How Much Does It Cost To Put Turf In Backyard

Bender Board Or Mow Strip

How to Make a Backyard Artificial Turf Field

Bender board is important since it will separate your lawn from other areas of your landscape. Bender board or poly board is used to separate the artificial lawn from other softscape areas. Brown poly board measuring 20 feet long by 4 inches tall costs about $15.80 per roll. There are cheaper alternatives however, we have found this board to stand the test of time .

Determining the perimeter of your project to softscape edges will help you find out how many rolls to order. For this price guide, since our lawn is 25 sq ft by 40 sq ft with a concrete garden wall , we would need bender board for two 40-foot sides and one 25-foot side. At $15.80 per roll, bender board material costs would run around $94.80.

If you are interested in separating the synthetic turf lawn from real grass or any hardscape areas, consider a mow strip. For this price guide, we will not be covering the costs of mow strips.

Perk Up The Grass Blades Using A Broom

Youâll notice that with heavy foot traffic on your synthetic putting green, the artificial grass blades start to lie flat and lose their vibrant look. To bring it back to life, you can either use a stiff-bristled or power broom. All you need to do is scrape your way through your grass and youâll immediately see the results.

Practicing and improving chipping skills is challenging and frustrating at times, but you need to do it to get better at the sport. Luckily, you donât need to be on the golf course to do that, you can exercise it straight in your backyard. Here is everything you need to know about setting up a golf chipping practice area in your backyard.

Installation Cost Of Artificial Grass

The average cost to have artificial grass professionally installed is $12.50 per square foot.

DIY homeowners pay around $7.00 per square foot for materials, heavy equipment rental, hauling and disposal fees. Theres money to be saved, but carrying out the project could easily be described as a nightmare for reasons that should become apparent.

The job involves removing and hauling away existing turf and topsoil. Then road-grade gravel or similar base material is trucked in, dumped and spread to a depth of several inches to create a stable, well-drained base. A weed barrier fabric is installed. Lawn padding is an option before rolls of artificial grass are spread out, cut, seamed and trimmed around trees, other barriers and edges.

An edge, called a mow strip or bender board, is installed to create a solid perimeter between artificial turf and real grass, such as at the border of the property. Installing edge around trees is also a good idea. Finally, a loose infill material like rubber granules or quartz/silica sand is spread over the grass to create a more natural feel underfoot. Optional lawn pad should be considered beneath the turf, and if you have pets or wildlife around, plan to have a deodorizer applied to the turf.

Terminology tip: Artificial grass is often called artificial turf, fake grass and synthetic grass or turf. Thankfully, other than an occasional cleaning, you dont need to have a yard sprinkler system to keep it watered properly.

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Artificial Grass Installation Process And Materials

With a skilled crew, the topsoil was excavated from the Gosselins front lawn and replaced with a compacted subbase. Subbase is a non-expansive gravel mixture that creates an unmovable foundation for the turf. Its a critical step for a lasting installation, as native soil will expand and contract from changing weather an unstable surface that would create the look of wrinkles in your lawn over time.

But before dropping subbase onto the excavated site, installers secure the perimeter line with Bend-a-Board: a pliable composite board that turf is nailed to. Bend-a-Board creates the look of a realistic lawn edge and ensures a robust hold, as the perimeter is the most vulnerable area of every artificial grass installation. Once the board is secured, the subbase is then installed in 1-2 layers, with each layer being lightly moistened with a hose and compacted with a vibratory plate compactor.

Following subbase comes weed barrier, an extra layer of defense against plants and critters then finally, the artificial grass. From 40 variations to choose from, Jim and Morgan narrowed it down to Purchase Greens Bluegrass Supreme for its comfort and style. Bluegrass Supreme is a plush 2.4 tall grass with a 108 oz face weight, and its C-shaped grass blades provide better structural support to mitigate the appearance of matting patterns from foot traffic.

And by the end of the 4th installation day, the Gosselins had an entirely new landscape!

Installing Flagsticks And Creating Holes

Turf Backyard Cost

For your putting green to be complete, youâll need to create holes and install flagsticks in your backyard. The average cost to complete these tasks is around $300 depending on how many holes youâre trying to create and the brand on your flagsticks. You can also DIY your flagsticks to minimize your expenses.

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Is Real Grass Or Turf Better

With fake grass, you never have to use harmful chemicals. This makes it perfectly safe for you and for any child to play on. This is also why more public play areas are starting to use fake grass. A real lawn is also a safe option as long as it has not been exposed to any kind of health hazards or toxins.

Cost Of Synthetic Grass And Installation Supplies

Lets break down or itemize the material costs involved. Installation costs are covered later.

