Does Sunday Lawn Care Work

Is Sunday Lawn Care Safe For Plants

WHY do LAWN CARE companies AVOID fenced in BACKYARDS?

Sunday Lawn Care products are safe to use for all types of turfgrass, but the company doesnt recommend using their nutrient pouches on garden plants. However, Sunday Lawn Care has recently launched a few garden products such as an all-purpose plant food mix, flower and bloom plant food mix, and veggie + tomato plant food mix.

Making A Lawn Care Choice You Can Feel Confident About

When you hire a professional to handle a service for you, a big part of that decision often has to do with being able to cast your worries aside. In terms of lawn care, you want to know that your lawn is getting what it needs when it needs it.

The truth is, a DIY approach cant take your worries away.

For one, youre missing the support of a local team in your community who can stand behind their work and have a tremendous amount of training to do the job that they do. With a DIY kit, youre probably just dealing with a random person online.

But youre also stuck having to do the work yourself.

Is this really how you want to spend your Sunday?

Working with a pro eliminates the hassles. Lets be honest, even though this box kit is making everything seem so simple, you still have to do the work yourselfnot to mention having to worry about the timeline for applications. Are you doing everything at the right time? That does make a difference!

Thats why we find that Oasis Turf & Tree customers really dont hire us to make their lawn beautiful , they hire us to take away their worries.

As simple as this kit may seem, chances are, its going to fall short of your wants and needs. And it will still leave you to worry about what needs to be done. Fortunately, when you hand over your lawn care needs to Oasis Turf & Tree, you get to hand over your worries, too.

Its More Affordable Than Paying For Professional Lawn Maintenance

You can usually save money by doing anything yourself versus hiring a professional, and thats the case with Sunday lawn care, where annual plans start at $119. Considering that homeowners pay a yearly average of $219 for professional lawn treatments, Sunday can save about $100. If youre OK applying the products yourself, opting for Sundays simple do-it-yourself approach will save you money. Plus, youll feel proud of the hard work you put in to get your grass up to snuff for summertime.

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A Simple Lawn Maintenance Schedule 10 Steps A Lush Lawn

Some articles will lead you to believe that you need to spend lots of money and follow a super complicated plan to achieve a great-looking lawn. While those plans undoubtedly work, most people dont need something so in depth.

With a little planning, and some local knowledge you can have a great looking lawn with a minimal amount of planning and effort.

In this guide, we will give you a lawn maintenance schedule with only 10 simple steps.

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In This Article:

How Does Sunday Lawn Care Work

Get Sunday Lawn Care: Review, Does it Work? » Balancing Act

Sunday is a pet-safe subscription lawn care plan customized for your lawn. The goal of the subscription is to tweak your soil so it can grow the healthiest grass possible. Sunday uses a combination of satellite imagery, climate information, and soil conditions to customize your plan.

Sunday then ships you their all-natural, pet-safe fertilizers that are geared toward your lawns specific needs. They also ship you a free soil analysis kit with your first shipment that you can send back to their lab for a more precise diagnosis of what your lawn needs. Depending on the time of year you sign up, you will get up to three shipments annually with two to four product pouches in each box. Initially, youll also get a sprayer that attaches to your hose and works as a delivery system for the pouch contents. Delivery timing is specific to each customers climate and grass growth.

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Pros & Cons Comparison Table

  • Free soil analysis test included
  • All tools needed are provided
  • Also offers various natural, pet-safe products, including organic weed killer and several seed blends
  • Unlimited expert support customer service available 7 days a week
  • A 1% for the planet business that donates a portion of all sales to help the environment

Lawn Care Tips For Late Fall

As the cool weather continues, youre going to start seeing a lot of debris and leaves falling from nearby trees and bushes. Your main job now is to keep that debris from covering your lawn and preventing sun and water from getting to the grass and roots. Learn more about why you shouldnt let fall leaves cover your grass.

A mulching mower, or a Toro mulching attachment for a zero turn mower, will go a long way in breaking up the leaves and organic matter without damaging the grass below. This mulch is also a great way to put nutrients into the soil without introducing fertilizers, so take advantage of as much of it as you want.

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Is Sunday Lawn Care Safe & Eco

Designed to be a healthy alternative to the toxic lawn care products on the market, Sunday is safe and environmentally friendly. Products are made with natural ingredients that are effective without damaging your lawns ecosystem. Rest assured that children and pets can enjoy playing on your lawn after using Sunday products.

