Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Ideas That Are Unbelievably Outstanding

44 Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Ideas Lounging over the pool would be relaxing especially when the weather is quite hot. However, installing an in-ground pool will burn a hole in your pocket. Why dont you try installing its counterpart an above ground pool? Check out these 15 above ground pool ideas that are unbelievably outstanding.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

This large and decorative pool is connected to the house by a private pool patio. The area around the pool is decorated with pebbles.

Wooden details around the pool are used that hide the pools filtration system. It looks totally modern swimming pool.

A pool made of concrete has been added to the garden, complementing the modern style of the house.

Wood covering and landscaping around the pool made the difference in height insignificant by bringing the turquoise color of the water to the fore.

The above ground pool has gained an extremely elegant and exotic appearance with the surrounding wooden frames. In addition to that by adding a platform in the middle of the pool, a transition and relaxation area is provided between the swimming pool and jacuzzi.

A special wood veneer is used around this pool, which looks like a giant wine barrel.

This above ground pool, which was built on a sloping ground and semi-buried, was covered with stone, and a natural appearance was achieved in harmony with its surroundings.

The outer panel of this pool is covered with glass mosaic pool coating which is used in the pool interior.

The curvilinear form of this semi inground swimming pool is in harmony with the slope of the topography.

Tile Your Pool Inside And Out

You might not be surprised to spot tiles lining the interior of a pool, shimmering below the surface. But incorporating tiles on the exterior of your pool can take it over the edge – and over the top, too.

In the sun-soaked concrete pool above, Spanish glass tiles glisten above and below the water in a design by Australias Artisan Exterior , which created a series of pool tiles inspired by the countrys waters and coastline. Tiling your above-ground pool will turn it into a statement piece and instantly elevate your outdoor entertainment area, says the Artisan Exterior Team.

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Choose A Plunge Pool For Smaller Spaces

Scroll through any internet search for above ground pools and youll see an overwhelming amount of clunky designs. In the past, above ground pools had a knack for taking over the backyard. But if youre limited on surface area and hesitant to hand over your entire backyard to a large body of water, consider something smaller: a plunge pool. Not much bigger than a hot tub, really, they’re made for simly cooling off in after a hot day.

Like dipping a toe in the water, a plunge pool offers all the perks of a larger above-ground pool on a smaller scale, one that adds to your landscape without dominating it. Ideal for small backyard pool ideas.

Installing a plunge pool partially above the ground creates a destination and a focal point that a flush install rarely offers, explains Karen Larson, the co-founder of Soake Pools , a maker of high-quality plunge pools that can also be installed fully above-ground. Additionally, the above-ground edges provide seating. It is also a great opportunity to add additional personality and decorative elements, as the exposed vertical surfaces can be adorned with materials that fit within the landscape.

Stylish Plunge Pool By Seaway

Above Ground Pools For Small Backyards and Small Backyard With Above ...

The Escondido plunge pool is a stylish and compact plunge pool by Seaway that works in a compact garden.

It is a cost-effective choice that offers easy maintenance.

The digging and disruption that comes with installing an in-ground pool will be less too.

You can further customize plunge pools with dark-colored linings that are on-trend right now.

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What Is The Best Thing To Put Around An Above Ground Pool

As we mentioned above, its crucial to landscape your above ground pool area. Typically, youll see people use gravel or rock to put around the pool. This is convenient because theyre readily available and come in many different shapes and sizes.

I really like the look of adding some greenery surrounding your pool even if youre dealing with a small space. For instance I would install a wooden deck right beneath the pool wall and plant flower beds hydrangeas, azaleas, small boxwood. This would make the multi-level deck not only look great, but also elevate my entire outdoor space.

Build A Seasonal Hay Bale And Plastic Pool

This idea is also very appealing if you have kids, as they can reinvent a different one each year. The clever concept is that you put a rectangular tarp on a flat piece of land. You then put hay bales all around the sides to act as walls. Then you put down a thick tarp, spreading it out until it is the shape of the pool you want.

Try not to go too high with the hay as it might topple over, and then you put a bunch of 5 to 10-liter plastic containers filled with water all around the sides on top of the tarp edges, tightly against the hay, and voila, you have a pool.

It is by far the cheapest above-ground pool idea I could find. Depending on the area, the cost will be $40 for two tarps and $30-$300 for hay. Also dont forget to collect all the old plastic containers you can find! Fill them up with water, and use them as weights.

