Diy Small Backyard Basketball Court

By Step Basketball Court Construction / Installation

How to build a Backyard Basketball Court
  • The site should be graded in a similar manner as if you were putting down a permanent base. For example, vegetation removal, leveling with a slope of 1 per 16 for drainage, and compaction of the ground.
  • Once the court area has been rough graded it is best to contain the court with 6 x 6 x 8 landscape timbers from Home Depot, Lowes, or local lumberyard. Straight ones work best. The timbers are used just to create a border to contain the base materials. This helps to eliminate erosion of the base over time. 4 x 4 x 8 timbers can work, however 6 x 6 work best. They can be set down by digging out 2-3 along a squared up stake and string line, then placed in the dug out area.
  • Materials Used To Build A Basketball Court

    First of all, you need to level the ground. For this purpose, you can get the concrete grid from a building supply store. Before cutting the concrete grid, you should mark every 10 feet along the length of the court. You will need to use safety glasses and dust masks, as you are working around large slabs. Make sure to set the depth of the saw at one inch, and work slowly to avoid damaging it. For a regulation-sized court, youll need 288 feet of boards.

    Another popular surface material for a basketball court is concrete. Although this is the most expensive, it also offers the most long-term effects and performance. A 4 concrete pad with steel-reinforced rebar is a standard feature for backyard basketball courts. The concrete will resist any impact from landing, but it can also expand and contract, reducing the risk of injuries. After the concrete pad is poured, a polyurethane finish will be applied to provide a waterproof surface.

    The dimensions of a backyard basketball court are crucial in determining how many basketball hoops to install. It doesnt have to be incredibly wide, but it should be wide enough to be able to accommodate all the people who want to play. Its also important to determine the surface material, as certain types of materials require more maintenance than others. The right surface material will make it possible for everyone to enjoy playing basketball.

    How To Build A Basketball Court

    Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. In most cases, people love the sport because of how fast-paced and exciting it is compared to other sports. However, some people play basketball because it is much more approachable and convenient than other sports. That is because the most important aspect of basketball is the hoop itself.

    Even though you can play basketball with only a hoop, it still is better to play the sport on a real court because that will allow you to play with more people in a much more competitive environment. So, in that case, you might want to build a DIY basketball court for your personal use or the entire community. But how do you build a basketball court? We will show you a step-by-step guide on constructing a basketball court.

    1. Location

    The most important part about building a basketball court is choosing the right location. It could be your backyard or a property you bought in your neighborhood. And if you live in a big city, you can even construct the court on a rooftop, which is quite common in some of the biggest urban areas in the world.

    Finally, about the location, it is best to choose a flat location because basketball is played on a flat surface. If the floor is slightly angled, the ball will bounce differently while dribbling it. That is why you should choose a location that is smooth and flat.

    2. Size

    3. Flooring

    4. Level the ground and pour the concrete

    5. Install the hoop

    6. Paint the lines

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    Overlooking The Court Design

    A common mistake DIYers make during court construction is overlooking the design. Before installing your court, review the design to ensure it meets your needs and expectations. The design also acts as a blueprint the entire project will rely on, preventing issues from surfacing later.

    Going through your options will help you visualize what the court will look like in the end. The last thing you want is to finish constructing the court and for it to look different from what youd envisioned.

    Purchase The Hoop & Sports Court Surface Tiles

    Diy Backyard Basketball Court Ideas / Dream Up Some Fun Ideas for Your ...

    The in-ground Hoop anchor kit should be installed during the concrete pour, so ensure youve ordered your Hoop in time to arrive before you schedule the concrete. Take note of the hoop’s overhang in centimetres so you can plan accurate placement of the hoop anchor, free throw and three point lines.

    Surfacing your court with a specially designed synthetic sports surface such as Australia’s #1 selling, top rated MSF Pro will not only produce an amazing looking result, but will also provide more accurate ball bounce, sound reduction and minimises joints strain/injuries.

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    Relying On Diy Video Instructors

    A quick Internet search will reveal dozens of DIY backyard basketball construction videos. Indeed, these videos provide an idea of what DIY court construction entails. Nevertheless, avoid relying on them entirely because they are sometimes misleading.

    The videos often focus on only one aspect of basketball court installation, leaving out other equally essential aspects. Furthermore, the videos may not cover issues that professional installers know how to handle, including permits and site measurements.