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What Is Sunday Lawn Care

SickKids warns of service disruptions amid staffing crunch

The founders started Sunday Lawn Care with a simple mission to nourish their lawns without a bunch of chemicals. They wanted to create a product that fed grass but also maintained a healthy ecosystem.

Their website states that they give an unspecified portion of every sale to One Percent for the Planet.

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Does Sunday Sell Grass Seed Too

Yep! Sunday has you covered here as well, with premium grass seed designed to help you grow a full yard of grass.

If you have bare patches in your yard or just a thin lawn in general, then you might need to put down some new grass seed to help thicken things up. Their grass seed is bred to maximize drought resistance. So that you dont have to watch the horizon waiting for the next rainstorm continually.

Sunday has a wide variety of grass seeds. Which are optimized for different continental United States regions. Good seeds, a little rain, and natural nutrient packets are the trifecta that will make your yard beautiful and full.

Check out their website for more detailed explanation regarding the benefits of each grass blend.

And by the way, the seeds have fun names too, including Fescue Rescue, Kentuckys Best, Bermuda Time, Shade Select, and Lucky Lawn.

  • Fescue Rescue grass seed is drought tolerant and works best for northern transitional climates.

  • Lucky Lawn grass seed includes a blend of fescue, bluegrass, and clover, and is designed to help crowd out weeds.

  • Bermuda Time roots down deep and works well for very sunny lawns in the southern parts of the continental United States.

Does Sunday Lawn Care Kill Weeds Effectively

Both the Weed Warrior and the Dandelion Doom are effective at killing weeds. Weed Warrior is meant for weeds in flower beds and gardens, or along your sidewalk. Dandelion Doom can safely be used on the entire lawn as it does not kill grass. Results for both of these products can be seen in as little as 20 minutes.

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What Do You Get In Your Box

The first subscription box includes a starter tool kit. The tool kit attaches to a garden hose and the pouch of the lawn care product so that the product can be sprayed on the lawn.

All the Sunday Lawn Care products are in liquid form and are applied with a sprayer or hose rather than with a traditional fertilizer spreader.

The box will also contain instructions for use. Your products will arrive in pouches. If you choose any weed products in your level of lawn care package, the first package will also include a pump sprayer to apply the liquid weed killer.

How Does The Subscription Work

Get Sunday Lawn Care: Review, Does it Work? » Balancing Act

When you sign up for a subscription, Sunday will use your physical address to determine an initial regional soil analysis. They even capture your address with Google Maps and mark up your lawn to verify lawn size . Sunday emailed me and had me verify that the mapping was correct.

You receive a lawn care subscription box with your initial application at the beginning of the season that includes your fertilizer and a hose spray connector that you will want to keep for future applications.

The hose spray connector screws on snuggly and has an on-off valve. You simply turn on the water and begin spraying. As you do, the solution mixes with water from the hose and sprays out in a fan pattern. Thoroughly cover the lawn until the bag is empty. Easy peasy.

Compared to traditional dry fertilizer that you apply with a spreader, this is a little more hands-on. You fan the spray back and forth applying a generous amount of the fertilizer as you go. I like that Im watering the grass at the same time that Im applying it.

I work backwards when doing this. I start at a back corner of the yard and work my way back, covering the area as I go. I think this is really a matter of personal preference though. Since it is made from natural ingredients, theres really no reason you cant work forwards and walk over the covered area.

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Sunday Lawn Care Cant Offer A Localized Approach

You probably already know that lawns can differ dramatically from one locale to another. Even locally, your lawns soil make-up can be different from your neighbors. Unfortunately, this is a big flaw in the Sunday Lawn Care approach.

Sunday Lawn Care relies on a soil test and a zip code to diagnose all of your lawn problems. But the truth is, there are many problems that cannot be diagnosed without being on the property.

Most likely, you also want a locally-based company that is truly in touch with whats going on with the lawns in your area. But how can Sunday Lawn Care be in touch with local conditions when they are a nationwide company trying to provide lawn care for the masses?

Truthfully, as a product company, not a service company, they simply cannot deliver the same results as a locally-owned company with local people helping.

Wont Grow New Grass To Cover Bare Spots

Without adding grass seed or patches to your lawn , the nutrient pouches you receive in your plan wont grow new grass on their own.

They recommend seeding the bare spots or thin areas first, then using their nutrient pouches to help it all grow lush and healthy.

We partnered with Sunday to get you $20 off with promo code RETHORITY20. Sign up today!


