Magic The Gathering Vampire Deck

Introducing 30 Commander Cards

âï¸?ð I made a vampire deck that wins | Mythic [MTG Arena]

Full of indulgent Vampires and restless Spiritsâthe Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander decks each introduce fifteen gothic horror-themed cards not found in the main set.

Cards Dripping with Vampiric Decadence

Attend an indulgent vampire wedding. Party with a guestlist full of merciless troublemakers. And gain power from Crimson Vowâs Blood mechanic, with flavorful cards from Vampiric Bloodline.

Haunting Cards Full of Spirit Synergy

Or join the ranks of tricksy geists in Spirit Squadronâsummoning Spirits on your opponentsâ turn, preventing damage, and mustering a ghostly army that only grows faster as your enemies try to exorcise them.

The 20 Best Vampires In Mtg Ranked

Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose | Illustration by Lie Setiawan

I love all things horror. I love new horror, old horror, alternative horror. All of it. Classic movie monsters are pretty high up on my list of favorite creatures, and vampires exist near the top. These bloodsucking undead are one of pop cultures most popular creatures and its easy to see why. Theyre powerful, immortal, and they come with a whole host of awesome powers.

But what about vampires in MTG? Theyre a pretty popular tribe and there are tons of decklists out there that not only feature them but highlight their unique strengths and synergies. Have you ever wondered what the best vampire in all of Magic is?

I sure have, and Ive got the answer for you here today. The totally subjective, 100% true, definitely-not-biased list of the best vampires in all of Magic ranked. Lets dive right in!

Blood Artist | Illustration by Johannes Voss

Youve heard of vampires, right? Right?

Well, theyre in Magic too! I feel like thats not news. Vampires are pretty much everywhere, and the wide world of MTG is no exception.

Vampires are a tribe in Magic, and theyre a pretty good one. Theyve got a lot of support, plenty of vampire creatures, and a whole host of lords and payoff cards floating around. If youre looking to make a tribal deck but cant quite figure out which creature type to choose, I say go with vampires. You can never go wrong with vampires.

Honorable Mention: Adanto Vanguard

One more honorable mention, and would you look at that it also has art by Anna Steinbauer. The artwork isnt the draw here this time, but rather the performance this card had in Ixalan Standard. A two-mana, three-power attacker is quite the threat, especially when you can pay life to dodge most of the removal in the format. A lynchpin in White Weenie aggro decks of the time, Adanto Vanguard was played alongside another Vampire card , Legions Landing.

Who can forget LSVs phenomenal bluff with the Vampire token at the Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica semifinals?

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Kalitas Traitor Of Ghet

CMC: 4

Ghet can either serve as a commander for mono-black vampire decks or as a regular deck member in multi-color ones. Either way, he provides a 3/4 vampire with lifelink, and whenever an opposing creature dies, Ghet exiles it and grants you a 2/2 zombie token.

While it’s a bit weird that he gives zombie tokens, extra bodies are always nice, and exiling defeated foes prevents opponents from recovering them. Ghet can also spend three mana and sacrifice a zombie or vampire to gain two +1/+1 counters, putting your weak tokens to good use and making a commander damage-win viable.

Elenda, the Dusk Rose

Forerunner Of The Legion

Black Vampire Deck Custom MTG Magic the Gathering Deck

Forerunner of the Legion is a Vampire Knight Creature card. When you play it, youre allowed to search your library for a Vampire card and reveal it. Then, you need to shuffle your library and put that Vampire card on top of it. In addition to this useful skill, whenever you play another Vampire card under your control, the target creature will be granted +1/+1 until the end of your turn.

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Magic: The Gathering: Top 15 Strongest Cards For A Vampire Tribal Commander Deck

Any vampire deck is going to be a strong one, but these cards will really strengthen your Magic abilities.

Alongside zombies, vampires have long been one of the most popular black tribes within Magic: The Gathering. Though other black tribes such as rats provide access to more swarm-based strategies, few of the colors’ tribes are as diverse as vampires. Across Magic’s multiverse, vampires have been depicted in numerous lights, such as the aristocratic vampires of Innistrad, to the conquistadores of Ixalon. With each incarnation of vampires, the tribe has received new abilities and even new colors to their identity, dipping their toes into red, white, and sometimes even blue. This has led them to be a very diverse and multifarious tribe that thrives in formats with large card pools like Commander.

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So today we’re going to talk about the best the tribe has to offer in regards to the Commander format in our look at the strongest cards for a vampire tribal Commander deck!

Top 20 Vampire Cards In Magic

Unlike Elves, Goblins, Zombies and Humans, Vampires had a slower start the tribe didnt see significant support until the original Zendikar set. These Vampires were created by the Eldrazi Ulamog, differing from the more traditional gothic Vampires weve come to expect on other planes.