    Cost Of An Indoor Basketball Installation

    You might think that an outdoor basketball court will be more expensive than having an indoor court, well these two do not really have that much of a difference. As one of the most famous backyard sports, most people will normally think that it will be best to get an outdoor court instead of a small indoor basketball court where everyone can enjoy playing to their hearts content even when it is raining hard outside.

    Like any other home remodeling plans, the most sensitive topic when enhancing your house will be the budget that you need to cover the costs. A professional basketball gym court that will follow the NBAs standards will most likely be at $46,000 while a half-court will be around $23,000. As you lessen the quality of the court that you will be building, the cost will eventually lower but if you think that this estimate is too high, you might need to take note that professional labor costs have been factored in already.

    Most of the time, the budget that you need to set aside for this project will depend on the dimensions of a basketball court that you have in mind. Having an extra space that only needs to be installed with the proper flooring, basketball hoops and a set of bleachers will considerably lower the costs. Other things that will reduce your costs will be existent paint on your walls that still looks great. Considering building a basketball court will be a great way of saving money too.

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    How Much Does It Usually Cost To Build A Basketball Court

    Building a basketball court is not a cheap endeavor because the construction materials you will be using will cost a lot of money. However, the overall expenses will depend on the type of materials you will use and on the size of the basketball court.

    If youâre planning to build a court in your backyard, the good news is that the cost to build an indoor basketball court at home is minimized because you no longer need to buy a separate lot for the court. A half court will require you to shell out somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000, depending on the materials and the size.

    However, if you want to build a bigger full court in your backyard , you might want to spend around $60,000 to $80,000. In short, a full-sized court is going to be expensive.

    Meanwhile, for those who want to build a court elsewhere, you might spend north of a hundred grand because you will also spend for the lot you will be building the court on. This should not be a problem if you plan to make a business out of the court. But if you are on a budget, especially if the court is for personal or community use, you have to make sure that you have enough money for this endeavor.

    Painting Your Basketball Court

    BASKETBALL COURT in your BACKYARD | DIY Backyard Basketball Court

    Once all is done and you have acquired your own indoor or outdoor basketball court, it is now time to make it look like glory. You can paint your basketball court in several different ways in order to make it look like the stuff of legend.

    Paint can also reduce wear and tear along with giving your basketball court a distinct look. However, you need a variety of tools if you want to paint your basketball court. Here is a list of what they are:

    • Rollers

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    Planning Your Basketball Court Or Sport Court

    This backyard project is costly from the start of the concrete slab. It just goes up as you add the tiles and other material costs. A budget is a must for a home improvement project like this. You may need to breakdown the cost of building and focus on the average cost per square foot to help determine what kind of court you choose and what else the court may need.

    Choose The Size And Location Of Your Court

    Ideally youll choose a location that is reasonably flat, to keep excavation needs to a minimum.

    Recommended subsurface base: Concrete

    We strongly recommend a concrete base for any new base being built for a MSF PRO sports court. Concrete provides by far the best longevity, performance and value over the long run and requires virtually no ongoing maintenance or repairs for many years. Other suitable bases include Pavers, Asphalt or Decking.

    • Option 1: Have an elevated concrete slab & then fit your landscaping requirements around it.
    • Option 2: Level the slab with the rest of your backyard. This option involves more excavation work/costs.

    The size of a full size NBL court is identical to the FIBA regulation sized basketball court of 28m x 15m , which is usually too large to fit into the average backyard. We recommend considering a half court, which can be customised to suit your space. Sizing can range from very small approx 4m x 6m , 9m x 5m , 10m x 7m to a 3X3 regulation half court of 15m x 11m .

    Precise measurements and planning are crucial in order to end up with the best result.

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    How To Build A Concrete Basketball Court

    After you have the measurements, its time to decide the courts foundation or the base material for the court. The first material that comes to mind when you think of a basketball court is concrete, which will provide the best performance and last longer than any other option despite being sort of pricy. Typically, youll need a 4 pad for the court complete with some steel reinforced rebar and expansion joints cut by a saw. But with concrete, youll have to make sure there is no slope or else itll make the court uneven and affect play. If you cant do your own concrete, you can always hire a professional to come out, but youll end up spending more money . However, if you do place the concrete foundation on your own, make sure you the pole hoops will be cemented into foundation tightly.

    Some families prefer a portable basketball system so that they can take it with them when they move to a different house. If that is the case for you, be sure to choose one that is sturdy. To make the basketball system sitting more secure to the ground, some have the design that allows you to add water or sand at the base. > > Heres a portable basketball stand that I like.

