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How to grow a beautiful lawn with Jonathan Green

When you work hard, its nice to come home to a Green Lawn. So relax and let us take care of your lawn! Green Lawn has been keeping Louisville and Southern Indiana green for over 25 years. Get a FREEEstimate from Green Lawn The Lawn Care Professionals!

We specialize in the health and beauty of your property. Our mission is to provide professional and affordable lawn care and landscape maintenance services for both the residential and commercial customers in Southern Indiana and Louisville.

We service a wide variety of lawns, from small residential properties to large exclusive estate properties and corporate market accounts. We have been servicing the Louisville and Southern Indiana area for 25 years with one goal in mind: to serve our customers better than any other company.

Please browse our Services and Plans to see the wide selection of lawn and landscape services we offer. Green Lawn keeps your property looking its best all season long.


Assess Your Lawn Baseline

The first step to lawn care for beginners is figuring out your baseline. Youll want to assess your lawn to better understand what steps youll need to take to improve it.

Is your yard nothing but crabgrass and weeds? Do you have dead spots everywhere from outdoor furniture or pets? Is your yard so compacted that you cant plant any new bushes or trees? All of these problems are symptoms of an unhealthy lawn and will require time and elbow grease to fix.

On the other hand, you may have just a few patches that need to be reseeded and watered. Knowing where you are and what your dream lawn looks like will help you develop a plan and a schedule.

Get To Know Our Core Values

Were more than just local professionals were neighborly helpers. We built these company values that preserve the beauty of our community by providing help to local residents.

  • Quality: Each one of our highly-skilled team members undergo continuous training. To provide innovative, eco-safe services that meet our top-quality standards, we always find ways to improve our craft.
  • Respect: We demonstrate our respect for our neighbors, our team, our community, and our environment each day with family-safe, eco-friendly care.
  • Help-First: We dont just provide residential services we provide families and our community the help needed to overcome common obstacles.
  • Growth: We dont want to just grow as lawn care leaders in our community we want to grow as green leaders in our industry.

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Get To Know Our Roots

Go Green was founded by Andrew Gabries in 2012. As a Penn State graduate with a horticulture degree and a passion for innovative solutions, Andrew built his business based on scientific principles. With a mission to provide safe services dependent on environmentally responsible materials, Andrew and his team set out to create green landscapes and preserve the sustainability of their hometown community.

With a rapidly-growing company and higher demands for sustainable practices, Go Green enjoys every opportunity to make a positive change in the greater southern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware area. With strong leadership, driven staff, and family-like culture, youre receiving services from neighbors who genuinely care.

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Posted by Charles A. on September 13, 2014.Brought to you by yellowpages.

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Didn t they renew your service from year to year automatically? I prepaid the first year, did not like their service so I figuered I will not use them again. I get surprised this year they have a bill reported Didn t they renew your service from year to year automatically? I prepaid the first year, did not like their service so I figuered I will not use them again. I get surprised this year…

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Get To Know Our Mission

We grew our company based on one simple observation: chemical-based, man-made products do more harm than good. Despite growing environmental concerns and increasing demand for eco-safe products, lawn care and pest control companies continue to rely on toxic chemicals and treatment methods that exacerbate an ever-growing problem.

At Go Green, we proudly differentiate ourselves from the norm. With EPA-approved, eco-friendly products and greener practices, were making a true and positive change. Our number one goal is providing families with vibrant landscapes and pest-free lifestyles with an eco-conscious approach.

What You Can Expect

Our philosophy for lawn care is to give our customers the best service and the best products in the most responsible way – to protect you, your family, and the environment. We use lake-safe products and an Integrated Pest Management approach to insect and disease control, so you can rest assured you’re making an environmentally-responsible choice for lawn and tree care!

After putting our experience together with the demands of the residents in this area, our team has developed many programs that will fit your property and your budget perfectly. We are local, so you get that personal touch and when you need us we will respond immediately.

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The Science Of Biocomplete Lawn And Plant Care

Our biologically-enhanced lawn and plant health care packages are designed to increase the health of your lawn and landscape by focusing on the health of the soil. Since everything begins in the soil, we begin there too

With over 20 years of experience, the GROWINGREEN team has developed a proprietary blend of organics and biology that supercharges soil that results in:

  • Less synthetics on your property
  • Increased color response resulting in deep green lawns
  • Healthy lawns that are naturally less prone to stress
  • Increased organic matter water your lawn less
  • Less weeds

Follow A Fertilizer Schedule

Organic lawn care tips: How to grow a green lawn organically

The Scotts company, a major fertilizer manufacturer, recommends applying lawn fertilizers in four stages. The exact dates will, of course, vary from region to region. Another factor is the kind of grass you grow. So always read the package labels carefully before applying, and pick the brains of the staff at local garden centers or a local extension service.

