Retractable Outdoor Patio Wind Barrier

Retractable Patio And Wind Barrier Is Both Unique And Practical

O’Meara Camping – Retractable Patio Wind Breaker

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our brewery is our retractable roof enclosure and wind barrier system. The Kinetic Retractable Glass Wind Barriers and PergoFlex Retractable Roof allow consistent patio access even when the weather isnt cooperating. PergoFlex retracting roof is motorized and provides a quick adjustment to provide coverage during the hot heat or inclement weather. By adding Kinetic, we enhanced our customer experience by providing a wind barrier during those windy days. Also, being close to the railroad helps provide a secondary use as a small sound barrier as customers watch the trains from our patio.

Since we have installed Stoetts retractable patio systems, we have seen a 20% increase in traffic. Kinetic andPergoFlexare perfect for any residential or commercial space that would like to allow friends, family, and customers to get the most of their outdoor experience.

Drive More Business To Your Establishment

People naturally love to eat, drink, and socialize outside. When you create a space with a windscreen, you give your customers an enjoyable dining experience. Our products will keep your customers comfortable during the hottest and coldest days of the year, by providing an instant ten-degree improvement in temperature when lowered. During inclement weather, our commercial windscreens can be deployed at a moments notice, allowing patrons to continue using your outdoor area and saving you from having to close down seating areas.

Install A Wind Sensor

No matter how much you check the weather, wind can still surprise you. An awning wind sensor can detect real-time motion and wind activity to inform you of the risk of wind damage. In some cases, you can even equip a wind sensor directly to your retractable awning and program it to automatically retract if there is any danger of high speed winds.

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Top Retractable Awnings Verdict

With that, we have almost reached the end of our review-based guide, and we hope it has helped you make an informed decision by now. Before we sign off, however, we would like to let you in on our favorite products from the list.

For us, the Aecojoy Retractable Patio Awning is the overall best, simply because it sports a durable construction and helps enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Closely following it is the model from Outsunny, as its canopy can be adjusted as per your requirements and helps reduce heat.

But if you are specifically looking for a model that features a big canopy, we recommend going with the retractable awning from Best Choice Products. On that note, it is time for us to wrap it up.

Until next time, take care!

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Plexiglass & Glass Wind Barriers

Yescom 63"  x 118"  Retractable Side Awning Wind Screen Privacy Divider ...

A patio may face the beach and ocean or provide a gorgeous mountain view. In that case, it may not be a good idea to use a windbreak that interrupts the scenery even by a small amount, such as screens.

Clear glass or plexiglass panels offer a windbreak as long as they are high enough to keep the wind from settling back down onto the patio. If the glass or plexiglass panels run from the patio floor to the top of a roofline, the wind will be directed over the roof and away from the patio.

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Mcculloughs Kinetic Retractable Wind Barriers

The McCullough Family wanted to create an outdoor environment that was family-friendly and provided unique, unobstructed views for their outdoor patio at their private lake house near Indianapolis, IN. A competitive water skiing family, the McCulloughs host several water ski events on their property. After doing extensive research for a balcony system that would help accomplish their goals, they came across Stoett industries LibartUSAKinetic Retractable Glass Wind Barrier. They have expressed how easy it is to find themselves spending most of their time on their new balcony.

For instance, with the ease of retracting their wind barrier system, they can efficiently enjoy their patio on those nice sunny days. Should the weather turn on them, they can adjust their Kinetic Wind Barrier at a moments notice. In other words, Rain or shine, Kinetic helps provide an enjoyable atmosphere and is perfect for grilling as well. The glass wind barriers allow for the smoke from the grill to dissipate without being confined in the enclosed space. The durable glass structure helps make sure children and young adults are protected from the balcony. .

Roll Down Wind Protection

Shades can hang from simple hardware that can be taken down when they are not in use or installed as roll down wind protection. Manufacturers offer shades made to be installed for an outside patio.

Raising or lowering the shades is done by pulleys, or the panels can be fitted with electric controls. Roll down wind protection provides a convenient option for when the winds are calm.

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Retractable Vinyl Panorama Shades For Architectural Openings And Windows

How To Assemble and Install Your Motorized ALEKO Retractable Patio Awning

This porch near Rehoboth Beach in Delaware was made for outdoor living, for being outside every chance they get, for getting as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. It is used nearly year-round, sometimes even opened in the winter when nature surprises this beach community with a 70 degree afternoon.

First starting out as afixed screen porch, Illona, the homeowner, found the shifting winds to often ruin time out on the porch, so she began to search for something that would cover the openings without lessening the view. It was hard for her to find a product that reached the width of her openings and didnt detract from the view or create a divider in the center of the opening. Her solution came when she found the retractable vinyl shades from Stoett.

