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Overall Conclusion For Contractors

Affordable DIY Patio Makeover| Outdoor Home Decor

The general consensus from the contractors Ive talked to is that these companies are to be avoided. If you do decide to try them out, proceed with caution. In 2019 its very easy to find someone to build you a website and a proper marketing system that YOU OWN. There are tons of ways to generate leads without turning to these crooked companies for help.

Dont get me wrong. These companies did offer some value once upon a time, but nowadays they have grown too large and are funding their growth by raising their prices. The conclusion Ive come to is that these companies are rarely profitable for contractors and should never be the first choice when looking to get more jobs.

If I had to pick one, it would be Houzz. I have met a few people that have had a lot of success with Houzz. They post pictures daily and make sure every single customer they get leaves a positive review. They also pay to advertise. These three things put together seem to create a lot of success on this platform. The downside is that Houzz owns everything on your profile. If youre comfortable with investing in someone elses business instead of your own, give it a shot.

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Pavers Vs Concrete: Which Is Best For You

Left image: Photo: Maskot / Maskot / Getty Images Right image: Photo: jnnault / E+ / Getty Images Pavers and concrete are both solid choices for patios, pathways, driveways, and pool surrounds. While both materials provide a durable, long-lasting surface, there are a number of key differences in terms of cost, appearance, maintenance, resale value,

Cheap Decking Buying & Installation Guide

How & Where to Get the Best Prices on Decking New decking creates an appealing outdoor space and add value to a home. There are a variety of woods and other materials that are used in decking installation. While some materials can cost a fortune, decking materials can cost $2 to $20 per square foot.

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When Is The Best Time To Have A Deck Installed

You can build a deck during any season, which is why choosing the right time for this project depends on your preferences:

  • Spring: get your deck ready in time for landscaping and to enjoy it throughout the warmer seasons.
  • Summer: use spring for the planning process, then get the project ready before it gets cold out.
  • Fall: Limit turf or landscape damage by building once most plants begin to recede.
  • Winter: make the excavation process easier, thanks to cold and firm ground.

Many deck builders prefer winter, which is also the season with the shortest waiting queues. Still, other seasons are far from impossible for this type of project.

How To Find & Hire The Right Deck Carpenter Or Contractor

Ambient Deck and Outdoor Living

Reviewed by Bob Tschudi, Home Building and Remodeling Expert. Need a Deck Built? A new deck is a substantial investment and a very visible addition to your home and landscape. Planning the deck itself requires significant thought. Thats why you need to take time to find a builder with the experience and know-how to get

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The Best Roller For Staining Wood Decks Or Fences

Staining wood is not an easy as painting. It could be messy and time-consuming task that requires some experience to achieve good results. But with our helpful tips, this guide gives you the info you need to get the ideal roller or brush for your next DIY wood staining job. On This Page: Best Roller

Look For Project Samples

Checking references to help you find a builder is even more effective if you ask to see a sample of past projects. If they do good work, theyll be happy to show you both finished decks and those in progress.

From a client standpoint, seeing the actual product will give you a much better idea of how well each contractor matches decking designs to homes and landscaping. It will also give you an opportunity to inspect their craftsmanship.

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Enclosures Pergolas And Roofs

around $50 per square foot, or between $20 and $75 per square foot. Building a pergola costs $45 per square foot, on average. You’ll pay anywhere from $30 to $60 per square foot, depending on size and materials.

For a range from $3,000 to $10,000. A more affordable alternative is an awning. Installing an awning costs $1,200 to $3,700.

Homeadvisor’s Guide To Hiring A Deck Professional

Best Outdoor Patio Covers (Top 7 Design Ideas)

From giving the kids a place to play to providing a quiet spot for morning coffee, decks are versatile and have tons of potential. You can cover them with plants or turn them into an extension of your home with comfortable lounge furniture.

If you love to entertain or you regularly welcome family and friends to your home, a deck can give your home more hosting room. Not only do decks provide extra space to let guests breathe, but they’re also a great place for kids and spill-prone adults to hang out. Decks also tend to be easier to clean than indoor spaces, so tidying up after a party isn’t an issue.

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Save Some Time And Download The Pros And Cons Cheat Sheet

  • There is a large database of information and pictures that can help with remodeling ideas.
  • Can buy home products directly from the site.
  • Can browse contractors profiles for free.
  • Contractor profiles offer a lot of valuable information about the business. Most include tons of pictures.
  • Idea boards can be created and shared. This provides a creative experience where homeowners and contractors can communicate ideas for the project through pictures and notes.

