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Window Covering Options for Sliding Glass and Patio Doors | 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

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Options For Patio Door Security Shutters

What Options Are Available for Patio Door Security Shutters?

There are multiple options when choosing security shutters for your patio doors. The main types of patio door security shutters include: roll down security shutters, accordion shutters and metal or aluminum panels.

Find out more about each below.

Plantation Shutters It’s All We Do Denver Colorado

My husband and I are designers so, as you can imagine, were very discerning. The plantation shutters we ordered are meticulously made and Michaels installation was spot-on very detailed. Before installation, we met with Michael and he asked us all the right questions, recommending style and material. All told, 5+ stars.

Donata Maggipinto

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Solution : Full Height Shutters With A Mid Rail

  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors

Full height MDF or hardwood shutters can be used on French or patio doors provided the panel size and width of the opening are within the known limits of the product.

  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, MDF shutters with a mid rail for French doors

mid rail

  • Full height, easy-tilt, hardwood shutters with a mid rail for French doors
  • Full height, easy-tilt, hardwood shutters with a mid rail for French doors

Shutters For French And Patio Doors

Aluminum Sliding Patio Shutter Door

Plantation shutters arent just for windows. They are the perfect alternative to curtains for dressing both traditional, hinged French doors and sliding patio doors. Both are becoming ubiquitous, particularly in modern homes, yet they remain hard to dress.

In this article we highlight three solutions to expertly dress French and patio doors.

Shutters are both sleek and stylish and whats more, they allow privacy without making a room dark. Shutters also allow flexible use of opening, provide shade in summer and insulation in the winter and at night. You control the light coming into the room all year round.

A bank of white shutters is brighter than a coloured fabric curtain and can make a room feel bigger.

Shutters act as a barrier to pets, children and bugs when the doors are open, but still allow ventilation through the louvres a huge bonus in the hot summer months.

They wont move in a breeze like a blind or curtain as they are fixed within a frame. This benefit of shutters over other window dressings is made in this article Should I choose window shutters, curtains or blinds? which you might also find useful to read.

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Shutters Add Value To Your Home

Adding shutters can instantly improve your home value as shutters are custom-made and built onto the window and door frame.

Adding shutters can instantly improve your home value as shutters are custom-made and built onto the window and door frame, which means that the shutters will remain with the house once the home is sold. High-quality shutters are classic, liked by most, making a great first impression. This means if you are in the process of selling your home, it can help you earn an offer that much faster than a home with an outdated window treatment.

What Is The Best Way To Cover Sliding Glass Doors

There are a variety of beautiful and durable window coverings that work best for sliding glass doors. Sliding door window coverings, from traditional choices like vertical blinds or drapery panels to more modern options like panel track shades and vertical cellular shades. Regardless of your choice, you can customize your window treatment to best suit your light and privacy needs. To keep it simple, the best way to cover your sliding glass door is up to you and what best fits your style of décor.

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Rolling Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Homeowners commonly use Roll down security shutters on residential properties. Business owners commonly use commercial security shutters on their offices, storefronts, ticket counters, restaurants and more. They are a perfect fit to protect your patio doors because they can be installed on wide openings. You would typically install security roller shutters on the exterior of your patio doors. This helps completely block access to the glass. This prevents break-ins and also prevents vandalism of your glass.

Security roller shutters are extremely easy to use. They roll up and down. You operate manual roll shutters with a belt or crank system. Electric motors operate automatic ones. There ease of use makes them ideal to use on a daily basis. It also offers a lot of functionality outside of just security. For instance with Eurex Shutters roll down shutters you can partially open and close them. You can also adjust the slats open and closed. This ability allows you to utilize the shutters for security as well as privacy, and UV/shade control.

See the differences between Motorized vs Non-Motorized Shutters.

These also have a sleek design so they dont detract from the look of your home. When not in use they tuck away nicely in a housing above your patio door. You can also choose an optimal color for the housing and the shutters. This helps them blend in with the style of your house.

Learn how to How to Operate Electric Roll Shutters.

Sliding Glass Door Shutters

Plantation shutters on a sliding glass door

Sliding shutters are a perfect way to bring the plantation shutters’ appeals to sliding glass doors.

Faux wood sliding shutters are made out of high-quality composite material with the exact appearance of genuine wood. Still, they will never fade in color, crack from impact, or warp from moisture, even in high-traffic areas. The majority of sliding shutters are designed to be cordless, making this window treatment a safe option for homes with pets and small children while you get to enjoy that sophisticated clutter-free look. We offer options between bi-fold shutters or a bypass track panel system to make the most of your space.

