Electric Lawn Mower For Sale

Best Riding: Ryobi Ry48111 100 Ah 38 Electric Riding Mower

TORO personal pace lawnmower with electric start demo for sale
  • Great performance, even in thick grass

  • Quiet operation

  • No mulching capabilities

  • Uncomfortable seat

You can mow your lawn faster and easier with the RYOBI 38-inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower. This ride-on model has a 38-inch deck and can run for up to two hours per charge, and is able to handle even the thickest patches of grass without any issues. It can be used to side-discharge or bag grass clippings, but the bagging attachment is sold separately.

This riding mower is extremely quiet during operationits virtually silent when the blades arent engagedand it can travel at speeds up to 8 miles per hour. There are 12 cutting heights for its dual-blade deck, and it has handy features like LED lights, cruise control, and a USB charging port. The mower charges via a standard 120-volt outlet, but the seat could be somewhat uncomfortable to sit in for longer mowing sessions.

Cutting Width: 38 inches | Weight: 678 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1 to 2 acres

Best Corded: Black+decker Mm2000 20 In13


  • Winged blades for better grass collection

  • Plastic components

If you dont mind having to navigate around an extension cord as you mow, the BLACK+DECKER Corded Push Lawn Mower is a well-priced model that offers unlimited runtime. It has a 20-inch deck that features winged blades for superior grass collection, and its Edgemax design lets you get closer to obstacles like fencing and flower beds, minimizing the need for weed whacking.

This push mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver around your yard, and it has seven deck height settings between 1.5 and 4 inches. It comes with a 13-gallon grass collection bag, and its also able to mulch or side-discharge grass clippings. Plus, its handles collapse for more compact storage in your garage or shed.

Cutting Width: 20 inches | Weight: 52.9 pounds | Power Source: Corded | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 02.5 to 0.5 acres

Our Top Pick Is The Ego Power+ 21 Self

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Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower

Today’s electric lawn mowers are often easier to operate and maintain than gas-powered models, don’t generate as much noise, and won’t spew fumes. We researched and tested dozens of the best electric lawn mowers on the market, evaluating performance, maneuverability, safety, and noise level.

Our top pick is the EGO POWER+ 21″ Self-Propelled Mower because it has an excellent run-time, is easy to maneuver, and charges rapidly.

Here are the best electric lawn mowers.

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Best Push: Dewalt Dcmwp233u2 215 In 20

Home Depot

If you dont mind manually pushing a mower around your yard, the DEWALT 21.5-Inch Battery Push Mower is a heavy-duty option that delivers big in terms of performance. This push mower has a durable 21.5-inch steel deck and a high-output brushless motor, and it can run for up to 60 minutes per charge with its two 20-volt batteries. It even offers auto-sensing technology that increases torque in overgrown grass for a cleaner cut.

This mower can be used to mulch, bag, or side-discharge grass clippings, and there are six different cutting heights, ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. It features a push-button start thats easy for anyone to operate, but keep in mind that the mower weighs more than 70 pounds, so it can be a bit heavy to push, especially on hills.

Cutting Width: 21.5 inches | Weight: 72 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25 to 0.5 acres

Best For Large Yards: Ryobi Ry48ztr75 42 In 75 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

Electric Lawn Mowers for sale in UK

Courtesy of Home Depot

  • Bagging unit sold separately

If youre willing to spend top-dollar for a battery-powered riding mower, the RYOBI 42-Inch Electric Zero-Turn Mower is a worthwhile investmentespecially for those with larger yards. This mower is designed to tackle 2.5+ acres on a single charge, easily running for two hours or more without compromising power. Its zero-turn radius makes it extremely easy to handle and steer around obstacles, and it has a comfortable padded seat for long mowing sessions.

This lawn mower is able to bag, mulch, or side-discharge clippings, but the bagging unit is sold separately. There are 12 cutting heights to choose from, and the units control panel includes a battery-level indicator, unit hour meter, USB charging port, LED lights, cruise control, and more. The mower comes with a towing hitch and tow assembly hardware, and despite its size, it still charges via a standard 120-volt outlet.

Cutting Width: 42 inches | Weight: 617 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 2 to 4 acres

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Wheel Drive For Uneven Terrain

On flat surfaces a wheel drive for the rear axle is usually not necessary, here the pushing force of the operator is usually sufficient. The situation is different for hilly, impassable terrain. Here, a powerful rear-wheel drive, as offered by most models in the Einhell range, is an absolute must if you don’t want mowing the lawn to cause sore muscles.

What Other Electric Lawn Mowers Are Available

What if you don’t want to mow your lawn at all? Apart from hiring a lawn company, you could also look at buying a robot lawn mower. These devices are more expensive, typically starting at around $1,000, but will do all the hard work for you. It requires some setup at the start you need to install a wire around the perimeter of your property, like an invisible dog fence but after that, the robot lawn mower will take care of your grass for you.

