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America’s Most Expensive Cemeteries

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Upside: A water view, beautifully manicured grounds and a slew of famous neighbors, for a fraction of what local condos cost. Downside: You’re dead.

No, you may not be able to live among the rich and famous, but you can afford to be dead among them. Exclusive and expensive cemeteries begin–but don’t end–in places like New York, California and Texas, where late stars of industry, politics and Hollywood reside. If you’ve got enough life insurance, and a hankering to get in, you can.

How much? For a plot on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in beautiful Santa Barbara Cemetery in southern California, you’ll pay $83,000, while a spot just a short walk down from the water can be had for just over $20,000. Far more than the $1,000 average price of a burial plot in the U.S., to be sure, but a whole lot less than the millions that water-view property goes for elsewhere in town.

In Pictures: America’s Most Expensive Cemeteries

“Eaton wanted to create a view that celebrates life,” says Sherri Hauer, Forest Lawn’s merchandising manager. Famous Hollywood plots at Forest Lawn’s various locations include those of Ricky Nelson, Rod Steiger, Bette Davis and Lucille Ball.

Other top cemeteries: Houston’s Glenwood Cemetery, established in 1871, offers plots starting at $7,000 and Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park in Dallas, where you can rest your bones for $5,635.

Who Would Be Interested In Buying A Burial Plot From Another Person

There are two types of burial plot buyers those who are planning ahead and those who need one now. Obviously, the person who needs to purchase a plot after the death of a loved one will have a sense of urgency. If you have everything prepared for the sale ahead of time, this will speed up the process and offer the buyer more peace of mind.

When someone is planning a funeral for someone else, they will want to know all of their options. Between the cost of a funeral and casket prices alone, the costs can quickly add up. Purchasing a burial plot through a private party can be less expensive than buying directly from the cemetery.

Also, some old, smaller cemeteries may not have any more plots to sell. So, having a rare chance to purchase one from a private party would be ideal for a relative looking to be buried in their small hometown. It could be beneficial to mention your situation to the funeral director youre working with while pre-planning the funeral for this person.

When youre ready to sell your burial plot, you have some options, including selling the burial plot back to the cemetery, selling it to another person on your own, and selling it to someone else through a burial site broker.

Things people are looking for when shopping for a burial plot include the following:

  • A specific cemetery
  • Natural and ornamental features
  • Access to a water source

Why Would You Want To Sell A Burial Plot

More than one million cemetery plots were believed to be no longer needed as of 2014. That number has likely increased considerably over the past six years, according to US Funerals Online. If these burial plots arent going to be used, people may consider selling them.

There are plenty of motivations behind selling a burial plot, and its no surprise given the nature of change in peoples lives. Here are some of the following reasons:

  • The family has moved out of the area
  • A couple who has divorced
  • Changes in financial status
  • Theyve decided to get buried somewhere else
  • Theyre a veteran, and they have elected to get buried in a national military cemetery instead
  • The plot was inherited or a gift
  • Theyve decided to have their cremated remains scattered
  • Theyve decided to donate their body to science
  • Other personal reasons

As death is one of the few certainties of life, there will always be a market for grave sites.

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A Welcoming Florida Funeral Home

From the moment we meet you at the door when you arrive to make arrangements to the conclusion of services and beyond, we listen to your needs. We take great pride in discovering what mattered most to your loved one and designing a service filled with surprise and delight. From a butterfly release to a seafood buffet, a motorcycle processional to a musical tribute, we can assist with virtually anything you can imagine.

Contact The Cemetery If You Want To Sell The Plot Back To Them

Forest Lawn Glendale

Selling the burial plot back to the cemetery is probably the easiest route to take. They will have all the necessary paperwork and will know everything that has to be done. Its a good idea to check market values for cemetery plots at this point. The values of burial plots can increase, but it also depends on the location. Check online through some websites specializing in selling graves to see what the going rate is nearby.

Again, read your contract. If you do plan to sell your plot back to the cemetery, they may be willing to do so. But they may contractually only have to pay you the original purchase price.

If this is the route you plan to take, you can skip #6 and #7.

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The Grounds In Which Our Loved Ones Are Buried Represent Our Legacies And Memories That Families Can Visit For Generations To Come

Selecting Jewish burial property is a deeply personal endeavor guided by factors such as family tradition, location, cost, and personal preference. We understand that every family is different, so we offer a broad range of interment options in both our Simi Valley and Hollywood Hills sections.


Plaza Of Mesoamerican Heritage

The Plaza of Mesoamerican Heritage has indigenous/non-Christian sculptures by Meliton Salas Rodriguez, of Guadalajara, Mexico. Salas used hand tools to first quarry, then work, the native Mexican stone into precisely scaled, detailed replicas of artwork and artifacts that are representative of the Aztec, Huastec, Maya, Mixtec, Olmec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Totonac, and Zapotec civilizations that preceded both Spanish colonialism and modern Mexican culture. The Plaza stands in contrast to the Christian and patriotic American themes which were originally reflective of the culture at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills and other Forest Lawn Memorial Parks since their inception by Christian American businessman Hubert L. Eaton. A smooth Olmecan head, an intricate Aztec sun calendar and a sinuous Teotihuacan bas relief are some of the sculptural features of the plaza that are set off by crushed stone walkways and complemented by groupings of Mesoamerican plants.

