How To Find Crystals In Your Backyard

Agate Is A Colorful And Common Gemstone

Find Crystals really quickly in your backyard

Agate is a reddish or brownish stone that is known for its striped or marbled appearance across its surface. While agates can be found in other colors , reddish-brown agate is the most common type found.

Where Can You Find Agate in Your Backyard?

Agate can be found in many Western states in the United States but can also be found in any area where igneous rocks and old lava beds are found.

Agate can be identified by holding the stone up to the light. If it is a reddish-brown stone that is semi-translucent with some apparent striping or banding, theres a high chance that you have your hands on an agate.

How to Tell the Quality of an Agate?

Agate is a relatively low-quality stone that is also inexpensive. Quality in agate is judged by size since larger pieces make it easier to see the patterns in the stone more easily.

Agate that is more colorful or has a stronger pattern is also sold at a higher price than agate that is plainer in color or markings.

TIP: Do all types of agate have some value or do certain agates have characteristics that make them better than the rest? Find out the answer in the article below:Are Agates Valuable rocks? The True Worth of Agates

Can You Find Quartz In Your Backyard

Quartz is one of the gemstones that are paramount in the United States. You can get it almost everywhere in the states, including your backyard. Quartz is very common in our backyard, especially if we are living in the United States, then you will get it even on the street.

Among all the crystals in the U.S., it is only the quartz that you can easily get in your backyard. Even though you can get the quartz in your backyard, that does not mean that it is useless. Note that the quartz can be used in making pieces of jewelry and home decors such as sculptures or countertops.

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Distinguishing A Crystal By Shape

  • 1Identify emerald and aquamarine by their hexagonal shape. Examining the shape of a crystal is an easy way to narrow down type of crystal you have. If your crystal has a hexagonal shape, it could be an emerald or aquamarine. If your crystal isnt green or blue, compare it to other hexagonal crystals.XResearch source
  • Look at the crystal from different angles to help identify what shape it is.
  • 2Recognise pyrite, diamonds, and fluorite by their cube shapes. These crystals form in a square pattern. Check your crystal for a square base and an elongated cube shape. Compare the colour of the crystal to pyrite and diamonds. If it doesnt match, use a crystal directory to match the crystal to other cube-shaped crystals.XResearch source
  • The balanced structure of these cubic crystals is believed to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
  • Pyrite is usually a brass colour and diamonds are normally white or clear.
  • 3Identify peridot by its orthorhombic shape. Orthorhombic crystals form a long spear shape and arent symmetrical. Look at the crystal from different angles to check that it is not symmetrical. Match your crystal to pictures of peridot in a crystal directory.XResearch source
  • If your crystal doesnt match pictures of peridot, compare your crystal to other orthorhombic crystals.
  • Apophyllite and zircon come in a variety of colours.
  • The turquoise crystal is blue, whereas labradorite comes in various colours.
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    State Mining And Mineral Departments Can Be A Good Resource

    If youre looking to search for crystals and you still arent sure where to start, take advantage of the resources available from state mining and mineral departments.

    These departments can provide a trove of useful information and can help guide you in your search. Most states will have these divisions, and they will have details about what gems and minerals are currently being mined in your region.

    Sometimes, these departments will have maps of current as well as abandoned mining operations. If the mine is inactive, you are usually free to explore the terrain and claim any crystals you may find.

    Mining operations typically unearth large amounts of crystals, and since the mining is usually in pursuit of a particular mineral or metal, these crystals are discarded and ignored. If you visit these old mining sites, you may find some substantial crystals located in piles throughout the mine.

    Keep in mind, however, that if you visit these sites, you should not attempt to go into any mining tunnels. These can be extremely dangerous, and you should not venture into them as you have no way of knowing whether they are safe or not.

    Even if your region doesnt have any abandoned mining sites, you can still utilize the information provided by state mineral departments to try to determine the best places to look for crystals.

    Searching For Crystals In The Dirt

    Found this in my yard as a kid. It

    There are many sizes of sifters that you may use while sifting through your dirt. There are smaller portable sifters that are ideal for swiftly screening through soil. If you want to do things yourself, you may make your own sifter out of hardware cloth and wood. If you intend to dig deep and want to cover a huge area at once, you may make a larger sifter.

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    Obsidian Is A Fairly Common Backyard Gemstone

    Obsidian has a glass-like texture that is usually black but can sometimes be green or brown. It is created when molten rock cools and creates a smooth stone.

