Ideas For Backyard Graduation Party

The Best Backyard Graduation Party Ideas

10 Graduation Backyard Party Ideas Video

Graduation parties often take place in a backyard. Use these Backyard Graduation Party Ideas to pull off a successful grad party. Plus find additional graduation party planning ideas using the Ultimate Graduation Party Ideas Planning Guide.

P.S. Looking for grad gift ideas? Check out The Best Graduation Gifts To Give.

Set Up A Polaroid Guest Book

Put out polaroids or Instax cameras and let people put their photo and a note in a guest book for the graduate to read later! Itll give them something fun to look at PLUS itll give them a reminder of who showed up for their graduation celebration!

Make sure to leave a sign explaining what to do like this one!

You could even setup a DIY photo booth with props and items for the photos!

Easy Grad Letters And Numbers


Balloon and floral mosaic numbers/letters are an emerging trend in Graduation party decor for both boys and girls, and with an easy DIY option theyre affordable for any budget and skill level!

You can either ask your event planner or purchase the easy to assemble kit above for about $20 per letter/number . If youre on a budget you can purchase the supplies individually yourself for even cheaper. Youll need:

  • Dollar store foam board for the numbers
  • Balloons blown to various sizes
  • There are multiple ways to make the sides. You can either buy one or two 6 inch by 24 inch white cardboard roll/s PURCHASE THEM HERE or you can purchase card stock/poster board from the dollar store and cut it in 6 inch wide strips.
  • Letter/number templates

Theyre also one of the most expensive to buy or rent , BUT we found the easiest DIY version that makes it affordable for everyone!

Use the same tutorial and list of supplies for the Mosaic Balloon Numbers we mentioned above, only instead of balloons fill them with dollar store tap lights or cut holes to insert string lights.

You can use as many or as few lights per letter/number as you like, or forego the lights altogether, or fill with paint or glitter. You can use the school year, or the Grads name/initials.

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Sunscreen And Bug Spray Bucket

Image source by Cassidy Lucille

If youre having an outdoor graduation party this is something you should absolutely have! When youre outdoors for hours and dont actually realize how much sun you are getting or the bugs flying around because of the food, heres your solution! Make a bucket and make it cute.

Invest In Affordable Dcor

The top 23 Ideas About Graduation Party Backyard Ideas

Since your graduation party is a one-day affair, youll want to use you already own or invest in affordable decorations that are recyclable. Depending on how rowdy your bash gets, something will probably get broken.

Therefore, you dont want to shoulder the cost of a one-use-only crystal candlestick set! Colorful balloons, streamers, and banners brighten a space very cheaply, and you can pad your budget slightly by choosing confetti-filled balloons for a fun twist at the end of the night.

The interior design experts at Design Ideas Guide suggest using fairy lights, hanging vines, big mirrors, neon lights, photo collages, and other elements you might find in an aesthetic bedroom. If youre creative, construct a large balloon arch for your entryway and hang a line of photos of your graduating class in the corridor for guests to view as they arrive. This is easy to achieve using an at-home printer and light Facebook stalking. You can accentuate your décor with LED lights.

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Make An Achievement Table

Recognize all of your grad’s accomplishments. Place things like trophies, letterman’s jackets, letters of recognition, and their college acceptance letter for all to see. Guests will love seeing all the ways they’ve succeed from kindergarten to senior year.

Find some place card holders and add pictures of the graduate onto each and add them to each table. Use their senior pictures or photos throughout senior year. This will give guests something to talk about while they eat your yummy food.

What Kind Of Food Do You Serve At A Graduation Party

First, serve food that your graduate loves. Personalizing your food is also a fun addition to your party. Incorporate your childs graduating year, new school colors, and even their name on the catering display for a unique and easy way to customize your cuisine. Find a caterer that will be able to execute all of your favorite ideas.

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Absolute Best Backyard Graduation Party Ideas That Are Affordable

November 30, 2020 By Cassidy Lucille

This post shows you the best backyard graduation party ideas.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. See our full disclaimer here.

It’s graduation party season! Every year, graduation season is my favorite time to help all of my readers throw the best graduation party that they can. In this article, well focus specifically on backyard graduation party ideas.

As someone from the midwest, I understand the stress and pressure of trying to throw the best graduation party on the block. Luckily for you, my family threw a backyard graduation party, and I saved the best backyard graduation party ideas just for my readers.

This post shows you the brilliant tips and tricks for throwing an amazing outdoor graduation party. Backyard graduation parties are a great way to throw an epic celebration while staying on budget and without too much work, since it’s so easy to transport decor and other stuff to and from a party that’s right in your backyard!