The entire display, however, has been removed and placed in storage.

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Honoring Veterans And Others

The teams at Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens care about their friends and neighbors in the Fort Lauderdale community.

Every Veterans Day, we team up with a Boy Scouts troop and the U.S. Coast Guard to place flags on the graves of all the veterans at the cemetery. We also participate in the Homeless Veterans Burial Program. These are just 2 of the ways we recognize and honor the men and women who serve our country.

Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens also partner with the American Diabetes Association and regularly attend events for cancer awareness in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Facility is available to host your personal events
  • Large-capacity chapel
  • Facility is designed for personalized funeral celebrations
  • Modern funeral home
  • Our chapel can be used for hosting your religious events
  • Outdoor pavilion
  • Custom headstones and markers
  • Family estate lots Family estates are a distinguished tribute to a family legacy. They can be customized with stained glass, benches and landscaping
  • Flat markers Grave markers that sit flush to the ground in the material of preference
  • Mausoleums Private or Community spaces for urns as well as caskets, that can be Indoor or outdoor
  • Floral shop on-site
  • Option for home delivery of ashes
  • Option for mail delivery of ashes Sent through postal mail service, signature required.
  • Scattering assistance
  • Giving guidance on Social Security survivors benefits

Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills In Hollywood Hills California

forest lawn (hollywood hills) los angeles california usa


Highly desired Interment Space in the Churchyard Section. This Section has been sold out for year’s. The Lot is on flat ground with easy access and is in the morning shade of a pine tree. We believe that there are no other Site’s available in the Churchyard. Sites here have sold in recent past for $15,000. We are offering this Site for $6,200. Seller will entertain other reasonable offer.


Two side by side Spaces Lincoln Terrace Section. Lincoln Terrace is close to the Museum. It is near the Museum, and Licoln Statue Mosaic. One Lot is, including an endowment fund for $11,000. If you want to buy two Site, it would be $21,000 or any good offers.


Spend Eternity with Hollywood Movie Legends in one of the most exclusive Cemeteries in Southern California. Whether you need one immediately or would like to purchase all three for your future, I would like to speak with you. This area has been unavailable for decades. These were purchased in 1961 and overlook the “Church of the Hills”. Their location is unique, convenient and all offer endowment care. I am offering all 3 Plots together for $15,000 or individually for $6,000.


In the beautiful Murmuring trees Section of Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Lot is easy to find, not too far from entrance. Beautiful view surrounded by mature trees. Close to the Old North Church and Court of Liberty. Asking $4,400.00. .


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Talk It Over With Your Family

If the burial plot you want to sell is part of a family plot, you should check with your family members to see what they think about it. Suppose you have a double plot with your spouse youll definitely want to make sure they also agree to sell it.

Also keep in mind that another family member may want the plot, and you could sell it to them. But if the grave is in a family plot, will your family members get upset if you sell it to a stranger? Remember, this decision may affect more than just you.

Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens was established in 1960 to provide a beautiful final resting place for residents of Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. Lushly landscaped and populated by wildlife, it is one of the few cemeteries in South Florida that has a funeral home on the property.

The 30-acre cemetery property includes 2 chapels: the Life Well Celebrated® event center and the Shrine of Light Chapel inside the Pyramid.

Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens offers many burial options: above-ground crypts in the Pyramid or on the lawn, in-ground burials, mausoleum entombments, a cremation garden and more. Gardens of Living Christ, Garden of St. John and Garden of St. Matthew are often chosen by those of the Christian faith, but the cemetery has many beautiful acres of nondenominational gardens for all.

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How To Sell A Cemetery Plot: Step

Selling a cemetery plot may sound like the last thing youd want to do, especially after taking the time out to buy it and strike it off your end-of-life planning list. But sometimes choosing the ideal location may end up not being so ideal down the line.

Jump ahead to these sections:

There are plenty of reasons why you may need to sell a cemetery plot, but you have no idea how to do so. So if you want to know step-by-step how to sell a cemetery plot, youve come to the right place!

We answer questions behind some of the reasons behind selling a burial plot, as well as advice and steps on how you can sell it back either to the cemetery or to another person in need.

Know Your Options And Make The Sale

Forest Lawn Glendale

Now that you know your options for selling a burial plot, you can move forward with confidence. If you do your research and gather all the necessary information, youll be able to sell your plot in a way that benefits both you and your buyer.