As an example of a typical fertilizer schedule, if you live in the northeastern United States and if your lawn is a mix of cool-season grasses, you might begin by feeding the grass in May with a product that contains a pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass from growing. Follow that up in June with another lawn fertilizer that performs two jobs at once. In this case, the other job is controlling broad-leaved weeds. For the latter, you need a product that contains a post-emergent herbicide designed to kill weeds that have begun growing in your lawn.

In mid-summer, bugs and drought are two of the greatest enemies of your grass.

Last but not least, when you winterize your yard in autumn, don’t forget your grass. It’s not difficult to remember which fertilizers to shop for at this time, because they will often contain “winterizer” in their names. These products are designed to help your grass build a deeper root system to weather the winter.

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Landscape Weed Control Program

Our applications for landscape beds dramatically cut down on weeds and grasses. We apply both pre- and post-emergent controls to landscape beds to drastically cut down on the amount of weeding so you can enjoy your time and also enjoy a weed-free landscape. For the best results and seasonal effectiveness, this service is recommended three times a year.

  • Application #1: February-April

Grass & Lawn Care For Beginners

Maybe you just bought your first house with a yard. Or maybe youve been a mow it and forget it kind of person for years. Many people have no idea where to start, or even what their lawn needs to thrive. Check out our tips for lawn care for beginners to grow a soft, green yard to enjoy all year long!

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Preparing Your Lawn For Overseeding

If you are adding grass seed to an existing lawn, prepare the site by mowing the grass, and then loosening the top quarter-inch of topsoil in any bare areas. Remove any debris or dead grass from the areas you will overseed. Resist the temptation to add new topsoil, as that could potentially contain weeds that will choke out new growth.

If you are starting a new lawn, be sure that the site is as level as possible before planting seed. Any divots or low areas could potentially develop continuous puddles, and become difficult to mow. Avoid extreme slopes when possible, as this causes water runoff and dry grass. Again, use the existing topsoil to avoid introducing new weeds to the lawn.

When To Plant Seed On Your Lawn

Growing Green Lawn Grass And Care Tips

The best time to plant grass seed when you are planting cool weather grasses is when there is no danger of frost, and when the soil temperature is warm enough to germinate the seeds. This usually means either mid-to-late spring or early fall. During these periods, the soil is the right temperature, there is typically enough rain to keep the soil moist and aid germination, and there is enough daylight to ensure that the grass thrives. Ideally, the daytime temperatures should be between 60 degrees to 75 degrees to support healthy growth.

Warm weather grasses, usually grown in the southern half of the U.S., should be planted in late spring or early summer, their most active growing period. When daytime temperatures average about 80 degrees is the best time to plant.

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Planting The Seed Into The Soil

If you are planting grass seed in a small area, you can spread the seed by hand, aiming for about 16 seeds per square inch of soil. Be careful not to add too many seeds in one spot, as the seedlings will crowd each other out and the grass will be thin and weak.

For larger areas, use a spreader to spread the seed. Walk slowly to ensure adequate seed coverage. Once the seeds have been spread, drag the area to cover the seeds with no more than a quarter inch of topsoil. Dont bury the seeds too deeply, as they need plenty of light to germinate. If you planted on a slope, a thin layer of straw can help keep the seeds from washing away.

Once the seeds are planted, feed them. The extra nutrients helps the seedlings grow stronger and faster. Germination typically takes anywhere from five to 21 days, with full roots established within one to three months. Keep in mind that new seedlings cannot withstand foot traffic or other stress for several months, so try to stay off the grass as long as possible.

Create A Seasonal Lawn Care Guide

One of the secrets to lawn care for beginners is to create a regular schedule. Just like you might have a cleaning schedule for your home, a maintenance schedule for your lawn will make sure everything gets done in a timely manner. These seasonal checklists will help you tend to your yard all year long.

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Who Does Homeadvisor Background Check

The owner or principal of each business in HomeAdvisor’s network must pass a background check. Unfortunately, we cannot perform a background check on every employee of a businessâthe background checks are performed only on the owner or principal. As always, we recommend that you conduct your own research on the businesses you hire, including making inquiries directly with the businesses regarding their employee background check policies.