    Obsidian was popularly used by primitive people as a tool from its sharp cutting edges and is even still used in modern operating rooms because it is sharper than stainless still and can create a smoother cut.

    Where Can You Find Obsidian in Your Backyard?

    Obsidian is a relatively easy gemstone to notice in the ground due to its glossy, unnatural-looking surface. Obsidian can be found in a majority of the American West, including the following states:

    How to Tell the Quality of Obsidian?

    Obsidian is valued by its age rather than its looks since all obsidian has a similar dark glossy black appearance. Obsidian is fragile because of its glass-like texture, so finding older pieces of it can be difficult. The rarest and most valuable forms of obsidian are older than a few million years.

    TIP:Using a Dremel is the most versatile way of cutting and polishing your obsidian as it can be used for both parts of the process. Find out more in the article below:How to Cut & Polish Obsidian: Follow These 7 Simple Steps

    What Tools Do You Need To Find Crystals In The Yard

    A shovel is the first tool you should get. Your backyard soil type and the area to be covered will dictate the type of shovel to use. A simple hand shovel or trowel with a rounded or sharp cutting edge would be sufficient to break up the topsoil.

    Whether youre dealing with soft or hard topsoil, a round digger shovel is an ideal tool for the job. The rounded tip penetrates the dirt with ease.

    Other useful tools include:

    • A sifter, to remove large materials from the soil.
    • A bucket made from either metal or plastic.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Crystal And A Gemstone

    The distinction between a crystal and a gem is that a crystal is composed of atoms or ions arranged in a specific order and structure, whereas a gem is an extremely valuable mineral that occurs only in a small geographical area.

    A crystal may be referred to as a gem, while a gem is not referred to as a crystal. Salts are a type of crystal, whereas ruby, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls are all types of gemstones.

    Can You Find Geodes In The Uk

    Gemstones Worth $ Millions and How to Find Them in Your Own Backyard

    We actually get asked this question a lot, the simple answer is yes, but unfortunately not in the way you may have hoped.

    Bristol Diamonds are a type of geode found in the Gorge caves, these were a type of quartz often found in a geode. In the 19th century these were quite the popular item however new finds are quite rare.

    That isnt to say geodes within other caves are impossible, cave systems give the perfect opportunity to find all sorts of crystals and geodes, however the danger of going into caves to find these should never be done by anyone other than a professional.

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    What If You Succeed In Finding Gemstones In Your Backyard

    • The very first thing you need to do is, clean the gems. Remove all the dust, soil, or mud from the gems properly as it may be difficult for us to identify the variety of gem we have found if it is not cleaned correctly
    • After cleaning the gems properly, we need to identify them. We have already discussed different types of gems with their properties and appearance. So it would be easy to identify them once we gain knowledge of different types of gemstones.

    So thats all about the types, of gems, techniques to find them, and the qualities of different gemstones, etc. have also been discussed with you. If you are lucky enough, you will surely find the gems in your backyard by using the right methods and tools we have suggested. One must have a curiosity to do this task.

    Areas With Volcanic Activity May Have Crystals

    Volcanic activity can result in crystal formation, both directly and indirectly. So, if you have access to a region that has some amount of volcanic activity, you may be able to find some crystals in the area.

    A specific type of magma called Kimberlite is rich in minerals, including some valuable crystals, and can deposit this rich igneous rock on the surface.

    Kimberlite has been known to include olivine, apatite, chromite, garnet, and even diamond. In fact, Kimberlite takes its name from Kimberley, South Africa, a region rich in diamonds.

    Any region that has seen molten magma most likely will also have obsidian present. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, and it is known for its shiny black color.

    While it technically isnt a crystal , its appearance often makes it appealing to crystal collectors. It has a glossy sheen, and its color can range from deep black to red, brown, green, purple, and even rainbow varieties.

    Other gems that may be found in areas with volcanic activity include zircon, topaz, and ruby. Pegmatite deposits in the area often yield large, good-quality crystals.

    TIP: Obsidian is among the most prized rocks that all rockhounds want to have in their collections. But where to find obsidian? Check out the locations in the USA in the article below:

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    Popular Locations To Find Crystals

    Crystals are formed when liquids cool and certain molecules start to harden or crystallize. States like North Carolina or Arkansas are popular locations to find crystals, so if you live in those regions or somewhere similar, your chances of discovering crystal rocks are higher.

    In general, any place or location that had their soil dug up or built up are also great options, which is why your backyard could be the perfect scene to dig for crystals.

