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Durable & Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

How to Make a Cover for a Curved Patio Set – Sewing Outdoor Furniture Covers

A cozy patio overlooking the green outdoors is a perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of tea or an evening chat with friends. If worried about placing your snazzy, stylish furniture on the patio lest it gets spoiled by the elements, rest assured we have you covered. Our custom patio furniture covers are made from PVC-coated polyester. These outdoor furniture covers are available in two fabrics- Cover Max and Cover Tuff. Ideal for moderate weather conditions, our Cover Max fabric is highly durable and long-lasting. They are made of 1000 denier, PVC polyester fabric weighing 12 oz. Highly protective in nature, our Cover Max fabric is completely waterproof and UV resistant. Our patio furniture covers such as patio chairs covers, outdoor sofa covers, patio table covers, and more are durable and tear & abrasion resistant. They are not heavy and feel soft like vinyl. They come with a 3-year warranty. Our Cover Tuff fabric, as the name suggests, can give a tough time to the extreme weather conditions. Crafted from 1000 denier PVC polyester fabric, these custom patio furniture covers are heavy duty and long-lasting. The medium weight covers weigh approximately 18 oz and are easy to install. Offering functionality with endurance, this waterproof patio covering has a lifespan of up to 5 years. Besides, their tear and abrasion resistance attribute make them thrive in harsh conditions, adding more life to them. They keep your furniture under the outdoor furniture covers waterproof.

What Mike Holmes Has To Say:

Ive never done this before, but I came across a company that manufactures patio furniture at a trade show. I got in touch with them and challenged them to create pieces for my backyard. Now, I like to think I am a designer but Im really not. What Stuart from GP Patio did for me was incredible. He managed to match my color scheme exactly, and brought in red cushions for a punch of color. His furniture choices created the zones on my deck that I was looking for. Even the color of the furniture goes well with my tiles, and he didnt even know what the tiles were going to look like after I enhanced them to make them bolder.

Heres something I didnt think about-Stuart suggested that I change out the accent cushions now and then before guests come over to change the look a little. I love that idea. -Mike Holmes

Why Buy An Outdoor Patio Cleaning Product At Rooms To Go

Once you’ve found your favorite patio furniture set, you’ll want to make sure your stylish ensemble lasts as long as possible. Our quality outdoor cleaners and covers may preserve the look of your furnishings and decor for years. Keep the fun going through sunny days and summer storms with patio covers and cleaners for your outdoor dining table, sofas, chairs and much more.

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Are Outdoor Furniture Covers Worth It

High-end outdoor furniture can cost several thousand dollars. If you want that furniture to last, you have to protect it. A quality outdoor furniture cover can do exactly that. It creates a barrier between your furniture and nature to keep your furniture looking new. Since these beneficial items are reasonably priced, it makes them a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their investment.

If you have the storage space, its best to remove the cushions from your outdoor furniture and bring them inside for storage.

Do I Need Outdoor Furniture Covers

Patio Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture should be made of weather-resistant materials. Otherwise, they’re just regular indoor furniture that you happen to place outside. But depending on the climate you live in like one that gets a lot of rain your outdoor furniture will be constantly pummeled by the elements, drastically reducing how long your outdoor furniture will last. To ensure the longevity of your coveted patio furniture, you should absolutely be buying a cover for them.

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Benefits Of Patio Furniture Covers

Furniture covers extend the life of your outdoor furniture. With these products you wont have to replace your outdoor cushions or worry about your metal furniture rusting or peeling in the rain or sun. Whether a rainstorm is rolling in or youre finished using your furniture for the season, covers protect your outdoor furniture from natural damage. Patio furniture covers are constructed from durable fabric material that is lightweight and can be folded and stored with ease. These products are simple to use and tailored designs fully cover and protect each furniture product with ease. Helpful features of the products, including locks, tie-strings, and drawstring edges ensure outdoor furniture covers will not be blown off of your furniture in heavy winds or other inclement weather.

Outdoor Furniture Covers Are Available In Multiple Colors & Tie

All your patio furniture can now have strong, long-lasting, and durable outdoor table cover that fit them like a glove. Our outdoor lifestyle covers come fitted with air pockets that prevent the formation of mold and mildew on the furniture surface. More importantly, these waterproof patio coverings stay in place during windy days. We provide several tie-down options to keep the heavy duty waterproof outdoor furniture covers secured properly. These include a drawstring, elastic to secure the underneath and push clips to secure the legs. Next time the wind blows, you need not step out to check if the covers are secured. A mismatched cover is a turn-off if you want classy and elegant décor. We understand that a perfect color is a real game changer. This is where our striking color palette comes handy for all aesthetic décor enthusiasts. Choose from black, brown, white, beige, red, blue, gray, etc., and let your furniture do the talking.