Illona enjoys the light the wide vinyl openings allow in. She said she adores them and loves that there arent slotted shades or any hindrance of the view. Every chance they get, she and her family gather on the porch to soak in the outdoors. They have every meal out on the porch and enjoy bringing nearly every activity out there- work, reading, iPad surfing, morning coffee, you name it!

Wide Format Vinyl Shades

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Retractable Screens Can Be Seamlessly Integrated Into Any Type Of Building Material Including Wood Brick Stucco Natural Stone And Concrete

Manufacturers offer options for wind block screens providing choices such as color, thickness, material, uv resistant material, and privacy screen. This is quickly becoming a must have for restaurant owners everywhere to. This is the very best product available for all your large retractable screening needs and guaranteed not to blow out at all with wind speeds up to 80mph!

Advantages Of Retractable Screens

Protects Furniture

Thanks to our PVC coated fiberglass properties our screens are designed to block harmful UV rays that could fade your furniture and even your carpet if exposed for too long. This is also the main technology behind keeping your home more private and more comfortable, while still providing clear visibility.

Enjoy the View

Traditional exterior window screens simply never look good, they block visibility, are a hassle to take in and out, and always seem to get holes in them eventually. A retractable window screen eliminates all the disadvantages.

If you dont want to see them when your window is closed, easily adjust them up or down with one hand. It is never necessary to take them out because they are perfectly discreet when rolled up. Lastly, they are guaranteed to outlast a traditional screen as they never have to endure all types of weather.

Easy to Operate

Keep Bugs Out

Screens have become more popular in recent years due to concerns of diseases and pathogens coming from bugs or other creatures that shouldnt be in your home. Every screen is designed with a mesh fabric, woven in a grid pattern, stopping all bugs from entering. Blocking sun, bugs, and inclement weather like wind and rain is easy with a roll screen!

Completely Customizable

To get more information on receiving your custom fitting and professional installation, please call us at 1-866-806-4785 for a free estimate or toschedule an appointment.

Environmentally Friendly

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Retractable Side Awning Patio Screen Retractable Fence 63x118inch Privacy Screen


  • · HIGH-QUALITY SCREEN MATERIALS- This side awning is composed of aluminum alloy frame that is sleek and resistant to rust 280g/m² polyester fabric coated with PU layer is breathable, waterproof, UV resistant, and flame retardant.
  • · ELEGANT PRIVACY SCREEN- The patio privacy screen can be used as a low shade, umbrella or divider to block out light breezes, low sun, blind sights, bringing both privacy and elegance to your outdoor living space.
  • · RETRACTABLE & PRACTICAL- The privacy screen outdoor features a retractable hand that provides good flexibility and easy operations to open and retract and can be rolled back into the housing when not in use.
  • · EASY TO ASSEMBLE- Fix the housing to the wall, then just fix the support post to its base plate or directly to concrete, cement floor or wood deck for better stability. Privacy wall with mounting accessories for easy installation.
  • · MULTIFUNCTIONAL PATIO SCREEN- The patio privacy screen is suitable for home or commercial use, great for outdoor areas such as backyards, terrace, gardens, porches or a small balcony, or indoors for office, clinic, studio, etc.

Convenient Privacy Wind Break & Shading For Your Patio

PanoraKinetic Retractable Wind Barriers

The Betterliving horizontal retractable shade meets a growing interest in high-tech shade products that can be used as needed for shelter and privacy. In addition to blocking sun and wind, horizontal shades provide privacy on townhouse decks and terraces. Many fabrics are available, including our 100% solution-dyed acrylic awning fabrics in many decorator solids and patterns, as well as our line of solar shade fabrics with varying weave patterns to achieve the desired level of privacy or protection from the sun.

The aluminum pull rail glides easily on the bottom caster and hooks into place using maintenance-free stainless hardware. The fabric is spring-loaded so it doesnt sag and retracts cleanly into the aluminum cassette. The shade is built with anti-kickback technology for safe operation.

Our horizontal shades are available mounted between two wall surfaces or between one wall surface and our floor-mounted post.

Shades are available in heights from 46 inches and to 96 inches can project up to 13 feet depending on the thickness of the fabric used.

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How Retractable Screens Work

Once your exterior window screens are installed, we promise there will be no confusion on how to maintain or operate your motorized porch sunscreens. Using our straightforward remote, you can easily point and click to see your shades ascend and descend on their own. As the screen goes upwards, the fiberglass fabric neatly retracts around itself leaving a seamless look no matter its position.

We have designed our remote to be accessible to everyone! No matter your age or technology savviness, we are confident that you will enjoy the ease of using a Marygrove retractable screen for sun and wind. Our expert team will ensure that you are familiar with the functions of your retractable screen prior to leaving the install and we are always more than happy to answer any questions.

Diy Clear Wind Screen

If youre willing to get handy and have a little carpentry background, you can construct your own windscreen. If youve never made one before, the following steps will guide you through the entire process.

