Small Backyards With Inground Pools

Use A Wide Step As A Baja Shelf

Small yard pool project – Huge transformation!

Just because your pool is small doesnt mean you need to give up some of the luxuries of a larger installation. Youll just need to be creative about how to incorporate them.

A Baja shelf, also known as a tanning shelf, takes up a lot of space in a poolas do steps. But if you combine them both into a single feature, its a great way to do a lot with a little room.

Essentially, this means installing steps into your pool with an extra-wide first step that doubles as a tanning shelf.

Plunge Pool With Plant Vegetation Privacy Wall

This small backyard plunge pool is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a backyard pool but dont want their neighbors looking in.

As its surrounded by a privacy wall made up of plants and vegetation, which provides both privacy and beauty.

And while it may be narrow, its still long enough to do laps or enjoy a game of pool volleyball, thanks to its rectangular pool shape.

Can You Put An Inground Pool In A Small Backyard

Is your backyard super tiny?Is it more of a courtyard than a backyard?If you are dreaming of getting an inground pool but think your backyard is too small, you’ve come to the right place.

We manufacture fiberglass swimming pools for families across the country and personally install those pools for customers in our area. People tell us every day that they don’t think an inground pool will fit in their backyard, but they’re often surprised to learn that they too can have a decent sized pool.In this article, we’re answering all of your questions about building a swimming pool in a small backyard to give you a better idea of whether an inground pool is a realistic option for you. Let’s dive in.

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Smaller Pools With Great Shapes

If youre looking for a small backyard pool that will fit within a challenging space, Leisure Pools has these options:

The Courtyard Roman: At under 20 in length, this pool can fit in tighter spaces. As its name implies, the Courtyard Roman is the ideal centerpiece for a stunning courtyard setting. It may be small, but its packed with features. Its perfect for a Swim Jet System, with the jets being located between the two sets of steps at the shallow end. At the other end in the curved seating area you can install Spa Jets and even Seat Aeration. This will create that massaging hydrotherapy effect you get in a spa. A table can be fitted into the curved seating area to complete the picture. The main body of the pool is great for playing games or simply relaxing and cooling off on hot Summer days.

The Tuscany: The Tuscanys freeform shape can adapt to any theme you may wish to create with your swimming pool area. It fits perfectly in just about any pool site and is particularly adaptable to difficult corner sites where the freeform shapes afford considerable versatility of placement. In addition, the Tuscanys free flowing curves allow you to maneuvre the pool into places that many other more formal shapes wont fit. It comes in two sizes: 286 and 233.

Wanting A Pool In Your Small Yard

Small Backyard Inground Pool Design 2021

Fiberglass pools are trending right now as homeowners spend more time at home and outdoors. Sometimes pool buyers are concerned with their yard size and ask, can you put a swimming pool in a small backyard? And, what does a small pool cost? Many small pool designs can accommodate smaller yards, so well cover some small backyard pool ideas on a budget in this post.

Is a Small Pool Worth It?

There are benefits to owning a smaller pool that you may miss out on with larger pools:

  • More Compact Means More Outdoor Living Space. A smaller pool means more room for other stunning backyard accessories, like a pool house, outdoor seating area, firepits, and more.
  • Less Maintenance. Since theres not as much total area to cover, a smaller pool can be easier to maintain. Youll use fewer chemicals and spend less time cleaning than if you had a much larger pool.
  • When sorting through the benefits vs. disadvantages of owning a small pool, consider how you envision using your pool. Will you want to play games? Is a diving board a must? Will you want to host large pool parties where everyone can fit in the pool?

    What Are Some Small Pool Options?

    Before discussing what small pool options are available, we should address these important questions: What are the 3 types of pools? And which one is the best fit for you? Theres no indisputable right or wrong answer to which pool type is best. It depends on your individual needs and wants for your pool project.

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    Small Backyard Pool Designs

    Limited space doesnt have to limit your design options. From classic to modern, theres a wide range of looks and styles available for small inground pools. But how should you choose the best style to meet your needs and specifications? For example, what style is best if you want to swim laps? Keep reading to learn about three of our most popular small pool design options, including cocktail pools, freeform pools and lap pools.

    Cocktail Pool

    The cocktail pool, also known as a plunge pool, is essentially just a tiny version of the traditional backyard swimming pool. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though you usually find them in rectangular forms. The cocktail pool is a great option for the homeowner with a small yard who just wants to be able to take a dip.

    Latham released a fiberglass design for a cocktail pool in 2018. This pool measures 10 by 16 with a depth of 4. It has built-in benches on 3 sides and stairs on the fourth. Its a great way to add a shimmering centerpiece to a small backyard.

