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Types Of Solar Panel Patio Cover

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Solar patio covers are part of an emerging category of solar that uses a structure other than the roof of your home or business as the framework for a solar system installation. These structures are often commonly referred to as solar pergolas.

There are several types of solar panel pergolas available today. These can be broken down into two categories, conventional or not conventional.

Conventional is the more common term used in the industry, while some manufacturers use fully integrated instead of conventional to describe their unique panels. All solar panel patio covers include PV modules that face downward towards a glass window or skylight at the ceiling of the room below that transfers sunlight through the glass into the room below.

A non-conventional system is one where no skylight exists nor any type of roof above, but instead uses photovoltaic panels attached directly to your home or business exterior walls or perhaps even on top of an existing structure such as a metal carport.

The engineering involved in this type of installation is a little more complex and requires the use of additional accessories to secure the panels into place as well as cabling that can transfer power out from inside your home or business through its walls. This makes them slightly less appealing from an installation perspective because it takes a bit more time and effort to bring everything together, but its also cost-effective.

Are Solar Patio Covers Worth It

Although the trend is installing solar panels on the houses roof, there are other equally efficient places to erect the system. A good example is a solar patio cover.

Its a worthy investment because its easy to maintain, increases the value of your property, and offers access to sustainable energy.

Will Solar Affect The Value Of My Home

Yes! Each case is different, but on average homeowners see a rise in home value of $15,000. Beyond that, it can generate 10’s of thousands of dollars in savings in your utility bill over the lifetime of your solar system. However, if you want to lock yourself into 2022âs incentives, you should act now.

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No, City Seamless specializes in installing patio covers. However, we have worked closely with our installers and have developed a system that will allow you to attach solar panels to the patio cover we provide you without any extra engineering needed. And with the quick expansion of the solar panel industry, this is a great deal.

Great question! Solar panels can be installed on any of our insulated patio cover systems. The good news is that these covers are already engineered to hold the weight of a solar system, which means your solar company can get right to work whenever you’re ready to install the panels.

Solar Patio Cover Vs Rooftop Solar Pv Panels

Solar Power Patio Covers

Solar for patio covers are both useful and attractive. They may be used as an appealing and functional outdoor patio cover, or they may be converted into a more conventional rooftop solar panel. A completely customized solar structure will set you back an arm and a leg, but if youre searching for the best of both worlds, this might be your answer.

Solar panels for patio cover and solar panel roofs are relevant to many homeowners. Solar power is a cost-effective resource that can trim your electricity costs and add some home value on top of it. Even if youre thinking about solar just for the sake of the environment, there are several motives to consider adding solar panels.

How To Install Solar Panels On A Pergola Or Patio

Of course, a pergola or patio is a must-have for this project. In case you dont own any of these outdoor structures already, you should hire a contractor to build one first.

Regardless of whether you choose a patio or pergola, the final design should reflect your aesthetic tastes.

I know starting this project from scratch sounds like a hassle, but its actually an opportunity to build a perfect platform for the solar panels all at once.

After your structure has been constructed and you have your solar panels kit ready, heres the installation process:

1. Choose the solar panels to support structure design

Before you mount your solar panels on your pergola or patio, you should choose the design of the support platform.

Here, you can go with an open or closed structure. With the latter, you should be able to view the solar panels from below, which from an aesthetics perspective, makes the space even more interesting.

2. Determine your modules direction and install the support timbers

To get the most out of your solar panel cover, you should construct it facing south. Also, you need to lift the support timbers so that the solar panels tilt at a 30-45 degrees angle.

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3. Install a slat below the support timbers

If you want a closed structure, install a slat layer below your support timbers such that the solar panels wont be visible from below.

4. Fix your solar panels on the support timbers

Insider tips:

Which Is Better Rooftop Solar Vs Solar Pergolas Gazebos And Patio Covers

For most houses, the rooftop is the place with maximum surface area and highest exposure to the sun. It is usually also convenient to mount solar panels there, as minimal construction or modification is required. These factors are why roof-mounted solar panels have remained the most popular option for homeowners.

However, in many instances, your roof might not the right place to put your panels. Here are some of them:

  • Space constraints: Your roof does not have space for the number of solar panels your require. .
  • Shade: Obstructions like surrounding buildings or trees might block direct sunlight from hitting your roof.
  • Unfavorable angle or positioning: You will not produce maximum power unless your roof faces south. The roof angle, or pitch, also needs to be at the right level to work best.
  • Aesthetics: Maybe you just dont like the way theyd look on top of your house…

Ground-mounted solar panels are one alternative to consider. But they have one big disadvantage: they require substantial amounts of real estate, space that you cant use for anything else.

