In Ground Pools For Small Backyards

Small Pool With Built

Small yard pool project – Huge transformation!

If you have a small backyard, you may think that a pool is out of the question. But with some clever design, even the smallest yard can accommodate a pool.

As you can see from this small compact pool with a built-in beach ledge for lounging and enjoying the water.

And when the sun goes down, a lighted small pool can provide the perfect ambiance for poolside drinks or a late-night cocktail party.

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Stylish Plunge Pool By Seaway

The Escondido plunge pool is a stylish and compact plunge pool by Seaway that works in a compact garden.

It is a cost-effective choice that offers easy maintenance.

The digging and disruption that comes with installing an in-ground pool will be less too.

You can further customize plunge pools with dark-colored linings that are on-trend right now.

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Things To Consider When Buying And Installing An Above Ground Swimming Pool For Small Or Mediocre Yards

Buying an above ground pool for a small backyard is a process that requires a bit of digging and planning upfront, but most importantly you need to double check the measurements, particularly the length and the width of your potential location where the pool would be placed. Also, a pool is a family source of fun therefore you have to make sure you make the right purchase to avoid later regrets.

Only Deck What You Need

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

Theres no need to make the deck an equal width around the entire pool. Strategically varying the width of the deck maximizes how much of the yard is left for other activities.

Youll need about seven feet of the deck where youd like to place pool furniture, but there are no such requirements for unused areas of the poolside. A deck just wide enough to satisfy basic needs is perfectly acceptable.

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Why Choose Above Ground Swimming Pool Instead Of Inground

Above ground pools come with a perk of benefits such as:

  • Lower cost of purchase as compared to the standard pools.
  • Lower maintenance cost with smaller pumps and filters.
  • Easy to install as most come pre-built.
  • They come in a range of sizes which makes it easier to fit in your small backyard.
  • They are mobile

Natural Small Backyard Pool

This pool is another prime example that you dont need a big backyard to have a relaxing enjoyable backyard pool.

As this pool takes up a very small footprint thats approximately 8 feet wide by 16 feet long.

Allowing this mini pool to fit in even the smallest of backyards.

However, just because the pool is on the smaller side, that doesnt mean it has to lack style and high-end design.

As this pool does a great job of creating a luxurious high-end look despite its smaller size.

Thanks to the pools ample surrounding vegetation and premium wood decking, which gives the pool a more natural look that blends into its surrounding.

As opposed to your standard pool, which is often surrounded by a sea of concrete.

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Can You Put An Inground Swimming Pool In A Small Backyard

The short answer: Most of the time, yes.

The long answer: It depends on your property and local regulations. The most critical issues to look at first are your setback rules and easements.

Setbacks determine how far away from the property line and the house the pool needs to be, and knowing this can help you decide whether getting a pool is feasible. It can also help you choose the right inground pool size for your home.

For example, in some areas, the pool needs to be at least 8 feet away from the property lines and 10 feet away from your home. Keep in mind that these rules will vary by region, and you can find out about your setback rules by contacting your city or county development services.

If you have any easements on your property, this can also limit the usable space in your backyard. An easement is an invisible line that you can’t build on, most commonly due to underground or overhead utilities. You can find out if you have easements by contacting your city or county records offices or checking with the utility companies.

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Aside from the rules and regulations, there are a few more things that you’ll need to think about:

How Much Backyard Space Do You Need For A Small Pool

What is the Best Pool for a Small Back Yard?

Many homeowners want to know, Can you put an inground pool in a small backyard? The answer is absolutely yes! As you might be surprised to learn, as little as 1,200 square feet of backyard space provides enough room to install a stunning pool. Not only is it possible to install a pool in a small yard, but with todays innovative technology, there are more design options than ever before to choose from.

Well talk about those design options in a moment but before we go over the aesthetic possibilities, its important to review some basic safety considerations. For example, in order to ensure safe installation and use of your pool, youll need to select a model that isnt too large, small, shallow or deep. Youll also need to calculate the dimensions of your yard, plus the access area where the pool will be installed, which plays a role in determining how large of a pool you can build safely.

Before putting in a small inground pool, we strongly recommend discussing your construction needs with a pool expert, or using one of Lathams trusted apps for pool owners, such as our AR Pool Visualizer Application. Well also discuss yard and pool sizes in detail later on in this guide, providing you with additional information about how to plan your pool safely. For now, lets take a look at some of the most popular shapes for small inground swimming pools.

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What Are The Small Pool Trends We Are Seeing Today

Take a look at vacation places like Nags Head, NC Myrtle Beach, SC and others. Fiberglass pools have become very prominent in these areas, where the backyards are typically very, very small.

