This is an option to consider only if the bench is positioned securely against a wall.

For a standard build with a 10 depth to the seating, youll want rails in the neighborhood of 16. Use a circular saw to cut your 2×6 rails to the planned width of the seat. Next, pre-drill and connect the rails to the legs.

Around The Tree On The Deck Bench

The more natural built-in deck bench options are some of the most inventive. In fact, building a seat around a preexisting tree is among the most efficient methods to integrate nature within your deck. This is not only appealing to the eye, but its also not difficult to do.

Furthermore, the tree may give enough shade to provide a wonderful little lounge area as an extra benefit.

Of course, finding the perfect tree to carry this off is the limiting issue with this notion. Do not cut down the tree if it is the ideal tree for the job. Simply build a bench around it to include it into the layout of your deck.