Simple Above Ground Pool Deck

How Much Pool Deck Do You Want

Quick Pool Deck for Small Pool

A common size for a pool deck is a three-section fan deck that covers enough room for several people to use. On a round pool, it would follow the contour of your pools top rails for as many rails as you want to cover.

Another question to ask yourself is: how will you use a pool deck around your pool? Plan out what you want to do on the deck. Will you be using it just to get in and out of the pool? Or will you want to add lounges or a table and chair set? What about large planters, speakers, or maybe an outdoor fire pit?

Our above ground pool deck kits are prefab resin kits with everything you need to add steps to walk up to the deck and into the pool. We have deck kits in 5 ft x 5 ft square and a 5 ft x 10 ft. Another choice is the 5 x 13.5, 2 section pool deck kit.

Corner Pool With Terraced Steps

This is one of my favorite above ground pool designs. The wood deck functions as both stairs and seating. Really, its a very clever and attractive way to wrap the pool. Siding wraps the retaining wall around two sides of the pool, but it could also have stone, brick or nearly any other decorative treatment.

At only 8×18 ft. in size, this pool is also a great space saver, and could be tucked most anywhere. Something like this is especially useful for narrow urban backyards, or for when you want to preserve space in the backyard for other activities.

Soften The Scene With A Flowering Shrub

Structural plants add color and form

Adding greenery to your pool landscaping plans is always a good idea. It’ll instantly soften the scene, add color and texture, and in some cases, it can boost the privacy levels, too.

If you’re integrating your above ground pool with a deck, adding a larger shrub to one side, as seen here, will help to visually blend the two structures together. Our list of best summer flowering shrubs will help you choose a show-stopper. Plant one of the best winter flowering shrubs nearby, too, for added interest all year-round.

Alternatively, you could opt for tall, ornamental grasses around your pool they will cocoon the space in greenery and don’t require much maintenance.

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Materials To Use For An Above

There are several different materials to choose from when creating an above-ground pool deck. While wood is famous for above-ground pool decks, it is also a good option for in-ground pools. Wood planks provide a cozy, rustic feel for your poolside lounging area. If you choose wood, you should plan your project carefully so that it can withstand constant splashes of water and the elements outdoors. To protect the wood from water, apply a quality sealant or paint to ensure that the surface is weatherproof and will not rot.

Another option for above-ground pool decks is natural wood. Real wood offers a rustic look and is anti-slip. In addition, it can be customized to fit your specific design and measurements. However, if you dont mind taking care of the wood, consider pressure-treated wood as a great option. It is highly durable, but it will also require regular maintenance. And if youre concerned about the look of your pool deck, you can always use pressure-treated wood for added protection.

If you dont want to use wood, you can still install a concrete slab. However, concrete tends to shrink as it dries. If you dont compact the fill around the pool properly, it will settle. If youre concerned about settling, you can install reinforcement of the concrete slab with saw-cut control joints. Another popular option for above-ground pool decking is wood. Wood is an affordable option and is an excellent material for a deck.

Above Ground Pool With Deck And Slide

The Top 47 Best Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

It is like a blessing if you have a spacious area for a backyard. You can turn it into the big entertaining spot outside your house.

Build the above ground pool with deck and completed by the slide. Since it is spacious enough, opt the rectangular shape of the pool for a long track.

The big deck will accommodate many swimming pool chairs, even more. It is important to install the fences. It works to prevent people from fall from the deck.

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Keep It Simple With Cushions

This pool in @renogal ‘s plot features a stylish half-circle sun deck

Cheryl Holcombe, a home preservationist, enlisted her brother to assist in hauling a stock tank to her Knoxville, Tennessee, home. He also helped level the ground, drill holes for hoses, and pour a small concrete pad for the equipment.

Cheryl bought an Intex saltwater system from Amazon to purify the water, which she finds a low-maintenance way to go after three years. The pump and filter run for an hour each day, and occasionally, she needs to add more salt, like after heavy rains.

She hired a friend to build a yellow pine half-circle sun deck. Kitted out with cushions, it provides space to lounge beside the water without the need for .

Cheryl enjoys looking out her windows and watching the sun reflect on the water. ‘I also love having a great excuse for friends to gather and spend time together,’ she says.

