Outdoor Bar Ideas For Backyard

Diy Outdoor Buffet Stand With Tiled Top

115 Outdoor Bar Ideas: Best Backyard Design for Entertaining

Stunning does not even begin to describe this outdoor buffet stand. Two metal cabinets were given new life when a tiled top was added to bring them together. There are shelves inside to add some much-needed storage for glassware, napkins, and anything else that you need for outdoor entertaining. There are also doors on the cabinets to keep everything dry and clean. The gorgeous, tiled top makes this buffet table one-of-a-kind.

Fit Right In Garden Pub Ideas

Maybe your garden isnt as large as you would like it, or you already have a lot of things inside of it. If so, youll just have to go for a smaller outdoor bar. One place youd be able to fit it in, in a smart way, is along the fence of your backyard. Or in one of the corners. Either of these would allow you to fit in a smaller bar! The design is up to you, make sure that your bar matches the environment of the rest of your garden!

Fabulous And Fantastic Time To Open It

Are you in search of a cheap outdoor bar that will be easy to install on a fence or garden wall? Then you might just have found one perfect for your smaller garden! This is a cabinet or shelf installed on the wall surrounding your garden. It should open with a door that creates a tabletop. This is a two in one piece of furniture for your backyard. Its a cabinet with shelves inside, but at the same time, you can create a table from it. Add some seats around it, when you want to enjoy a drink!

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A Tiki Hut Exotic And Fun

What sort of atmosphere does your garden encompass? If you have always been the sort of person to go for exotic or island-vibed themes, then a tiki bar will be perfect for you! You may already be familiar with the tiki-style, as its materials are immediately recognisable anywhere. Mainly put together of wood and dried island foliage. If one of these tiki bars doesnt give your whole backyard island vibes, we dont know what will! You can even add a few traditional masks to your tiki bar to exude its atmosphere even more!

Backyard Bar Ideas: Portable Tiki Bar

Top 50 Best Backyard Outdoor Bar Ideas

Not everyone has the space for a permanent outdoor bar. If your home has a tiny yard, youre renting, or you want the flexibility to take the party wherever you go, this portable bar is for you! The bar stools fold for easy transport. A wheeled storage bag, the tiki umbrella and a removable ice bucket are included.

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Create A Covered Outdoor Bar

Some home outdoor bars are covered, which helps to increase their usability even if the weather takes a turn for the worse. One way to capture the sunlight without sacrificing overhead protection is a pergola. It offers pretty rays and natural light for both the bar and the adjacent conversation area.

Best Outdoor Diy Murphy Bar

Clean-up is a breeze with this awesome outdoor bar. The Murphy style allows the front to drop down just like Murphy beds do. Simply wipe it off and close it up. There is just enough storage to keep some entertaining items out of the elements when closed. When open, you will have a nice place to set your pitcher or to place some snacks.

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A Slab Of Bricks Unique And Refined

As we have talked about before, you dont necessarily have to opt for a grandiose and extravagant design. Something simplistic yet refined will do the trick as well! One very stable and strong material you can use for building anything is none other than bricks! Bricks are also a cheaper option, make them great for building a small structure as well, such as a garden bar design! After placing bricks on top of each other, creating the base of your bar, place a large stone slab on top for the table.

Use Recycled Materials Build With Wooden Pallets

I Built The WORLDS BEST Garden BAR | Back Garden Ideas

We have already mentioned this once before, how about you consider using wooden pallets for building your bar? This is a great idea if you have an abundance of pallets that you have been thinking of throwing out. Well, instead of chucking them out, why not reimagine and recycle them? Give your wooden pallets a new purpose! You can build an outdoor bar using them, including sets of shelves and everything more! If you want to make this garden bar design portable, all youll need to do is attach some wheels to its bottom!

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Small And Simple Garden Pub Ideas

Create a small bar in your backyard that is reminiscent of a pub. Build the bar from wood, and even add a backdoor to the design, allowing you to stand behind the bar and serve anyone sitting on the stools. Then add a set of floating shelves to the back wall of the bar, that will be used for storing some bottles of booze. You dont have to create large DIY garden bar ideas, sometimes something small and simple will be just as good!

From Beach To Backyard

Where do we start with this backyard bar oasis? Because of the impressive palms and rattan barstools, the outdoor space takes on a relaxing tropical vibe. In this setting, the geometric, blue tiles beneath the bar inherit an ocean-like appearance that only adds to the overall aesthetic.