    Be mindful if you search outside of your land and go to public lands as searching for rock geodes might not be permitted

    Where Can You Find Crystals In Your Backyard

    pretty topaz found at topaz mountain which happens to be in my back ...

    This is a question that many people ask because they are interested in collecting crystals. While it is true that some crystals can be found in certain areas of the world, it is also possible to find crystals in your backyard. Here are a few tips to help you find crystals in your backyard.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the rocks in your backyard. If you see any sparkly rocks or have a reflective surface, these could be crystals. Another way to tell if a rock is a crystal is to hold it to the light. If you see the light passing through the rock, then it is likely a crystal.

    Another place to look for crystals is in the sand. If you live near a beach, then you may be able to find crystals in the sand. To find crystals in the sand, you will need to look for sparkly areas or areas with a lot of reflection. You can also look for areas where the sand is a different color than the rest of the sand.

    If you live in an area where there are a lot of trees, then you may be able to find crystals in the bark of the trees. To find crystals in the bark of a tree, you will need to look for areas where the bark is peeling or where there are cracks in the bark.

    Finally, you can also look for crystals in the soil. If you see areas in your backyard where the soil is a different color than the rest of the soil, you may find crystals in the soil. To find crystals in the soil, you will need to look for areas where the soil is dry or where there are cracks in the soil.

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    Tools Youll Need To Find Gems

    You will need a few tools to search for gems in your backyard. Things you will need are a pickaxe, a shovel, a classifier, a sifter or loupe, a large bucket, and tweezers.

    The ax helps you get into compact dirt or rock and the shovel helps you dig deeper. The classifier is used to shift dirt above the bucket so you dont lose any small gems and tweezers are used to collect gems hard to pick up with your fingers.

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    Douglas Lake In Tennessee

    While there is a zinc vein in middle Tennessee that makes crystal hunting between Carthage and Nashville highly satisfying, you might consider a winter trip to Douglas Lake in eastern Tennessee for your rockhounding expedition.

    The water level in the man-made reservoir drops during the colder season to improve your chances of finding Douglas Diamonds.

    These are not real diamonds, though. They are quartz crystals similar in clarity and quality to the Herkimer Diamonds of New York .

    Your best chance of finding them is to walk the lake bed looking for floats of red clay. Theres actually an app from the Tennessee Valley Authority for rockhounds who want to know when the lake levels are low enough to hunt.

    TIP: For a complete rockhounding guide in Tennessee, check out this article.

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    Recreational Gem Mining Locations Are Great For Crystal Enthusiasts

    If you dont want to set out on your own and start sifting through rocks in unfamiliar territory, there are luckily some great options available to let you still hunt for your own crystals but in an area that already is rich with what you seek.

    Recreational gem mining has been gaining in popularity, and as such, there are now a number of sites open to tourists and gem enthusiasts that let you dig for your own crystals.

    Things You Should Know

    Found Rare Crystals While Digging in the Backyard! (Unbelievable Find)
    • Find a spot where geodes are naturally found or call your states welcome center for rock and mineral sites. You could even go on a trip with a gem and mineral club.
    • Identify geodes by finding round or egg-shaped rocks with a bumpy surface texture. Ensure the geode is lighter than other similar-sized rocks.
    • Open the geode on-site by wrapping it in a sock and cracking it with a hammer and chisel. You could also use a saw at home, or bring it to a professional.

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    Determine Where You Should Start Looking

    Once you have all your equipment ready, youll need to pinpoint exactly where to start searching. Keep in mind that youre very likely to find crystals near concrete, like your driveway. This can be a great starting place for some beginners luck!

    The driveway is always a good idea because of the rock formations beneath the rock and concrete mixture. If you have any regions of your yard with limestone deposits, this is also a great starting place to forage for some quartz. Wherever you can find rocks, its possible youll find quartz.

    Another great starting place is near natural water sources. If your property is along a river, creek, or lake, you may be able to find gemstones in the soil near the water. While all of these locations differ immensely, your luck in finding crystals will solely depend on the area you live.

    Apart from your location, having good luck plays a massive role in finding quartz. Some days you may come up empty-handed, and others, you may find several crystals.

    Popular Regions to Find Quartz

    The United States is generally rich in quartz. These crystals can come in several colors, including:

    Therefore, if you find a crystal that isnt wholly colorless, dont write it off as something other than quartz. And while you can find these crystals everywhere in the US, theyre most known to be found in Arkansas and North Carolina.