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    If You Decide Youre Going To Use A Broker To Sell Your Burial Plot

    As in everything, there are good burial plot brokers, and there are the ones youll want to avoid. So, do your research before settling. Remember that you can inquire simply about the services they give without having to commit right away. Consider calling two to three of them to figure out what youd like to spend on a broker.

    Your Trusted Funeral Provider

    Located in south Fort Lauderdale, Forest Lawn Funeral Home is easily accessed via I-95, 595 and the Florida Turnpike. We are a short drive from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport and the communities of Davie, Plantation and Sunrise in Western Broward County.

    Forest Lawn Funeral Home is a member of the Dignity Memorial® network of funeral, cremation and cemetery providers. When you choose Forest Lawn Funeral Home, you receive not only the compassionate care you expect from locally operated establishments, but also the value you deserve.

    Please contact us if you need immediate assistance or would like more information about planning a funeral. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Must Sell Price Reduction: 2 Plots Near Temple And Gardens

    These are two plots that I personally in Rose Hills Memorial Park Whittier. This is a beautiful location near the top of the park overlooking a lot of the cemetery. Rose Hills is home to the newly built Hua Yuan Ceremonial Complex, Chinese speaking funeral planners are expert in Chinese funerals, customs, family traditions and honoring the entire process. Rose Hills honors the details of tradition including colors, dress code, specific to religious customs. This includes Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu practices.

    The locations are:

    Monument Terrace Monuments Lot-1030 Spc-1Monument Terrace Monuments Lot-1030 Spc-2

    Since these are side by side I will not part them and both must be purchased together. They are priced to sell at $19,000.00 for both plots. Buyer will pay a Transfer Fee + Endowment Care fee directly to Rose Hills. .

    This transaction will t

    If You Decide Youre Going To Sell The Plot On Your Own

    Marilyn Monroe Grave and Weird Burial Story Westwood Memorial Park

    First, check with the cemeterys manager to make sure they allow private burial plot sales. Some cemeteries have their own rules when it comes to the transfer of a plot to a new owner. This can be especially true when it comes to cemeteries owned by a religious organization.

    As mentioned above, check the current market values. Know what price range youre looking at when you decide how much you will want to sell your burial plot for. There are plenty of websites that focus on selling burial plots. Check them out and see what you think. Are they reputable? Do they charge a reasonable fee for the listing? Do they offer assistance with your post if you need it?

    Something to keep in mind when selling a burial plot is that burial plots sell the fastest in places where people tend to retire. The website Funeral Funds says that if you live in a state such as Arizona, California, Florida, or Texas, you could have an excellent chance of selling your cemetery plot and quickly.

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    Plan Ahead And Purchase California Cemetery Plots

    Buying your California cemetery plots now could save you time, energy, and worry in the future and reassure you that resting places for you or your loved ones have been decided upon. You will find a range of listings for low-cost California burial plots for sale in various locations that you can browse through on eBay. Getting to know something about the details of these plots can help you select the ones that match your preferences.

    Choosing from types of California burial plots

    California cemetery plots come in a couple of types that you can choose from on eBay. If you are planning to purchase multiple plots, you may wish to buy more than one type of resting place that can meet your needs. Here are the main kinds of California burial plots that you are likely to come across:

    • Standard – The standard resting place will be as part of an in-ground plot over which you might place a marker or a headstone. This kind of burial plot is something you can purchase throughout California locations such as Oakdale, Whittier, or Glendale.
    • Crypt – If you prefer your remains to be in part of a mausoleum or crypt instead of an open area, you can purchase California burial plots for one of these places. Cemetery lots like these can be had in locations such as Santa Anna or Sacramento.

    Purchasing sets of California burial plots for saleHow do you select the features of California cemetery plots?

    Heres How Much These Expensive Cemeteries Charge For Grave Plots

    Depending on where you want your final resting place to be, your burial spot could cost you millions of dollars.

    According to Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage, the average cost of a grave plot is between $1,000 and $4,000, but that doesnt include the casket, the container around the casket, the cost of opening and closing the grave plot or the headstone.

    Overall, the average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000, the insurance company notes.


    Forest Lawn Memorial Park

    Founded in 1906, Forest Lawn has several cemeteries in Southern California, including in Glendale where Michael Jackson is buried, in Hollywood Hills where actress Brittany Murphy is buried and in Long Beach.

    Those locations also have the costliest plots, according to the Forest Lawn pricing list. A plot in Glendale starts at $5,900, a plot in Hollywood Hills starts at $6,800 and a plot in Long Beach starts at $12,950.

    Pacific View Memorial Park

    Plots at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar, Calif., are currently sold online for $3,000 to $22,000, according to one listing. The cemetery — where actor John Wayne is buried — was founded in 1959.

    Glenwood Cemetery

    Some of the most expensive real estate in Houston, Texas, is in the Glenwood Cemetery, according to a report from the Houston Business Journal.

    Green-Wood Cemetery

    Mount Auburn Cemetery

    Woodlawn Cemetery

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