We Proudly Serve The Triad Lake Norman And Fort Mill/rock Hill Areas

Grow It Green: Lawn grubs

We are a locally-owned small business that is committed to providing the best lawn care services to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Our certifications and credentials are among the best in the country. We serve the Piedmont Triad and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina and the Fort Mill and Rock Hill areas of South Carolina. Our biologically-enhanced lawn & plant care programs focus on building healthy soil and a more sustaining environment.

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Our Lawn Care Program

Our environmentally responsible, lake-safe Fertilization and Weed Control Program consists of up to 7 treatments applied at the perfect time during the growing season for optimal results. Our Program includes the best slow release fertilizers and commercial grade weed control products. These products, applied by our certified technicians, will keep your lawn weed free all season long. We Guarantee It!

Go Green Lawn Care is a family-owned and operated lawn care company serving Oakland County, Michigan and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and services to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Why Choose Grow Green

Grow Green is a family owned, family run Lawn & Yard Care company in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We provide the highest quality of service for the greatest value. On-Time every time, attention to detail and competitive pricing makes Grow Green simply the best choice for your yard.


Everyone at Grow Green wants our clients to say were the best provider theyve ever had


We might not be the cheapest out there, but your dollar goes farther with us than anyone


We dont just work for you, we strive to impress you with every visit because of our attention to detail


We dont believe in contracts. We believe that we have to impress you every time, on every job.


Maybe were tree huggers, but we love our planet. All of our fertilizers and products are earth friendly.


We will work with your schedule, not ours. Let us know the most convenient times for you and well make it work.

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Preparing The Soil For A Healthy Green Lawn

You might be tempted to skip soil testing when planting grass, but taking the time to analyze your dirt can prevent a great deal of frustration and support a healthier lawn. You can purchase a soil test kit or work with your countys cooperative extension to test the soil, which will tell you which, if any, amendments it needs to support the healthiest growth. Most grass types grow best in soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 if your soil reads too acidic you need to add ground limestone, while soil that is too alkaline will benefit from the addition of compost. The results of the soil test can also help you select the best fertilizer to add nutrients back into the soil.

How To Care For And Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Seattle Lawn Care Tips for Growing a Green and Healthy Turf

Having the proper tools to maintain a lawn can transform grueling yardwork from a labor-intensive chore to an activity you may actually enjoy. Start with the basics and expand as you need certain tools. If youre a one-stop-shopping type, make a single big shopping trip to gather everything needed all at one time.

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Apld Welcomes Landscape Design Award Submissions

Entries for the 2012 International Landscape Design Awards can be sent electronically this year.

The 2102 APLD International Landscape Design Awards entry packet is now available.

The APLD International Landscape Design Awards Program honors the best in landscape design from around the world. The program brings talent to the attention of peers, potential clients and the world of design. Entry categories include residential, non-residential, small gardens, planting design, show gardens, specialty projects and cost efficient projects.

New this year is a special website that allows people to enter the awards competition online by uploading materials and photos and paying with a credit card. Online entry will be available for both the professional and the student competitions.

Those who would prefer to send submissions by CD can mail them to APLDs headquarters.

Award recipients receive featured coverage in The Designer, extensive public relations dissemination and will be honored at the APLD International Design Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area in September 2012.

The Student Landscape Design Awards Program is also back and recognizes student projects in landscape design. Student winners are highlighted in an issue of The Designer and receive an award at the conference in September 2012, along with a $250 scholarship. To enter the student competition,.

Mowing Your Lawn Properly

The best time to mow your lawn is when it is perfectly dry. Grass blades will cut neater and the clippings will be left behind rather than clumping on shoes and mower wheels and tracking along mow paths. Because of changing weather conditions, it may seem impossible to implement a consistent mowing schedule. You may be mowing twice per week in the spring, or every other week during late summer. Most grasses thrive when kept at a height of 3 to 4 inches. Dont let grass get any taller than 5 inches before mowing. Mowing more than 1/3 of the grass length at a time can stall lawn growth, making it more vulnerable to weeds.

Taking Care of Lawn Mowers: You should know how to maintain a lawn mower as part of your overall yard maintenance. It is smart to have lawn mower blades sharpened once per year. Sharp blades make clean cuts, neatly slicing through the grass blades instead of ripping them. To prevent a lawn mower from rusting, wash off all the little grass bits after mowing. Keep a garden hose and nozzle close by where you store your mower for easy cleaning. Gilmours cleaning nozzle sprays a strong jet of water to wash off grass clippings, dirt and other debris.

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