You can also do a more permanent version of this with a wooden pallet above-ground pool. Instead of hay bales, you use wooden pallets, rounded wooden sheets, and a tarp. These look much more stylish than the hay version. You can go to Amazon to find good deals on pallets and rounded wooden sheets.

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// A Natural Stone Veneer Disguise

This small backyard plunge pool is concealed with a natural stone veneer that gives a beautiful finish to this eclectic backyard. The pool is 7×14 and fits nicely into the design of this small backyard. The palette includes a wood deck, pea gravel side yard, stone, and a stucco finished retaining wall .

Integrate The Pool Into The Wall

50 Creative Above Ground Pool Ideas

Pool by Soake Pools and landscape design by Nawada Landscape Design & Frank Walsh Landscape

If you are opting to create an above ground concrete pool, youll also have more flexibility with decorative materials. In the plunge pool above, stone garden walls rise to the occasion by integrating the pool with the surrounding patio.

The request we get most frequently is to install natural stone on the outside of their plunge pools, says Karen Larson, the co-founder of Soake Pools . With that said, we have seen a recent trend towards using other creative materials, including wood panels and even large-format exterior tiles.

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Pool With Deck And Patio

This pool deck incorporates a covered patio where a set for sitting stays to offer a comfortable shade from the sun. The deck is elevated and built entirely around the oval pool almost flush with the pool rim.

At the corners of the deck, the landing is wider and therefore cleverly utilized. Instead of lounge chairs, there is a coffee table and chairs set where people can have a drink enjoying the glow of the water created by the sun rays.

What Is An Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool is what it sounds like, a pool you either build yourself or buy at supermarkets and hardware stores. Above ground pools are less work and a less expensive yard accessory than building a standard in-ground pool.

Whats nice about an above ground pool is that some of them you can take with you if you move. It is less permanent, even if it is extra work.

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// A Simple Modern Pool Design

This 14 x 96 plunge pool looks ultra modern with the straight, clean lines and the simple materials palette. The design incorporates gravel, wood and square concrete stepping pads. The deck is low to the ground and surrounded by ornamental grasses and a variety of evergreens. Colorful perennials are included for seasonal fun!

Build And In Ground Pool Above Ground

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

One big difference between in ground pools and above ground pools is entirely obvious: the former disappears into the earth, while the latter sticks out. But if your pool is going to stick out, why not make it count? While its less affordable and arguably more ambitious, building an above ground concrete pool is certainly one of the most stylish, customizable options.

Especially if your landscape has undulating or sloped surfaces, or if youre restricted from building an in-ground pool for other environmental factors, there are perks to the process. The walls to these pools act as a pool fence and minimise the amount of traditional pool fencing within our projects and promote greater connection between alfresco spaces and pool areas, says Tristan Peirce , a landscape architect with a penchant for striking pools in Australia.

In the pool above, Peirce designed a radiant pool, encircled with a stone patio and space for below-grade plantings along the edge. Simple geometric shapes seem to be what we gravitate towards, either a circle or two or three radius curves, says Peirce. We feel that this is more of a deliberate organic design approach than an organic shape.

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Concrete Backyard Pool By Aquascape

If you have a courtyard garden, a concrete backyard pool, like the one by Aquascape, could be an elegant solution.

A considered above-ground concrete pool design is an ideal option because poured concrete is so versatile and can be integrated into your landscaping in a variety of ways.

As long as your setback rules and easements are forgiving, many pool contractors can find a way!

Cons Of An Above Ground Pool

  • Easier Damage: The pools side panels and materials are not as strong as standard pool ones. Therefore it requires extra care in handling not to be damaged easily.
  • Durability: A standard swimming pool lasts more than 20 years. This time is generally between 7 and 12 years. So durability is one of the major disadvantages.
  • Aesthetics: The appearance of the first installation is not very attractive compared to underground pools. However, with a nice environmental arrangement, it can look as special and quality as inground swimming pools.
  • Depth: As the height of the above ground pools is about 1.20 meters, the water depth is not too much. So if you like to dive, above ground pool designs are not for you.

If you think a pool with the listed features is suitable for your needs, the following above ground pool ideas can inspire you. When you enrich the pool with elements such as a deck, lush landscaping and comfortable garden furniture, you would want to spend much more time in your garden.

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What If I Already Have An Above Ground Pool

If you already have an above ground pool in your backyard and want to update its look and feel, there are many options available. You don’t have to settle for an outdated-looking pool with these simple ideas, you can make it look fresh and new!