    Cocktail pools are mostly for leisure, for having a soak on a hot day or bringing a few friends over for a pool party. For those who want a backyard pool for exercise or therapeutic reasons, then you may want to check out our next kind of pool.

    Explore Lathams Most Popular Cocktail Pool Options:

    Opt For A Raised Pool

    In this small backyard, a small pool fits seamlessly into the raised decking, adding a small plunge pool while still allowing plenty of space for loungers, day beds, swing chairs, and even a lawn. Instead of tiles this small pool is white-painted plaster, very chic, and mirrors the white cladding of the house too.

    When deciding on pool deck ideas make sure you think practically as well as considering the overall look. You want to pick an option that’s safe, suitable for the climate of your home, and is durable.

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    Make The Edges Of Your Property Work For You

    Another way to save space in two ways is to use your propertys existing edges to mark your pools shape. This approach means using a corner or a side of your property to act as sides of the pool.

    On the one hand, it will maximize the way space is used around the property boundaries. It will also remove the need to eat up yard space with a deck on that side of the pool. However, youll need to make sure that there are no code violations when you design the pool, and one of our pool installation experts can help you with that.

    Above Ground Pool With Wraparound Wood Decking

    Ultimate Small Backyard Pool Transformation!!! Timelapse! (Part 1)

    The most affordable small background pool option is the above-ground pool.

    However, just because its an above-ground pool that doesnt mean it cant still be stylish and trendy, as this stylish above-ground pool shows.

    As this above-ground pool offers spacious wraparound wood decking, which not only gives the pool a much more finished and professional look but also adds a lot of functionality to the pool.

    As it provides plenty of room for relaxing and sunbathing.

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    Thanks Custom Pool Pros For The Great Pool And Patio Renovation

    Thanks Custom Pool Pros for the great pool and patio renovation, the project was finished on time as promised. We had a fantastic time in the backyard for the birthday party. We didnt give you much time to work on it but you still pulled it off. Thank you for doing a great job, on time and on budget.

    Dina, Ringwood

    Inground Pools In Small Yard Space

    Creative planning ideas often make it possible to fit a small-to-medium inground poolsometimes even a spa toointo a tight lot.

    An experienced pool designer can provide a number of successful approaches for all but the most challenging properties.

    The same goes for a large backyard where the available space to dedicate to a pool is limited.

    For example, the lot already contains other outdoor amenities such as hardscape, an outdoor kitchen, or a barbecue grill.

    Or perhaps, there are mature trees, a garden, or custom landscaping a homeowner wants to preserveleaving only a snug spot for a future pool.

    Furthermore, local regulations may reduce the available space for a new pool. In most metropolitan areas of the U.S., municipal codes mandate whats known as a setback. Depending on the city, a pool may be required to be at least three, five, or more feet from the property line.

    Lets look at small backyard pool ideas to outsmart the limitations of your real estate. Then you can discuss these design options with your pool contractor.

    1. Follow the space

    To get the most bang for your backyard space, select a pool shape that mirrors the contours of the yard where you want your aquatic retreat to go.

    With this in mind, a smart contractor will consider designing the far side of the pool to follow the property line as close as the setback requirement will allow.

    In many cases, employing this approach will help you define the shape and size of the pool.

    2. Incorporate walls

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    Small Inground Pool Ideas

    There are plenty of pools out there to choose from for your backyard. If you have unlimited money you can have something made for you without having to worry. If you need to save a little more you may want to look at something available in a pool store or custom pool manufacturing showroom.

    PRO Tip: For mini inground pools, many spa companies offer a combination of a pool and spa called a spool.

    Check out our article all about spools.

    Here, weve found some of the best small pools so you can get a good idea of whats available. We want to help you find a great quality pool and feel comfortable. We also want to make sure you know what you should be considering for yourself. There are a whole lot of options and each one can be tweaked a little to fit your needs.

    A small pool is an awesome way to cool off on a hot summer day and not break the swimming pool budget.

    These Designs For Inground Pools Can Help You Make The Most Of Any Spaceno Matter The Size

    58 Best Small Backyards with Inground Pools

    If you live in the city, chances are you may not have a very large backyard. With summer right around the corner, you might be dreaming about an inground pool installation. A small backyard space may be holding you back from making your dream come true. Not to worry! If youd like to create your own private getaway in your backyard and you dont have a lot of space to work with, inground pools can be custom designed to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

    Custom inground pools can meet your desired dimensions exactly, so you can have a pool to cool off in during the summer while still having enough space in your backyard to entertain and enjoy outdoor living.