Round Above Ground Pool With Steps

One of the favourite above-ground pool ideas is this one. The wood deck serves as both a stairwell and a seating area. Its a very creative and appealing approach to surrounding the pool. Siding covers two sides of the pool retaining wall, but it could also be stone, brick, or practically any other aesthetic finish. This pool is indeed a perfect space saver. This is something that is very beneficial in urban backyards with limited space or when you want to keep the backyard open for other activities. Small decks for above ground pools.

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Pick Privacy Screens That Double As Art

Pro tip: Work smarter, not harder, while designing your outdoor oasis. Graphic laser-cut privacy screens double as outdoor artwork and provide a striking backdrop for this corner plunge pool. Create a similar statement-making display in your backyard by swapping traditional wood deck railing for a set of laser-cut metal panels in unique, contemporary patterns.

Shop Our Favorites: The Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas for Every Space

Diy Building A Deck Up To The Elegance 21x43x54 Pool

DIY Above Ground Pool Deck

If you have an elegant pool, you need a more extensive deck plan to make it look more beautiful and accommodate more people. This pool plan is what you need it is spacious and surrounds your pool on one side.

Another amazing factor is that the deck is connected to the house, you only need to step out of your house, and you will find yourself on the pool deck. It is comfortable and perfect for hosting big parties.

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Stock Tank Deck Pool With Shade

This is an upgraded version of the stock tank pool deck above. This deck pool is perfect for those who might want a shade around their pool to shield them from direct sunlight.

It is perfect because it has more space for people to move around and sit. In addition, you can cover the pergola with transparent sheets or use them to support crawling plants, which will add more beauty to the pool deck area.

Main Types Of Cheap Above Ground Pool Decks In 2022

Are you currently planning to have an cheap above ground pool deck installed? If so, you are sure to be presented with many choices of above ground pool deck ideas from which you can choose one best idea. Many will depend upon the available space that you have in your backyard, the location of your home in reference to the pool deck and most importantly the amount of available budget that you have for this major investment.

There are basically two types of cheap above grouknd pool deck ideas that you can choose from. They are the freestanding type or the attached variety. In the freestanding pool deck idea the deck itself must be fairly close to the above groun pool and be entirely surrounded by a small path.

It is usually the most popular of the above ground pool deck styles and they are generally used by most types of above-ground pool deck manufacturers because of the excellent durability, the ease of construction and most important the low cost.

The second type for cheap above ground pool deck consideration is the attached variety which provides a straight path from your back door to the pool. This type of above ground pool deck idea is similar to an in-ground pool and requires considerably less space depending upon the actual height of your home and the nearby surrounding pool site.

However, it is necessary to contact a above ground pool deck service provider to assist you with this sort of construction project.

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Cons Of Above Ground Pools

a) Overall Look

If you want an upscale side, an above-ground pool won’t give you that. They are more similar to hot tubs instead. So, it doesn’t look very attractive unless you upgrade your pool with a deck.

b) Vulnerable

Unlike inground pools, an above-ground pool is very vulnerable to weather elements. They can easily be damaged by storms and snow and cause a lot of spillages.

c) Lifespan

If you have an above-ground pool, don’t expect it to last longer than 15 years. That is usually their lifespan, but that of inground pools is 20 years.

Backyard Deck Around An Above Ground Pool

Actually, it is pretty easy to make it clean and wallet

You can go with this wooden pool deck idea if you have a smaller yard but still want a comfortable pool deck. It is a free-standing deck, and the area you live in will determine how deep you dig the hole for your poles.

You need some concrete to erect the post, giving your deck a stronger and firm support. You can organize this project as a family event over the weekend and spend the time bonding while building.

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Terraced Decks With Above Ground Pool

Terraced decks are ideal for people who are attracted by new trends. Purchase a wooden deck with stairwells. In this pool, you can even stay partially submerged. Natural elements, grass, and beautiful rocks can be added to bring a style to the pool deck. This would set the water pool distinct from the rest of the landscape. Furthermore, if your pool deck has a lot of grass, this design might be visually pleasing. Above ground pool deck ideas with bench. Add your favourite things around the pool area to make your time more enjoyable.

Patio To Above Ground Pool Transition

A great way to create a seamless design in your backyard is to blend your above ground pool with your patio. You will not have to worry about having a place to sit around your pool because your patio provides the seating.

If you already have a patio, you have to cut into it to create the seamless look. If you already have a pool, then you build a patio off your house up to and around your pool. If you have neither, then you can easily incorporate them into your backyard.

Typically, this look has only one side of your pool touching the patio, while the other side of the pool remains open.