If you’re in the market for gardening tools, take a look at the best pruning shears. For more gardening tips, tricks, and how-tos, check out our guides on how to plant grass seed, how to make your grass greener and how to stripe your lawn.

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Greater Surface Areas Require Greater Endurance

The first important factor is the size of the surface area to be mown. Although hand lawn mowers don’t have motors and therefore don’t require any fuel or electricity, these are only suitable for smaller areas, due to their comparatively low area output. Petrol-powered lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers with powerful motors, on the other hand, can handle larger areas without a problem. For the latter, however, the availability and suitable position of a socket and a correspondingly long cable must be ensured.

The 6 Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric Riding Lawn Mowers | Cub Cadet

Would you rather compare your options before making a purchase decision? Thats fine!

Below is a list of the 8 best electric riding mowers. These electric mowers are ranked based on performance, speed, battery life, comfort, and more.

  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Cutting Height: 1.5-4

The Cub Cadet CC30E is a top-rated electric lawn mower that offers homeowners a range of features and benefits. The 30 cutting deck is perfect for small to medium-sized yards.

In addition, the electric motor is whisper-quiet, making it ideal for mowing any time of the day. Not only will you be proud of this mower, but the neighbors will thank you!

But most importantly

How does it cut?

According to countless previous customer experiences pretty damn well!

In fact, most people cant tell the difference between a gas mower. The cut is clean and leaves your lawn looking a million dollars.

Cub Cadet has even included a mulch kit. That means you can re-use grass to keep your lawn nice and healthy.

However, not everybody wants to mulch their clippings, right!? Thats fine!

Cub Cadet has designed a bagger to collect your trimmings. Unlike the mulch kit, you will need to purchase this separately.

On a more positive note, the seat springs ensure a comfortable ride. Unfortunately, many electric lawn mowers are uncomfortable, so this is a significant upside.

And if that wasnt enough, you also get a cup holder. Because who doesnt enjoy a coffee while mowing the lawn!?

What I Like

And who wants that?

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How Long Do Electric Riding Mowers Last

An electric riding mower will last a long time.

However, its the battery you have to worry about.

On average, a lawn mower battery lasts between 3-5 years. Although, it depends on the type of battery.

You have lithium and lead-acid batteries.

My advice is to stick with lithium batteries. They are newer, more reliable, and even charge faster.

On the flip side, lead-acid batteries are older. Their power output decreases with time, lasting between 1-3 years.

However, they do perform well in colder temperatures.

So thats something to consider.

Fertilising With The Mulching Function

Subsequent use of the cut grass should also be considered. Collected in the standard catcher, you can then simply throw it on your compost heap or dispose of it in your organic waste bin. If the model of your choice has one, you can alternatively use the mulching attachment, which is also often standard equipment, which further chops the grass after mowing and then spreads it directly on the lawn as fertiliser. How you can benefit: This saves you work and is also good for your lawn.

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Best Cordless: Makita 18

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Includes extra set of batteries

  • Optional quiet mode

  • Needs higher cutting height

This push mower from Makita is a top choice if youre looking for a cordless, battery-powered model. It has a brushless motor that delivers up to 3,300 revolutions per minute for fast, powerful cutting, and the tool comes with four 18-volt batteriesit uses two at a time, and all together, the four batteries deliver around 40 minutes or runtime.

The Makita Push Lawn Mower has an 18-inch commercial-grade steel deck, which is a bit smaller than other models, and its able to bag, mulch, or rear-discharge clippings. There are 10 cutting heights, but the highest setting is only 3 inches, which can result in the machine struggling a bit in tall, overgrown grass. The mower has a soft, rubberized grip for operator comfort, and theres even a quiet mode that helps keep the volume to a minimumideal if you like to mow early in the morning.

Cutting Width: 18 inches | Weight: 60.46 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, rear-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.50 – 1 acre

Best Overall: Ego Lm2102sp Power+ 21 Self

Castor Electric lawn mowers for sale on Verdegarden
  • Plastic components

Who else recommends it? Wirecutter, Popular Mechanics, and Insider all picked the EGO POWER+ 21″ Self-Propelled Mower.

What do buyers say? 11,800+ Walmart reviewers rated this product 4 stars of above.

The EGO POWER+ 21″ Self-Propelled Mower is our top pick because it is powerful, quiet, and simple to use. This battery-powered model has a self-propelled design that makes it easy to maneuver and can last for up to a full hour per charge, making it ideal for use on small and medium-sized yards. The EGO’s rapid charging system stands head and shoulders above the competition, juicing up the battery in less than an hour.

The blades are adjustable to six cutting heights and deliver a precision cut that leaves the lawn looking professionally manicured. It can mulch, bag, or discharge grass clippings and even comes with a 2-bushel collection bag. A self-propel feature lets you set a pace between 0.9 and 3.1 miles per hour to match your walking speed. The body is plastic, making it feel less substantial than a traditional metal mower, but the lightweight material doesn’t affect performance.