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Security Shutters For Patio Doors: What Are My Options

  • Security Shutters
  • Security Shutters for Patio Doors:
  • Protecting your family and belongings in Southwest Florida is important to all homeowners. Security shutters are a great option to secure your homes windows and entry doors. You can use them to protect your home for a night or for months at a time. But what about your homes patio doors? Sliding glass patio doors create vulnerable access points into your home. Patio doors are big, often much larger than regular doors and windows. So people often wonder how to secure these large openings and prevent intruders from getting inside their home. Can you use security shutters on your patio doors? And what shutter options are available to pick from? Well discuss if its possible to install security shutters on your patio doors. Well also provide all options for high security shutters for sliding patio doors.

    How Do Tracked Shutters Work So Effortlessly

    Sliding shutters are mounted on two tracks. Usually, most of the work is done by the top track with the bottom track acting simply as a guide to keeping your bi-fold or by-pass doors aligned.

    Since the weight of the shutters is suspended on the upper track, this makes them virtually effortless to move.

    Even if you have larger windows or glass doors, the track means youll easily be able to open and close your shutters even with just one hand.

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    Sliding Glass Door Shutters Home Depot

    American craftsman 50 and 70 series 35 5 in x 77 875 white aluminum sliding patio insect screen door 6 0 the home depot types of shutters designer s touch part 560307 3 1 2 pvc vertical blinds 78 w 84 l pro jeld wen 96 80 double strength clear glass vinyl left hand energy star northern zone north central south southern mp doors 72 woodgrain interior composite prehung right dp50 with between g6068r3n2wl50 ply gem 14 56 74 raised panel polypropylene pair black vinrp1575 33 welcome pers shutter china manufacturers suppliers made andersen 60 400 frenchwood pine low e smartsun 9117172

    Blinds The Home Depot

    View Our Work Budget Blinds Napa Ca

    Magnetic Blinds For Windows Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments Doors Patio

    Sliding Glass Door Shutters You

    The Home Depot Installed Hardwood Stained Shutter Hsinstishss

    Mp Doors 72 In X 80 Smooth White Left Hand Composite Pg50 Sliding Patio Door With 10 Lite Gbg G6068l002w250 The Home Depot

    Insect Screen Door Swinging From Warema

    Mp Doors 72 In X 80 Smooth White Right Hand Composite Pg50 Sliding Patio Door With Low E Built Blinds G6068r002wle50 The Home Depot

    Door Replacement Options Home Town Restyling Eastern Iowa

    Plantation Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors Blindsgalore

    Andersen 60 In X 80 400 Series Frenchwood White Left Hand Sliding Patio Door Pine Interior Low E Smartsun Glass 9117172 The Home Depot

    Full Height Shutters The

    6 Best Hurricane Shutters Storm Panels Of 2022

    Aluminum And Metal Panels

    Plantation Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors Lowes

    Like accordions, metal panels are primarily used for storm protection. But they can also be used to deter intruders from entering your vacant property. In other words, they are not ideal for daily use because they do take time to install and uninstall. It is not something you would want to do on a daily basis. But they would be an option if your house will be vacant for a while.

    These are overlapping, corrugated panels that are installed on the exterior of your patio doors. They can either be installed vertically or horizontally.

    Panels are not as effective as rollers and accordions in terms of security protection. Yes, they do block access to your patio doors . But they do not generally lock in place. However, it would be quite difficult and time consuming for an intruder to remove them just to break in. They would likely get spotted in the process. So they are not as impenetrable as roll down security shutters. But still, they do help reduce the likelihood of break-ins.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Door Shutters

    Our stunning wooden patio door shutters for interior patio doors are the perfect dressing that will really enhance your room. Stylish, elegant, and timeless, shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also have many practical features. Security, privacy, insulation, and light control are just some of the many benefits that they offer.

    Handcrafted and made with the utmost precision and care, our plantation shutters are made to measure. Full height styles are popular and can either be fitted inside your window reveal so you can fold the panels back into the reveal, or outside the reveal so your shutters fold back against your wall. You can also opt for tracked wooden shutters, the ideal solution if you are planning on opening and closing them regularly.

    Why not get in touch today and book a free home survey. Our experienced surveyor will discuss our full range of patio door shutters with you and will also bring along samples of our beautiful, hand crafted wooden shutters for you to see.

    Plantation Shutters For Sliding Doors

    As sliding doors are usually made up of large panels of glass, plantation shutters are the perfect addition to sliding doors. Shutters on sliding doors offer complete privacy as well as full control over the light levels.

    At Totally Shutters, we have two main options available for sliding doors: bi-fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.

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    Patio Door Shutters: Everything You Need To Know

    If youre lucky enough to have french or patio doors in your home, then you will already know about all the benefits they can bring.

