Pool Ideas For Small Backyards

Put In A Hot Tub For A Luxurious Touch

Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas: Phoenix Spool | California Pools & Landscape

An elegant backyard by Jackson Design & Remodeling

Like peanut butter and jelly, pools and the best hot tubs go hand in hand. There are numerous ways to combine the two water features in your space, whether that’s by placing the hot tub directly in the pool , keeping them adjacent to one another, or separating them as two standalone elements.

The latter is ideal for colder-climate locales, so you can keep the hot tub open during the winter after you close the pool for the season.

Plunge Pool With Plant Vegetation Privacy Wall

This small backyard plunge pool is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a backyard pool but dont want their neighbors looking in.

As its surrounded by a privacy wall made up of plants and vegetation, which provides both privacy and beauty.

And while it may be narrow, its still long enough to do laps or enjoy a game of pool volleyball, thanks to its rectangular pool shape.

Above Ground Or Inground

Small yards may benefit from above-ground pools. They do, however, pose particular difficulties.

The first issue is that they are confined to the prefabricated shapes available from manufacturers. In other words, theres not much you can do if you cant find a readymade shape that matches your site.

The other issue is one of aesthetics. Even the most attractive above-ground pool cannot match traditional for some individuals. But if youre not one of those people and you come across a pool that makes good use of your area, go for it.

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Shallow Depth Tile Pool With Water Feature

If youre looking for small backyard pool ideas that will make a big impact, then this shallow depth tile pool might just be the perfect fit.

As this mini pool is perfect for small backyards or courtyards, as it takes up very little space.

And while small, it still features a beautiful water feature and tile finish that makes it look like a million bucks.

Install A Water Feature

Small Backyard Pool Ideas

This stylish pool is by Rondo Pools and Spas

If you want to go above and beyond with your backyard pool, add some stylish water feature ideas as a focal point.

In a more natural-style pool area, you could add a waterfall that cascades over stones. As well as providing a soothing background noise, it’ll make a fun feature to interact with once you get in.

In a more formal pool area, you could add fountains. In this pool, the three sculptural fountains provide a visual and auditory focal point.

The other benefit to pool water features is their ability to keep the pool clean. As they constantly circulate the water, they decrease the likelihood of algae build-up leaving you with a fresher pool for very little effort.

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Aqua Blue Tile Pool With Wood Patio Decking

This small backyard pool is the perfect example of a pool that doesnt sacrifice style for size.

As it features beautiful aqua blue tile and wood patio decking that makes it look like a luxurious resort.

And while small, it still has plenty of room for an overhead pergola, wicker lounge chairs, and numerous potted plants.

Which adds a lot of visual interest and design to this small pool.

Can Small Pools Still Have The Same Features That Big Pools Have

The short answer here is “yes.”

You can add any swimming pool accessories or features you’d like to a small pool design. Features such as pool heaters, pool lights, and automatic covers are not limited by the size of a pool.

And if you’re thinking about adding a tanning ledge or baja shelf, you can integrate it right into the design! You can create “premium” pools in small spaces as well — plunge pools and cocktail pools are ideal small-yard pools that still retain an upscale vibe. If you want to splurge, a smaller infinity pool can also be a standout feature in any yard, big or small.

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Swimming Pool Ideas For A Small Backyard

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A swimming pool is a great way to bring life to a dull backyard because it encourages regular recreation and family fun time. An outdoor splash can be enclosed by a wooden surface or a concrete one and take on a geometric, kidney or circular shape. Having a relatively miniature basin in the back of you house would make the long hot summer days much shorter and more appreciative. Beautify the area around your tub with flowers and shrubbery or paint the inside in a bright color to stand out even when the sun goes down. A swimming area on your property can be the perfect place to set out a table, chairs and even a BBQ pit for any pool party events. Consider having your own customized pool with a water fountain and an own unique shape and design, while still leaving enough room for a beautiful landscape or walkway. Besides getting you outdoor bubble bath insured, make sure that your pool is always covered unless you intend to pay someone to clean it regularly.

Be mindful that whether you decide to construct an in-ground or fiber-glass plunge bath, a budget must be set to determine the cost of what you desire and how much youre willing to spend. Decide whether you will have a heating system in order to enjoy your new water basin to its fullest or just savor it for the summertime.

Pool Design Ideas Should Start With The Pool

40+ Cool Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Until you have chosen your pool, it is practically impossible to put anything else in place, as the design of the pool will be central to the entire appearance of your backyard. This is why the most sensible strategy is to choose your pool first, then plan all the other design elements around its shape and style.