    Best Basketball Court Flooring Materials

    How to Build a DIY Backyard Basketball Court

    Watching a lot of basketball matches will probably give you an insight as to the kind of flooring materials that will go well with your planned ball court in the backyard. Knowing the fact that your court will be installed outdoors will greatly affect the choices that you have. Most indoor courts use hardwood because of its surface properties, that impressive dunks are actually because of the traction provided by the wood. As it is the perfect ground surface material for indoor use, yet shouldnt something be said about the outside court?

    To capture the more functional flooring that you can actually use for indoor courts we made a list of materials that most people can use. Look into these choices and learn the actual pros and cons of most materials for your outdoor and backyard basketball courts flooring.

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    What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court

    Asphalt is considered to be the best surface for an outdoor basketball court.

    It is strong enough to withstand the hardship condition brought about by the rigorous play that takes place on it. Asphalt can also stand harsh weather conditions like rain and high temperatures that are fond of creating cracks on other materials.

    This material is smooth and absorbs shock reducing on the risks of getting injured while playing.

    It is also water proof thus enabling one to enjoy basketball in all weather conditions. Please note that asphalt is also resistant to wear and tear that could occur in extreme weather conditions

    Set The Size And Select The Location For Your Basketball Court

    Scout your property for a space that is open and as flat as possible. A concrete base for your court is typically the best option for residential areas. Concrete is a top choice for its longevity and durability – you wont have to do much maintenance for your concrete court to last for years. Plan to level the area you will fill with concrete with your backyard.

    Make sure to factor in excavation or landscaping costs into your project plan. A full-size, regulation basketball court will be 28m by 15m. Consider a half-court to fit more comfortably into your yard.

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    Indoor Basketball Court Surface Options

    The most beneficial thing that basketball enthusiasts can get from building indoor courts is having a better environment when playing ball. Compared to outdoor courts in your backyards, once you play indoors you wont need to worry about the ever-changing weather and the slippery floors. Unless you really want to sweat it out while playing with an outdoor view, building a durable court and playing indoors will always be a better option even if the court is a remodeled basement in your house.

    Modern Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

    DIY Basketball Court – How much does it cost?

    This modern backyard packs a lot of fun for multiple users. It has a relaxing area for a couple along with a fire pit table that keeps you warm during the freezing night.

    Since it is situated on a higher area, it overlooks the basketball court beneath.

    This basketball court comes in a minimalist look to match this modern home. Although it is rather small, it is sufficient for a single player that wants to brush up on his skills.

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    When Do You Want It

    Do you want to build your court in the spring, so it is ready to be used all summer long? Or do you want to build it in the summer to help avoid the higher chances of rain? Figuring out when you want to build it and communicating with the contractors and the other people making the court possible is a must. The timeline is also affected by financing. Getting an idea of when the court is going to be built is crucial.

    Resurface And Mark For Optimal Performance

    Once the concrete has dried, add a surface such as the rubber or polymer tiles mentioned above. Consider how much use your court will get, your weather conditions, and the give of the floor itself to find the best product for your court.

    If the surface doesnt already come pre-marked, use a court stencil to create accurate markings.

    There you have it: a DIY backyard basketball court to be enjoyed by family, friends, and neighbors for years and years to come. In no time at all, youll be working on those alley-oops!

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    Free Flex Court Athletics Buyers Guide

    A backyard basketball court under construction in New York by Neave Sports.

    If you have kids, you know theres a point, as they get older, that suddenly the plastic Fisher-Price basketball set just wont cut it. If Junior wants to dunk but hes 2 feet taller than the hoop that little hoops going to go down.

    Neave Sports can help you upgrade from that plastic kids hoop to the real deal!

    A well-constructed backyard basketball court can be a great way to create even more reasons for your family to spend time outdoors, and its an addition that will last a long time. .

    Taking your backyard to the next level begins by contacting us here or with a simple phone call to Neave Sports at one of our three convenient locations:

    • In the Hudson Valley NY, area, call .

    • In Westchester County NY, dial .

    • In Fairfield County CT, contact us at .

    Backyard Multipurpose Basketball Court Ideas


    A small backyard is not a dead end. Do not ever think that tiny space will not grant you enormous fun. This one has proven that it can do a lot of things despite being compact.

    This small backyard packs various kinds of games within a small space. You can play not only basketball but also bowling, chess, and dart in the same place.

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