In Florida, fiberglass has grown quite a bit in recent years, but concrete pools still make up the very large majority of small pool installations in that state.

As for Texas…well, they don’t do anything small in Texas!

What Is The Smallest Above Ground Pool

You may like to know the smallest size of the above ground pool, before buying it for your small backyard. Here you go!

Even though the in-ground pool has an abundance of options, above ground pools, also have plenty of options for you. Talking of these options, they are the standard shapes and sizes they feature. Most of the above-ground pools usually feature oval, round, and rectangular shapes.

The oval shape above ground pools has a standard size of wideness from 12-16 feet and long size of 16-32 feet. As for the round above ground pools, they are the most popular with a standard size too. They are usually wide from 10-33 feet and then long from 30-54 inches. The rectangular above ground pools are generally wide from 12-16 feet and then long from 20-32 feet.

From this analysis, it’s evident that above ground pools are not perfect for diving. This is because they dont have adequate wideness or height that can make you dive in safely.

But, because you don’t have a big backyard, this small size of above ground pools is perfect for you. Likewise, dont forget that it will save you some money.

In a nutshell, the smallest size of the above ground pool that you can find in the market is around 12 feet of measurement. The rectangle above ground pools are a bit suitable for sport swimming, and the smallest of it is 12-16 feet while the oval pools feature 12-16 feet standard size.

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Small Backyards With Small Pools

Curious about what your backyard might look like with a small swimming pool? Here are a few pictures of our concrete pools in small backyards.

Overall, a small backyard shouldn’t keep you from getting an in-ground swimming pool if you’re willing to be flexible and make compromises. A super small yard might present a problem, but you may still have some good alternative options.

Click here to contact us today to start creating your very own Small Backyard Paradise!

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Best Pool Shapes For Small Backyards

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

Every backyardno matter how big or smallis different. As such, its difficult to say that there is a perfect pool shape for smaller yards. If you are designing a concrete in ground pool, you wont have to consider the pre-set shapes associated with fiberglass pools, so the choice is yours.

However, it is worth noting that curvy, freeform pools, such as a kidney shaped pool, allow for more potential decking space. If you plan on placing a lounge chair or grill on your backyard pools patio, youll need to take those needs into consideration as you decide on the best pool shape for your yard.

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Above Ground Pool With Wraparound Wood Decking

The most affordable small background pool option is the above-ground pool.

However, just because its an above-ground pool that doesnt mean it cant still be stylish and trendy, as this stylish above-ground pool shows.

As this above-ground pool offers spacious wraparound wood decking, which not only gives the pool a much more finished and professional look but also adds a lot of functionality to the pool.

As it provides plenty of room for relaxing and sunbathing.

Take The Plunge With More Depth Or Reflect In Shallow Waters

Weve built swimming pools of all depths, depending on our customers preferences. If you enjoy deeper depths but have a small backyard, consider building a smaller plunge pool that goes straight down without occupying much horizontal space. If youre not bothered by shallow waters, we might suggest installing a reflecting pool with an elongated design, LED lighting, and Zen-like elements for relaxation and reflection. If your design allows it, you could also consider adding a small spa or hot tub occupying a corner of your pools interior. Lush landscaping all around your pool can also give it a more serene look and feel while adding extra privacy.

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Different Pool Types And Their Average Cost

If youre curious about what other types of pools cost though, and how they compare to the cost of the cheapest type of pool.

Weve highlighted nine different types of pools below and their average cost.

  • Inflatable Pool
  • Traditional Above Ground Pool
  • Steel Frame Above Ground Pool
  • Semi-Inground Pool
  • Shipping Container Pool
  • Fiberglass Inground Pool
  • Vinyl Liner Inground Pool
  • Inground Concrete Pool with Plaster or Tile

How Small Can An In

Ultimate Small Backyard Pool Transformation!!! Timelapse! (Part 1)

Most of the smallest in-ground pools across all pool types, on average, are around 12 by 24, 10 by 15, or even a 10 x 10 Spool/Cocktail pool!

In-ground pools can be even smaller. But no matter how small your pool is, you’ll still be able to relax and cool off in the summertime, which is how people spend most of their time in the pool anyway.

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What Is Considered A Small Inground Pool

The average size inground swimming pool is larger than 600 square feet. A small, or boutique swimming pool is typically considered to be one that is 600 square feet or less. Depending on the shape, size, and design, a small inground swimming pool could still be used for aquatic exercise, as well as purely for recreation. While waterfalls and other water features may be incorporated into a smaller-scale swimming area, diving is not recommended. A small pool will usually be no more than 5 or 6 feet deep. This ensures that homeowners get the most usable space out of their pools.