Cutting Width: 21 inches | Weight: 62.06 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, rear-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25 to 0.5 acres

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Hand Lawn Mowers From Einhell

If you want to mow smaller areas quietly, effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, our manual lawnmowers are the perfect choice. With their power-driven spindle, they cut the grass as deep and clean as on a golf putting green. Smooth-running, ball-bearing mounted mowing spindles with steel cutting blades, multi-stage height adjustment and large wheels that are gentle on the lawn ensure that mowing is not strenuous for you or your lawn.

Best Budget: Greenworks 25022 12

  • Cord lock keeps plug connected

For those with smaller yards, the Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower is a great value. This budget-friendly model is corded, meaning youll have to navigate around an extension cord, but in our testing, we found it to be surprisingly powerful and extremely easy to operate. It has a 20-inch cutting deck that can be set to seven different heights, and it offers mulching, bagging, and side-discharge options for your grass clippings.

This mower needs to be plugged in with a 14-gauge 50-foot extension cord or a 12-gauge 100-foot extension cord, which isnt included with the purchase. The good news, however, is that youll have unlimited runtime as long as the mower is plugged in, and it has an integrated cord retention system that prevents it from coming unplugged if jostled. We found that the mower was lightweight enough to push around without much effort, and the included grass collection bag is easy to detach and empty.

Cutting Width: 20 inches | Weight: 56 pounds | Power Source: Corded | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25 acre

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk

“I appreciated having so many debris removal options and thought it was simple enough to shift settings, say from mulching to bagging, for different parts of the lawn. I didnt experience any issues with debris spilling in any of the modes.” Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

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Noise Volume May Also Be A Factor To Consider

Especially in densely built-up areas, the volume of the lawn mower can play a decisive role. Cordless lawnmowers and electric lawnmowers score more points here, as they do not require a loud combustion engine. Compared to petrol-powered lawn mowers, they do their work almost whisper quietly and without bothering the neighbours.

What Actually Is Mulching

Riding Mower vs Electric Zero Turn – Which Should You Buy?

When mulching, the cuttings are shredded in the closed mower housing and distributed over the lawn again. By distributing the cuttings, the soil is enriched with nutrients again and the soil is also protected from drying out too quickly. In general, it can be said that any lawn mower can also be used for mulching, or that this possibility exists, but certain conditions should be observed:

  • Mulching is only possible on relatively short lawns.
  • Use of the mulching blade to achieve an optimum result.
  • Unhook the catcher basket/box, insert the mulch adapter into the discharge opening and close the discharge flap.
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    Easy To Use And Light To Maneuver

    Electric lawn mowers are generally much lighter than their heavier, gas powered counterparts. This makes it easier to push and move around those tight corners, awkward spots, and when going uphill. Electric mowers are also more convenient for small backyards, as this requires little run-time. Whats more, electric mowers are simple to start with just a flick of a switch, while youll need to pull a starter rope several times on gas-powered types.

    Electric Lawn Mowers From Einhell

    Just like their battery-powered counterparts, Einhell’s electric lawn mowers also score points for low noise level and low weight. Their biggest advantage: Thanks to their cable connection to the power source they are our most durable mowers. No batteries to be charged, and no tank to be filled. Even with wet grass, large areas or undergrowth, electric lawn mowers never let up thanks to their constant power supply and deliver a well-kept lawn even when the going gets tough with no effort for you thanks to the wheel drive.

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    Cordless Lawn Mowers From Einhell

    No fumes, no pulling and tugging on the cable… just plug in the Power X-Change batteries and get started. With a cordless lawn mower from Einhell you can enjoy cordless freedom for your home’s garden. Equipped with the Power X-Change battery system, you can work independently of fixed power sources and fossil fuels. Depending on capacity and cutting width, these are suitable for lawns of up to 700 m² and are easy to manoeuvre thanks to their comparatively low weight and continuously variable wheel drive.

    Cutting Width Creates Area Output

    electric lawn mowers for sale

    When it comes to the surface area size, the cutting width is also an important decision factor: the larger the area, the larger the cutting width should ideally be. This means that even large areas of lawn can be covered in a reasonable amount of time. Einhell offers its petrol-powered, cordless battery-powered and wired electric lawn mowers with different cutting widths.

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    Best For Small Yards: Worx Wg779 Power Share 40


    • Easy to see when collection bag is full

    • Batteries compatible with other Worx tools

    The Worx Power Share Battery Walk-Behind Mower is ideal for smaller yards, as it has a 14-inch cutting deck and can cut up to 0.12-acre per charge. One of the main benefits of this mower is that its extremely lightweightit weighs around 29 pounds, making it extremely easy for anyone to handle.

    This compact mower is able to mulch or bag grass clippings, and the included collection bag features a plastic top that lets you see when its full. There are six deck heights to choose from, and an onboard battery meter lets you know when youre running out of power.

    Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 29.1 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch | Size of Yard: 0.12-acre