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Hiring the best Fort Collins lawn care company means that your lawn will be cared for and in tip top shape without you having to do it yourself. You’ll be able to focus your time on your family, work or just relax while someone else takes care of all the lawn services in Fort Collins your home needs.

Keep in mind some of the following tips:

  • Range of Lawn Services in Fort Collins: Some lawn care companies in Fort Collins offer a full menu of services while others specialize in only a few aspects of lawn maintenance. Ask which services are included or available for you to pick from. If you have trees that need pruning for example, make sure they have the necessary equipment.
  • Referrals/Reviews: The best way to find out how a company works is to speak with their customers or those who have worked with them before. You can ask the company if they have any references or if they have online reviews you can take a look at.
  • Availability: Depending on your needs, you will want to know how often your Fort Collins lawn service will be provided. While some companies offer weekly services, other may only offer them bi-monthly or if you sign a contract.

Professional Tree Service And Lawn Care By Fort Collins Colorado Certified Arborist

SavATrees Colorado tree service experts can protect your trees and help preserve the value and safety of your home. Our arborists provide professional tree service and lawn service in Colorado and have the knowledge required to identify and treat the pests and diseases common to Colorado properties. Some of our common services include tree removal, tree pruning, fertilization for both trees and lawns, weed control and organic lawn care.

Organic Lawn Treatment Programs


The basic organic treatment program is suitable for any lawn. This program is best for lawns that have not been treated with chemicals before. If your lawn is in pretty good shape, or you are looking to better its appearance and health, the basic program should fit for you.

  • Soil Builder Ask about eco-friendly weed control options!
  • Granular
  • Liquid Fertilizer Ask about eco-friendly weed control options!
  • Granular
  • 7-Step

    If your lawn needs some extra care, this is the organic treatment program it needs. Lawns that have been treated with chemicals in the past, those with thin or bare spots or big weed issues should have the 7-step program.

  • Soil Builder Ask about eco-friendly weed control options!
  • Granular
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    Work In Organic Matter For Fertilization

    When done properly, fertilization delivers the lush carpet of green grass that every property owner craves. However, cookie-cutter approaches to lawn fertilization dont produce ideal results. The type and quantity of fertilizer thats needed to grow and maintain your lawn depend on a number of factors that include soil quality, growing conditions in your area, and the type of grass that youve chosen to grow. When polled about the most common lawn care mistakes that property owners make, lawn care professionals say that over-fertilization tops the list.

    When starting a lawn, you want to feed your turfs roots based on data. Accurate soil testing lets you know the type and amount of fertilizer that your soil needs when starting a new lawn. Fertilizing your lawn after a spring or fall aeration service allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into your soil to nourish grass roots during ideal growing seasons.

    Lawn Maintenance & Grounds Care

    Full Service Lawn Care Management in Fort Collins, CO

    When you work with U.S. Lawns of Fort Collins you’re working with the premier provider of commercial landscape management services in Northeast Colorado. Our team has decades of experience in the region and our landscape service offerings can be customized to meet all of the needs of your unique landscape. From basic turf maintenance to landscape enhancements, irrigation services and snow removal during the winter we’ll take care of managing all of your grounds care needs.

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    Organic Fort Collins Lawn Care Service

    Clean Air Lawn Care Fort Collins is an electric and organic lawn care service for residential and small commercial properties. Owner Theron Welch and his crew of professional lawn techs offer all electric, organic lawn care services that are safer and healthier for pets, kids and wildlife.

    Ready to learn more about how we nurture healthy, lush and green lawns with custom, organic lawn treatments and our electric lawn equipment? Get a free estimate today! Give us a call at to answer any questions or for an estimate!

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    How Can I Find Out If A Landscaper Or Lawn Care Professional Is Considered An Essential Covid

    To consult national guidelines on essential COVID-19 service providers and see whether a lawn care professional qualifies, visit a page on CISAs website called Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19. This website contains 16 categories of critical infrastructure sectors that you can search through. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISAs definitions of critical infrastructure so you should also check your city or states government website.

    Fall Lawn Care Fort Collins Colorado

    Fort collins co lawn mower mobile repair 420-8889

    Smile Landscaping in Fort Collins Colorado offers a superior way to ensure your turf, and plant life remain nourished, and healthy over the course of the fall. Our fall lawn care service is designed to repair the damage sustained through the summer, and preserve the strength of your green environment so it will grow well and vibrant the following year.

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    Lawn Care Ideas And Resources#

    • Aerate your lawn at least once a year.
    • Use fertilizer sparingly, since it encourages grass growth that requires more water and mowing. Lightly fertilize bluegrass in the spring and fall. Learn more about Fertilizing your Lawn and Garden.
    • Replace some bluegrass with planting beds or water-wise grasses. Many species provide seasonal colors and textures to ensure year-round beauty. Learn more about the Basics of Drip Irrigation.