Of course, it wouldnt be long until we got many more Vampires, with Innistrad introducing us to some of the most famous Vampires in the multiverse. Along with Olivia Voldaren and her brood, we met the Markov family, and the planeswalker Sorin Markov. Since Innistrad, Vampires have been a mainstay in Magic, with various styles and races introduced on planes as diverse as Ravnica, Kaladesh, Ixalan, and Tarkir.

Picking the top Vampires in Magic was always going to be difficult, but after being introduced to a whole new cast of creative and powerful cards in Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow, that task has become even harder. The cards Ive picked today are a combination of the most infamous and the most powerful the most interesting designs, and the most impactful. Dripping with equal parts menace and charm, here are the best 20 Vampire cards in Magic.

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The 10 Best Vampires In Commander

Playing as classic evil monsters in MTG is one of the great pleasure of the game. Its one of the reasons that tribal decks are so much fun in Commander. Ironically, Vampires in MTG dont suck at all, and are one of the best tribes to dip into.

With that in mind, weve come up with a list of the best Vampires in Commander for you to add into your deck or build a new deck around. So, lets get stuck in, shall we?

Our honorable mention this time around is Forerunner of the Legion. This card is a three mana White 2/2 that gives a Creature +1/+1 until end of turn whenever a Vampire enters the battlefield under your control.

It also lets you fetch a Vampire from your library and put it on top of your deck, which makes it well worth having in any Vampire tribal deck, because obviously being able to find your best cards is great.

Thankfully, they also make every player sacrifice a non-Vampire Creature in every single one of your upkeeps. Thats very useful when youre the only Vampire tribal deck at the table.

Well, it also allows you to put a +1/+1 counter on every Vampire you control whenever it or another Creature dies. A lot of Vampire decks also happen to be aristocrat decks, which means you should have no issues making something truly abhorrent with this one.

Timothar Baron Of Bats

Mardu Vampire Tribal – Crimson Vow Standard – Mythic Ranked – MTG Arena

Timothar, Baron of Bats is probably one of my favorite vampires to be printed in recent years. Id love to put it higher on the list, but I have to be fair to the others.

Putting the on-point art and flavor aside for a second, Timothar is a great addition to any vampire tribal build, but particularly in Commander. As long as you can protect your own, your vampires need never see the true release of death.

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Blade Of The Bloodchief

Vampires have the distinction of being one of the only tribes in Magic to have access to a tribe-specific equipment card. For a single mana, Blade of the Bloodchief is an equipment toting an equip cost of one. While it normally provides the equipped creature with a +1/+1 counter whenever another creature dies if the equipped creature is a vampire, this number of counters gained this way is doubled, allowing for a single vampire to grow into a massive threat for a minimal cost.

Mtg Arena Best Vampire Decks

It is time to cover the last creature type for this current set. Behold, the children of the night, the devil’s spawn allowed to walk the earth. The blood sucking fanged undead terrors of the multiverse. Im of course talking about the beast bram stoker made famous, the vampire. Vampires come in all sorts of colors, but all of them use magic for power and profit. Let us take a look at some of the best vampire decks in the arena.

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Bloodline Keeper/lord Of Lineage

A double-sided creature from the original Innistrad, Bloodline keeper is a card capable of amassing a great deal of value for its controller if left unchecked. A flying 3/3 for four mana, Bloodline Keeper can be tapped to create a 2/2 flying vampire token. While this is a consistent means of growing your vampire brood, as long as you control at least five vampires, you can pay one black mana to transform Bloodline Keeper, flipping it into Lord of Lineage.

As Lord of Lineage, this creature becomes a 5/5, maintains its ability to tap to create a vampire token, while constantly providing other vampires its owner controls with +2/+2.

Daily Deck Tech: Standard Rb Vampires

MTG Realm: Deck Ideas

The Standard format is a pretty crazy place at the moment. Players are taking extra turns left and right. Werewolves and trolls are coming together to kick their opponents teeth in. And worst of all, no one knows how to really best deal with the best decks without just playing the best deck available. The meta seems stale, but there are still some sneaky options out there that can steal games away from the top dogs.

In a new series from TGH, the Daily Deck Tech column takes a look at individual lists across multiple metas. This week features a deck that PVDDR almost brought to the World Championship earlier in October. Todays deck is RB Vampires a rare aggro/midrange hybrid deck that has plenty of flexibility and versatility in the format.

RB Vampires, the Honest Players List

RB Vampires at its core is a fast, mid range deck. Sure it doesnt make too much sense, but stick with the thought for a moment.

This deck has plenty of incredibly fast starts that some slower decks cant compete with. Opening with a turn one Falkenrath Pit Fight into a turn two Vampire Socialite creates an imposing board state similar to Mono-White. Then on turn three, this deck has several options to either put the pressure on, or to start controlling the game through removal and discard. Its at this point in the game where RB Vampires can truly excel based on both board state and matchup.

What are the Decks Power Points?
Which Decks is this Strong Against?
Which Decks is this Weak Against?

