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Get inspired with our guide to outdoor decorating. Find out how you can make a big impact for less by updating a few key elements of your outdoor living space. Outdoor decorating has never been easier when you shop this selection of patio decorations and art. Create a beautiful patio living area that will be the talk of the neighborhood with our assortment of outdoor décor. From glowing solar lights that accent your patio to decorative garden tables for your green thumb creations, each beautiful accent can change the vibe of your outdoor space.

Find fun yard décor for every little nook and cranny in the garden with a cast of colorful characters that add whimsical design to your home! Light up at night using lanterns and string lights as charming patio decoration. Complete your look by pairing adorable outdoor décor with a convenient patio table or chair set to enjoy a backyard sanctuary all summer long. Refresh your outdoor decorating and save big today!

Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas: 12 Ways To Brighten Up Your Space

Spruce up a plain boundary with these outdoor wall decor ideas. They’re guaranteed to add a personal touch to your space

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Choosing to brighten up your garden with outdoor wall decor ideas can be a cheap, but certainly cheerful, way of giving an outdoor area a bit of a facelift. These decor ideas can be anything from a full Pop Art mural to a string of pretty bunting.

Use your own personal style and tastes to dictate your decor. Go with colors that you love and themes that you are drawn to. You could even use a special vacation as starting point for your inspiration.

It’s true that we are increasingly treating our gardens as an extension of our homes. And walls are just another great opportunity for us to express our personalities in these spaces. Just like you would hang special prints or frames on your bedroom wall.

These ideas are really a starting off point to show you just how many ways you can enhance everything from practical retaining wall ideas to a simple dividing wall used to zone your plot, creating a space which has soul as well as style.

Wall Decor Ideas Conclusion

Your outdoor walls should look just as good as your indoor walls. With outdoor wall decoration, use your imagination and see what happens. Look at it like this: exterior outdoor wall decor ideas are ways you can express yourself to your neighbors.

If you live in a big house, youll need large outdoor wall decor, so plan ahead. If you need a second opinion, dont enlist one of your friends. Its better if you hire a professional. You might have to spend more upfront, but in the long run it will be worth it.

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Ideas For Decorating An Exterior Wall

The type of wall decor youll want to add to your outdoor space all depends on how you use the space, the other decorative ideas youve added to the area, and other factors.

Popular exterior wall decorations include wall signs, many of which feature whimsical phrases and graphics. Wall signs are great for placing above or near seating areas, as they provide a focal point to the area and welcome guests to that space.

Aside from choosing various pieces a la carte, look for outdoor decor that fits into a certain theme. For example, a popular trend today is the rustic farmhouse trend. If you like that motif, and want to incorporate it into your exterior space, find individual pieces that all align to capture that feel. In this example, a sign that says, Welcome to the Farm, along with rustic candleholders, decorative milk jugs, flowers, and more, when combined, tie the entire space together in one common theme.

Another popular wall decor pick, both inside and outside the house, is chalkboard wall art. These items allow you to add some personalization to your decor, letting your write phrases and sayings on the surface to add your own unique touch to the space.

Kohls is the place to shop for all your decorating needs, both inside and outside your home! Create a living space youll love with ease, and get ready to invite friends and family over for lots of fun get-togethers!

Style Up An Outdoor Fireplace On A Blank Wall

Simple Décor Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

This indoor fireplace was just too beautiful to throw away

For this highly original outdoor wall decor idea, a couple used an unwanted piece from their house renovation on their patio. Instead of discarding an antique fireplace which didn’t fit with their modern interior, they decided to use it as a statement outdoor fireplace idea.

They used bricks to build a garden wall that replicates the look of a traditional chimney breast in which the fireplace sits. Now painted a popping emerald green for visual impact, the mantle piece is used as a shelf to display potted plants and the foliage wreath above creates another focal point.

So if you or a neighbor is getting rid of an old fireplace then snap it up for your patio ideas and style up a beautiful and cosy hearth in an outdoor seating area.

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Patio Wall Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Space

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Feb 11, 2022

As you spend more time enjoying your outdoor living area, you may start looking for new and unique patio wall ideas to refresh the space. This is an easy place for making a big impact with little effort, money or time. A simple decor change can also help make your patio a more welcoming spot for entertaining and relaxing. It doesnt matter if youre or looking for a new way to arrange your current mounted wall art there are solutions for any decorating dilemma you may have. Browse our 31 perfect patio wall ideas and find one that will work for you.