How Much Should A New Deck Installation Cost

Worried about the cost of building a deck? Many home experts believe decks offer a great return in value. You can enjoy your deck while you live in your home, and when you’re ready to sell, the deck will likely pay for itself. Though some homeowners take on the task of building a deck themselves, it’s usually best to hire a pro. Experienced deck builders are knowledgeable about potential safety issues, building codes and materials. They also have experience designing and building more complex deck setups.

The average deck spans about 10 by 12 feet, and you can typically hire a professional deck builder to complete this project for about $1,500. Decks that are much larger, include multiple levels, have a number of built-in components or require significant foundation work can cost $5,000 or more. For instance, decks that measure 350 square feet average $8,000, while decks that exceed 500 square feet can cost upwards of $20,000. Remember that many factors, such as your location, the design of your deck and the grading of your yard, can make your deck more or less expensive.

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Check Licenses Certifications & Credentials

Never hire a pro without insurance, and check with your municipality about licensing requirements. If possible, check their status with local consumer groups and their professional association such as Associated General Contractors and the National Association of Home Builders .

Insurance is necessary to cover any costs should something go wrong or should they fail to complete the project. At the minimum, a contractor should have general liability and workers compensation insurance.

Cost To Build A Deck Yourself Vs Hiring A Pro

Ambient Deck and Outdoor Living

If you have the right skills and tools and plenty of time, you can build a basic deck yourself at about 65% of the cost of hiring a professional deck-building company. However, you’ll need at least a week to complete the job yourself, and the finish may not be as professional.

Plus, you’ll need to make sure your deck meets local building codes and deal with any permitting requirements. Raised decks are best left to the pros, as you have to ensure the support posts and foundations are secure and strong enough to support the weight of the deck and those using it. Get this wrong, and you could cause serious injury.

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Composite Vs Wood Decks: Costs Types Durability & More

On This Page: What Is Composite Decking? Composite decking is a combination of sawdust and some kind of plastic. Manufacturers may use polyvinyl chloride , polyethylene or polypropylene. There are a few different types, including: Wood Composite: About 50/50 plastic and wood flour Capped Wood Composite: Has a hard outer shell PVC: Made entirely from PVC, sometimes called vinyl Capped

Pool Deck Builders Or Patio Pros

Pool surrounds and patios are sometimes used interchangeably, but are typically very different from each other. Understanding the basic differences between decks and patios has to precede finding the right pro for the project.

All pool surrounds need to be waterproof. The most popular material for in-ground pools is concrete, but composite also works if your pool is above ground level.

Patios also use concrete most often, but tiling or stone can work in some cases. Choose your patios purpose and preferred material first. Then, find a pro with the means and expertise to get it to your property and install it correctly.

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Whats The Best Way Of Pricing Decks

  • Do your research. Read our various guides and watch videos on materials and designs to get ideas for your project.

  • Determine what youll use your outdoor living space for. Also make sure you plan for the future. Its best to do this part with a designer or deck pro.

  • Choose materials. Pick wood, metal or composite based on you design aesthetic and what fits with your home and neighborhood.

  • Get quotes. Check with our licensed and insured pros, read reviews and request multiple quotes from .

  • Plastic Or Composite Decking

    Deck, Patio, and Pergola Build Time Lapse – 7 Day Backyard Makeover

    Composite decking costs $15 to $36 per square foot, including railings, framework, and hardware. Decking boards only cost $4 to $13 per square foot.

    Trex decking costs $5 to $10 per square foot for boards only. Expect to pay $10$27 per square foot, including decking, railing, and framing. Trex is a popular type of composite decking made from 95% recycled materials. It’s a low-maintenance option resistant to termites, rot, warping, and splintering.

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    How Do I Find Cheap Deck Builders

    To maximize your budget, compare quotes of several builders that fit within your specifications. Dont be afraid to draw a wider geographic circle if the contractor is willing to travel without charging more. But affordability only matters if you get a quality deck out of it.

    Cutting corners or simply finding the cheapest pro could result in significant problems. The materials used may be cheap and rot quickly. The support the surface provides might be unstable and dangerous. Always consider the long-term costs and benefits of quality work. Paying less upfront may actually be more expensive if you consider the cost of repairs.

    Best Decking Materials: Wood Composite Aluminum & More

    Reviewed by Bob Tschudi, Home Building and Remodeling Expert. Deck Materials Comparison Theres something liberating about spending time outside on a deck. Whether you make it a private retreat shaded by vegetation or an energetic entertainment area complete with a built-in BBQ, this outdoor living space is often the most enjoyable area of a home.

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    How Should I Prepare Before My Deck Installer Arrives

    Make sure the site of the deck or patio is clear of any landscaping and debris. The contractor will also call a utilities locator service to mark power, water, cable, and other services around the area where they will be digging. The cleaner the area your builder has to work with, the more quickly they can get started. Make sure they have space to park any construction vehicles. Find a dry space for materials that might need storage during the install. Finally, ensure clear access to the site through your house or property.