This is where the solar pergola, solar gazebo or solar patio coveras well as the solar carport enter the picture. They are all dual-use structures, so theyre more space efficient than a ground-mounted setup. You might already have one of these structures out back, which you might easily be able to adapt or modify to hold solar panels.

A Standard Size For Solar Pergolas

Our standard and most affordable pergola is 10 x 10 and provides a great mix of function and production. It is often combined with a full-roof solar system. We typically place 6 to 20 solar panels on the pergola. Each solar panel will reduce your power bill by an average of about $6 based on the installs we have completed. A full 36-panel system can eliminate about a $220.00 power bill.We often try to place these pergolas away from shaded trees to make them produce better solar energy, but again normal function is often more important than production with these outdoor entertaining areas.

A flat solar pergola to shade a back porchA flat roof is often the best for continuous solar production, so building flat roof solar pergolas will often be the most efficient power producers. For optimal performance, a slight pitch is used.

Solar Panel Patio Covers In 2022

ATLeisure 9′ Solar Double Top Patio Umbrella with Cover on QVC

July 2022

Are actually SunPowers variation of photovoltaic panels the greatest possibility at this moment?Solar Panel Patio Covers

If any of SunPowers products are a great fit for your energy needs to have, discover out with the details in this customer review.

Along with over 30 years of expertise in the production and also technology space, SunPower rates as a fee energy brand. Concerns over nonrenewable energies and intermittent energy difficulties have created SunPower a somebody lately.

Will a solar energy panel match your home, office, or public spaces power needs?

Many SunPower doors count on Inter-digitated Back Get In Touch With cells of various qualities. Other forms of technology are actually taken on in producing solar power tissues for different SunPower products.

Solar Panel Patio Covers

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How do you learn which board absolute best meets your necessities coming from each one of SunPowers products?

Soaking up the right information is actually essential to deciding on ideal solar boards for whatever you require them for. That is actually why this evaluation information whatever demanded to illustrate selections amongst SunPower photovoltaic panels.

Take signs from the info this customer review has to supply to max out your choice for some top-class solar energy panels easily!

Can You Put Solar Panels On The Alumawood Patio Cover

Alumawood patio covers are the rage now. They combine the best features of aluminum and wood into trendy and energy-producing structures.

At first glance, youd think youre looking at wood, but its reinforced to wear like aluminum this is one of the more appealing things about alumawood. You also dont need to seal and coat it for protection, as its been designed to overcome this and many other challenges that may affect your experience.

It also has a long lifespan coupled with low maintenance.

And now that solar system options are fast expanding you can switch things up by installing your solar panels on the patio roof.

Alumawood is made from durable materials, so the installation process for the panels wont damage the surface. You also have to consider the elevation angle it should run between 20 to 45 degrees, depending on the season.

If any significant shade also blocks the patio, you may be unable to install solar panels. This is because adequate sunlight is integral for efficiency.

Another concern is the orientation of the patio cover. If its facing south, then thats a goldmine because sunlight is most potent from this direction. And if its facing the north, itll work, but not as effective.

After considering all these factors, itll be easier to determine if you can install your solar panels on alumawood patio covers.

Compare Solar Quotes On The Energysage Marketplace

Solar panels may not be free, but you can get free, custom quotes from pre-vetted solar installers when you sign up on the EnergySage Marketplace. Comparing quotes allows you to see more options and ultimately get a great deal on your solar system. To get a quick estimate of how much youll save with solar whether you choose to pay upfront, use a $0-down loan, or go with a solar lease/PPA check out our solar calculator.

Ace Patio Covers Now Offers A Solar Option

Ace Patio Covers has built thousands of custom patio covers through out the Las Vegas valley, and now offers a Solar Panel option to add power generation for your home or business. In addition to renewable energy and lowering your power bill, there are tax credits available currently at 26% of the entire project. Thats right, the structure itself is there to support the panels which is inherently included in the available tax credits. Its a no brainer.

Ace Patio Covers builds GENUINE ALUMAWOOD patio covers in the Las Vegas Valley and throughout the Southwestern USA. We offer our customers unique and distinctive patio designs, innovative engineered patio covers, precision installation on your patio cover, and exceptional customer service. Our steel reinforced patio covers allow wide-open spaces with long spans over backyard pools, spas, and barbecues. If you are seeking the ultimate patio cover for your home. Ace Patio Covers is the best solution. We have served the Las Vegas Valley for over 24 years and counting. We are experts in patio covers. We also provide exclusive 3d virtual tours prior to building your patio cover. The 3d patio tour will allow you to see the way it looks when completed. This allows time for any design characteristics can be changed or upgraded prior to construction. Your experience with Ace Patio covers will be everything you should expect, and more.