Costs per square foot:

  • $1.90 $3.75 per square foot | Artificial Turk, aka Synthetic Grass
  • $0.30 $0.40 per square foot | Base Material Small Stone, Gravel or Sand
  • $2.50 $3.00 per square foot | Foam/EPDM Pad or Underlayment
  • $0.35 $0.50 per square foot | Weed Barrier
  • $0.90 $1.15 per linear foot | Composite or Vinyl Mow Strip Perimeter
  • $4.00 $7.00 per linear foot | Genuine Paver or Brick Perimeter
  • $0.30 $0.50 per square foot | Infill
  • $100 $180 per 1,000 square feet | Installation Supplies Fasteners, Tape, Stakes

When you total your costs and add installation labor fees, the total price of artificial turf rises to an average of $10 to $15 per square foot. Thats pretty pricey.

Our costs are carefully researched, and in this case, they are consistent with other reliable pricing sites.

HomeGuide cost average is $12.00 per square foot with a range of $6.00 to $20.00.

Home Advisor suggests $5.00 to $20.00 per square foot, which, without an average cost, is too broad to be useful.

Install It Direct is an artificial turf installation company that spells out all the cost factors very clearly. Its average cost is $11.48 to $14.62 per square foot, right in line with our artificial grass cost estimate.

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Cost Of Artificial Grass By Turf Type

How To Install Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf, also known as artificial grass, is made from nylon , polyethylene , or polypropylene to mimic various grass species, such as Bermuda grass, fescue, or zoysia. Some have a thatch layer to make it appear even more realistic. Some of the more expensive options have non-directional blades of grass, which make them very soft to the touch and more realistic. The higher quality of turf, the more your cost per square foot will be. One pro says the the cost per square foot of the different turfs he provides ranges from $6 to $10, depending on quality. Those prices do not include labor costs.

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How Much Does Artificial Turf Cost

The national average cost of installing artificial grass is $12.33 per square foot. Keep in mind that total costs may vary depending on the turfs brand and your yards size. These estimates include installation and materials.

  • National average cost: $12.33
  • Low end: $5.50
  • High end: $18.75

For a 500-square-foot yard, homeowners typically spend an average of $6,165 or between $3,104 and $7,245 for labor and materials to install artificial grass. Materials include the artificial turf itself, infill, edging, adhesives, and a weed barrier.

Polypropylene is the least durable turf material of the three. Heavy foot traffic and high temperatures can significantly affect polypropylenes appearance.

Polypropylenes price usually ranges between $1.90 to $6.75 per square foot. Its most suitable for shady areas or indoor use where foot traffic and temperatures are low.

Pros: It sometimes sells at a lower cost than polyethylene and nylon It can be used as decorative indoor grass Works well in shady areas

Cons: Not an ideal turf for outdoor use where temperatures and foot traffic are high

What Are The Benefits Of Diy Vs Professional Installation

DIY installation can be a cost- saver, as youre cutting out operation, overhead and fueling costs. Additionally, you may be able to go the cheaper route on some materials like subbase. However, professional installation with experience is guaranteed to give you top results and a better return on your investment because you know its being done correctly. Additionally, most professional installation companies factor in repairs as part of their overhead costs, so if you end up needing repairs on your lawn, this is often included in what you pay for in the installation.

  • 100%Transparency No Sales Tactics, Just Our Best Price
  • $0Free Design
  • 25+Years of Experience With Dedicated Specialized Crews

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Installation And Labor Cost

Once you buy synthetic grass, you can opt for a DIY installation. But remember, without the proper equipment and tools, you might run into trouble. If your turf is not installed properly, the grass can deteriorate or wear out more quickly. If you want to keep the cost down, you should leave the installation in the hands of a professional. The cost will include yard preparation, the synthetic grass, and the installation. The installation will also depend on whether you want a full lawn or half lawn installation. The cost will also vary from one synthetic grass company to another. But always choose a reliable synthetic grass company in Dallas Texas that offers you competitive pricing.

Company Profit/overhead And Operation Fees

Turf Backyard Cost

Operation fees are what a company would charge for delivery, fueling, and dumping costs. These costs differ widely between companies and are sometimes offered at a discount or promotional fee during a sale. The same can be said for profit and overhead. Each company will have their prices and may offer their discounts. Shopping around is highly encouraged to find the price point that best suits you.

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Hiring An Artificial Grass Installer

Find quality artificial grass installers who live near you and determine which one is the best fit for your situation. Be sure to check these things before hiring a pro.

  • Check the warranty policies.
  • Check the online reviews from HomeGuide and Google.
  • Check their Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Check their insurance policy, and business license is in date.
  • Take the time to look at homes where theyve installed artificial grass.
  • Make sure all your agreed-upon terms are in writing.
  • Be sure the product you purchase is appropriate for what you plan to use it for.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted synthetic grass installers:

  • Pray, Richard. 2019 National Construction Estimator. 2019. PDF file.
  • Considerations When Buying Synthetic Grass for Landscape Use. .