Here are the best show stopping backyard graduation party ideas that are actually affordable.

Host A Joint Graduation Party


Guests might need to split time between multiple parties on a single day. Ask your grad to help you plan a joint event with close friends so partygoers will be able to stay and mingle instead of just dropping by for a few minutes.

Editor’s Tip: This works well if you have two grads in the family at the same time, too.

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Graduation Open House Party

If you want to limit the number of guests you may have in your home at any point, then an open house-style party is your best option. Establish a set amount of time when people can circle in and out. Instead of having any set itinerary, you can set out individually portioned refreshments, like cupcakes, for people to grab.

Graduation open house party invitation wording:

Please join us for an Open House to celebrate the graduation of Sarah Claire | CLASS OF 2021 Raleigh Country Day | 5:30 pm â 7:00 pm, Friday, June 11th | 81 Shadow Lane, Raleigh, NC

Confetti Caps graduation open house party

Mason Jar Floral Centerpieces

Adding centerpieces to your party tables is another great graduation decor idea since your guests are going to spend a lot of time there.

Mason jar centerpieces are super trendy right now and one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate your party table. The above idea would go really well if youre going for a rose gold color theme, but you can totally customize them to match your graduation party theme!

Want to recreate this idea?

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Future College Themed Graduation Party

Recreate these backyard graduation party ideas:

I have spent forever looking for graduation party ideas 2022 graduates will like, and the most common theme is the high school grad’s future college. This is super easy to do, and there are usually graduation party decorations with the college logos and colors available online!

How Well Do You Know The Graduate

Best Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

This is a must for all graduation parties to make it more fun and interesting. Graduation party games are really cool and there are some amazing game printables you can play with your guests.

This who knows the grad better printable is the most common one youll find at graduation parties. You can really enjoy it and discover know who knows you better from your guests. Maybe the one who gets the most correct answers can even get a small prize too!

Also, I love the fact this graduation arty game comes with 3diffrent template styles that will match your graduation party perfectly.

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Make A Personalized Photo Box

Ever played two truths and one lie? Order a customized personalized box and include instructions on the box to have people write down three stories of memories of the graduate.

Pull them out of the box and read the stories and have people guess which one is accurate. Its one of my favorite graduation games!

If your group isnt really into games, just have people write down things they wish theyd known or advice to the graduate instead.

Or use the box to hold cards or other small graduation gifts on a gift table.

Graduate School Graduation Dinner At A Vineyard

For a medical school, law school, business school, or other grad program graduation, a bit more pomp and circumstance may be in order. Take your party to the field and host a dinner at a local winery or vineyard. Youâll not only be able to sample delicious wines, but youâll also be helping a local business.

Graduation dinner at a vineyard invitation wording:

Join the Smith family in celebrating Charlieâs graduation from Stanford Medical School. Saturday, May 29th at Hamel Family Wines. The party begins at 5:30 pm and dinner will be served outdoors at 7:00 pm. Please RSVP.

Champagne Bubbles graduation invitation by Paperless Post

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How To Throw A Backyard Graduation Party

If youre wondering how to throw a backyard graduation party you might feel like youre going to pull your hair out. Planning and invites and food and decorations and more there may seem like theres no end to the craziness that you feel trying to plan this party. That doesnt even take into account that this is your graduate, your little one, and now theyre old enough to fly on their own. Any parent would get emotional but thankfully theres a way to plan a solid graduation party in your backyard, without losing your mind in the process.

Decorate Your Door Entrance With Balloons


Dont forget to decorate your door entrance with your grad balloons. You can get customized class balloons with your school logo. Also, this red carpet will give you and your guests the ultimate red carpet experience before they set foot in the graduation party of dreams, not to mention it looks so stylish and expensive too.

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Outdoor Party Seating Idea

Setting up a cute and comfy seating area is one of the most important things to take care of if youre hosting an outdoor graduation party.

You most probably may have to borrow or rent some furniture to make sure you have enough chairs for all your guests. Also, be sure to get matching tablecloths and centerpieces to make everything look so put together!

Make A Graduation Cards And Gifts Table

One of the things Ive learned from all the graduation parties Ive been to is that almost all the guests bring cards or graduation gifts with them. So its always a good idea to have a designated area for gifts and cards for guests. That way they dont have to carry them around for the whole party.

The above gift table idea would look so fancy in your backyard! I love that you can recreate this idea with just a few things and make your party look so chic!