    Is It Worth It To Hire A Professional To Mow Your Lawn

    Although hiring a lawn care company is more expensive than doing it yourself, it can be well worth the money. For starters, it saves you time and equipment maintenance, which may be justifiable financially. It also creates a more professional appearance. Plus, a pro can spot problems before they occur. This can save you money on expensive reseeding, aeration and other types of lawn repair down the road.

    Contact the best lawn mowing professionals near you to start getting free estimates.

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    Lawn Aeration Services In Fort Collins

    To allow for water, air and nutrients to get to the grass roots, lawn aeration in Fort Collins is what you need. Aeration is the process of digging small holes into your lawn to give the soil more air. Included in this service, lawn dethatching can also be done by using a specialized machine that tears the thatch layer on the grass to help the aeration process succeed.

    The Fort Collins Co Tree Services Team Includes:

    Fort Collins Lawn Care by Fort Collins Lawn and Garden
    • Dan Simpson serving properties in Loveland, Berthoud, and Estes Park, CO.
    • Grace Rooks serving properties along the Front Range.
    • Eric Shaub serving commercial properties throughout Northern Colorado.
    • Ben Zomer serving properties in Southeast, Central and North Fort Collins, Wellington and LaPorte, CO.
    • Aaron Hines serving properties in Greeley, Windsor, Severance, Timnath, and Eaton, CO.

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    Weekly Mowing And Trimming

    Whether mowing, trimming, or both, our lawn care company has the equipment and crew to handle your lawn care needs, and give you a beautifully uniform look from side to side. With decades of experience across our lawn care crew members, you know you will get the absolute best service you need when it comes to your weekly mowing and trimming.

    Us Lawns: A Nationwide Provider Offering A Local Touch

    Your locally owned U.S. Lawns of Fort Collins is operated by Stephen and Elizabeth Carman who have been part of the Fort Collins community for decades. Having worked in the region for decades Stephen and Elizabeth have a vested interest in beautifying the community and extensive experience in knowing exactly what landscapes need to thrive throughout the dry Colorado summers and cold snowy winters. Being able to offer a local touch while having the support and backing of a national brand U.S Lawns of Fort Collins has been able to consistently deliver on being the leading provider of commercial landscape maintenance services in Northeast Colorado.

    From lawn maintenance to irrigation and water management services, landscape enhancements, basic tree care and even snow plowing and ice management during the wintry month our expert team is excited to take over the management of all of your landscaping needs. You’ll be happy you left landscaping to the professional so you’re able to focus on what you do best, the day-to-day operations and growth of our business.

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    Lawn Care Services In Fort Collins

    Turf Tamers Landscaping provides commercial & residential lawn care maintenance all over Fort Collins. You can count on us to maintain your beautiful lawn or back yard landscapes so you can enjoy and relax with family and friends all season long! Our lawn care crew promises to be friendly and approachable while on the job-site, allowing our customer to engage in the process and ask questions.

    Your Prices May Be Higher When:

    Lawn Care Programs – Any size home Denver and along the Front Range
    • You have a large lawn.
    • You request the lawn cut using a hand push mower.
    • The property is hilly or difficult to mow.
    • The yard has many garden or plant beds that require edging.
    • Shrub trimming is included.
    • Leaf raking and removal is included.
    • You request a one-time cut on a poorly maintained property.

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    Landscape Maintenance Fort Collins Colorado

    Protect your investment, and choose a landscape maintenance plan specifically tailored to treat all of the elements in your outdoor living space. Smile offers a Free Comprehensive Assessment by one of our certified Fort Collins Colorado landscape experts to put together a maintenance plan only containing what you need. Enjoy a beautiful landscape year-round and save money at the same time by choosing us to maintain your landscape.

    Professional Local Dependable Lawn Care In Fort Collins

    We feel that it is extremely important to have a sense of pride and accomplishment with your work, and thats exactly how we feel about our lawn services. Whether its a weekly mowing schedule or a simple aeration or sprinkler service, our attention to detail will make sure that nothing gets overlooked, and you are satisfied with your professional lawn service.

    Here at Fort Collins Lawn Service, customer service and building relationships with the great people of Northern Colorado are a top priority. Our lawn company knows that it is important to us to invest ourselves in the homes and businesses that we serve, so that we can build a stronger, healthier community.

    Our part in this community is delivering dependable, quality lawn service to our customers at affordable prices with reasonable expectations. If your home or business is not a good fit for our business, we wont try to push and peddle you for a service that you dont need just to make a quick buck. Our business is built around transparency, honestly, and a lawn that you can be proud of!