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Add Stylish Deck Railings

Chic fences define this Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools pool

If you’re adding a deck around your above ground pool, chances are you will want to install a to keep everyone safe. But they don’t have to be an eyesore there are all kinds of chic designs available that will only add to the look of your space.

Here, a glass-paneled design separates the steps, allowing people using the pool to enjoy the open views. The tall, slatted fence around the back of the deck, meanwhile, adds a modern edge as well as privacy and shade.

Choose Cool Gray Tones For Your Above Ground Pool Deck

DIY Simple Above Ground Pool Deck Plans | Remodelaholic

This pool from Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools complements the surroundings beautifully

This smart deck in its light gray hue is the perfect choice for this scene. It effortlessly merges with the home’s exterior due to its modern aesthetic, and accompanies the concrete pool beautifully, too.

A look like this calls for minimal . Just a few statement potted plants and some comfy seating also in gray is all it needs. Meanwhile, grasses and gravel around the pool add a welcome shot of greenery and texture.

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Freestanding Pool Deck Ideas

A freestanding option means that the pool deck is close to the pool and surrounded by a path. This type of pool deck may also be called a floating deck because it is not attached to anything else.

This tends to be a popular and common choice for an above ground pool. They are easier to build and more cost effective. This type of deck is durable and long lasting which helps to increase the popularity of this type of deck.

Hire A Contractor To Build The Deck

Unless youre a pretty adept carpenter who happens to have a lot of free time, its often best to hire a professional to build a deck around your above-ground pool. Most pool decks cant be completed in just a weekend, and they also involve a good amount of structural engineering and designing , so unless youre positive youre ready for that sort of undertaking, its worth the money to hire a professional.

The right contractor will work with you to understand how youll want to use the deck . They can design a few options that meet your needs and any local building codes. Thats rightwhile above-ground pools on their own usually dont require any sort of permits because theyre not permanent structures, building a deck may be a different story youll want to make sure you do things by the book. Decks are subject to very specific construction guidelines about guardrail and railing heights .

Building code guidelines will also govern baluster placement, stair tread sizing, grade of the ground below the deck, how the deck is constructed, and more. A good contractor will know the local deck building codes and be able to save you from having to research those yourself. Additionally, a professional contractor with experience in these sorts of projects should be well-versed in the specific requirements of a pool deck and will know to account for those long-term requirements, like making sure its still possible to change the pool liner without damaging the deck .

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How To Build An Above

New building codes addressing decks around pools should also be considered. The maximum gap between the decking and the pool coping is generally 3/4 inch. Slip resistance, gaps between boards and slope of the deck may also be regulated depending on the local codes. These design requirements should also be considered for any deck adjacent swimming pools or hot tubs, whether in or above ground.

Ideally, the pool deck should be built directly under the lip of the pool edge. It is best to set a series of segmented beams and footings about 2′ from the edge of the pool to support around the curved sides. It is a good practice to install joist tape over the top of joists to protect from standing water. Installing a self-closing gate may be required to prevent access for unsupervised children. Installing extra blocking will reinforce the frame because of the added activity and variety of uses on pool decks.

Low Budget Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

35+ Gorgeous Stock Tank Pool Ideas For Simple Pool Inspiration ...

Are you interested in getting a swimming pool at your home?

It is actually a great idea to do so. Swimming pools are great ways for both fun and exercise.

Plus, any type of person can enjoy it. Nonetheless, you should think carefully which type of swimming pool you want to use.

If you want to have the excitement and comfort of a swimming pool but wish to stick to a certain budget, you can use above ground swimming pools.

The whole process of having an above ground swimming pool as compared to having an inground one is definitely cheaper.

Installation of the former is easier and simpler as compared to the latter. With an inground one, you need professional help in order to build it. Plus, you will have to shell out cash for the materials and labor to create the pool.

Inground swimming pools are definitely more pleasing to the eye that above ground ones. Nonetheless, the first one is truly high maintenance. There are gadgets installed to this which cost extra money.

At the same time, fixing broken tiles will also cost something. The second one, on the other hand, is easier to maintain.

It can be drained and kept depending on the wish of the owner. This feature is very helpful during winter or fall when you have to protect your pool from falling objects and so on.

On the whole, having a pool can be costly but that does not mean that you cannot reduce expenses.

Are you interested in getting a swimming pool in your backyard or do you already have one?

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