How Do You Decorate An Outdoor Wall

‘There are countless ways to decorate an outside wall,’ said design expert Kane Hughes at My Job Quote . ‘From painting the wall itself with abstract or geometric patterns to a full-blown mural, or adding a series of metal or wooden sculptures, there are no rules for what you can add to your outdoor walls.

‘Popular additions include vertical plant sculptures, metal artwork, and carved wooden designs, though many people are getting more creative and thrifty by looking for more sustainable and budget-friendly ways to decorate their outdoor spaces and retaining walls.’

The trend for recycling, reusing and repurposing means that people are up for getting creative and turning all kinds of unusual items into outdoor wall art. From fireplaces to car tires, if you have the tools and the time, almost anything can be transformed into outdoor wall art.

Alternatively, you might want to consider adding a garden wall water feature. It doesn’t have to be an expensive option as there are plenty of budget-friendly, ready-made options that can simply be attached to your wall to create a decorative focal point in your space.

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How Can I Decorate My Patio On A Budget

Starting off with ideas that are budget-friendly, If you have a friend who is redecorating her house then this is a clue to you, to check if she is giving out anything that can help you in order to add a beauty element to your patio. For instance, if she is throwing out her old doors then you might want to jump in and stop her from doing so. The old used door with carvings may not look attractive at first but with a stroke of fresh and bright colored paint, and its legs attached can turn it into a beautiful center table for your gardening folding chairs. It is one of the most artistic outdoor decor ideas DIY that is light on your pocket.

If you feel like your garden chairs are also in need of a desperate makeover then you can spray paint them in nice sunny hues or you can dip their legs with a hint of gold to make them look chic and new. If you are not satisfied with the do-over then you can always head over to Farosh.pk and place an order for an Egg shaped Swing chair which will not only add elegance to your patio but will also add an extra seating space.

With a party coming up, you might want to add some stylish décor to your backyard, in search cases, a wooden fence with some potted plants can be attention-grabbing to your guests along with some fairy lights loosely resting on it. This is one of the many outdoor decoration ideas for parties that will gain more compliments for your loving home.

Where To Hang Patio Wall Decor

Pottery Barn Knockoff: DIY Outdoor Wall Art On a Budget

From sprawling gardens to intimate balconies, you can enhance any outdoor space with this selection of artwork. Dress up your storage shed with a stunning wall-mounted sculpture, or add some pizzazz to your poolside seating area by hanging patio wall decor on the fence. You can even place outdoor art on either side of the back door to elevate your exterior design.

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Inject Some Personality With These Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

When planning your outdoor wall decor ideas, think about whether you are drawn to a particular color palette, bold patterns or perhaps even typography. Then plan your idea for your outdoor space and the theme you are wanting to achieve.

Charlotte Clemence, Co-Founder of YardArt UK , suggests going with your personal style and what you love to ensure your unique garden wall ideas will stand the test of time.

How Do You Cover An Unsightly Garden Wall

A planted raised bed at the base of an unsightly wall helps hide the wall behind it. This method is useful for the medium-sized garden that can dedicate space to a raised bed. The important decision will be what types of plants you use against the wall. Choose appropriate plants for the microclimate of your wall face.

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Wooden Outdoor Wall Dcor

Outdoor wall art can be anything, from a painting to a vertical garden and a lot of other things. This particular piece is unique and holds special meaning for its owners.

Its something they did using wood salvaged from previous interior renovations. It complements this outdoor dining space in a really cozy way. .

Show Your Pool Some Love


Yes, all-weather art is a thing. These outdoor canvasses stay colorful and gorgeous all year round says Anna Marie, the lucky owner of this home with an outdoor pool. Keep in mind, pieces like these must be firmly secured so they do not blow away and cause injury.

  • 13 of 16 Greenery NYC

    If your unattractive fence is ruining your backyard, here is a simple way to turn it into a beautiful feature wall you would not mind gazing at for hours on end. Landscape designers, Greenery NYC, covered the ugly offender with bamboo fencing. The material is relatively inexpensive, and you can buy it in convenient rolls at most home improvements.

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  • 14 of 16 Coffman Studio

    The owner of this home wanted their outdoor patio to flows seamlessly from their interior living space. Landscape professionals Coffman Studio helped them achieve their goal. The painted outdoor walls match the interior’s color scheme making both areas feel more connected. Ceramic wall art helped to further define the outdoor room.