Want to recreate this idea?

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Add Glow To Your Gala

Turning an average balloon into an eye-catching glowing decoration for your grad party is as easy as putting a glowstick in the balloon! Toss a few across the lawn, float a few in the pool or use helium to create a cluster for table decor or at the entrance of your party. For the easy how-to instructions, click HERE!

How To Host An Indoor Graduation Party


If the situation calls for an indoor graduation party, your grad is in for a treat. Indoor parties can make way for a more intimate setting. They also allow for some especially unique options, such as the ability to go all-out with your party decor.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind with an indoor party. For example, youâll need to determine whether youâll host at home or rent a venue. Likewise, youâll want to consider how many people the venue can accommodate.

Much like an outdoor party, a superb way to organize your indoor party planning is to choose a theme. Your theme might be based around anything your grad enjoysâsuch as a favorite travel destination, a type of food, a hobby or activity, or even their favorite colors.

Whatever indoor theme you choose, we know your grad will appreciate the opportunity to revel in all their hard work and achievements.

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Stress Free Tips For A High School Graduation Party

High School graduation is one often of lifes proudest moments. Not many people feel bored or unmoved as the principal nears the letter of your grads name in the roll call. Focus on enjoying the moment at the ceremony and your party, too.

18. While expensive, hiring a chef to cook for the party offers quality time with family and friends. If youre hosting a houseful of out-of-town guests, this alternative is a life-saver if you are determined to truly enjoy the event without worrying about shopping, prep, cooking, and cleanup.

19. House guests sometimes feel in the way or at loose ends. If you have a tight budget and effective delegation skills, choose a couple of reliable guests who are willing to be put to work.

20. Consider having the party partially catered or hire a server to come before the party to replenish trays, wash dishes, and empty the garbage.

21. Do you have both a high school and college graduate in your family? Combine the guests and have one event for friends and family.

22. Use the buddy system and trade-off host duties. Ask one or two of your besties to replenish food trays and beverage containers, take pictures and clean up so you can enjoy your own party. Then, when they have their teens parties, return the favor.

23. Some schools have a tradition where parents of juniors assist with some party hosting duties for the senior parents.

Evening Outdoor Graduation Gala

For teens or college grads, an evening graduation party can feel even more special. But how do you host an evening party outdoors? Easyâmake your lighting part of your decor. Deck out the party area with lanterns and fairy lights. Alternately, fill it with glow-in-the-dark balloons and hand out glow sticks to party guests. If itâs an after-dinner party, provide guests with a table of snacks and delicious punch to sip on.

Evening outdoor graduation gala invitation wording:

Aaronâs graduating, and weâre having a gala! Please wear your finest and join us for an evening of celebration. | 8 p.m. at the Andersonsâ home | Friday, May 20

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Self Serve Food Station

Recreate this idea:

The last thing you are going to want is having to worry about serving food at your graduation party is serving food to your guests. Setting up a self serve food station or food bar will allow your guests to grab what they want freely.

To make things even easier for your guests, you can set your food table to have individual servings rather than having serving dishes.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas: How To Celebrate With Style

Backyard graduation party ideas

Graduation is not something to leave uncelebrated. It is a big deal, whether it be from kindergarten, high school, college, or medical school!

Throwing a party is a wonderful way to celebrate the accomplishment of graduation with friends and family who have helped along the way, and something you or your child will never forget.

With COVID-19 still affecting us, you might be considering having an outdoor graduation party to keep you and your loved ones safe in a creative way.

That’s why Infinity Transportation has put together a list of some of the best outdoor graduation party ideas, themes, outdoor games, and decorations to make it a party to remember!

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Go Wild With Balloons

Balloon décor continues to evolve and impress . Float them in your pool, use them in arches, signage, and so much more. Meet with your event planner and décor company to brainstorm all of the unique ways to include balloons in your celebration.

Making The Grad Feel Special Either Way

If youre trying to learn how to throw a backyard graduation party you have exactly one goal. Make your graduate feel special, happy, and hopeful for the future. It may not have sunk in by the time you start the party that theyre an adult now. Let them come to that conclusion on their own, and have this party for themselves. Soon enough theyll be in the workforce or in college, so let them have this night, and make sure they feel special in their own way. Are they an extrovert? Shower them with socialization and give them the spotlight. More of an introvert? Lots of their favorite media, books, video games, their favorite hot drink, coffee, tea, and a quiet afternoon with some very close friends. Think about them, their personality, what would they truly enjoy?

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