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Outdoor Kitchen And Bar Combo

Looking for something grand and luxurious? Check out this outdoor bar ideas. This is actually an outdoor bar and a kitchen combo, designed by Stout Design-Build of Los Angeles. This fully equipped outdoor kitchen has plenty of counter space to prep and cooks delicious meals for guests. At the same time, people can enjoy their drinks while watching how their food is preparing and can chat with the chef.

Definitely not for everyone, but this bar is only for those who have ample outdoor space and want an outdoor kitchen. So this kitchen and bar combo will be perfect for them.

Open It Up Next To Your Seats

10+ Patio Bar Designs, Ideas

You may already have a small patio in your garden or a small space that is designed and has seating included. If you arent thinking about installing outdoor bar ideas in backyards, why not just get an openable shelf built onto one of the walls of this seating area, just like in the example above? While it doesnt have the luxurious style of an actual bar, its a cheaper option and is guaranteed to serve you well! So, if you are on a pocket-friendly budget, this would make a great choice for you!

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Major Beach Vibes A Surfboard Table

Do you by any chance live by the beach? Then you may want to incorporate the environments atmosphere in your own garden and your outdoor bar as well! Just one idea would be to install a surfboard on your bar, to create a table. You can also add little tidbits, such as a lifebuoy or strings of seashells! Decorations like these will definitely bring the beach into your garden.

Outdoor Bar Cart With Plant Stand

Show off your favorite plants with this fun bar cart. The top holds everything that you need to share refreshments with your guests while the bottom two shelves can display plants, flowers, or other decorations. This handy cart has two wheels so it can be tilted slightly and moved if necessary. It also has two storage drawers to store bottle openers, beverage napkins, and corks.

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Wood Pallet Bar With Tiled Top

Done replacing kitchen fixtures and what not? You dont have to throw out that cabinet when you can use it to set up your outdoor bar. It might need a little bit of repair or painting. There are some things you want in your bar but they have to be kept safe from the elements of nature. This is your best bet. Everything stored inside while it is closed will be dry and dust-free. To add a bit of glamour to the pallet bar, give it a tile top for its finishing. It will be admired by guests when they come around.

Doors And Windows Keeping It Safe And Sound

DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas || Ultimate Patio Bar Build

Finally, take into consideration that sometimes there might be severe weather conditions at any time! Due to this, you might think about installing window shutters and a door on your bar. So, if theres some kind of storm, youll be able to close everything around the bar, ensuring that there wont be much damage!

We hope, that you found some outdoor bar ideas for backyard options! For other ideas, besides garden pub ideas, check out our backyard landscaping ideas and garden lighting ideas, you can visit our website!

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Airy And Luxurious Outdoor Bars

If you can afford an expensive bar with many luxury facilities, the airy outdoor bar ideas are the best for you. This is a complete package with all the facilities, and the kitchen is also attached to the bar so you can enjoy the delicious food with a bottle of wine. Moreover, the airy bars have one of the best outdoor bar countertops.

Outdoor Bar With Tile

Image source: lovelyhomy.com

Who doesnt love to sip cocktails at this stylish and trendy bar? This black and white bar is made from patterned tiles, and it is looking absolutely gorgeous, and also it is weather resistant. So if youre living in a colder or hotter place, this type of bar will be better for both places and it will endure both the hot summers and snow in the winter.

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Hidden In Plain Sight

When standing at the pool, lengthy grass-lined pavers draw your eye to the stylish bar tucked beneath this gorgeous Anna Maria Island home. With the unique hipped bar backing and the warm ipe details the tie into the ceiling, this elegant outdoor bar exudes good design without drawing too much attention to itself.

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    Awesome Upcycled Patio Bar Cart

    This bar cart actually began as a laundry sorter. The amazing transformation was made easy with some reclaimed wood and spray paint. The laundry sorter was already on wheels, making it simply perfect for entertaining. A bright-colored bottle opener and matching towel hook were added to the front to complete the look. You can customize the colors of the metal and the wood to match your personal style.

    Outdoor Deck Bar Ideas

    If you want to mix your favorite cocktails in style, a deck bar may be the perfect project to take on this summer. Below are some deck bar ideas to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

    These ideas range from a simple bar cart to an all-out party with a tiki-themed bar. And the best part is, you can bring many of these ideas to life on your own! If you’re all about DIY projects, read on to learn more.