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    Front Porch Wall Decor

    Wreaths and seasonal doormats aren’t the only ways to greet guests at the end of your walkway. This stained wood plaque turns practical front porch elements, like a mailbox and lighting, into statement art. To make your own, attach a sconce light, mailbox, and planter to a stained board or palette, then hang it on the wall of your porch. If you don’t keep a mailbox on your front porch, you can swap it out for a chalkboard sign to showcase welcome greetings instead.

    Go For A Rustic Accessories On A Brick Wall

    For a cohesive look, it can be a good idea to make sure your wall decor complements the materials used in your wall. For example, a rustic red brick is a strong look in its own right, so any additions need to match it for strength. Something like a chunky wooden shelf will hold its own against a hard brick background.

    You could buy a ready made one, or why not get creative with some of our favorite pallet garden wall ideas and put your DIY skills to good use?

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    Smashing Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas That Will Add Value To Your Home

    When considering outdoor wall decor ideas, trust your instincts. You shouldnt hesitate to change your homes exterior appearance. Dont worry about what other people will think.

    Exterior walls need as much attention as the interior ones. If you need inspiration for your outdoor wall project, let us help you.

    An outdoor dining area or deck with comfortable lounge chairs would look more attractive and beautiful if they had an added layer of décor. Today, well explore a few ways in which you can use outdoor wall décor to beautify your home and property.

    Hang Some Outdoor Art On A Garden Wall

    DIY Outdoor Wall Art using DecoArt Patio Paint Outdoor Acrylics l DecoArt

    Who said wall art was just for interiors? This print is suitable for outdoor use and is great for covering up an ugly patch of exterior wall.

    Charlotte Clemence, Co-Founder of YardArt UK says: ‘Decide the exact spot where your art is going up and then work out the ultimate size your artwork can take up on the wall too. Make sure the artwork you buy is durable ours are made with outdoor grade acrylic, by printing directly onto it we ensure that it is waterproof and continues to remain fade proof.’

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    Choosing Outdoor Wall Decoration Products

    When trying to find the top outdoor wall sign or decoration for your home or back deck, there are some factors you should consider to make sure you’re getting the best item for your space that will last a long time.

    A few of the things you should consider include what other people are saying about their experience with the product, the warranty included with the decorations, the return policy, and the materials that went into crafting the item. Let’s take a closer look at how we cover your concerns when you shop with Happy Gardens, making sure you get just what you’re looking for every time you choose to shop with us!

    Create An Indoor/outdoor Feel With A Decorative Wall Clock

    Pick up an

    Adding accessories which would be typically seen in an interior space, creates the feeling of an outdoor living space. The oversized outdoor clock here ties together this cozy seating area.

    The owner used the statement piece to give the feeling of an extended living room, and chose similar accessories to use outside. The large garden clock looks impressive in a small space, especially teamed with mirrors and an abundance of cushions.

    Sanel Konyar loves it when statement pieces, such as large outdoor clocks and mirrors, are used as an outdoor wall decor idea. ‘Large and vintage antique mirrors in covered, sheltered locations give the illusion of doubling the space,’ she says.

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    Pin Up Straw Sun Hats For A Decorative Display

    Never be caught off guard on a sunny day again with this wall decor idea

    Outdoor wall decor ideas are a fun way to inject some personality into your garden. ‘For a natural, relaxed holiday vibe, straw hats make great wall décor,’ says David Norman, Director of Furl . ‘Especially when paired with a few plants for garden walls and crisp white, Mediterranean-style furniture. Of course, its also a practical solution for storing your hats to use when the sun comes out!’

    Add Interest With A Wall Of Hanging Herb Pockets

    Margaritaville Outdoor Patio Wall Art Decor Pine Wood Tequila Beach ...

    Turn hanging storage into vertical planting for a sunny outdoor wall

    This is an amazing hack for your outdoor wall decor ideas. Choose hanging storage that has pouches as compartments which can be turned into planters for a unique herb garden idea.

    Drainage holes will need to be added for when your plants are watered. Fill the pouches with compost and then add your herb plants. Attach to a garden wall with hooks in a spot which gets plenty of sun.

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    Parisian Inspired Stairway To Farmhouse Retreat

    This space was designed for the 44th Annual Bucks County Designer House + Gardens and features a stairway with wrought iron railing leading to a wooden pedestal table, which makes for the perfect spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

    Jessica Salomone

    Outdoor wall art comes in all shapes, silhouettes and materials to bring beauty to any space. Don’t let the endless option overwhelm you because we’re sharing the best ideas for every style of outdoor wall art in one place. Peruse our top picks for the best canvas, metal, iron and botanical-style outdoor wall art in the links below. And, be sure to check out the outdoor wall clocks while you’re at it.