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Backyard Basketball Court Ideas To Build Mesmerizing Sport Areas

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Homeowners might spend a fortune designing backyard basketball court ideas, but some DIY and low-cost options have similar functions. Various ways to build a basketball court, small or big, can be just as fun.

Indeed, some homeowners prefer grass instead of asphalt or concrete courts. In terms of hoops for backyard courts, various choices are available. Those are depending on the amount of passion you have for this game.

These are some recommended procedures for designing a dreamy basketball court from start to finish. Firstly, choose the ideal size and location. Next, purchase hoops, surface tiles, or textured mats. Then, level the ground to create a foundation. Finally, you can install the hoops and surfaces.

Moreover, by incorporating all elements, homeowners can design a safe place to do sport. If necessary, accessorize the court with fencing or netting, customized artwork, and any other outdoor furniture.

Now, it is your turn to build a court as desired. We have collected many awesome backyard basketball court ideas. Grab these inspirations of planning basketball court designs for yourguidance.

Athletic Courts By Flawless Masonry

Flawless Masonry is proud to announce a whole new world of healthy family fun! Get off the couch and into a more active sports lifestyle in the worlds safest and most durable outdoor game court and home gyms.

Being well known for creating beautiful, functional, long-lasting showpieces that our customers cant wait to share with their friends and family, Flawless now offers sports and athletic courts for residents on Long Island. A residential multi-court isnt just an investment in your home, its an investment in your health, and quality time with your family!

Flawless started out by creating beautiful yard environments with pavers, poolscapes, outdoor kitchens, firepits and retaining walls, so when our customers asked us for sports flooring, outdoor basketball courts and multi-court applications, we were ready! As a preferred dealer, Flawless can offer you a complete turn-key sport package, from concrete base to sport flooring to hoops, nets, lighting and game lines. Our top rated performance, safe play backyard game courts and home gyms allow you and your family to play all of your favorite sports in the comfort of your own home. We have created many durable, professional looking setups for basketball, tennis, volleyball, in line hockey, even multi-courts. All courts are suitable for play at every level from kids to adults, from amateur to professional. Get in the game with Flawless, you will be the envy of the block and be more involved in your familys life!

Lifetime Swimming Pool Side Basketball Goal

This full-size pool basketball goal is a feature-rich basketball hoop that comes with lots of bells and whistles.

Constructed with a shatter-proof backboard that you can use in all types of weather, this adjustable basketball goal for the pool can be used by kids and adult players alike.

Its water-filled or sand-filled base provides stability, while the hoop has a five-year warranty that will absolutely encourage you to shoot in the water with peace of mind.

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Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring

What an eye-catching court it is! This concrete court has a full painting. The bright color of tennis blue in the court makes it a formal basketball court. That will attract your neighbors attention to join playing the game.

Besides, the court& #39 s surface is rich in textures. Start with a wooden base or concrete slab, and then use textured mats to cover the surface. This kind of texture provides a good grip for the rubber soles of shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backyard Basketball Courts

Backyard Designs With Pool And Basketball Court

Does a Basketball Court add value to my property?

Like a swimming pool, a basketball key are adds value to your property in fact one study from the University of Michigan found that homes with well-landscaped yard which can include a home basketball court had an 11.3% higher value than homes without these improvements.

What is a good size for a backyard basketball court?

Based on feedback from our clients, we find that a 10x10m court size is perfect, however we can always tailor your court to suit any size area and budget.

Is Synthetic Grass suitable for Basketball?

Yes synthetic grass is suitable for basketball! In fact synthetic/artificial grass acts as an acoustic layer to lessen the noise of a bouncing ball. Furthermore artificial grass can provide whats known as an even bounce which is less degrading on your basketballs when compared with concrete/asphalt.

What permissions do I need?

Similar to Tennis Courts, you may need to submit DA approval from your local council or you could fall into a complying, or exempt, development application.

The construction of your basketball court subbase is a civil engineering project, so we encourage obtaining a geotechnical investigation to advise on things like site classification, soil compaction, drainage and stability. This investigation can then be sent to a structural engineer for the design of the concrete slab, footings for lights and any retaining walls if required.

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Backyard Basketball And Golf Court

It is possible to design a double court in a spacious backyard. This photo is one example of how the homeowner creates a basketball court and golf area. At the front part, a grassy yard acts as the golf area. Meanwhile, the back part becomes a basketball court.

An idea of conjugating two sports in one backyard is skillful. The great accessibility enables you to walk in through the court and choose one sport over the other.

