Small Backyard Small Patio Ideas

Or Add An Infinity Pool If Your Yard Is Hilly

Small Landscape Design Ideas (10 Secrets)

This pool design is by Joseph Richardson Landscape Architecture

If you have a steep incline in your backyard, fret not you can still build a pool if you so desire. In fact, infinity pools are ideal for a sloping garden as they can be designed to work with the contours of the plot. However, you will need to bear in mind that they can be a pretty expensive project, so won’t be suitable if you’re looking for budget backyard ideas.

This backyard project perfects the look, with a small infinity pool looking out onto a river. One of our favorite additions is the in-pool spa as it means there’s no need to find additional space on the deck for one of the best hot tubs.

Now For A Couple Of Ideas That May Require More Planning And Spending

We hope youve found the small patio ideas in this article useful and we hope youve gathered some ideas for yourself. Mixing and matching different features of each idea above will help maximize your patio makeover.

But, we want to expand your imagination even more with some expensive renditions. These arent as DIY as the design ideas above, but they look amazing!

So, hang on tight and get ready to explore a couple of small luxury patios!

Create An Extension Of Your Indoor Living Space

This project in Venice Beach, California, by Kim Gordon Designs makes the most of every inch of space

Outdoor furniture has evolved from the days of wooden picnic tables and slatted metal loungers. With advances in weather-resistant materials, you can create an outdoor living space that looks just like the one you might find inside your house and is just as comfortable.

Despite what you might think, oversized furniture can actually be the best option when it comes to the most successful small backyard ideas. ‘Forget benches and small metal chairs, they are never comfortable,’ says designer Kim Gordon , who created this tiny bohemian-style oasis in Venice Beach, California. ‘Using sink-in, oversized seating in a small space makes it look and feel much bigger.’

The general rule is that the more comfortable your outdoor furniture is, the more likely you are to use your outdoor space. Plus, you’ll be adding liveable square footage to your home a huge advantage if you live in a smaller house.

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Stain Your Concrete Patio

This is the most common way of bringing an old concrete patio to life. Staining gives your old concrete patio a tile appearance. The process is pretty simple you may use tapes to create grout lines all over the patio and then stain the entire surface.

Once you take out the tapes, they will leave your patio looking like tiles. The best thing is to contact a professional to ensure the finish is pristine and in order. However, if you are confident enough, you can dig in and make it an enjoyable DIY.

To avoid degrading the paving, you need to add a sealant because staining weakens the patio surface. Generally, staining chirps into the surface and alters the color and texture.

As a requirement, you need to clean the patio surface before starting the staining process.

Other Small Townhouse Patio Ideas

30 Best Small Backyard Patio Ideas (20)

And finally, Mike got this awesome outdoor hanging bluetooth speaker that also lights up like a lantern. We hung it in the corner of the deck. It works great. I love having it out there to stream music when were just hanging on the deck or when Im gardening or working on whatever project is up that day.

The ferns on the patio are also looking amazing. Dont overlook the power of some hanging plants to maximize vertical space on a small patio!

And I think thats it. Looking forward to hanging out here the rest of the summer!

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Narrow Small Backyard Patio Ideas

If your patio is long and narrow, then you need to work with the space instead of trying to fight it. Instead of placing your standard patio table and chairs, look for a long and skinny one. Then build a bench seat mounted to the wall and have chairs on the other side. This reduces your width requirement. Another option is to have several cafe tables and chairs. These are smaller and require less room.

Consider hanging a hammock that runs the length of your patio. This is the perfect place to lounge out and relax with a good book. If a hammock isnt your style, then build a long bench along the length of the patio. Place a patio cushion on it to make it more comfortable. Then you can have a small fire pit and chairs to complete the space.

Switch Up The Patio Flooring

Not thrilled with the look of your small, concrete patio flooring? Youre not stuck with it, and switching it up can be as easy as laying down laminate floor tiles or rubber patio pavers resembling wood, stone, or brick. You can also accent the space with a colorful rug.

Effort: Installation can be as simple as snapping pieces together or gluing them in place. There may be some cutting involved to make sure all parts fit correctly in your outdoor space.

Cost: Expect to pay around $50 for one pack of teak laminate flooring and around $6 per paver patio square. Area rugs can be bought for $25 to $100+.

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Add Ambiance With Lighting

The warm, glow of traditional string lights can set up a romantic vibe. Colorful, creatively shaped string lights can give your patio area a more party-like mood. Moon lamps, floor lamps, lanterns, or an outdoor chandelier are other options to try.

Effort: Hanging string lights requires an outdoor hanging kit, hammer, screwdriver, zip ties, and an extension cord. You can also opt for solar lights. To install an outdoor chandelier, have the area wired or use a solar version. Then, install the mounting hardware, connect it to the wiring, and hang the chandelier.