    They can open up your rooms, and let in lots of natural light. But the problem is theyre not easy to dress. Interior shutters on patio or French doors will bring privacy without blocking out that all-important light, and if you choose to DIY your shutters, you wont have to pay a premium.

    Our partners at California Shutters have shared their expert advice about patio door shutters, so you can dress them to perfection.

    A Range Of Colour Options

    Norman Shutters Bifold 180 Shutter on Sliding Glass Door

    Our full range of sliding shutters are available in a huge variety of colours because we know your home and interior design tastes are unique.

    You might decide that classic white shutters are the look youre hoping for.

    Then again, you might opt for a traditional wood finish or even a contrasting black or deep slate grey.

    We even offer a custom colour option too. So, if theres a specific tone youd like to pick out of your interior design, we can make it happen.

    Whether your track shutters are going to be used for windows, doors, wardrobes, or room dividers, well make sure they look perfect in your space.

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    Plantation Shutters For Sliding Glass Door

    Choosing plantation shutters for sliding glass doors often means that youre looking for good coverage, but not at the expense of obstructing other things like your opening or closing your sliding glass door. To make sure you have as much natural light coming in as possible, you want to make sure that the doors mechanisms are unobstructed and that its easy to open and close the window coverings.

    When it comes to dressing in sliding glass doors, finding the right window covering can often be tricky. Sliding doors require a large opening, and the sliding functionality of the doors makes any heavy drapes or curtains impractical. With shutter doors, you dont have these issues. They are an attractive choice for sliding glass doors because they add a chic and practical element that combines durability with the straightforward style of shutters.

    Vertical Blinds For Sliding

    While vertical blinds for sliding-glass doors are among the most common type of window treatment used, theyre not necessarily the most ordinary. You can find them in a wide range of colors, textures and panel styles as well as materials, including vinyl, fabric and aluminum.

    Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, offer a sleek, contemporary look that maximizes views. Made of flat, vertical fabric panels that slide side- to- side, Skyline panels are easy to operate and are available in over 600 colors and numerous textures, openness factors and opacities.

    A unique twist on traditional sliding-glass door window treatments, Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds have beautifully curved vanes that give the appearance of drapery folds. The curved design provides excellent sound absorption, and the patented headrail ensures smooth operation. Cadence blinds are also available in a number of colors, textures and valance styles to complement your décor.

    Key Benefits of Vertical Blinds:

    With so many fabric options and styles to choose from, theyre one of the most versatile solutions for your sliding-glass doors. Vertical blinds have minimal stackback, enabling you to maximize your views.

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    Why Are Shutters A Good Option For Patio Doors

    They are many reasons why plantation shutters are a great option for french and patio doors:

    The Price

    Its a common myth that shutters are a costly luxury item, but this just isnt true. When you choose California Shutters you choose affordable shutters that you measure and fit yourself, saving you up to 40% compared to full service, measure and fit companies. And the good news is, measuring and fitting shutters is easy!

    Take a look at our online measuring guide, to see just how easy it is.

    To find out how much you can save by choosing to DIY your Shutters, enter your measurements in the online calculator.

    Privacy and light control

    If youre nervous about blocking out the natural light provided by your patio or french doors, then plantation shutters are the right choice for you.

    Unlike curtains or blinds, french door shutters optimise the light, and the adjustable slats allow you to control exactly how much light enters your rooms. With the full coverage of these patio door shutters, you also get complete privacy for these often street-level rooms.

    Custom-made to fit

    French and patio doors can come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so its important to find a window treatment that can be customised to fit exactly.

    With interior shutters, you dont need to worry about unusual shapes or irregular measurements, as these shutter blinds are made to measure. Using your exact specifications these shutters will fit neatly to the opening of your doors and windows.

    Cost Of Plantation Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

    Factory Wholesale Cheap China Patio Sliding Glass Door Window Blinds ...

    According to HomeAdvisor, the plantation shutters for sliding glass doors cost the 80-inch by 60-inch standard size, and panels for sliding glass doors cost $860. Longer 80-inch by 72-inch panels are $1,040. Your estimate for sliding glass door shutters will vary depending upon the size, material choice, and other customizations that may affect the final price. We explore these below:

    The overall size of the sliding glass door

    Because all sliding door shutters are custom-made to fit, the price of your sliding door shutter will depend on the size of your opening. Prices can vary between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

    The material used in the sliding door shutter

    There are three choices of materials for shutters: wood, PVC, and composite. In general, hardwood shutters are the most expensive, vinyl shutters are the cheapest, and composite or faux wood shutters are something in-between.

    The style of the sliding door shutter

    The style of shutter you choose also affects the cost. Generally, the more intricate the design, the higher the price. Giving your shutter a bespoke treatment instead of a standard one that considerably more time and effort will be put into its creation, meaning higher costs.

    original source: HomeAdvisor

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