  • Delivered straight to your door.
  • Plans are customized to your lawn.
  • Annual soil test.
  • Sent when you need it
  • Pet and child-safe organic ingredients.


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Tailored To Your Needs

Not all lawns are created equal, and nor are the environments they find themselves in. Thats why Sundays ability to tailor packages to the individual needs of lawns around the country is so vital. The US has such diverse climates that no one size fits all approach was ever going to work. This means you get the most from your subscription no matter where you live.

Is Sunday Lawn Care Legit

NEIGHBOR thought I was CRAZY til she saw what I did

Sunday Lawn Care is a quality product produced by a reputable company out of Boulder, Colorado. Sundays Chief Science Officer is Frank Rossi who holds a Ph.D. in turf science and maintains professional grounds including Yankee Stadium. So yes, they are legit.

In fact, Dr. Rossi is a professor of Turfgrass Science at Cornell University and has been published in an impressive number of professional turfgrass journals .

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To Do List: Good Any Time

Switch to an Organic Fertilizer. This is one of the easiest things you can do, especially if youre not using a lawn service. There are numerous organic options, including pellets or powders that can be applied with a spreader in the same way that most commercial fertilizers are usually spread. See Fertilizing for details.

Set your Mower Height High. Set your cutting height to 2.5 to 3 inches, and cut long. The longer grass will shade out more weeds than will short grass, it will protect the dirt from evaporation, and it will grow more slowly than short grass. Longer lawns therefore need fewer pesticides, less water, and less frequent mowing than short lawns.

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How Does It Work

This program is one of the newest ideas in the lawn care space. The companys theory is that, if you can use a hose, you can have a gorgeous lawn.

The company will take a detailed analysis of your lawn and use that information to create a lawn care plan that works perfectly for your unique needs.

Youll get a Sunday Smart Lawn Plan when you sign up so you will know exactly what kind of soil deficiencies you might have.

Then, youll be shipped the products you need with detailed instructions on how to use them. In most cases, all you will have to do when it comes to applying the products is attach a packet of nutrients to your hose.

The system is as easy as that!

When you sign up with the service, youll get a customized plan that works with boost warm- and cool-season grass types in your climate.

And if youre wondering, does it kill weeds? the answer is it can, yes! Many plans contain weed control via an organic and iron-based spot weed control application, too.

The company offers pet-friendly plans that work with the issues you have to create the perfect solution you will love the before and after results. To start, you just have to start typing your address and youll get an instant and free soil, lawn, and climate analysis.

Some even come with grass seed. You can get Sunday hybrid seed blends and patches to add on to your plan so that you can seed before you apply their nutrients.

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You Have To Do The Work Yourself

Sunday nutrient pouches come in 32 oz. sizes.

DIY lawn care isnt for everyone, and with Sunday, doing it yourself is the only option. This isnt a complaint but rather something you should know before taking the plunge. The larger the yard, the longer it will take you to apply the treatments. My yard is approximately 4,800 sq. ft. total . It took me a little over an hour to put down the first treatment in my yard.

Theres no denying that applying the treatment is more fun than picking weeds, but I did get bored out there. I popped in my wireless earbuds and caught up on a couple of podcasts. If you have a large yard like I do, be prepared to put in the time and effort when applying Sunday products.

The Website Account Page

Get Sunday Lawn Care: Review, Does it Work? » Balancing Act

This is where you can also look to see when your next application will be arriving, check the tracking of your shipment, and view your lawn data.

The Lawn Data section shows regional soil makeup based on your location, seasonal growth patterns for grass, average temperatures, and rainfall.

Where the magic really happens though is in the soil test. Thats when you see how your specific soil differs from regional averages and the unique requirements that it has.

You get a simple overview with letter grading of key aspects of your soil including Fertility, Nutrients, and Soil Salt. It then gets into gritty details of exactly which aspects of your soil are lacking.

Your soil plan shows what focuses will be made in future applications to offset these deficiencies.

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Pet And Kid Safe Lawn Fertilizer

One of the benefits of going natural with your lawn care is that you get away from the potentially harmful chemicals that your children and pets could be exposed to. This is especially true of toxic chemicals that are used to kill or prevent insects or weeds .

Sunday really takes pride in the fact that its products are kid and pet-friendly. They simply recommend waiting until the lawn is dry, then let em loose!

As Ive grown older Ive begun to take things like this more seriously. Ive put my old body through its fair share of abuse over the years but I try to be careful with the small ones that Im responsible for. Knowing that Im using natural products that are safe for my kids and pets is a welcome reassurance.