Cost: String lights , chandelier , moon lamps , floor lamps , lanterns

Install An Outdoor Shower

Small Backyard Covered Patio Ideas

After the sauna and a good sweat session, you need a refreshing shower. So, the possibility of using a sauna and an outdoor shower behind your house might be everything you need to improve your mood and health. Also, this installation can be enough on its own, too. A cool shower will be everyones first choice during hot summer days on the other hand, it can dramatically increase the value of your home.

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Relax By The Reflecting Pool

If your backyard is mostly taken up by a pool, play into it by using it as a focal point for the patio space, as shown in this hideaway spot by architect Kevin Low.

The mirrored surface of the water may soften the boundary between inside and outside if there are sliding doors, as the vertical reflecting glass surfaces and the reflecting horizontal surface will bounce off one another, says Nina Edwards Anker, founder of Nea Studio in Brooklyn. Incorporating a cistern or a reflecting pool to collect rainwater to be recycled and filtered for garden irrigation is another good small patio idea.

Portable Fire Pits For Colder Evenings

A fire pit turns any outdoor space into an area that can be usedlong into the evenings and even in the colder months of the year. A built-infire pit can be used as a main focal feature and facilitate outdoorentertaining year-round.

Another option is to invest in a portable fire pit that can be kept in storage in the warmer months, in a garage or your CubeSmart storage unit and brought out to warm up winter evenings.

Be sure to check city ordinances before investing in any form offire pit. Some states have restrictions on the type of fuel that can be used oron where and when fire pits are allowed.

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Small Patio Ideas For Backyards

If you have a large backyard, use it to your advantage when creating your small patio space. The larger space around your patio gives the illusion that your backyard patio is bigger than it really is. You could use this space to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Then place picnic tables out on the lawn.

You could create the perfect cocktail hour space with a couple of Adirondack chairs and a fire pit. Then you can gaze out over your backyard as you sip cocktails and stay warm by the fire.

The key to making this a success is with the backyard landscaping. The rest of your backyard needs to be attractive to look at. Start by creating a smooth transition from the patio to the backyard. You could do this with a mini stone wall and path from one to the other. Or you could build a raised patio with gradual tiers going down to the backyard.

If you have a larger budget, you can create a water feature with a fish pond and fountain. This feature will create gentle white noise. Choose plants that can create multiple levels. Plan to use larger trees and bushes towards the far end or back. Then work your way closer to the patio with smaller plants. Choose plants that produce beautiful flowers for the immediate area to create a vibrant view.

Rustic Wooden Furniture Features For Ultimate Coziness

40 Beautiful Small Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

You dont need to have ample outdoor space to transform it into a magical world where miracles happen. Even a tiny porch in a city can transport you someplace else if you have appropriate wooden, rustic furniture and hang romantic string lights. Just add some pillows and thick rugs, and fun can begin. You can use this space as a room for a break or equip it with comfortable chairs and a handy table and enjoy some ice cream and coffee with your friends.

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Add A Stock Tank Pool

Want all the perks of lounging poolside, without the major price tag? Look no further than a stock tank poolyep, we mean those oversized, galvanized vessels typically used for livestock to drink out of. The answer for smaller backyards can be surprisingly stylish, as Bri Moysa of Emerson Grey Designs proves here. She painted her pool a rich black and surrounded it with a custom “pool deck” that makes the whole setup look like a mini version of some stylish hotel pool.

Decorate With Multipurpose Furniture

Just like small rooms inside a house need furniture that works harder, small backyards need double-duty benches, chairs, and tables. Outdoor decor is a budget-friendly way to refresh a deck or patio. Find seating with hidden storage to stash pillows and throws or a table that expands for larger gatherings.

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Place An Outdoor Rug Over Your Hardscaping

Add some color and comfort underfoot with the Made You Look rug from FLOR

One of the downsides of building a deck or patio in your small backyard is that it will take away space for grass. To help create a more comfortable area, whether that’s for your kids to play or your pets to lounge around, you can roll out an outdoor rug. From a design perspective, rugs are also a great way to make a room feel more cohesive.

We love the vibrant, beach-inspired vibe of this rug, which actually comprises a series of carpet tiles rather than one single piece. It’s a versatile model that allows you to create the perfect shape for your space and is guaranteed to add a subtle splash of color and texture to any stretch of modern paving.

Create A Sunroom Feel

Small Garden Design Ideas for backyard landscaping ideas

Horizontal wood slats cross barn doors and offer access to the vertical-slatted patio space in this home by Tyreus Design Studio.

The shaded patio, hidden behind oversized barn doors, provides extra space for spectators next to the familys indoor badminton court, says Christie Tyreus, architect and designer of Tyreus Design Studio in Sausalito, California. The space manages to feel like an extension of the home because of its complementary design, with the added benefit of shade via the stylish painted wood slats.