How To Build A Backyard Basketball Court

Not everybody can indeed afford to have a basketball of their own, and by this I mean buy a set for themselves. Some people prefer to play basketball by going to the stadiums or getting a portable basketball hoop for their backyard.

Some people might think about what I am trying to say here. The thing that I am trying to explain to you all is that you need not have to buy a complete set for yourself to be more specific.

What if I say you can create your basketball court in your backyard. Yeah, it is a lot of hard work to do but as you may have heard HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF People usually dont trust the market products they feel that sometimes it is not safe for them as well as their kids or any other family member who plays basketball.

You have a different level of confidence in things that you create by yourself with your own hands. Building a basketball court in your backyard will give you the kind of surety that the pole will not fall off or the basket or anything that could hurt you or anyone else.

It is an excellent idea if you are thinking of doing something like this. But it is not as easy and fun as it sounds. You have to take a lot of precautions as for building this you need some sharp tools and al,l and it is requested that small kids should not be involved in this activity.

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Bold Tones Of Basketball Court

Bright red and green colors give bold shades to this basketball court. Asphalt with a protective acrylic layer is the material to create that surface. Then, the color painting will mark each area.

The backyard is large enough to create a full-size court. It features two hoops as well as an official court. Its green area also functions as a tennis court.

Tips You Need To Follow:

How To Build A Backyard Basketball Court

Below are mentioned some of the tips that you should follow while making the court.

  • Determine the size you need

If you look at the dimensions of the NBA and NCAA courts they are different from the high school courts. You need to divide these numbers in half for the half-court and then you can easily decide what you actually need for your place. Try to build one away from the windows.

  • Purchase your hoops

Once you have decided the dimensions for your court you now need to buy the hoops. If the length is of a full-court then you need to purchase 2 hoops and if you had a half-court build you just need a single hoop for that.

Once you have measured the dimensions for your court you need to mark them as well just to avoid any kind of confusion. And make you create space for out of bounds so that the players are aware when they are stepping out of the line.

  • Level the playing field

You would not like your court to be bumpy, to avoid that you need to level the playing field by removing all the dust from the court.

  • Create a concrete foundation

Make sure the weather is dry while you put the concrete so that you have enough time for it to dry soon. Note that the poles should be 1-2ft. into the ground and should be done while you are putting the concrete.

  • The paint lines

Make sure you have the stenciling kit with you. If no then you should have masking tape, spray paint, and a measuring tape because you need to mark the following steps:

  • Also, mark the free-throw line.
    • Accessorize

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    How Do You Paint Basketball Lines On Concrete Asphalt Or Hardwood

    Once you have the proper base and surface for your basketball court, youll need to paint the court markings. You can either hire a professional painter for this task, or you can paint the basketball lines yourself. Hiring a pro costs about $300 for basic markings. Be sure to use acrylic paint for concrete or asphalt outdoor courts, and a fast-drying water-based paint for hardwood indoor courts.

    Find a Basketball Flooring Pro Near You

    Why A Sport Court Game Court Is A Better Investment Than A Swimming Pool

    June 5, 2017 By Shannon Grizil

    While a home basketball court and a swimming pool may cost about the same amount of money to install, a backyard court will cost you less over time and give you more bang for your buck. In addition, a home basketball court is more versatile than a pool and can be used for a variety of different sports and activities volleyball, tennis, soccer, roller hockey, dance party, movie night, and so many more! It can even be converted to a backyard ice rink and can be used throughout the year in all seasons.

    A swimming pool can be used forswimming. Swimming pools can only be used for a few months out of the year and are costly to maintain. Chemicals, opening and closing costs, water usage and electricity, repairs, etc. swimming pools require a lot of time, work, and money to keep running properly and safely. A Sport Court game court requires little maintenance to keep your family enjoying sports in any weather all year round!

    Lets take a more detailed look at the overall cost of a 20 x 40 swimming pool versus a 20 x 40 Sport Court:

    Cost Per Season for Pool:The average homeowner spends $375 a month during the swimming season to maintain their pool with additional costs as needed. You could end up spending an additional $5,000 a year in additional costs and repairs.

    Breakdown of Cost Per Season:Opening Cost: $285

    Resurfacing: $2,500

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    What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court

    Asphalt is considered to be the best surface for an outdoor basketball court.

    It is strong enough to withstand the hardship condition brought about by the rigorous play that takes place on it. Asphalt can also stand harsh weather conditions like rain and high temperatures that are fond of creating cracks on other materials.

    This material is smooth and absorbs shock reducing on the risks of getting injured while playing.