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    Extend Your Outdoor Kitchen

    Perhaps the easiest way to include an outdoor bar is to sneak in a few extra square feet from an outdoor kitchen. Particularly for expansive built-in versions such as this kitchen, spots for storage, serving, and cooling off drinks are a must. Tubs of ice, glasses, and a variety of beverages will easily fit on this roomy stone bar.

    A Set Of Swings Outdoor Bar Ideas For Backyard

    59+ Garden Bar Ideas

    Maybe you are ready to try out new and fun options for your outdoor bar ideas? This idea revolves around the seating of your garden bar. As an alternative to using your average bar stools as seating, opt for something different that has a fun and playful vibe to it! By this, we mean installing a set of swings right in front of the bar table! This awesome choice is good for anyone who wants to add a groovy and fun twist to their garden bar! A set of swings will definitely add some fun to the whole experience!

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    So Easy Even A Beginner Can Do It

    I think this bar would be a great project for anyone who is new to woodworking. You will need at least two people in some of the building step, so get a friend to help! The joints and cuts are simple and beginner friendly. If you follow the step-by-step instructions, you will be able to avoid mistakes, waste material, and in the end create the bar table without much hassle or worry.

    A Bar With Breathtaking Views

    If youre living in a hillside mansion or a house with beautiful surroundings, why dont you include them in your bar! The above bar is designed by Katherine Field and Associates along with Aquidneck Landworks of Barrington, Rhode Island.

    With the modern lines and materials, this bar was planned to take advantage of the views of Narragansett Bay. Yes, similar to this, you can set up an elegant bar facing your neighborhoods breathtaking views.

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    Outdoor Bar Ideas For Festive Entertaining

    The Spruce / Almar Creative

    Entertaining at home has taken on a deeper meaning in recent years, with more and more people outfitting their backyards, patios, terraces, balconies, and porches with amenities that make staying home more comfortable and fun. Building or setting up an outdoor bar is a surefire way to make your exterior space a destination for friends and family. Whether it’s a dedicated space part of an outdoor kitchen, living room, or pool house or an indoor space with a pass-through window and bar counter that opens to the outdoors, an outdoor bar helps make your leisure time more fun.

    Your outdoor bar can be as simple or sumptuous and you want and can afford. It can complement the style of your home, or be a signature oasis with its own vibe that makes your staycation feel more like a private getaway. It can be tailored for grown-ups, stocked with kid-friendly refreshments, or designed as a second space for the family to gather for playtime and movie nights.

    Check out these pool house ideas in a range of locations and settings for inspiration on creating your own backyard getaway.

  • 01 of 40

    Design by Raili CA Design / Photo by David Tsay

    This backyard pool house bar from Newport Beach, California based Raili CA Design has a lift-up window and a trio of tree trunk bar stools that add personality and rustic chic style to the outdoor space.

    Continue to 2 of 40 below.

  • Combination Outdoor Pizza Oven And Bar

    Cool &  Stylish Outdoor Bar Ideas For Your Backyard That You Will Love

    Can you think of a duo that’s more iconic than beer and pizza? But instead of making your pizza in the kitchen and carrying it outside , make the magic happen all in one place with a combination deck bar and pizza oven.

    Your deck is a perfect spot to install a bar that also includes outdoor kitchen elements like a pizza oven. This oven can be an eye-catching and functional focal point for your whole deck. Whether you like olives or anchovies or anything in between, serve up your favorite pie, hot and fresh, right on your deck.

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    Add A Top To Garden Stools

    Easily repurpose a pair of garden stools by adding a surface. A sturdy piece of wood or glass works perfectly.

    Choose the outdoor bar idea that works best for you, your space, and your guests. Then stock the bar and get ready to enjoy your get-together with family and friends. Once youve picked a backyard bar option, see our tips for setting up your outdoor bar. Happy sipping!

    Easy Outdoor Bar Ideas On A Budget

    Sometimes the best parties are the most laid-back for guests and hosts alike. Simple food and drinks set the stage for relaxed fun, and you can keep the setup hassle-free, too. These easy, budget-friendly patio bar ideas will keep the drinks flowing at your next backyard get-together without pre-party stress.

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