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Unique Small Backyard With A Concrete Paver Trendy Patio And Vertical Garden

This is a perfect example of a small yet trendy backyard. It appears that the designer managed to optimize every corner of this backyard and turn it into a usable area.

In the middle of this small backyard, which serves as a focal point, there seems to be an artificial turf that is extended to the wall, creating a vertical space perfect for a unique backdrop.

Unique small backyard with a concrete paver trendy patio and vertical garden.

The seating area is placed in the corner. Instead of a set of tables with chairs, this patio features a built-in bench in an L-shape.

The patio is also completed with artificial turf combined with concrete and pebbles. Right on its side, there is a huge vase with an outdoor plant, completed with a raised base and surrounded by pebbles.

What makes this patio unique is the vertical garden on the back wall. It looks flawless paired with the brown wall surround.

Apart from its unique and cozy look, this concrete paver trendy backyard is also completed with a grill. This way, this backyard is also functional as well as stylish. Across the seating area, there are floating planter boxes accentuating the area.

This is an ideal patio for you who love the eclectic design and want to enjoy some BBQ time with your family and friends.

How Can I Make My Concrete Patio Look Nice

Look for ways to make the concrete more attractive. You could paint or stain it for an easy and quick makeover. You could lay an outdoor rug over it. For a more permanent upgrade, you could lay slate tiles down or lay decking over it. Both of these solutions will hide the concrete and transform your concrete patio.

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Growing Veggies In Our Tiny Backyard

We also planted a hydrangea bush out in the corner of the yard and moved around several plants as we figured out where everything did the best. I moved several potted veggies down from the top deck.

It gets slightly better sun up there, but theres no hose, so watering was annoying. It also sometimes leaked down onto the bottom deck, which was both annoying and yucky. The big pots have yellow tomatoes, baby eggplant, and red cherry tomatoes.

Everything in my garden was doing absolutely fantastic. Much to my surprise, everything I planted from seed sprouted and flourished. Until the Japanese beetles discovered my goodies.

They destroyed my green beans, which I had to pull out. Right now I am fighting a war against them on my snap peas, basil, and lima beans. Everything else theyve seemed to leave alone.

Ive picked a few rounds of lettuce, kale, and spinach already, and Ive planted more. Cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and baby eggplant are on the cusp of being picked. The bell peppers are only doing okay. Im not giving up on them yet, but they arent thriving.

Build In A Dining Bench

30 Best Small Backyard Patio Ideas (7)

If your family is the type to eat every meal outdoors once the warm weather arrives, you’ll need a sturdy and spacious spot to do so. The problem? When it comes to a small backyard, every inch must do double duty. To make the most of a dining nook for dinnerand make it functional the rest of the timeconsider adding a built-in bench as Laura Sima did . The table can be moved out of the way when not in use, while the bench will provide extra seating and a natural barrier for the patio.

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Small Patio Outdoor Seating Ideas

Bring the comfort of your living room outside with a cushioned seating set. Choose a small sofa or two lounge chairs, then add an ottoman or coffee table if your space can accommodate these pieces.

Outdoor loveseats are available in an array of high-quality materials like dark wicker, woven steel and acacia wood. Accent the furniture with outdoor pillows and outdoor rugs in whichever color or pattern best fits your style.

Make It A Place For Conversation

One of the great advantages of a small outdoor space is that it allows for intimate conversations with your family and friends. For a space that can be used as a seating area, be sure to include two armchairs and an upholstered couch that is perfect for conversations that last into the night. Last but not least, make sure you have an extra coffee table.

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Hang A Hammock Or Swinging Chair

Image Source: The Range

Taking advantage of the fresh air outside in your own backyard will include hanging a slim hammock and then making it pop with a comfortable jute rug, some fun throw pillows. You can also throw in some floor cushions for extra seating space, with or without trees.

Alternatively, you can make a statement by hanging a swing chair from your backyard ceiling or deck cover. Finally, you can use your geometric tiling or backyard outdoor rug for additional space.

Midcentury Small Backyard Patio With A Roof Extension And Concrete Paver

Small Landscape Design Ideas (15 Secrets)

This mid-century small backyard is created between an L-shaped plan of the living room and kitchen/dining room. It features a shed roof floating on a flowing glass clerestory. The roof extension covers the backyard partially.

In more open space of this backyard, the designer installed a patio.

There is a concrete walkway that connects the indoor living space to the patio. This patio itself is paved with stamped concrete that looks a lot like crushed stone. It is framed with poured concrete to create a contrast.

As a small patio, it only features simple furniture. Instead of a table, there is a classic fire pit placed in the middle, making this patio a perfect space to chill and relax even during the fall or winter nights.

In front of the fire pit, there is a wooden couch that seems to be the only seat on this patio. This is an efficient way to save more space if you have a small patio like this.

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