Glass Patio Replacement Table Tops

Glass Table Top Thickness Guide

How to Replace Your Glass Patio Table Top
  • 3/16 thick glass works well for a glass table top cover that rests on a table top or on lighter duty tables where the glass fits into an outside frame.
  • 1/4 thick glass is a good thickness for heavier duty glass table top covers, standard duty tables with outside frames or smaller tables with lighter duty uses.
  • 3/8 thick glass is good for heavier duty tables where the glass is the table top and the table top is largely unsupported.
  • 1/2 thick glass is for heavy duty applications where the table needs to support heavier loads and the tabletop is unsupported.

Available Round Glass Thicknesses:

  • 1/4″ inch :

    This ideal thickness is suitable to be used as a round glass table cover to provide a shield to your wooden table top.

  • 3/8″ inch :

    It is the optimum thickness for the round table top glass that can be used on a round coffee table or round glass dining table for 6.

  • 1/2″ inch :

    This is a solid thickness of the glass for round tables and is ideal for round lobby tables or round dining tables for 10.

  • 3/4″ inch :

    This is the maximum thickness available for ready-to-deliver glass for round tables and is only used for large circular dining tables, round conference tables, or meeting tables.

Once I Place My Order When Will It Ship Will My Order Ship The Same Day

We live up to our name! Most orders are shipped within 1 business day after being submitted and approved. We do our best to ship orders received before 12:00pm Pacific Time for all the same day they are ordered but generally ship no later than the next business day. If your piece is extremely labor intensive , larger than 24 x 48, requires edgework, or an uncommon tint/thickness, it may take us extra time to get it just right.

Once your order is placed, your email order confirmation will display the estimated production time and estimated delivery dates based upon your order specifications and the delivery option chosen.

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We Can Supply Table Glass In Sizes From 4mm To 19mm Thick As Standard And 25mm Thick As A Special We Offer A Range Of Colours And Finishes Including Sandblasted Surfaces

All the glass we supply for replacement table tops are heat treated or toughened and come with a safety glass stamp. The stamp can be hidden or by request not be on the table at all .

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

So rest assured, you will get back to having the summer of fine dining outdoors this spring!

Advantages Of Tempered Glass Tabletops

50 Inspirational Replacement Glass for Coffee Table 2017

Glass Doctor offers tempered safety glass, which is ideal for replacement patio furniture and tabletops. Here are some features of tempered glass:

  • It is more durable that more traditional glass types.
  • It helps patio tables resist potential damage from heat, weather and collisions.
  • If damaged, tempered glass also breaks into round, pebble-like pieces without sharp edges as opposed to traditional glass that will shatter into dangerous, jagged pieces.

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Thoughts On Replacement Glass Patio Table Top

  • Suheirsays:

    Glass dining table for the gardenSize 150 90

  • I am after a replacement glass for my table.Could someone please ring me on 07505722791.

  • Im after a round patio replacement 950mm diameter with a 50mm centre hole. 5-6mm thick grey tinted could you give me a price please


  • Please could you quote me for a replacement glass table top for use outdoors. The one that smashed was circular, 1100mm diameter and approx 5mm thick. Delivery would be to North Yorkshire.Many thanks.

Customized Glass Solutions At Glass Doctor

The experts at Glass Doctor® will meet with you and customize a replacement glass piece for your patio table. They will create an exact replica of your tables original glass or they will help you select custom-cut glass for a new design. Furthermore, theyll offer special safety glass options, like tempered or laminated glass, to avoid future glass breakage.

When you schedule an appointment, our certified professionals will come to your home and provide a free, professional consultation, giving you a quote within 24 hours.

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Round Glass Tops Features:

  • Finest quality furniture glass
  • Edges and corners expertly polished
  • Expertly packed to ensure safe arrival
  • Glass is individually cartoned with styrofoam protection
  • Free bumpons included to place between glass tops & base

Regardless of the shipping method we use to deliver your order safely, please rest assured of the following:

  • 1 – All glass and mirror products are expertly packaged at our state of the art facility.
  • 2 – All glass and mirror is first inspected to ensure our top quality standards.
  • 3 – Then, items are encased all around with Styrofoam protection and placed in a 200LB test carton.
  • 4 – That carton is then surrounded by heavy shipping material and placed inside another heavy duty double wall carton.
  • 5 – We have exceeded the strictest requirements set forth by FedEx and other commercial carriers.
  • 6 – For your peace of mind please note that your purchase is insured in transit by

All Glass Table Tops Ship by:FedEx Ground:Common Carrier:White Glove:

What Are You Going To Do

How to Repair a Shattered Glass Patio Table

You ring the local garden center or shop where you purchased the Patio Dining set and they suggest perhapsbuying another table set or if they are really good, they might be able get hold of another table in 12 weeks orhowever long it takes to get a shipping container over when all you need is just the table glass.