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Edgar Charmed Groom / Edgar Markovs Coffin

Were finally in the top five! Edgar, Charmed Groom is here and its his wedding day, so I couldnt leave him out.

Along with providing +1/+1 counters to all of your other vampiric guests, Edgar also refuses to leave the party. Its his party, after all. Your opponent definitely wont get the last word as Edgar boosts all of your vamps and just makes more of them when he taps out for a bit to get some rest before returning to end it all.

Legion’s Landing/adanto The First Fort

CMC: 1

One of the best transforming lands in Magic, I recommend Legion’s Landing for any white deck, especially vampire themes. For a single mana, it enters as an enchantment that creates a 1/1 vampire token with lifelink.

So, you’ve got a decent creature for the price, but Landing remains fielded and waits until a combat phase where you attack with at least three creatures. At that point, it transforms into Adanto, a land that can either tap for a white mana, or tap and spend three mana to create another 1/1 vampire token with lifelink. Sure, this will take time to trigger, but it’s basically a bonus land on top of your initial creature.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

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Vona Butcher Of Magan

The black and white color combination of Orzhov is often regarded for its powerful options when it comes to removal. Vona, Butcher of Magan is a legendary Vampire that encapsulates this sentiment.

A 4/4 for five mana with both vigilance and lifelink, Vona can tap itself at the cost of seven life, destroying any nonland permanently! As this ability can be activated each turn, Vona can remove many problematic permanents, and due to her combination of vigilance and lifelink, she can help mitigate the required life payment.

Drana The Last Bloodchief

Vampire Tribal Aggro Burn – Standard – Ranked – MTG Arena

Playing with the graveyard is a big love of mine in Magic. Drana, the Last Bloodchief enables this in one of the best ways. I also really love forcing my opponent to pick their poison.

And if theyre trying to be smart about it and bring back the one non-vampire I happened to have in there, well, Drana has that covered too.

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Legions Landing / Adanto The First Fort

Legions Landing isnt a vampire. Its not even a creature. But its a must-have for any vampire tribal deck that uses white. Heck, I might even suggest you splash white just so that you can throw this bad boy in there.

This legendary enchantment-land duo is great for giving you a boost in the early game. And once you transform it into Adanto, the First Fort, youve got a mana sink for the late game if you need it that still boosts your vampire tribe.

Honorable Mention: Elusive Tormentor

While there are many Vampires who didnt quite make the cut to feature on this list with Anje Falkenrath and Florian, Voldaren Scion among the notable absences I couldnt put this together without discussing Elusive Tormentor. We rarely get Dimir Vampires, and Elusive Tormentor is a brilliant design. Before we can digest the card, theres the incredible Anna Steinbauer artwork . Once this thing is in play, youre left with a truly terrifying threat. Elder Vampires are clearly no joke, and once Insidious Mist is flipped, its very difficult to get rid of it.While this thing hasnt found too many homes, its still a really sweet pick in any Voltron-based deck playing blue and black. One such home is in Otrimi, where it can make a stellar base to mutate onto.

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The Perfect Vampire Deck

This deck is a black and red Vampire deck that i built. i have been messing with vampires almost from the beginning of my start in MTG and now have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect vampire deck, featured mainly on getting powerful vampires out quickly and making them even stronger as your opponents life drips away. Some key cards are things like Rakish Heir, Necropolis Regent, and a few others. There are only a select few that have nothing to do with powering the others up and all instants and sorcery’s are built for damage and raising from the dead.

Felisa Fang Of Silverquill

MTG Black Vampires Deck

Look, more tokens! Except I like this one better because it makes Inklings, and those things are adorable. Let me introduce you to Felisa, Fang of Silverquill. Not only does this card boost any card that fights alongside it, but it also gives you a little something for your trouble whenever one of your soldiers falls in battle. Felisa really is Silverquills queen bee.

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Vampire Decks In Magic

Gradually gaining support, vampires are starting to rival zombies as black’s premiere subtype, although they also delve into white and red. Vampires come in many shapes and sizes but often wield life-sapping effects to drain enemy health and replenish your own.

They’ve got plenty of other tricks, including flying, first strike, and even devoted planeswalkers. But with dozens of vampire-based spells, which reign supreme? These are the 20 best vampire supports in Magic: The Gathering!

Vampire Nocturnus

Sanguine Blood And Exquisite Blood

Sanguine Blood and Exquisite Blood are two sides of the same coin. Both cards are black enchantments with static abilities that synergize in fantastic fashion with Vampire-Tribal decks due to the manner in which they manipulate life. While Sanguine Blood causes opponents to lose life equal to the amounts of life you gain over the course of a game, Exquisite Blood does the opposite, causing you to gain life equal to the amounts lost by opponents. While they each function well by themselves, if a player is able to control these two enchantments at once, they can create an infinite, game-winning loop.

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