    Here are a few starting points for custom pool designs that work well in small backyard spaces to get you started:

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    Modern Narrow Lap Pool

    This small modern backyard pool is the perfect solution for those who want to swim laps but dont have a lot of space.

    As its long and narrow design makes it the perfect size for swimming laps.

    And while small, it still features plenty of patio space for sitting and hanging out around the pool.

    Making it both functional as well as beautiful.

    Natural Small Backyard Pool

    This pool is another prime example that you dont need a big backyard to have a relaxing enjoyable backyard pool.

    As this pool takes up a very small footprint thats approximately 8 feet wide by 16 feet long.

    Allowing this mini pool to fit in even the smallest of backyards.

    However, just because the pool is on the smaller side, that doesnt mean it has to lack style and high-end design.

    As this pool does a great job of creating a luxurious high-end look despite its smaller size.

    Thanks to the pools ample surrounding vegetation and premium wood decking, which gives the pool a more natural look that blends into its surrounding.

    As opposed to your standard pool, which is often surrounded by a sea of concrete.

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    Only Deck What You Need

    Theres no need to make the deck an equal width around the entire pool. Strategically varying the width of the deck maximizes how much of the yard is left for other activities.

    Youll need about seven feet of the deck where youd like to place pool furniture, but there are no such requirements for unused areas of the poolside. A deck just wide enough to satisfy basic needs is perfectly acceptable.

    How Much Does A Small Pool Cost

    40+ Cool Small Backyard Pool Ideas

    ‘A small gunite in ground pool will generally add a minimum of $40,000 to your budget. Even if the pool is small, and using less resources than a large pool, you will still need the full set of equipment, plumbing and electrical scopes of work. You will be required to have pool safety fencing and most likely some masonry work near the pool.’ advises Janice Parker.

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    Make Your Small Yard Pool Dreams Come True

    Are you ready to get started on planning your small yard oasis? Youll never know what your options are until you check out our gallery. Narellan Pools has been in the business for nearly 50 years. In that time, weve seen a wide variety of different yards and have made countless pool dreams come true.

    If you want to get the conversation about your perfect pool started, wed be happy to help. In addition to creating exceptional pools, we also take pride in our incredible client services. Get in touch to find out for yourself just how wonderful small pool ownership can be.

    Stylish Plunge Pool By Seaway

    The Escondido plunge pool is a stylish and compact plunge pool by Seaway that works in a compact garden.

    It is a cost-effective choice that offers easy maintenance.

    The digging and disruption that comes with installing an in-ground pool will be less too.

    You can further customize plunge pools with dark-colored linings that are on-trend right now.

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    Examples Of Small Backyard Inground Pools

    Ourselves and other pool companies have squeezed custom pools into otherwise seemingly small backyard spaces with great success, just take a look at thesse great pools that are small yet packed full of features.

    This was just a simple and effective way to roughly determine the available space you have. There is much more that goes into the calculation of size and the strategic planning involved in the layout of your specific pool design.

    If you need help figuring out what your exact property measurements are then we can help! To find out even more details about swimming pool construction and to better help plan your next pool project, be sure to check out our pool construction process page >

    FAQs about small backyard pools:

    • Will adding a pool damage the fence?
    • In most cases, yes. Usually the fence needs to be taken down to allow access for equipment.


    Think Outside The Rectangle

    garden design ideas european #Gardendesignideas

    Although most pools are rectangular, they dont need to be. Square pools require less space and they can look even more chic and modern than the ubiquitous rectangle. If all you need is a pool thats large enough for a quick dip to cool off, a smaller, plunge pool might be the perfect solution.

    Find More Ideas: 67 Dreamy Pool Design Ideas

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    Small Backyard Tropical Pool With Wide Steps

    Another great example of a tropical pool design in a small backyard is this small inground pool, which really gives off that resort vibe.

    Thanks to the dense foliage and palm trees around the pool and large rustic thatched-roof huts.

    Which provides the perfect place to relax and get out of the sun when not in the pool.

    And thanks to the pools ultra-wide steps, getting in and out of the pool is a breeze.

    Add Plants To The Pool Area

    Instead of surrounding your pool in concrete, why not try planting some pool-friendly plants on one or more sides? The above image features plants in the surrounding pool landscaping as well as in strategically placed planters along the rock retaining wall. This might cost $300 to $700 to integrate.

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    Backyard Size Isnt An Obstacle To Pool Ownership

    Most homeowners want to install a pool in their outdoor space to enhance their outdoor fun and lifestyle. A new backyard pool can be life-changing! Most urban homeowners in Santa Clarita have the vision and desire to maximize their outdoor spaces. You can bring your dream pool to reality by adding a small inground pool, garden, and patio, into your outdoor space for an oasis of fun and relaxation.