If you just require the glass then give us a call at table glass online and we can easily and efficientlyhave a new glass top cut to size and ready for you within 10 working days or most possibly earlier.

What thickness do I need for my Patio Table Glass Replacement?

Typical thickness in UK glass production is either 4mm or 6mm, commonly when replacing customers opt for 6mm for a bit more integrity than the standard 4/5mm which most tables are supplied with. We advise having the edges polished, as the toughening furniture stamp can be neatly applied to the edge. Unpolished edges on the glass wont cut you, but unpolished glass is commonly used if the glass is being recessed into the frame. Also if unpolished, you will have a face toughening stamp on the glass.

What if I need a hole in my glass for a parasol?

Of course if you need a new hole for your parasol, they are typically 50mm in diameter and placed centrally in the glass, however some are larger, so please contact us if they are, as the cost increases.

My Garden Table Glass was a solid Black or Brown colour before, what are my options for replacement? Back paint your glass with our DIY tips, save money!

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How To Choose The Exquisite Glass Table Top Cut To Size

Do you find yourself constantly browsing search engines for “tempered glass table top”? Perhaps you’re looking for sturdy and durable glass table tops cut to size or replacement window glass. In that case, Fab Glass and Mirror is your best bet. You can access the option of a custom glass table top near me and get highquality products from Fab Glass and Mirror.

The ideal glass table top, cut to the size you selected for your living space should be enhanced in protectivity level, offer some valuable benefits, and should be aesthetically pleasing. The right glass table top cut to size should be approximately ¼ inches thick, which is the standard range to provide extreme level defense against harsh forces. Choose the table top wisely so it can reflect more light and select the required edge options from ample choices to achieve a complete luxury look!

Patio Table Ideas For Glass Replacement

  • Final Thoughts
  • The patio glass table tops are prone to damage as they are placed outside. There can be a variety of reasons for cracking or shattering of patio glass, and protecting them is not really possible.

    Dont worry if you have a broken or shattered patio glass tabletop at home. Here are many patio table glass replacement ideas that can help you keep your patio furniture practical and appealing. As we care about our readers, here are some tips to give a long life to your outdoor patio table.

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    Outdoor Furniture Table Glass For Patios

    Your patio and garden tables can become the centre of the house in the summer heat. So when your outdoor table becomes worn or smashes, a table top replacement is the perfect option! Whether youre looking for replacement glass for a patio table, new outdoor furniture or a table top replacement, youll find what you need in our wide variety of products.

    Our glass patio table tops are made from toughened / tempered glass, making it highly durable and scratch resistant. Our weather resistant patio table glass can be cut to size so can suit any outdoor furniture you may have.

    Types Of Glass Patio Table Tops

    Patio Table Top Replacement

    Patio tables featuring glass tops are a classic staple of outdoor furniture. Despite our best efforts, sometimes you need new glass for your patio tables. Accidents happen! Or, maybe you’re making your own DIY patio tables and need the final touch — a custom glass top. We’ve got everything you need for your patio table top replacements:

    • Custom-cut glass made exactly to your specs.
    • Hand-fabricated in our US-based facility.
    • Always low shipping costs.
    • Guaranteed intact delivery right to your front door!

    There are three main types of glass patio table tops: Glass that sits on a pedestal, tables with glass covers, and tables where the glass sits in a metal frame. We’ll break it down for you below.

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    Difference Between A Glass Table Top And A Glass Table Cover

    The difference between a glass table top and a glass table cover: A glass table top means that your table’s top is actually constructed out of glass. A glass table top cover, on the other hand, is made of glass and rests on top of the actual table. It preserves the look and value of your wooden or metal table.

    Order Your Glass Top Right Away

    Skip all those hectic procedures to place an order, and get ordered your replacement glass table top in 5 simple steps

    Select Shape: Choose from an array of shape options at Fab Glass and Mirror from basics to complex, from simpler shapes to the arctic ones. You can literally find any desired shape here.

    Select Dimensions: Carefully select the dimensions, keeping in mind the available space. Select dimension from the dropdown menu, and select the required fraction an inch, too.

    Select Glass Type: We have 13 top-notch glass type options that blend with any interior decor to fulfill the requirements of every sort of table.

    Select Thickness, Hole, and Strength: Choose your desired thickness, hole, and strength level, so it can serve longer.

    Select Edging & Corner Finish: At last, choose the edging style from an array of options and let us know the corner finishing. Once done, check out your order summary!

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    Patio Glass Table Covers

    Some outdoor tables just need a glass cover to sit on top of the table and protect it from scratches, stains, and the weather. Covering an outdoor table top has several benefits:

    • Glass creates a smooth, easy to clean surface for textured tables like wicker or stone.
    • You can still see the beauty of the table underneath – especially great if you’ve made it yourself or the table is vintage.
    • Glass is sturdy and will protect your table from damage from the weather, glass rings, or other stains.