This particular project is a plexiglass screen within a wood frame that is added to your deck railing.

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How To Block Wind On A Patio

Blocking wind on a patio or even a balcony for an apartment allows homeowners and occupants the chance to enjoy the fresh air. However, bad weather may bring gusty winds ending the enjoyment.

Some areas may be windy because theyre located in a valley between two mountain ranges or located on an ocean shore area. Finding an easy and convenient way to block the wind means much more time to enjoy a patio or balcony.

See this patio wind screen fence at

Below are several options and ideas to use for protection from the wind. Each one depends on the type of patio, the surrounding landscape, and how much wind the homeowner wants to block.

Bamboo Or Reed Fences

UNBOXING | Abba Patio Retractable Folding Side Awning Screen Fence (Beige)

Reed fencing is useful for creating privacy on a balcony or porch, but it can help block wind, too. You might not find it as useful for patio wind protection because you need something sturdy to fix it to.

The biggest downside is that reed fencing will completely block your view. However, you can get panels that are 6ft. tall or more, making it a good solution for blocking leaves and debris from blowing in.

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How To Keep Your Patio Wind

Nothing beats the experience of spending a few hours on your patio, sipping a beverage, as you watch the sunset. However, the experience might be compromised by the strong winds that turn a relaxed evening into a battle to keep hair out of your face.

Although we cannot control the wind, we can influence the direction it takes. Furthermore, we can also determine how fast it reaches us, and to some extent, the amount of wind that reaches our patio or balcony.

Wind barriers are commonly constructed in areas that experience fast and strong winds. Without these barriers, the outdoor experience wouldnt be as conducive, and people would often struggle to create the desired experience outdoors. Remember that not all wind barriers are the same, as they vary in size and the materials used.

Longhorn Motorized Retractable Patio Screens Are Designed To Provide Functional Flexible Shading From Sun Rain Wind And Insects

For residential, commercial, governmental and institutional applications, wall mounted or mounted on to posts around the outside of a pavilion, pergola or gazebo. Motorized screens enclose and transform any outdoor space with the push of a button. Made from strong clear pvc and/or mesh, either with an aluminium frame or fixed directly to your structure, total cover fixed panels can be any shape or size.

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Outdoor Wind Blocking Shades

Shades for patios make great wind blocks and add a touch of décor to the patios design. Different fabric choices include materials that are solid, sheer, or woven.

Wind blocking shades typically come with tie downs to prevent them from flapping in the wind and provide an extra benefit by blocking light rain or snow flurries. See more types of patio enclosures here.

Considerations Before Buying A Wind Blocker

Retractable Patio

As with any other home-related solution, there are some things to consider before setting up a wind blocker. Think about the following:

  • Is your balcony or patio covered? If so, itll be easier to make it windproof.
  • Whats the surrounding area? A ground-level balcony or porch will have more options.
  • Are you trying to stop leaves from blowing in? Youll need something taller if so.
  • Do you rent/own? Homeowners can usually install something more permanent than renters.
  • How windy is it? This might seem obvious, but some solutions wont be suitable on really windy balconies.

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How To Block Wind On Patio

Youve just built a beautiful patio to relax in the evenings or when you have guests. However, constant wind makes it unbearable to enjoy the evening, and you just realized that the problem is here to stay. The obvious question is how can you block wind on your patio.

You can block wind on the patio by using a wind barrier to act as a shield. You can also opt to plant trees/shrubs that break down the wind velocity or a combination of both.

You can DIY a wind barrier, buy a wind barrier, plant a wind barrier or all three depending on your situation. A wind barrier can double as a privacy barrier in some situations. A wind barrier that doesnt block your view, is a little bit trickier, but is doable as well show below.

Retract Your Awning When Its Windy

The most effective way to protect your retractable awning from the wind is to retract it before the wind starts. Compared to a standard canopy, a retractable awning will give you an advantage when it comes to preventing wind damage by simply retracting your awning, you can keep it secure against your house, limiting its exposure to high winds.

Our retractable awnings are remote-controlled so you can safely, quickly, and conveniently retract your awning without exposing yourself to the elements.

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Invite Your Customers Outside

You may have a gorgeous outdoor seating area that your customers already love, but you can make it even better with our high quality and durable windscreens. The addition of a screened enclosure offers a myriad of benefits to your business including protection from the weather, pollen, and insects. Both our motorized and manual windscreens can be deployed in seconds, shielding your customers from chilly rain, high winds, and annoying pests. Our motorized screen enclosures are able to withstand winds of 65 mph, and can be upgraded to be a hurricane-rated product, protecting against 120 mph winds.

In addition, our windscreens offer a creative design element to your space. The design, fabric, and color of your screens is fully customized to meet your restaurants needs. To provide intimate privacy to your diners, pair your clear vinyl enclosure with our sun shade material.