Concrete Backyard Pool By Aquascape

If you have a courtyard garden, a concrete backyard pool, like the one by Aquascape, could be an elegant solution.

A considered above-ground concrete pool design is an ideal option because poured concrete is so versatile and can be integrated into your landscaping in a variety of ways.

As long as your setback rules and easements are forgiving, many pool contractors can find a way!

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Inground Backyard Pool Designs

Swimming is not just a fun activity but a physical activity, which is highly impactful for the human body where one can engage in cardio activities. These activities are boon for people suffering from muscle pain or joint pain.

Inground Swimming pools give a classy look to the home where parties could be organized, and one can have a chill. This gives an aesthetic appeal to your home and adds to the tranquillity of the home.

Therefore, do not doubt your idea of installing a swimming pool in your home and give a classy look to your dream home.

Customize your homes with prepossessing designing of backyard inground pool ideas.

Scroll down and find some alluring inground pool designs mainly designed by designers.

Review Of The Splash Pools Round Deluxe 18 Feet By 52 Inch

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

The Splash Pools Round Deluxe is one of our favorite above the ground pools due to its durability. Its a bit larger than the previous pools we reviewed in this list but depending on how small your yard is, this might also be a great fit. The smallest version this manufacturer offers is 18 X 52. The Splash pool is more of a permanent choice as compared to the other above ground pools. This means that it requires a lot of work to set up and install. Its advisable to hire a professional if you decide to go along with this above ground pool.

It is made using an all-weather 20 gauge vinyl liner and galvanized steel components that make it withstand rigorous use over a longer period. It also has a resin ladder with safety barrier and wide mouth thru-the-wall skimmer in the filter.

It also comes with an outstanding and beautiful design.


  • The pool is a permanent solution.
  • Durable and can withstand continuous use for a long duration.
  • It comes with a video set up guide making it easy to install.


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Is It Worth Having A Small Pool

It is ultimately up to the homeowner to decide if a small pool is worth it. Some pros of having a small pool include saving money on water and chemicals, as well as being easier to maintain than a larger pool. Some cons of having a small pool include less swimming space and potentially less resale value.

How Small Can A Backyard Pool Be

The smallest pools are around 10′ x 10′ or 8′ x 8′ if you want to push it. Technically speaking, it’s entirely up to you. If you really want, you could dig out a backyard bathtub and throw a pool party.

That said, it depends on what you want to get out of the pool. If you just want to relax, you could make a pool the size of a hot tub. If you want to swim laps, you’ll need something longer.

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Choose A Circular Design

If your backyard has a more natural, rustic feel to it, sticking a blue square in the middle of it just won’t work, so instead of going for a softer approach with a circular plunge pool.

Be inspired by this Cotswold farmhouse , and surround a pool with stones to create a secluded spot for a dip. Not only will this add some privacy but blends the pool area in with the surrounding landscape.

Take The Plunge: Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pool Builders

10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

Ready to turn your small backyard into a tropical paradise for the whole family? Browse our online Small Pool Gallery or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free small pool design consultation. Well help you explore the endless pool options available, and walk you through a variety of stress-free pool financing options.

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Closing Thoughts On Small Inground Pools

If you have a small backyard, then a small inground pool can be the solution you need. It comes with all the benefits of a regular pool, but with a much smaller price tag, lower monthly costs, and overall, less to worry about. So dont let a lack of space prevent you from making a great investment in your health, and your life.

Wanting A Pool In Your Small Yard

Fiberglass pools are trending right now as homeowners spend more time at home and outdoors. Sometimes pool buyers are concerned with their yard size and ask, can you put a swimming pool in a small backyard? And, what does a small pool cost? Many small pool designs can accommodate smaller yards, so well cover some small backyard pool ideas on a budget in this post.

Is a Small Pool Worth It?

There are benefits to owning a smaller pool that you may miss out on with larger pools:

  • More Compact Means More Outdoor Living Space. A smaller pool means more room for other stunning backyard accessories, like a pool house, outdoor seating area, firepits, and more.
  • Less Maintenance. Since theres not as much total area to cover, a smaller pool can be easier to maintain. Youll use fewer chemicals and spend less time cleaning than if you had a much larger pool.
  • When sorting through the benefits vs. disadvantages of owning a small pool, consider how you envision using your pool. Will you want to play games? Is a diving board a must? Will you want to host large pool parties where everyone can fit in the pool?

    What Are Some Small Pool Options?

    Before discussing what small pool options are available, we should address these important questions: What are the 3 types of pools? And which one is the best fit for you? Theres no indisputable right or wrong answer to which pool type is best. It depends on your individual needs and wants for your pool project.

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