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When To Cover Outdoor Furniture

Let’s start with the most important use case for outdoor furniture: rain. If you know a storm is coming, then you should be covering your patio pieces or bringing them inside if you can. Not only will this protect your furniture from wear, tear and possible mildew, but it will also mean that your furniture is ready to be used post-storm, whereas without a cover you may have to wait a day or two for things to dry. Even a really humid climate can cause similar effects as rain, so you may want to consider covering up more often than just when your weather app tells you to. Additionally, covers can help slow fading on your furniture and keep leaves and pollen off your seating as the seasons change.

A Basic Cover From Amazon Basics

How to Make Patio Furniture Covers

Not looking to throw a bunch of money down for patio furniture covers? Dont worry: There are plenty of affordable options out there, including a line of covers from Amazon Basics. A 3-seater lounge sofa cover costs less than $40, and over 8,000 Amazon buyers have given it an average 4.6 stars out of 5, calling it well made, good quality, and easy to use.

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Keep Your Furniture Protected With Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture is excellent for entertaining outside or enjoying the nature of your own backyard. But outdoor furniture is also exposed to all the elements of nature. On eBay, outdoor furniture covers are available to keep your furniture clean and protected so you can enjoy it for a long time.

What sizes of outdoor furniture covers are available?

On eBay, patio furniture covers are for sale in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find a cover for the most common patio furniture such as chairs, tables, and couches. Also, find covers made for your unique furniture such as your chaise lounge or chiminea. Choose a set of covers that includes a few of the above to match your beautiful set of furniture.

Outdoor table covers are available for your large outdoor dining table, your low coffee table, or your small side tables. You can also find larger covers that are able to protect multiple pieces of furniture at once.

Why might you need an outdoor furniture cover?

Many outdoor furniture covers are waterproof, but these covers are not only useful in case of rain. Cover your beautiful furniture when it is not being used to protect it from dust, dirt, pollen, and anything else floating around your yard or garden. When it is time for your next outdoor party, remove the convenient covers to find your furniture as clean as you left it.

What materials are used for furniture covers?

A Big Cover For Big Sofas

Got a massive outdoor sectional that could use some love? Theres a cover for that. Amazon buyers love one made by CKCLUU, giving it an average 4.3 stars with almost 9,000 ratings. The water-resistant cover comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions, meaning you should be able to find a cover to match whatever youre working with outdoors. The covers are fade-resistant, tear-resistant, and even offer a level of UV protection to your furniture, meaning you dont have to worry about leaving the cushions on your sofa.

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Breathable Material Vs Air Vents

4 Sizes 210D Waterproof Furniture Cover Home Garden Patio Wicker Table ...

There is always going to be some moisture in the outside air. Even if you choose a cover that is fully waterproof, your furniture can get damp from humidity. To protect your furniture when this happens, you need airflow. Breathable material may sound like a good option, but if water can get out, that means it can get in, too.

Another solution is a cover that has built-in vents on the sides. These vents let air circulate beneath and around the cover while keeping rain and other precipitation out.

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A Sleek Option From Wayfair Basics

Wayfair has stepped into the patio furniture cover market with its own line of products under the Wayfair Basics moniker. Their covers are sleek and sturdy, with ultrasonically welded seams that the brand says prevent the rain from coming through. A sofa cover starts at just $21.99 and comes in a pleasing latte color that should blend right in outdoors.

Get a Wayfair Basics Water Resistant Patio Sofa Cover starting at $21.99

Patio Furniture Covers Protect Your Look

With various shapes and sizes to fit your patio furniture, our outdoor covers could make your entire ensemble look great for years. Search our selection to find an outdoor cover for your dining set, patio sofa, club chair or chaise lounge. Stretchy elasticized bottoms and ties keep covers attached, while ultra-thick, UV-treated material may keep water out and prevent upholstery from fading in sunlight.

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Buying Guide For Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

You might not realize it, but everything from the weather to animals can pose a threat to your outdoor furniture. If you have a deck or a patio that is furnished, you need outdoor furniture covers to protect your investment.

It can be tempting to look for the cheapest option when shopping, but that wont help protect your furniture. In fact, purchasing a cover that tears easily or isnt breathable might do more harm than good.

Since outdoor furniture comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always work. You need to measure each piece of outdoor furniture so you can purchase a cover that is best for what you own.

Learn More About Patio Furniture Covers

Patio Armor Oversized Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover with Pat James-Dementri

Best outdoor patio furniture covers to buy!