Artificial Turf Pros And Cons

Synthetic turf is an investment. Before spending your green for green that lasts all year round, consider whether artificial turf is right for you and your yard.

Do your research on synthetic turf and have your questions answered by a professional. Theres a lot to learn about fake grass before installing it in your yard. For instance, artificial turf may save gallons of water, but whether its more eco-friendly than real grass is an ongoing debate.

Lets take a look at artificial turfs pros and cons:


It saves water

Sod needs frequent watering to flourish and survive. The heavy use of irrigation water is a concern in areas with periodic droughts.

Artificial turf doesnt grow, so you dont need to water it. Fake grass helps conserve water and lower water bills.

No fertilizer or pesticides

Fertilizers and pesticides help your sod grow, but they can be harmful to the ecosystem, waterways, and groundwater. Not needing to use fertilizers and pesticides also saves on maintenance costs.

No lawn mowing

Gasoline power tools like lawn mowers and string trimmers emit carbon dioxide into the air. Artificial turf avoids this pollution, as fake grass doesnt require any trimming maintenance.

Some artificial turfs are made of recycled materials

Some manufacturers use recycled materials, such as old tires, to make turf.

It can save you money in the long term

Always looks good


Its made of plastic

It cannot be recycled

It gets hot

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What Exactly Is Artificial Grass

Fake grass consists of filaments threaded into a backing that lets water through. The backing is laid on a drainage layer, usually compacted gravel, and fastened along the perimeter. Then its filled with recycled crumb rubber or sand to keep it from blowing away in a stiff breeze.

Todays synthetic grass is made of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene thats colored to look like various species.

Synlawn, one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic grass, offers: SYNBermuda, SYNFescue, SYNZoysia — you get the idea. Some grasses even have a thatch layer that makes a yard look less Stepford-like and more realistic.

Disadvantages Of Artificial Grass

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost For A Small Garden
  • The initial cost of installing is high compared to natural grass sod.
  • Real grass lawns can cool a house, while artificial grass absorbs heat and gets hotter in the summer months.
  • Depending on the quality you purchase, you could experience problems with fading or wear patterns in the fabric.
  • Some low-end brands look fake.
  • Fake grass can’t be recycled.
  • Some homeowners’ associations and city municipalities have a ban on fake grass.
  • It can’t easily absorb and break down pet urine.
  • You still have to blow off debris and leaves, and hose off any pet waste.
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    Hiring A Professional Vs Diy Cost

    If youâre looking into a budget-friendly and not-so-serious golf practice in your backyard, then you could understandably choose to install your putting green yourself right at your residence. But, itâs important to remember that this is not an easy project to complete.

    Before you can install your artificial grass, youâll need to do extensive land grading, excavation, and more. These tasks require knowledge and skills to make sure that your backyard golf will function and look at it should.

    If youâre not sure about whether or not you can do it, it is best to hire a professional to do the land grading and install the putting green. Any avid golfer knows that their training depends on the little details on a golf course. If there are improper slopes and bumps, for instance, thereâs a good chance that it can hurt your game.

    Factors That Influence Artificial Turf Installation Costs

    As mentioned before, labor costs for laying down synthetic grass are very affordable. Depending on the lawn dimensions, they may only charge a few hundred dollars to get it cut, apply the base gravel, and lay the turf within one weekend. However, youll still have to invest in turf materials.

    Artificial turf is typically sold in rolls with the square meterage you need to cover your entire garden area. Youll want to work with your landscaper before you purchase the turf to know exactly how much you need to buy. You will also need to purchase the base material and edging to ensure your lawn looks even.

    Typically the landscaper recommends you buy several extra feet of turf to ensure you have enough for the job. Laying artificial turf is precise work, and its always better to have a little extra to make adjustments than not enough. Your landscaper should be involved in the planning process to help you choose the right synthetic grass and budget accordingly.

    If you would prefer the landscaper to handle everything including the purchase of artificial turf then simply specify this when the task is posted, this means you can kick back and have it all taken care of.

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    Where To Buy Artificial Turf & Installation In North Dallas

    While you can find many artificial turf installation supplies at your local home improvement store, we would recommend looking for a local Dallas landscaping company who installs artificial turf. These companies would likely have all of the necessary supplies for your turf installation and assist with any new home landscaping at your North Dallas home as well.

    If you prefer to hire a professional to do the installation for you, we recommend contacting Main Street Lawn Care and Landscaping as we can purchase commercial grade turf and install it for you with a warranty.