Remember, your pool is a big investment and selecting it is a hugely important decision, as you have to be happy with your pool and the appearance of your yard for many years to come. Dont rush the decisions here. Take your time choosing your pool and designing your landscaping, and do not be afraid to delay the project if there is any element of it you are unsure about.

If you would like any advice about different pool designs and how they can be customised to work more effectively in your own backyard, . Our highly experienced pool consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you all the help and support you need.

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Rustic Feel Small Pool

If you wish to turn your backyard into an island destination with a plunge pool surrounded by nature, natural materials like stone would be best. Also, give it an organic shape and maintain the same characteristics. Designs like this are possible because theyre not limited by a small yard.

During the design stage, the homeowners did not have to worry about property line setbacks, for example.

What Are The Small Pool Trends We Are Seeing Today

Take a look at vacation places like Nags Head, NC Myrtle Beach, SC and others. Fiberglass pools have become very prominent in these areas, where the backyards are typically very, very small.

In Florida, fiberglass has grown quite a bit in recent years, but concrete pools still make up the very large majority of small pool installations in that state.

As for Texas…well, they don’t do anything small in Texas!

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Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas: Queen Creek Ace

Our Pool Design Ideas series was created to help spark ideas of what might be a good fit for you in your backyard. When youre starting the process of building a pool, there are numerous decisions to make. A great place to get started is with the pool design and design elements. Whether its a freeform or geometric design, with modern, Tuscan, or retro design elements its really about the look that fits your home.

At California Pools & Landscape, weve been creating custom pools in the valley of the sun for more than 34 years. Weve designed thousands of backyards in all shapes and sizes, to meet the desires of every client.

Gorgeous Small Inground Pools For Your Backyard Hideaway

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

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Choosing the right small inground pool can turn your backyard into something truly amazing. Make sure to check out small pool number 8 on our list!

There is nothing better than being able to step into your own backyard and jump right into a refreshing swimming pool. But what if your backyard or your budget is small? Well, if youre like most people youve probably looked at small inground pools as at least one of your options.

Continue on as we go over some of our best small pool ideas and review the cost of a small inground pool.

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Important Things To Consider

When constructing a pool oasis in your yard, you have to consider many things, such as the cost of the installation, how big or small you want your pool to be, the safety considerations, etc. However, with such considerations in mind, theres one thing you need to consider first, and that is where your property lines lie.

This may seem like a minor element, yet it can significantly affect your overall layout design. In addition, each pool, large or small, comes with zoning constraints and pool equipment. Thus, it is essential to consider this aspect before installing a pool in your yard. Knowing this, we can now jump into the ten pool ideas for your tiny yard.

Creative Pool In Small Backyard Ideas On Budget

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You definitely can have a perfect pool in small backyard. Well, this article has got everything about it.

A swimming pool is not only for a house with a large outdoor space in the back. A small space can also get that kind of facility.

Although there will be some considerations before you decide to install the pool in the backyard, think about the design, shape, materials, and measurements. Furthermore, landscaping becomes one of the important considerations to deal with.

Check out our pool in small backyard recommendation!

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Integrate Your Pool With Your Deck

If you already have a deck, think about how you might be able to add a small pool to your existing setup. Extending a deck around an above-ground pool may be a more cost-effective solution than building a new in-ground pool. So if there’s enough room available , it might be the perfect spot to think about adding a pool.

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Play Around With Pool Shapes For Your Tiny Yard

44 Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

There is nothing like walking outside on a hot day and taking the plunge into your luxurious swimming pool. Meet with our expert pool designers and construction team to draw up a plan for the shape of your tiny swimming pool. Upon a home visit, the Shoreline team will be able to best identify what style will best mold to your backyard. Visiting the concept of letter-shapes isnt a bad idea, as it can fit any backyard shape while giving it a modernized appearance. Circle and rectangular swimming pools dont always work for backyards, especially ones with a small, unconventional surface area. Dont let misfortune discourage you during the development of your pool. Trust the process and we guarantee that you will find the right swimming pool.

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Keep Fit With A Lap Pool

This lap pool is by Emerald Pool and Spas

Pools aren’t just for leisure they’re great for working out, too. So forget about installing a home gym and build a lap pool instead! After all, what could be better than starting the working day with a few laps in the comfort of your own backyard?

While lap pools are long by nature, they are also quite narrow, making this style of pool ideal for rectangular plots. And in some cases, like with this pool, you can also include an infinity edge to maximize a stellar view.