Add A Deck:

Adding a deck around your pool doesn’t only make it look more professional, but it extends your living space and gives your family the ability to lounge poolside whenever they want. Decks come in many shapes and sizes and are made from either wood or composite materials. They instantly make your pool look complete and help increase your home’s market value!

Put Up Attractive Fencing:

Fencing is an excellent option if you want to add privacy to your outdoor space. Fences help hide unsightly older above ground pool models without having to replace them. There are many types of fencing available in various heights, so you can get one that fits your space without making you feel closed off from the world.

Prioritize Landscaping:

There are many above ground swimming pool landscape ideas that will fit any budget and gardening ability. Landscaping can bring a dull and boring yard to life, making it feel like an oasis. Try adding flowers and bushes at the base of your pool that will grow to produce a hedge. You can also plant trees with shallow reaching root systems like palms to shade the area and make it feel like a vacation every time you go for a swim.

Utilize Hardscape And Lighting:

Enjoy The Views With Barely

10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

Traditional wooden deck balusters are lovely, but sometimes a bulky railing detracts from otherwise unmatched pool views. Embrace the beauty beyond the balusters by swapping the hefty wood features on your above-ground pool deck for contemporary alternatives. Black or charcoal balusters will seemingly disappear into the landscape, allowing you to enjoy the sweeping views ahead while splashing around this summer.

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Above Ground Pool Ideas: 9 Refreshing Backyard Features

Our stylish above ground pool ideas are perfect for those with smaller plots or budgets

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When the weather warms, you might start thinking about above ground pool ideas for your garden. It’s a wise consideration these semi-permanent features are perfect for cooling off from the heat and will certainly up the fun factor of your yard come summer.

If you love the thought of a backyard pool, then there are plenty of reasons why choosing an above ground design over an inground one is a good move. They’re much quicker to install, for one. But also, their cost tends to be dramatically lower ideal if you’re working with a smaller budget. And speaking of smaller, these designs are often more compact, meaning they’re a good solution for petite plots.

And if you think above ground pools are a bit of an eyesore, think again. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks to show how these features can make stylish additions to a plot in their own right.

Fantastic Above Ground Pool Ideas For Your Backyard

The above ground pool has become a trend and as landscape design experts, its one we are digging! Above ground pools have, well, often a bad reputation but with the right landscape design they can seamlessly meld into your surroundings and look super sophisticated.

It was the spool, the container pool and plunge pool last year. But this summer, its all about the above ground pool party! Lets dig into some of our favorite styles and landscape ideas for above ground pools!

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Small Pool Ideas: Shape And Design

Elongated rectangles can give a pool a modern edge or a mediterranean vibe, while circular pools offer a more boho or even a rustic feel. Design elements like tiling and even concrete stamping can add to the aesthetic youre aiming for, many of which youll see here. Once youve nailed down your pools design, be sure to incorporate things like potted plants, pool floats, and patio furniture that add to the vibe.

So if youre considering upping the cool factor of your outdoor space, get inspired by these small pool ideas that make a big splash.

How Do You Make An Above Ground Pool Nice

Nice Awesome Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas https://modernhousemagz ...

Sure, your first impression of an above ground pool design is that it may bewelltacky. However, that doesnt mean that there arent ways to make your pool area classy. Lets take a look at some design ideas that you can add into your swimming pool design!

Firstly, think about surrounding your pool with a raised deck. Here, you have plenty of deck design options from a wood deck, to low-maintenance decks, and so on!

Secondly, you can add some pool lights to your space! Personally, I love the LED lighting that sits directly at the bottom of a backyard pool. Theyre fun for the kids, and they will elevate the ambiance in any small backyard! Or, some people love the look of string lights hanging over a raised pool! Therefore its time to get to lookin!

Thirdly, think about installing a pool fence. Not only will it help keep your kids safe, it helps deter dogs and other animals from jumping in as well! Well provide some great fence ideas below.

Lastly, dont just focus on the actual above ground pool think about ground pool landscaping ideas. How can you take your outdoor living space to the next level? You could put a flower bed in poolside or even add greenery to your outdoor landscape design. Or, you could even add DIY pavers going up to your round pool there are endless options!

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Above Ground Pool With Ipa Wood Deck

When you have a view like this, the pool has to be special. Hunter Pools of Australia perched this pool just perfectly, and then wrapped it with fine hardwoods like Ipa wood, which has outstanding resistance to rot and weather.

Another safety feature is the railing. This is required for suspended decks to keep your guests and pets safe. A complete deck like this also allows pool owners to install a safety pool cover for off-season use.