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    You’ll Get Much More Than Lawn Care

    Padilla All Season Services is more than just a local lawn mowing service. You can also call on us for:Lawn cleanup: For controlled ditch burning and debris removal, rely on a fully insured lawn care service.Power washing: Turn to a power washing company if you want to brighten your home’s exterior.Snow removal: Need an emergency ice and snow removal company? You’ve found one.We also offer gutter cleaning and we replenish existing landscaped areas with mulch or rockDial 893-2901 today to schedule lawn care services in Fort Collins, Colorado or the surrounding area.

    Is It Worth It To Hire A Lawn Service

    Lawn Care Services in Fort Collins, CO

    Hiring a lawn care professional can save you time and money on your lawn. Professionals know exactly which products to use to solve your lawns issues, such as removing crabgrass or controlling pests. Many lawn care companies are results-oriented, meaning that they come with a guarantee to provide results.

    If youre DIY-ing it, you may save some money on costs. But you also might spend lots of money at the store that goes straight down the drain.

    Contact the best lawn care services near you and get free estimates from several professionals before DIY-ing your lawn.

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    Contact Backes Landscaping Fort Collins

    Whether youve inherited a desert of a lawn from a previous owner or youre paying for some rookie landscaping mistakes that you made with your lawn last season, starting a new lawn is a second chance at first-class curb appeal. These tips will help you to get the lawn that you want without incurring high monthly lawn care service bills.

    If you arent up for the hard work involved in seeding your own lawn, contact Backes Landscaping and well be happy to give you a free estimate for your landscape design project.

    Colorado Tree Care Services

    Professional tree services can have an overwhelming impact on the value and beauty of your property. When you work with one of SavATrees certified Colorado arborists, you can rest assured that he/she has the knowledge and experience to identify and treat the issues and conditions unique to Colorado tree species and landscapes.

    SavATrees Colorado arborists use their expertise, regional experience and eco-sensible philosophy to provide you with these exemplary tree services in Colorado:

    Your SavATree CO certified arborist will perform a thorough inspection of your trees, diagnose trouble areas and make tree service recommendations that will help you obtain the landscape of your dreams.

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    Price Quotes From Local Lawn Mowing Services Near Fort Collins Co

    Yard Elves Landscaping Yard Elves is a full service Residential & Commercial Landscaping and Lawncare Company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since 1996, Yard Elves has been Creating and Maintaining unique beautiful âOne of a Kind Custom Landscapesâ and providing quality Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services in the Greater Northern Colorado region. Since launching Yard Elves mission maintains deep-rooted in performing the best possible customer experience â one customer at a time.

    Siesta Lawn Care Siesta Lawn Care is owned and operated by lifelong Fort Collins native Gee Hernandez. Gee and his fantastic crew have made it their mission to provide the very best lawn care service to all of our clients. Our communication is very important to us, and making sure that you are getting the service that you asked and paid for is at the top of our list. There are quite a few Lawn Care Companies in Fort Collins that you can choose from, who all offer roughly the same service.

    Get Lawn Mowing Quotes

    Find grass cutting services in just 3-5 minutes. Tell us what you are looking for and receive free cost estimates without any obligation.

    Best Lawn Care Services In Fort Collins Co

    Lawn Care Tips – Denver and along the Front Range

    Expert recommended Top 3 Lawn Care Services in Fort Collins, Colorado. All of our lawn care services actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best!

    Since 1983

    Heres The Deal: Lawn Doctor Fort Collins is locally owned and operated by Mike and Laurie Verde. They provide a wide range of lawn pest and insect control services. Lawn Doctor Fort Collins specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lawn problems. Their well-experienced staff quickly determine the state of your lawns health and get started on quickly crafting and administering treatment. Lawn Doctor Fort Collins works with you to develop the perfect service plan and schedule to bring your lawn back to green on a schedule that works for you. They also serve all over Fort Collins, Timnath, Wellington, Windsor, Severance, Eaton, Ault, Bellvue, & Laporte, and the surrounding communities. Call them today for a free lawn evaluation.

    SPECIALTY:Fertilization, Maintenance Program, Natural, Overseeding, Shrub Care, Fire Ant, Grub, Pre-Emergent Weed, Tick, Outdoor Pest Control, Trimming, Mowing, Insect, Pruning, Tree Removal & Mosquito Control

    Since 2018

    SPECIALTY:Seeding, Over-Seeding, Integrated Pest Management, Lawn Fertilization, Crabgrass, Monitoring, Surface Insect, Disease, Weed Control, White Grubs Elimination and Prevention, Mechanical Core Aeration & Mole Control

    License 16398

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