What Do Companies Mean When They Say Free Solar Panels

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The terms free solar panels or no cost solar program are sometimes used to advertise solar lease or solar power purchase agreements . Under both types of arrangements, a company will put solar panels on your roof for no money up-front but will charge you for the electricity that they produce. Most offers will save you money but not all of them, so make sure youve thoroughly compared all your options. Also consider buying the solar panels or financing them with a zero-down solar loan.

So what do a companys marketers and salespeople mean when they say free solar panels or no cost solar program? Usually, they are referring to solar leases and power purchase agreements . Under these solar financing arrangements, a solar company will put a solar system on your roof at no up-front cost to you for installation, enrollment, or maintenance. This sounds great you get to say that your home is powered by clean energy, and can even point to the solar panels on your roof to prove it.

But the reality is that you do not technically own the system, and the solar energy the panels produce is not part of a no cost solar program. Under solar lease agreements, ownership is retained by the solar company, and you pay for the electricity it produces. In essence, the company has built a small power plant on your roof and is selling you the electricity.

Deterioration Possible Of Sunpower Panels

Purchasers of SunPower boards may access item as well as suppliers warranties within 25 40 years. Yet whats the offer about SunPowers degeneration capacity every year?Solar Panel Patio Covers

All solar powers shed their potential to recover and send photo voltaic rays for storing as they grow older. Nevertheless, SunPower asserts their variety of solar powers are going to merely deteriorate concerning 0.2% every one year.

At such a cost, individuals can easily expect approximately 92% ability from their solar energy boards throughout functions. Constant use these solar powers might lower the optimum expected capacity to concerning 86%.

What Are Solar Pergolas

Simply put, solar pergolas are shade structures, such as a patio or gazebo, with solar panels built directly into their roofs or covers. Thanks to their efficient designs, the patio solar panels block out the sun and produce renewable energy all at once.

Depending on the design youre going for, certain companies produce transparent solar panels. This way, if you have a lattice-top patio cover or something similar, you can still experience a bit of sun without compromising your panels energy production.

Get A Solar Pergola Quote

We offer a no-obligation solar pergola quote to see how much it would cost to build your dream outdoor entertaining space. Fill out the form below and a friendly representative from West Bay Energy will reach out and provide you with a quote and be able to answer any questions you may have on solar pergolas. For immediate assistance, you can reach us at

Commonly Asked Questions About No Cost Solar

Garden Reflections 9′ Solar Patio Umbrella with Cover on QVC

Whether youre considering opting into a no-cost solar program, or youre second-guessing the sales pitch, check out a few frequently asked questions people have regarding this trend in renewable energy:

How do you get free solar panels from the government?

Simply put, you cannot get free solar panels from the government. These payment plans are actually solar leases or power purchase agreements , and theyre a no-cost upfront option that gives ownership to the solar company or installer. You pay for the electricity the system produces, and you miss out on many of the financial benefits and incentives of renewable energy. Thats not to say that PPAs or solar leases are bad you can still save money in the long run! If youre interested in learning about ways that the federal and local government can offset the cost of installing solar panels, we recommend learning more about the Renewable Energy Tax Credit and exploring state and local programs you might be eligible for.

Who is eligible for free solar panels?

Because free solar panels is a misleading statement, its important to say thisno one is eligible for free solar panels. However, solar leases have made it much easier for anyone with a roof to go solar, regardless of whether or not they can afford the upfront cost of installation.

Are no cost solar programs really no cost?Whats the catch with free solar panels?How can I get solar panels for zero money down?

How Does A Solar Patio Cover Or Gazebo Compare To A Rooftop Solar Installation

Rooftop solar panels are a logical choice for many homeowners because it creates an additional function for your roof, and an average roof is well positioned to capture rays from the sun. However, suitability of rooftop solar is dependent on the existing roof angle, orientation or size of your propertys roof.

When you build a standalone structure , youre starting from the ground up. As a result, you can design a system that is perfectly optimized for maximum solar electricity production.

The full customizability of a new solar structure is a major benefit, but it also adds some significant expenses to your installation. An average 6 kilowatt solar panel system costs $13,300 after tax credits, and patio covers and other structures can cost thousands of dollars to build. If youre already considering both solar and a gazebo or patio cover, combining the two is a no-brainer, but keep in mind that youll pay more than you would for a rooftop system.

Why Should You Decide On Sunpower Solar Panels

SunPower receives a lot acknowledgment as a maker of quality photo voltaic panels, and also numerous good evaluations direct towards its products prevalence. The degree of functionality and also effectiveness coming from SunPower doors acquires extensive improvements coming from its most up-to-date Maxeon collection.