    Here are some options to consider when getting a glass patio table top cover:

    • Thickness: Choose 1/4″ or 3/8″ to cover your surface – either should be suitable for most table covers.
    • Glass Strength: Choose tempered glass for outdoor usage…it doesn’t shatter into dangerous shards when broken.
    • Glass Type: For a unique look, choose a bronze or gray glass for a patio table or DIY project. Opaque-Clear or PolarGlass textured glass are also popular choices. Or choose standard clear or HDglass.
    • Edges: Choose a flat polished or beveled edge for most square or rectangle table covers or for round choose pencil or beveled edges.

    Adventurous Customers Choose Clear Or Tinted Glass

    Tropitone® How To – Replace a Table Top

    If you dont need or care about matching the glass, you can economize a little by ordering clear tempered glass instead of aquatex. Or, for a small premium in price be adventurous and order tinted glass gray or bronze are popular choices:

    Clear, gray, or bronze glass are alternatives to aquatex

    Bronze tinted glass looks very attractive when combined with antique brown patina on a steel frame or choose gray glass for a more techno look. Order 3/16 or 1/4 thick and specify tempered.

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    Is It Necessary For The Glass Table Tops To Be Tempered

    You can add the strength of a glass table top by tempering it. Tempered glass boasts of being five to seven times harder to break when compared to normal annealed glass. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks up into small pieces that look like pebbles that may not injure you. Hence, tempered glass is acknowledged as safety glass.

    In most cases, glass tops that are a half inch thick are not tempered. Their thickness already adds them strength. However, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch thick glass tops require tempering to add strength.

    However, it is a general rule that tempering glass never changes its weight or appearance. If you have pets and kids at home or are just concerned about general safety, we recommend tempering your glass whenever in doubt.

    Replacement Glass Tabletops For Your Patio Furniture

    Update your patio furniture with a durable replacement glass tabletop from Glass Doctor®. Our experts specialize in creating custom glass pieces that meet your needs. Tempered glass is one option we offer to maximize outdoor furniture durability as well as to protect children and pets in case of breakage.

    Call us at 855-603-1919 to schedule an in-home consultation and have a Glass Doctor expertly design perfect patio furniture to complement your lawn or garden.

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    Residential Glass Table Tops

    All Class Glass can provide you with a variety of options when it comes to table top glass. Theres no better way to protect that beautiful, ornate table than with a nice piece of clean, clear glass. Most tables, credenzas, dressers, nightstands, and desks will usually call for standard 1/4 clear glass. Although there are many edge options available, a flat polished edge is the standard, most popular choice. If customers want a more stylish finish, a beveled edge will certainly add some flair to the top. If you have a pedestal table, thicker glass is definitely more desirable for this application. Customers usually opt for 3/8 or 1/2 for this style table. If your piece has custom curves and shapes, we will come out to make a paper template of the shape to get the glass to fit exactly to the contour of the table making the glass appear almost invisible when completed. We also offer replacement glass for patio tables. It is very common for these glass tables to be broken during a storm, and we can come out to make the exact template to get the replacement glass you need to fix your table like new. Glass table tops dont only add safety and protection, but a lasting beauty to top off a nice piece of furniture preserving it for years to come.

    Glass Edging OptionsThe below image shows what each style name looks like to help you make an easy choice.

    Custom Glass For Your Outdoor Furniture

    The glass table top shattered in 1,000 pieces when the breeze caught ...

    During your in-home consultation with a Glass Doctor specialist, we will measure your patio furniture tabletops to ensure we cut custom glass that is a perfect fit. Our design experts will work with you to ensure that your glass tabletop is perfectly suited to your needs and taste.

    Patio furniture glass comes in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, rectangular, square and hexagonal. In addition to your glass tabletop shape, there are several finished glass edging styles to choose from.

    Glass Doctor offers edging profiles including but not limited to:

    Choosing the perfect edging profile will give your patio table glass top an extra bit of style that will impress your guests and greatly improve your outdoor space.

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    Types Of Patio Tables

    Understanding the various styles of metal patio tables will help you to correctly measure and install your replacement glass. Metal patio furniture has evolved since the 1930s from wrought iron through steel to aluminum.

    The four main styles of patio tables are:

    • Wrought iron
    • Steel with patina, paint, or powder-coating
    • Cast aluminum, painted, or anodized
    • Extruded aluminum

    Traditional outdoor furniture from the gilded age through to the 1950s was made of heavy, ornate wrought iron. Tables can be used as-is but are often covered for convenience with glass.

    As a strategy for reducing the weight, heavy wrought iron was replaced by steel-framed tables that are either painted or, more recently, powder-coated. The resulting tables are lighter in weight and are designed to carry a glass table top that is often held in place with a lip or with metal tabs:

    Sections through wrought iron and steel-framed tables

    If you would like glass to make your wrought iron top smoother and more convenient for carrying barware, measure your glass slightly smaller that the metal. It is best not to overlap the edge. Consider buying rubber bumpers to cushion the glass and prevent slipping.