    It is also water proof thus enabling one to enjoy basketball in all weather conditions. Please note that asphalt is also resistant to wear and tear that could occur in extreme weather conditions

    Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Basketball Court Surface

    42 HQ Photos Backyard Pool And Basketball Court / 21 Backyard ...

    Once you decide on the backyard basketball court size construction you will be doing, the next step you need to examine is its surface. Do not get worked up with the cost, this project will not just be about the expenditures but also about the safety and assurance that the court will be safe for players from getting injured. When constructing an open-air ball court, you might need to choose a spot spacious enough for you to do exercises involved with the sport. Aside from that you also need to remember that this space will also be used if you want to have your personal time with your children or even your friends. Backyard basketball court dimensions need not be too wide but enough to entertain everyone who wants to use it. After getting your dimensions measured, the next step is to determine the surface material you will be using.

    Since your flooring material is one of the essential things that need to be taken into consideration for your outdoor court, you need to be more detailed before you push through the construction. Knowing the types of materials available, we will now assess them with some properties that they should possess in order to make the perfect flooring for your outdoor court. Listed below are some of the things that you need to look into.

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    Built For All Athletes

    Your family is one of a kind and your Sport Court should be too. With a vast range of customizable features, your backyard court or home gym can be unlike any other. Court decisions:

    • Choose your floor: indoor or outdoor
    • Extra components: adjustable basketball hoops, variable-height net systems, volleyball and tennis nets, sports equipment packages and rebounders
    • Choose your light: light poles with dimmable LED or incandescent bulb options
    • Ball containment: wall padding or fencing
    • Complements for your court: batting cages, golf nets, trampolines, climbing walls and skate ramps

    Backyard Basketball Court Ideas With Facile Setup

    Designing a basketball court is as easy as you find one place to hang the hoop. The easiest way is hanging the basketball hoop on a wall. Only do any construction if necessary. You can make a concrete court or just simply use textured mats.

    This picture shows an evergreen court with a wooden plank fence on one side. There are concrete staircases on another side. Next to it, a raised flowerbed accentuates the court. Some large trees also create shady areas.

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    Best Pool Basketball Goals For The Year 202: Top Rated Reviews

    When I was young, I used to play in the swimming pool with toy-like floating hoops. So when I grew up, I searched for the hoops that could fulfill my childhood needs and can line up with professional play. I researched a lot and found some hoops that are good as a toy for all ages, and some are portable hoops suitable for pro play and can be placed on the deck quickly.The most top-rated pool basket hoop of different brands are available at different prices. I found Life Time 1306 fully capable of fulfilling my pool and on-ground basketball play needs. All others which were rated as excellent by reviewers, professionals and researchers are mentioned below:

    Best Swimming Pool Basketball Goal


    If you want to enjoy the aquatic games then you should go for this basketball hoop. This is one of the best basketball hoops with height adjustment.

    This giant swim lime basketball hoop is the largest about 46 inches tall and 36 inches wide. It is an oversized water basketball and provides much-oversized fun than other poolside basketball hoops.

    • Quite expensive

    Backyard Basketball Court Ideas With Stoneworks

    How to build a Backyard Basketball Court

    Just imagine shooting some hoops around this stone garden court. It is refreshing enough, right? This is a fresh way to design a nature-inspired basketball court.

    You will enjoy pure air from plants, shrubs, and trees while playing the game. Flagstone stairways connect the garden to that court for easy access.

    Stone statues on the entrance of this basketball court give an ancient look. A sunset view creates a gorgeous atmosphere to the court. The concrete court matches all stunning stoneworks at surrounding. In terms of size, it is large enough to play with teams.

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    Best Pool Basketball Goals For A Great Time

    Are you looking for a cost-effective way of playing basketball on the water with your friends and loved ones?

    Then its time to splash with GoSports!

    Take the excitement of basketball from the court to your swimming pool with this pool basketball goal.

    Other than its backboard and hoop, it includes two inflatable water balls and a ball pump for endless summer fun.

    No need to fear breaking the hoop when you use it in the water, too, because the rim is springy and can withstand the action.

    It wont easily topple down either because its got a tip-resistant water-weighted base, keeping both the backboard and the rim stable.

    You dont need any tools to set it up since it has a robust design thats pending patent approval and is engineered for pool play.

    If you prefer a real-feel inflatable basketball, trust me when I say you will love this swimming pool basketball goal.

    It comes with a floating net, so you can simply let it float on the water.

    Theres no need to worry about it falling over or being submerged either. This is because there are three foam floaties attached to the lower part, and the floating net is made of a lightweight PVC pipe frame.

    Theres no need for any assembly tools, too. All you need to do is insert each tube into the connectors to prevent it from getting weighed down in the pool.

    It also comes with an inflatable basketball for easy storage and portability.