    Labor Cost To Build A Deck

    Square Patio Designs

    Typically, labor for installing a deck runs $15 to $32 per square foot. If you use an easy-to-install material, like pine, expect labor to fall at the lower end of the budget. However, if you use something particularly challenging, like an exotic hardwood such as ipe, expect higher labor costs.

    The labor to install the deck foundation is $25 to $300 per post. The costs vary so much per post because foundation requirements differ so significantly. For example, some decks require piles, or foundation posts, driven into the ground mechanically, while others require holes dug manually with concrete poured to support the pilings. Others can get away with an above-ground foundation, with pilings that sit on top of blocks on the ground.

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    Homeadvisor Vs Angies List Vs Houzz Vs Porch Vs Thumbtack Vs Yelp Vs Bark

    You are either a homeowner looking for a good contractor or a contractor looking to be found by good homeowners. This article will guide you through the important details about how these various home improvement marketplaces make it easy to shop contractors.

    If youre a contractor looking for more customers, buying leads should be your last resort. Here is a link to an article that describes what I did to get leads for my family construction company, the same can be applied to almost any other business.

    There is a table of contents below as well as in the sidebar if you are on a computer. This will help you navigate around the article as it is rather large and its easy to get lost.

    If you have any questions that havent been answered please check the comment section below. If you enjoy this article or see a way it can be improved, please leave a comment yourself. Comments are done through Facebook so theres no login necessary.

    You can also watch the video I made on this article if you want to save some time.

    Thanks for reading!

    My Personal Experience With Yelp Advertising

    In 2018 I was offered $300 credit to advertise on Yelp. Since I am into PPC marketing, I was curious about how their system works. I took them up on the offer and set up a profile. I set my budget to $10/day and planned on making my final decision of whether or not to keep this service after 30 days.

    30 days went by and I had but a couple clicks. Hardly any of the credit was spent. At this rate, it would take many months to go through the $300 credit, so I let it run. I found the platform to be a little awkward to navigate compared to other PPC platforms. There was very limited information about what was going on and no options in regards to spending other than the daily budget.

    After some time had passed, I checked back in. I was shocked to find that the spending had blown past my $300 credit up to around $600. It was a surprise because I hadnt had any leads come in through Yelp What also alarmed me was this: In the beginning, I was paying around $7 per click and getting about 4 clicks per month. By the end, I was paying over $20 per click. But, wait, didnt I set my max daily budget to $10?

    I spoke to some people I know at Yelp and they werent able to tell me much more than I knew already. They said the self-service platform is controlled by computer algorithms and that they figured the prices rose because of competition. They couldnt tell me anything factual or concrete. The numbers just didnt add up to me.

    Yelp Reviews: Average Rating: 3/5

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    Plastic & Pvc Composite

    Composite decking costs$12 to $22 per square foot. Its strong, doesnt rot, and is easy to install. It boasts extremely low maintenance. There are various colors and textures to choose from.

    Other features include:

    • Clean with soap and water

    • Doesn’t need staining or painting

    • Darker varieties will show weathering

    • Can last up to 50 years depending on the variety

    • Some come with a lifetime warranty

    Redwood Cedar Ipe And Tropical Hardwoods

    How to Build a Patio Addition! || Massive Patio Addition Cover!

    Higher-end wood decking can run from $3 to $30 per square foot depending on its species. They offer exceptional aesthetic appeal over pine. They should last 15 to 20 years. Some versions of redwood and cedar are naturally rot-resistant, while others will require special stains and treatment to last.

    Wood plank prices per square foot:

    • Tigerwood: $7-$15.

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    Do Decks Increase Home Value

    Adding a deck is one of the smartest ways to increase your home valuesometimes delivering an ROI of up to 80%. However, the decking material, its size, your location, and overall home condition will factor heavily into how much of an increase youll see. Be sure to consult a local deck builder if increasing your home value is your top priority for building a deck.

    Still Have Questions About Building a Deck?

    Can I Diy My Decking Project

    When it comes to the DIY vs. hire a pro decision for your deck, the answer tends to be clear. Only take it on yourself if you have significant expertise and experience. Without either, you risk building a faulty exterior space, leading to injury risks. Projects built without necessary expertise also break more quickly, making them more expensive in the long run.

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    What To Ask Prospective Deck Builders

    Because decks can turn into complex projects, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. You can construct your deck yourself, but if you want anything more than a small deck with the most straightforward design, it’s best to call in a professional. Keep the following in mind when finding a deck builder to work with.