No matter where you live, patio furniture covers are a surefire way to protect your outdoor furniture from natural wear and damage over time. Using the correct covers protects your furniture from exposure to precipitation and UV rays and can in fact extend the lifetime of your furniture. Investing in durable and sturdy covers will lend your outdoor tables, lounge chairs, sofa, umbrella, grill, and more an extra layer of protection in every season and environment. These products are crafted from enduring, tenacious materials that will protect the finishes, cushions, and overall aesthetic integrity of your valuable furniture pieces for years. Many include handy features that lend further functionality and ease of use to the products. Whether you live in a desert or cold northern climate, outdoor furniture covers are one of the best ways to protect your exterior furniture from every outdoor environment and the natural elements.

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Outdoor Furniture Covers Protect Your Patio Set

Keep your backyard summer setup protected from rain, dirt and sun with covers for outdoor furniture. Covers not only keep patio furniture dry and safe from the elements, they also prolong the life of your outdoor sets, maximizing your investment. Constructed with polyester and reinforced with PVC backing, these outdoor chair coverings and patio table covers are water- and UV-resistant. Pick up outdoor sectional covers to keep your dry and clean, making it easy to enjoy all season long. To keep patio furniture covers looking and performing their best, allow the fabric to dry completely before stowing the cover after precipitation. Spot clean as necessary and store outdoor seat covers in a dry, protected place until needed again.

Sizes And Styles For Patio Furniture Covers

Whether you have full dining and lounge patio set or a just a couple of around a small bistro table, furniture covers make it easy to keep your furniture in great condition. Don’t let soggy surfaces or built up dirt prevent you from being able to enjoy your backyard space whenever you like. All-weather polyester covers feature cord closures and drawstring fasteners that allow you to fix them securely and remove them easily. Patio lounge chair covers, umbrella protectants, patio coffee table covers and more keep large and irregularly-shaped pieces safe from distress in inclement weather. Before shopping, take note of the measurements of your patio sets. Browse seat protectors for both small- and large-sized , chaise lounges, loveseats and even entire . Don’t forget about your outdoor drink and dining surfaces. You’ll find outdoor table covers for a variety of furniture shapes, including square, rectangular and round. Finally, keep your backyard deck comfortable all season long and store patio cushions in perfectly shaped and sized storage bags that keep the colors and patterns of your vibrant and spotless. Rainy days are a breeze when you know your outdoor furniture is safe, dry and ready for use at the first sign of sunshine.

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Personalized Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover Look Classy

From chairs to tables and daybed, we have the option to personalize everything and anything you are looking for. Be it your outdoor chair covers, outdoor table covers, or any other customizable outdoor furniture, be rest assured of the perfect fitted covers for outdoor furniture. You can give a personalized touch to your outdoor by personalizing your patio furniture covers to reflect your taste. Send us the measurements of all your oddly shaped furniture and we will design the snug-fit covers exclusively for you. If youre looking for a stamp of class, make sure to personalize your covers with your name or initials, or your preferred stamp, image, or logo. Also, get free shipping on orders over $99.

Different Styles Types And Materials Of Patio Furniture Covers

Outdoor All Weather Patio Furniture Covers with Elastic Bases

The PatioLiving selection of outdoor furniture covers includes options for a range of furniture and umbrella products. Many covers are custom designed for specific umbrella or furniture models, for a perfect fit. Covers are available in neutral khaki or other simple, solid colors for an inconspicuous appearance. Many covers include features that help better secure the cover to the furniture pieces, so even bulky covered furniture appears tidy. These products are crafted from sturdy fabric materials that are resistant to damage from the outdoor elements. Choose from umbrella covers, lounge furniture covers, fire pit table covers, grill covers and more.

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A Long Lovely Chaise Cover

Finding a cover for an outdoor dining table isnt hard, but there are fewer covers out there for chaise lounges. Its anyones guess as to why, but that means when you find a good one, you better buy a few. Wayfair customers love Arlmont & Cos chaise cover, which comes in gray and tan and is made of chemically treated vinyl that the company says will remain pliable for the life of the cover. Buyers agree, saying the covers feel sturdy, thick, and durable, noting as well that the covers will fit on a chaise no matter whether the back is up or down.

Get Arlmont & Cos Patio Chaise Lounge Cover from Wayfair for $23.99

More Ways To Safeguard Your Outdoor Style

At Rooms To Go, we know that all your patio accessories are essential to complete your look. Besides preserving the condition of your seating and dining furniture, we also offer outdoor covers for your umbrella and fire pit. Our double-stitched covers deliver a secure fit to help protect your decor from sun and water damage while maintaining the quality of your favorite patio decor.

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