Add a few key pieces of the best outdoor furniture and you’ve got the perfect spot to relax after your morning workout.

What Size Should A Pool Be In A Small Backyard

‘There is no minimum size for a small swimming pool.’ says Janice Parker. ‘For a small swimming pool, I would recommend 20-15 feet long by 8-6 feet wide you want to be able to fully extend an adult body comfortably. There are variations a pool that will fit 8 people on benches comfortably, is 8 x 8. This can be versatile and yet fit well into tight spaces. Plunge pools that can be heated or be chilled can be 5x 10. It is all a question of how you want to use the space. If you want to swim, 20 -30 long will be comfortable.’

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Awasome Small Backyard With Pool Ideas References

Best ideas Tips and References website . Search anything about ideas Ideas in this website.

Small Backyard With Pool Ideas. Whats good about this type of pool is that it can. Yes, a pool can fit in your small yard, and these 11 gorgeous examples prove it.

Spools plunge pools cocktail pools and wading pools. Outdoor elements maximized the available space in this beautiful yard with a contemporary, rectangular pool complete with a large tanning deck and swim jet system. Do the extraordinary with an extraordinary scottsdale az small backyard pool landscaping company.

Fabulous Small Backyard Designs With Swimming Pool


Indeed swimming is one of the best way to keep the bodys shape and health. You like swimming insanely, but the long distance to the public pools or the crowded situation in the public pools always make you crazy and loose the passion. But why not build a swimming pool in your backyard, or even a small backyard? It is a real refreshment in hot summer days with a swimming pool in your own backyard. Moreover, an innovative and exotic swimming pool can make your small backyard receive luxurious and attractive look. So we provide some swimming pool design ideas for you. Here you can find the swimming pools with any style, any shape, and any unique features as you like. If you are willing to make swimming pool in your yard, dont hesitate! This is the right time to take action.

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Squeeze A Lap Pool Into An Urban Yard

If you happen to have a narrow backyard, consider putting in a lap pool. Designed for doing laps but who says you can’t just dunk these pools are long and narrow and dont require much in the way of space. Here, a walled-in courtyard provides a refreshing outdoor escape. Vine-covered walls, fancy garden gates and pretty florals create a secret garden-like appeal in the middle of the city.

Stretch Your Pool Out To Infinity

This design is by Simmonds & Associates, Inc

If you happen to have a cliff-front or hilltop property, you should certainly consider going with an infinity-edge pool, which you guessed it looks as if it has no boundary, opening up into the sky .

It’s simply a trick of the eye: whereas most pools keep their water levels beneath their edges, infinity-edge pools are filled to the brim, with the water flowing over the edge to create the illusion.

Surround your backyard pool with tropical garden ideas to enhance the feeling of being on vacation without even having to leave your property.

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Ially Submerged Budget Fiberglass Pool

A popular choice for those looking for a small-budget backyard pool is the fiberglass pool, due to its affordable cost and ease of installation.

As small fiberglass pools cost a fraction of what traditional concrete inground pools cost.

However, despite their more affordable price, fiberglass pools can still offer a very premium look.

As is evident by the above stylish fiberglass pool.

The key to making these types of pools look their best though is dressing them up with decking and landscaping.

Which Inground Pool Design Will Offer The Least Amount Of Maintenance/work

Small Pool Ideas in Your Backyard

When it comes to small pools, it can be assumed that they take less time to maintain than large ones.

However, many variables come into play here: what type of pool you have, whether you have an automatic pool cleaner, what kind of landscaping surrounds the pool, etc.

It’s generally accepted in the swimming pool industry that among the 3 types of pools, concrete will be the most difficult to maintain on a seasonal and long-term basis.

Vinyl liners are easier than concrete on a seasonal basis , but also must have their liner replaced on average every 8-11 years.

Of the 3, fiberglass pools will certainly be the least amount of maintenance on a seasonal and long-term level.

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Spice Up Any Tiny Backyard With A Marvelous Swimming Pool

Take advantage of the intimacy of your tiny backyard and create the living space of your dreams! Whether you are looking to build a swimming pool or revamp your existing one in your tiny backyard, we have got you covered. Small outdoor living spaces are not something to be disappointed over. Capitalize on your investment and turn your tiny backyard into a private resort. Let Shoreline Pools take on this project for you before the Summer season rolls around. Dial and connect with our design team to begin revamping your tiny backyard today! Make sure to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more design inspiration for your small backyard.